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Available episodes of Book of the Week. Episode 4—The Diary of a Young Girl. Anne Frank would have been 90 this year. Readings from her diary by. Serialised book readings, featuring works from various genres. All episodes of Book of the Week. Episode 4. Oliver Morton's portrait of our nearest neighbour, ranging across art, myth and science. BBC Radio 4 FM.

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Upcoming episodes of Book of the Week. One Midsummer Morning. 4/5 Laurie Lee's classic account of walking in Spain. Tomorrow BBC Radio 4 FM. Audio Books. Exceptional readings, available to download to your tablet or smartphone in the iPlayer Radio app. Why listening to books is good for you. Books to Change your Life By. Bel Mooney introduces extracts from books offering thoughts and advice on better living. 1/5: How to Win Friends and Influence.

Unlike political or cultural geographies, the sixtieth parallel is certain and resolute; it is impervious to the whims of history. Shetland belongs to the north, upon this line with no corners to which it may be consigned.

At sixty degrees, Shetland is as central as anywhere and everywhere else. But what of those other places on that list we recite to tourists? What do we share with them, beyond a latitude?

What exactly is this club to which we so enthusiastically belong? The line skirts the lower tip of Greenland, and of South-central Alaska. It slices the great expanse of Russia in half, and in Canada it does the same, marking the official boundary between the northern territories and southern provinces. All along the parallel are regions whose inhabitants are challenged, to some extent, by the places in which they live.

They are challenged by climate, by landscape, by remoteness.

And yet those inhabitants choose to remain. They make their peace with the islands and the mountains, the tundra and the taiga, the ice and the storms, and they stay. The relationships between people and place — the tension and the love, and the shapes that tension and that love can take — are the main focus of this book.

It was more than a decade after that day beside the window, when I dreamed my way around the world, that I finally set out to do it for real. I had spent half of those years away from Shetland. I had been to university, in Scotland and in Copenhagen, then lived and worked in Prague. I had found new directions and pursued them.

And then I had come back, through choice, finally, rather than necessity. During those intervening years I thought so often about the parallel, imagining and reimagining the line, that when eventually I decided to follow it, I hardly paused to ask myself why. Now, though, I think I know the reasons. It was curiosity, first of all. I wanted to explore the parallel, and to see those places to which my own place was tied.

I wanted to learn about where I was and what it meant to be there. I wanted to come back laden with that knowledge, and to write it down. Then there was restlessness — that fizzing pressure within that makes me long for what is elsewhere, for what is far away. It sends me out into the world, almost against my will.

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Je T'Aime: The legendary love story of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg homepage. Take our quiz to find out how much you know about this iconic genius.

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Book of the Week Serialised book readings, featuring works of non-fiction, biography, autobiography, travel, diaries, essays, humour and history. Available now. Episode 4 — The Diary of a Young Girl.

Coming Up. Supporting Content Audio Books Exceptional books and readings. Short stories to keep The fiction podcast featuring the best stories from the UK's finest writers. My Grandmother:BBC Radio 4 Extra.

IS IT reassuring to find that trolling is a trans-historical phenomenon? Episode 1 — Ladder To Nowhere The dramatic story of one woman's escape from a life blighted by gang culture.

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While concurrently working part-time as a GP in north London, Dr Helman conducted research into the prevalence of the British folk belief 'Feed a cold, starve a fever' , the first of many research studies into lay beliefs about health and illness, both in the UK and abroad.

It was early winter and I had just turned seventeen. The Language of Kindness.

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