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Dream with Yours Eyes Open Practical Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Ask. 29 January | Unabridged. by Ronnie Screwvala and Mohan Ram. DREAM WITH YOUR EYES OPEN: AN ENTREPRENEURIAL JOURNEY eBook: RONNIE SCREWVALA: Kindle Store. I think every person who is aspiring for doing its own should read this book. Its very inspirational book. I hope . Dream With Your Eyes Open: An Entrepreneurial Journey [Ronnie Review. I am happy to learn that Shri Ronnie Screwvala has written a book on the theme of .

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Book is complete journey of Ronnie who is first generation entrepreneur. Ronnie Screwvala has been a household name for parsis from Balaram street. Sharp. Ronnie Screwvala is the author of Dream with Your Eyes Open ( avg rating, ratings, 87 reviews, published ), Dream With Yours Eyes Open (4. Book review - Ronnie Screwvala's 'Dream With Your Eyes Open: An Entrepreneurial Journey' walks you through his entrepreneurial journey.

Not the usual pensive or smug mugshot but a top-angle photograph of a man at ease. Content and relaxed as he may seem, the pages that follow give you an insight into the relentless pursuit of entrepreneurial glory that Ronnie Screwvala set off his early days as a simple Grant Road boy.

While the author walks you through this journey, he shares valuable insights on the milestones that formed a part of it. The preface offers a promise to the reader: The first couple of chapters take you through the early days of the entertainment mogul - from organising play-cum-concerts for residents of his building to selling 'balcony seats' of a vantage point to see fi lm stars attending premieres at the theatre opposite his residence Back then, little did the world know that this boy with an enterprising spirit would one day be the pioneer of much of the Indian media and entertainment industry as we know it.

From pioneering cable TV into India to manufacturing toothbrushes; from being in front of the camera to TV channels; from gaming to a movie studio - throughout the book, the author consistently underpins the value of the building blocks of a successful business:.

Dream with Your Eyes Open: An Entrepreneurial Journey

What makes the book an easy yet impactful read is its conversational tone and lucid writing, peppered with the right amount of fi rst person examples that make the reader a part of the narrative.

This fl avour is best highlighted in the chapter titled The Outsider, where Ronnie gives readers the skinny on how he and his team at UTV thought out of the box, defi ed convention, stuck to their guts and created a movie studio business against all odds. True disruption requires urgency across the long term! You go all the way, or you drop out.

Tweetables from the book: Embrace failure. But understand that failure is a comma, not a full stop.

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Founders must communicate with courtesy, authenticity, charm, persuasiveness, clarity and inclusiveness. Even when UTV faced challenges after Doordarshan cancelled one of their shows, clear communication with his team helped Ronnie retain their support and bravely accept a deferment in their pay. Offices need not be fancy, but should have liveliness, interaction and energy.

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Town halls and team gatherings are important ways to build and reinforce culture, not just in what the founder says but how it is said; a spirit of humour and wit also helps.

Ronnie sends an annual email to all employees at the end of each year, reviewing the highlights and inspiring them to tackle the next year with well-branded and catchy calls to action.

Relentless analysis helps identify new opportunities; identifying risks and wrong courses is much harder. He learnt this the hard way through the movie flops Chance Pe Dance and Joker — he could see that the movies were not working out right halfway through production, but was not able to pull the plug. When opportunity knocks, open the door Spot and seize opportunities, and understand the power of vast untapped markets in India.

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One of his early career moves was actually in the toothbrush industry — he procured toothbrush-making machinery in the UK and imported it to India, spotting the huge opportunity quite by chance on an overseas trip. Pursue inflection points Spot and pursue larger inflection points beyond the numerous smaller opportunities.

The vision and velocity for scale must come from founders, says Ronnie.Readers also enjoyed. Not the usual pensive or smug mugshot but a top-angle photograph of a man at ease.

But just that peek into Ronnie's ventures and his approach and philosophy is enough. In his 50s and ready to start his second innings, the author's accomplishments can be best summed up by defi ning entrepreneurship as a genesis, journey and destination that all lie within.

Recommended for the upcoming entrepreneurs of the country.

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