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Lost Tribe of the Sith #1: Precipice (Free eBook download and Omen I got details from a blog post Free Download Star Wars Lost Tribe of the. Editorial Reviews. From the Author. The Fate of the Jedi novels introduce readers to a hidden Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith #1: Precipice Kindle Edition. Lost Tribe of the Sith: Precipice is the first eBook in the Lost Tribe of the Sith series. The short story Precipice occurs in BBY and is told from the point of . Download The Lost Tribe of the Sith on (content now obsolete;.

Star Wars Lost Tribe Of The Sith Precipice Pdf

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Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith # 1: Precipice is a work of fiction. Names, places, and Del Rey eBook original. Copyright © by. Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith #4: Savior is a work of fiction. Names, places, and incidents Del Rey eBook Edition. Copyright © by .. a body, thrown from the precipice into the raging sea. Adari Vaal had seen. Star Wars Books: Lost Tribe of the Sith (), a series of novellas by John Jackson Miller. series) that was released as a PDF download from StarWars. com (as well as being available for major e-Book #1: Precipice.

The Neshtovar were an elite aristocratic priesthood that rode uvaks , winged reptilian beasts of burden, and dominated Keshiri society on Keshtah Minor , one of the two major continents on Kesh. At the exposition, Adari was being persecuted by her community for teaching that the landmasses of her homeworld Kesh were created by volcanic eruptions.

This contradicted the Neshtovar's teachings that Kesh's landmass was created as a result of a battle between two divine groups known as the Skyborn and the Otherside. This persecution took the form of citizens regularly pelting stones at her house and verbally abusing her and her family. Even Adari's mother Eulyn was unsympathetic towards her daughter for challenging the status quo and feared for the lives of Adari's two sons Tona and Finn.

Adari was subsequently summoned by the Neshtovari leader Izri Dazh for a public trial at the Circle Eternal , a large plaza in the heart of Tahv.

During the trial, Adari passionately defended her work despite of the hostile atmosphere. Izri also frequently hectored the geologist and accused her of serving the Otherside. While arguing with Izri, the trial was interrupted by a massive explosion which rocked the Cetajan Mountains. Like most in attendance, Adari fled to her home at first but it was soon surrounded by angry Neshtovar who had decided that her "heresy" had brought the anger of the Skyborn upon them. She sent Eulyn and her children to stay at her uncle's house.

Adari was subsequently pursued by the enraged townsfolk but managed to escape by riding her uvak Nink to the Cetajan Mountains. Adari intended to investigate the cause of the explosion. After two days of traveling, Adari and Nink reached the Cetajan Mountains and rested in a mountainside roost.

Adari flew Nink towards the source of the explosion. Yaru Korsin along with his Houk friend Gloyd and their bodyguards were quickly surrounded by Jariad and his Sith Sabers. Jariad announced his intentions to overthrow his father and to install himself as the new leader of the Tribe.

Seelah soon appeared and joined the standoff, and confronted Lord Korsin about the murder of her husband and their son's father.

Star Wars: Precipice

However, the two parties were interrupted when the Keshiri resistance raided the Temple's stables and stole the Tribe's uvaks. The rise of the uvak provided just enough of a diversion to allow Yaru to break the circle and flee to better ground. Meanwhile, Adari Vaal and the other Keshiri riders had assembled their uvaks nearby for a planned strike against the Sith. They now awaited the arrival of other Keshiri and their uvak steeds from Tahv.

These reinforcements never came because her son Tona had revealed the plot to steal the uvaks to one of Nida's acquaintances.

Free Kindle eBook: ‘Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith #8: Secrets’ by John Jackson Miller

Back at the Sith Temple, Yaru's forces took on Jariad and Seelah's rebels in a vicious lightsaber duel. Yaru and Gloyd were separated during the fighting with Gloyd being cornered by Seelah's aides. However, Jariad's Sith Sabers proved ineffective against Yaru's bodyguards. Although Yaru battled back valiantly, his force was dwindling, and he began to lose strength due to wounds inflicted on his chest. Jariad finally cornered his step-father near a high precipice and released all his anger, furiously slashing at him again and again.

Lost Tribe of the Sith: Paragon

However, as Jariad moved in for the kill, his sister Nida suddenly appeared with members of her Skyborn Rangers riding club. The arrival of Nida and the Skyborn Rangers effectively turned the tide of the battle in Yaru's favor. Shortly later, Gloyd detonated his proton detonator, killing Seelah's aides and crippling Seelah herself. In the end, Jariad was killed when his sister Nida threw him over the cliff; effectively ending the rebellion.

Meanwhile, Adari and the Keshiri rebels learnt that Tona had revealed their plot to overthrow the Tribe to Nida Korsin, who had used her position as aerial ambassador for the Tribe to develop a network of Keshiri spies and informants. Nida had also been secretly trained by Yaru's most loyal supporters in the arts of the dark side.

With nothing to lose, Adari and her supporters fled across the ocean and eventually came to rest on a remote island.

I am just taking a break from my normal stuff to see what it is about. I have already started the 2nd one and it is slightly better, but I sure hope this series actually leads to something View all 3 comments. Jul 10, Ashley Fung rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Star Wars fans.

I find this story well written and as the first story I've read by this author, I am impressed. The story does not spell everything out for you, so requires you to think. If you can keep up with and enjoy those kinds of stories, then I would recommend this to you.

The characters are expressed very well as are the relationships between them. Although this was a short story, it read like a full book and carried over well. I found the story engaging and the dialogue smart. Miller was able to gracef I find this story well written and as the first story I've read by this author, I am impressed. Miller was able to gracefully shed light on past events coloring what was happening without losing you or getting disjointed. Although I haven't read too many Star Wars novels, I wasn't lost a tall.

