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Satyajit Ray's Sonar Kella_The Train to a Golden Fortress That Was Arup K Chatterjee. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. Satyajit Ray was an eminent poet and writer in the history of Bengali literature. He composed such number of Bengali stories and he formed such an extensive number of charming and criminologist stories. Sonar Kella is he’s one of the best short stories among them. Book Format: PDF File Version Book Courtesy: Download Bangla Books Book Review: Sonar Kella is written by popular Bengali writer Satyajit.

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PDF | 45+ minutes read | On Apr 11, , Arpan Kundu and others and two of his stories Sonar Kella () and Joi Baba Felunath (). The Golden Fort (Sonar Qila) 1. ART HISTORICAL . Extension: In , Satyajit Ray directed a film adaption of the detective book, Sonar Kella, filmed in . To reiterate a cliché, the rail journeys themselves become the destinations, rather than simply being peripatetic wagons.

Mukul keeps saying he is followed by a "bad man".

Feluda is unable to arrive at any conclusion. Hajra reaches the same conclusion by learning about the history of the Fort of Jaisalmer from a police inspector. Feluda learns that the Jaisalmer fort is made of yellow limestone, giving it a golden glow.

Feluda suspects foul play, and leaves for Jaisalmer by car. Mandar Bose leaves first and scatters broken glass on the highway, stranding Feluda, Topshe, and Jatayu. Feluda takes a camel caravan to the nearest train station, from which he takes the next train to Jaisalmer.

In the night, Mandar Bose tries to stab Feluda, but Feluda catches him at gunpoint. Using Jatayu as a shield, Bose escapes to the next compartment but falls out of the train.

The next morning, the three reach Jaisalmer along with Dr. They rush to the fort, where they find Burman and Mukul searching for the treasure.

Feluda confronts and captures Burman, telling him that there never was any treasure. More information about Satyajit Ray…………… Read More.

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Get help. Create an account. I love to delve into the golden era of the silver screen and interestingly, the current lot isn't doing bad either So, let's explore Blogadda Who are you reading today? Monday, 18 December Sonar Kella Summer holidays would usually be bifurcated into when my father would pore over ICSE Examination answer scripts and later when we would pack our bags for a vacation after he had submitted the mark sheets.

So, during the first half of the holidays the whole house would be stuffed with cardboard boxes of scripts that would eventually decide the fate of youngsters who scribbled their knowledge of numbers on them. Or so, as we were made to believe in those gullible years by every teacher in that non-digitised world of ours! Satyajit Ray's Feluda flick, Sonar Kella takes me back to one humid morning during summer recess when my father announced, "Let's just quickly finish today's quota and in the afternoon we will watch Sonar Kella!

I quickly made him a cup of tea I was 15 then and got him his specs. He sat down, brandished his red pen over the scripts, and started deciding the 'fates' of the helpless children.

Sonar Kella - The Golden Fortress Movie Review Summary

Intermittently, he asked me to cross check the calculations so that there were no errors later in the tally sheet. Sharp at 12 noon, he wrapped up, we both finished our ablutions, gobbled our lunch and sat down to watch the film.

For the 16th time. Ignoring my mother's high-pitched, "God! How many times more Tucked inside a blanket, Malhar sleeping by my side, I embarked on the adventurous journey with Feluda, Topshe and Lalmohun Babu to catch the devious kidnappers who take Mukul away.

File:Sonar kella, Jaisalmer.jpg

The arid beauty of Rajasthan, especially Jaisalmer, and a mug of hot chocolate kept me warm. Interestingly, the film had triggered me to visit the place and my husband made it happen a few years after we got married. As we walked through the serpentine lanes of the old fort, which is still inhabited, we kept wondering how the movie was shot here and the various experiences the artists must have had.

It is a harbinger of memories, memories of my father and how we bonded over the film, and of us, two lovebirds who travelled to places discovering the world and each other.

The film is as perfect as perfect can get. It is simple, straightforward, adventurous and a lot of fun, if you are game for thrills.

Based on the story published in of the same name by the director himself, it has Soumitra Chatterjee playing the sleuth, Sidhartha Chatterjee playing Topshe, his cousin and sidekick, Santosh Dutta playing the funnyman Lalmohun Babu and a kid Kushal Chakraborty getting into the skin of Mukul.

Mukul suffers from past-life regression and yearns to visit his home in a fort, where he says he lived with his family.He takes his timing from the nature of the people and their environment; his camera is the intent, unobtrusive observer of reactions; his editing the discreet, economical transition from one value to the next.

Deodhar V. They rush to the fort, where they find Burman and Mukul searching for the treasure.


Retrieved 12 February Sharp at 12 noon, he wrapped up, we both finished our ablutions, gobbled our lunch and sat down to watch the film. Retrieved 22 May

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