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Old Public license holders still have access to exporting portable prezis in Prezi Classic Downloading a presentation as a portable presentation or a PDF file is . SO! Even with making sure that I have the latest build (and having Prezi for a few years now), I am unable to export to a PDF. It gets hung up on. into a PDF file. It is! You just need to follow a few simple steps. Make handout from prezi. Convert prezi to pdf. Print a prezi. Transparent PDF in Prezi Next.

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How to get transparent PDF in Prezi Next. This tutorial will show the solution to get scalable vector graphics in PreziNext with transparency. The replacement for . Simply use it lets you download any prezi as a video. No premium membership required. How can I download Prezi Next? Views. Prezi only allows to export a presentation in PDF format, which is not a Next open up your PowerPoint and paste it to the slide you need.

By Leanne Tan in Internet. Updated on April 1, If you need to create presentations for high-powered clients, or impress lecturers and professors in university, you may have heard of or are already using Prezi.

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation tool and is known for its zooming user interface ZUI allowing you to easily break down or go into things in detail. Prezi is not new but if you are just starting out, it may be a little disorientating to use, beyond the basics. Granted, it will also take you a while not to get over-excited with the zooming feature but that is a different topic for another day.

You can even choose to do it either slide per slide or all at once. Select the Insert tab from the top bar in the Edit mode. Next, select PowerPoint from the drop-down menu. Wait for a bit for Prezi to load the slides.

The slides will appear on your right hand side. You can either choose to drag individual slides to your Prezi or click on the Insert All button at the top. To add content to My Collection, first right-click on the element you want to save.

Select Add to My Collection from the drop-down menu.

How to Use Prezi When You’re on the Road

To use the element in a Prezi, access the Insert tab on the top of the bar in Edit mode. Select From My Collection in the drop-down menu.

Choose the content you want to add and click the Insert button.

Creating A Path As there are no slides in Prezi, Paths determine the presentation order of your information. It contributes to the transition of one info to another. There are no set Paths, so it is highly flexible and editable. First enter Edit mode. Click Edit Path on your left sidebar. Now click on the objects in the order you want them to appear. You can also choose to drag items you want based on your order. If at any time you want to delete something from your Path, simply hover over the object until an X icon appears.

Clicking on it will remove it from the Path. Drawing And Using Frames Having frames is a good way to group elements together. Like PowerPoint, Prezi allows you to adjust the size by drawing the frames.

Prezi even has an invisible frame option, which organizes content without a visible frame and helps to add Path steps.

Frames, however, work best when it fills the whole screen without other elements from your Prezi creeping in. The normal screen or monitor aspect ratio is , although there are some that are Tip: To get your frame to fit within that ratio, hold down the Shift key whenever you are drawing a frame. Moving Multiple Objects At Once Most times when you are editing your Prezi, you are bound to accidentally move something and lose your formatting, especially when you are trying to move multiple elements together.

The options for icons, arrows, and illustrations are quite limited as well.

Prezi does not have an integrated image library Keep your presentation on brand Staying on brand is an important part of creating a successful presentation for your business.

With the Visme Brand Kit, all your colors, fonts, and saved content blocks are ready to be used with any project.

Your color palette is saved in the color picker and your fonts are set as the default. The Brand Kit also lets you save entire projects as templates to be used by yourself or your team. Set brand colors and fonts with the Visme Brand Kit In Prezi, you can customize any template to follow your brand style guide. But you will have to do it every time you create a new presentation. There is no brand kit or brand color palette which you can save as a default.

Visme vs. Prezi for Creating Presentations

Both Visme and Prezi have high-quality analytics for sharing presentations. You can see the location of your viewers and their activity on your presentation.

Access detailed presentation analytics within Visme The Prezi analytics system includes real-time counters and a leaderboard for teams. This lets team members compare how well their presentation is performing compared to their peers. Collect leads with your presentation Apart from collecting analytics from viewed presentations, Prezi alternative Visme also allows creators to generate leads with their projects.

Use your presentations to gather emails by asking them to sign up before they see the slides. The most expensive Prezi plans also let you collect emails from shared presentations. With the highest Prezi plans and the Prezi Next desktop app, this option is available in the share popups. Share your presentation Sharing your presentation is easy with both tools.

The sharing options inside Visme work in a couple different ways. Both can be shared via email. Otherwise, you can download a link. In both circumstances, it can be password protected for added privacy.

To share your Visme presentation on social media, you must publish it to the web first. Share your Visme online or download to present offline In Prezi, there are three different ways of sharing a presentation. One is to add people to the presentation by adding their email. The system is similar to Google Docs, you can choose if a contributor can edit or view the presentation.

Another way is to create a link. This link can be shared on social media or email. To share on social media, use this generated link. Create a link to share your Prezi online Embed your presentation into your website Both Visme and Prezi make it easy to embed a presentation on your website.


This is great for blog posts and information pages. Once you finish a presentation on Visme, copy the code supplied in the sharing window and add it to your site. In Prezi, copy the share link and insert the embed code on your website.

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Hyundai i Presented in style. PowerPoint Guru: An Interview with Hud Duque. The emoji:Prezi Awards Work on presentations as a team Creating a presentation with collaborators is easy to achieve with both Visme and Prezi. It is possible to save your Prezi as a PDF-file, but you need to follow a few steps.

Next open up your PowerPoint and paste it to the slide you need. If you insert this in Prezi Next you will see that your image is transparent, but still has the size and orientation of a standard A4 Word template.

The options for icons, arrows, and illustrations are quite limited as well.

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