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Lysenkov, and V. Unique in its analytic and synthetic approaches to the subject, the book covers descriptive, evolutionary, functional and practical anatomy. The human organism is studied in depth as the product of long and continuing evolution, and both traditional anatomy and new directions in anatomical science are treated fully. The clear and detailed discussions of the influence of sports and various occupations on the human body will be of particular interest.

Volume I covers the following subjects: the history of anatomy, the science of bones and their articulations, myology, the science of viscera, and the science of the organs of internal secretion.

Volume II deals with the anatomy of the heart and blood-vascular system, the lymphatic system, the organs of haemopoiesis and immunological reactions, the nervous system and the sense organs.

The phylogenesis and ontogenesis of the organs are discussed in detail. The effect of social factors on the structure of the organism is described.

The importance of the principle of integrity in anatomy is stressed, namely that anatomy is a science of the structure not only of the separate systems but of the whole human organism. The description of the structure of the human body is supplemented by synthesis of the anatomical data as a result of which the human organism is represented as an integrity, a complex system of interrelationship of components and processes.

The textbook is intended for anatomists and university students.

Inequalities : P. Khedakov Infection Diseases of Childhood : S. Nosov Internal Diseases : V. Bogolyurov Introduction to Electro-chemistry : V. Kubasov and S. Zaretsky Introduction to Energy Technology : V. Venikov Introduction to Polymer Physics : I.

Ansedm Inverse Problems of Dynamics : A. Galiulin Junior Physics by A. Peryshkin and N. Vasilyeva, A. Granovskaya, A. Tarasov Translated from the Russian by M. Lathe Work : V.

Feshchenko Learning About Chemistry : G. Asratyan and P. Lectures in Geometry: Semester 1. Analytic Geometry. Moscow, Mir Publishers, based on lectures read by the author at Moscow University for students specializing in mathematics. If contains 27 lectures, each a nearly exact reproduction of an original lecture. It treats linear algebra, with elementary differential geometry of curves and surfaces in three-dimensional space added to pave the way for further discussions.

The audience was made up of final year students and postgraduates, and as a consequence, a certain level of knowledge for example, the properties of manifolds is assumed. The lectures fall into five parts. The first covers the basic concepts of Lie groups, Lie algebras, and the Lie algebra of a given Lie group.

The second part deals with "locality theory", ihe third generalizes these Ideas. The first three sections could be used as a foundation course in Lie algebras for beginners. The fourth part considers Lie subgroups and Lie factor groups. The final part has a purely algebraic character, and is practically independent of the preceding four parts; it considers a proof of Ado's theorem, which is interesting in itself. This book will be useful for mathematics students taking courses in Lie algebras, because it contains all the major results and proofs in compact and accessible form.

He is a senior research worker at the Steklov Institute of Mathematics.

In Prof. He is the author of several monographs and textbooks some of which have been translated into foreign languages. Sidorov, M. Fedoryuk and M. Lobachevskian Geometry by A. Smogorzhevsky Translated from the Russian by V.

Luminescence in Public Health by N. Barashkov Translated from the Russian by A. It comprises two types of emission: fluorescence and phosphorecence.

In medical and biological research, fluorescence analysis has no equal in terms of availability of equipment, simplicity of procedure, reproducibility of results, and sensitivity to minute quantities of the biological sample. This popular science book describes the application of fluorescence analysis to investigations of physiological processes and also to the diagnosis of diseases, assessment of its severity, and control of its course.

Separate sections of the book are devoted to the use of this method in public health and pollution control. This book is intended for the general reader and those who are interested in problems of public health. Berezovsky, D. Chernilevsky, M. Petrov Machine Elements : V. Acherkan Machine Tools by N. May also interest university engineering students not specializing in machine tools. The book provides a complete and definite description of the machine tools presently in use. It has been written by N.

Chernov who graduated from the Siberian Automobile Institute, worked as an engineer and now lectures on the subject of machine tools at the Omsk Aviation College. The Magic of Galaxies and Stars by L. Gurevich and A. This book is ideal for those who wish to start learning about the intriguing modern concepts of astrophysics: the birth and evolution of the universe, its large-scale structure, galaxies and their clusters, and stars.