I will definitely be reading the rest of this series. Dec 26, Cassie Hawkings rated it did not like it Shelves: This is the first novella in a series of 8. The writing isn't the greatest. It's something even 8 year olds can read. I certainly would not recommend it. The grammar is horrible. It's as the story had a once over check for grammar ho This is the first novella in a series of 8.

It's as the story had a once over check for grammar however, I am pleased that the spelling is correct. I am also finding that the characters are not all that interesting. Nov 17, Eleven rated it liked it. This is my first Star Wars book and I'm completely unfamiliar with the mythos outside the storyline of the movies so this was a little difficult to follow but with constant reference to Wookieepedia, I am still enjoying it.

A short story making up the first part of a small series, this tells the story of a group of Sith who crash on a planet. There's nothing wrong with the story, but it's not particularly griping either. Aug 09, Jeremiah Johnson rated it liked it Recommends it for: After finally reading the Golden Age of the Sith and Fall of the Sith Empire comics, I now have the back story to this short story that I was missing the first time I read it.

Now that I have the context of the story, it isn't bad. Not great, but not bad either. Mar 14, Kristy rated it it was ok Shelves: Was an okay story, I enjoyed the lightsaber battle between the two brothers And it's also extremely short.

I read this one and the following 2 parts in one night. Apr 06, Brian rated it it was ok.

Almost incomprehensible. That's how densely written this is.

Anyway, the night was getting late and I needed to read something quickly, I saw this on my Goodreads list and decided I will start reading them. So I will be reading this series for the next 8 days. However in this books there seems to be tons of them, who star ships full coming from many different races. This flies in the face of everything that I knew previously to be canon. This could have been thousands of years before the original movies or the prequels. As to the book itself and not nitpicking the canon stuff, I thought it was quite well written.

However during the fight toward the end of the novella I found myself getting confused when it was throwing names around constantly, but some of that could have been I was just tired.

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Oct 25, Julianne Redmon rated it really liked it. Great introduction to the characters that we see as the series continues. The reader comes to understand what drives Yaru Korsin as they crash land on this new world. I don't want to give too much away, but you come to understand who some of the key players are going to be as the story of the Lost Tribe of the Sith progresses.

It also introduces the overarching fear that colors the world of the crash survivors: Everything that Korsin does is based on Great introduction to the characters that we see as the series continues. Everything that Korsin does is based on this premise and how to best protect himself should it happen. Throw in a hostile environment and a completely incapacitated ship and you have a great beginning to the saga of the Tribe. Sep 17, Lina rated it liked it Shelves: After not reading Star Wars books for a while, it was really nice to get back into the world.

The book was neither special nor perculiar but I still enjoyed it.

Lost Tribe of the Sith #1: Precipice (Free eBook download and Omen excerpt)

Because it's that short you don't really get the chance to know the characters. Especially at the beginning things happen pretty quickly and I had problems keeping the characters apart. One thing that annoyed me was, that sometimes it isn't clear which of the brothers is talked about since the author only uses the surname.

But it was fun, After not reading Star Wars books for a while, it was really nice to get back into the world.

But it was fun, the setting is interesting and I'm going to check out the next book in the series. Jan 22, Jenny rated it liked it Shelves: This was an interesting little tidbit into the Sith world. I don't read much Star Wars, something I'd like to change eventually.

It felt too short but I still liked it. I have a few more of the series and will finish what I have already. Oct 18, Lyndon rated it really liked it. Very well done, but part 1 of 6 I think. Apr 02, Paxton Holley rated it did not like it Shelves: Didn't really grab me.

Lost Tribe of the Sith: Pantheon

May 22, Matthew rated it liked it. A little short for my liking, but a good start to what could be a good book series.

Sep 15, Trey Waltman rated it liked it. Interesting look at the Sith. Short but interesting enough to keep my attention. Looking forward to reading more. Jul 07, Tammy rated it liked it. This was pretty entertaining. Dec 30, Laurie rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are 8 books in this series.

Our story begins in the year 5, BBY. I'm a little sketchy on my Star Wars history, but it is before the times of Luke Skywalker. It is before the days of little Anakin winning his first pod race.

It is even back before Yoda was a twinkle in his mother's eye. It is the dark times when Sith were abundant. The lost tribe of the Sith had been headed to the colonized planet of Yavin 4, that Luke later uses for his Jedi Academy. Anyhow, this book, and I use the te There are 8 books in this series.

Anyhow, this book, and I use the term loosely, was fairly disappointing. Not for lack of plot, or even bad writing. More like lack of writing. It is very short, only 37 pages. It is reminiscent of Stephen King's The Green Mile that was also published as a series of chapter books. But don't fret, all of the ebooks are free on amazon, and have been for a while, so probably not a temporary "get it while you can" sort of thing that amazon loves to do. I'm afraid to say too much as it wouldn't be hard to give away all of the short plot.

Due to an unforseeable accident, the crew of the Omen are knocked off course as they jump into hyperdrive. Part of the ship basically dissolves as it is left behind somewhere during their warp speed travel.

They crash on an unknown planet. The atmosphere is safe enough for humans, but something in the air is deadly to the warrior race of Massassi. It's a good start to the series, and you can buy the collection as one book, if you don't want to mess with the individual files. I must admit that I am prejudiced enough to find it hard to sympathize with a starship full of Sith. But the books are short enough that it shouldn't take long to finish the story.

May the 4th be with you!Korsin and Devore got into an argument on who should be the leader of this mission. Books by John Jackson Miller. Interesting look at the Sith. Dreypa's Leviathans devour friend and foe alike.

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