The book provides just enough text to give a feeling of what it is all about, such as the non-Euclidean geometry of the universe, while the main point is to cover ail the recent major discoveries and novel hypotheses and theories in astrophysics, from quasars and relict radiation to black holes and the neutrino rest mass, the latter having a profound impact on the entire philosophy of the universe. The Russian edition of this book ran into , copies and is sold out.

Raksch Translated from the Russian by M. The book covers all subjects of the mathematical theory of elasticity.

It contains material which forms the basis for structural analysis and design. Numerous problems illustrate the text and somewhat complete it. Along with classical problems, they include cases of practical significance. The author does not emphasize any particular procedure of solution, but instead considerable emphasis is placed on the solution of problems by the use of various methods. Most of the problems are worked out and those which are left as an exercise to the student are provided with answers or references to the original works.

His main scientific interests are structural design, analysis of curved bars and viBration problems. The title of his doctoral thesis was "The Analysis of Spherical Shells".

He is the author of 28 articles and 8 books 3 as coauthor. Materials Handling by Ya. Mathematical Analysis : A. Bermant, I. Aramanovich Mathematical Analysis : V. Butuzov, Contributors B. Butuzov, N. Krutitskaya, G. Medvedev, A. Mathematical Handbook Elementary Mathematics : M. Baranov, G. Bogatyrev, and O. It contains the material to be studied at school and also some additional sections of new material for a profound reviewing of the fundamentals of mathematics.

The text consists of two parts: 1 Arithmetic and Algebra and 2 Geometry. Each chapter contains a large number of examples and worked problems to make the subject matter more readily comprehensible and is amply supplied with exercises to he done both with the teacher and independently at home.

Bestselling Series

The problems for independent work are supplied with answers in some cases with hints arranged at the end of the book. Contents: PART 1. PART 2. Length of Circumference.

Gusev and A.

It is meant for independent work and consists of fifteen chapters. Each section includes relevant theoretical material, a number of worked examples, test questions, and exercises.

All the exercises are supplied with answers which are placed at the end of the book. Me or Not Me by R. Petrov Translated from the Russian by G. Mechanics for Engineers : D. This multi-volume manual of mechanisms in modern engineering design is the culmination of the author's life work on the theory and classification of mechanisms and is an encyclopaedic presentation of all the mechanisms used in modern engineering practice.

The first edition, the four-volume Manual of Mechanisms, published in by the USSR Academy of Sciences, soon became an indispensible handbook for Soviet engineers, designers, and inventors.

The new, enlarged manual will be found invaluable in all university and polytechnical departments of mechanical engineering, and in research and development and design organizations and laboratories. In Mechanisms in Modern Engineering Design each mechanism is represented by a diagram of its working principle with a concise description. The mechanisms are classified according to a scheme developed by Prof.

The contents of the volumes of this encyclopaedic work are as follows: Volume 1 Lever Mechanisms. Elements of Mechanisms.

Simple Lever Mechanisms.


Volume 2 Parts 1 and 2 Lever Mechanisms. Link-gear Mechanisms. Slider-crank Mechanisms. Lever-cam Mechanisms. Gear-lever Mechanisms. Lever-ratchet Mechanisms. Flexible-link Lever Mechanisms.

Elastic-link Lever Mechanisms. Wedge-lever Mechanisms. Lever-screw Mechanisms. Volume 3 Gear Mechanisms. Simple Gear Mechanisms. Lever-gear Mechanisms. Pin-gear Mechanisms. Ratchet-gear Mechanisms. Cam-gear Mechanisms. Worm-gear Mechanisms. Complex Gear Mechanisms. Volume 4 Cam and friction, and flexible-link mechanisms. Volume 5 Parts 1 and 2 Hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical devices.

About the Author: Prof. Ivan Artobolevsky, Mem. USSR Acad. He took his engineering degree in at the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy in Moscow, where his father was a professor, studying under Professors V. Goryachkin and N. From his studies of the work of Assur, Burmester, Chebyshev, Reuleaux, Somov, Wills, and Zhukovsky, he developed a system of common classification of mechanisms, the rudiments of which are to be found in the work of L.

Assur on plane mechanisms published in This system subsequently yielded the general method for designing mechanisms that had formed the basis of Prof. Arto-bolevsky's lectures on the theory of machines and mechanisms first at the Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering and then at the Moscow Aviation Institute.

Artobolevsky's Mechanisms for the Generation of Plane Curves London, is already well known to English speaking engineers. Artobolevsky has been honoured many times for his scientific and public activities. He has three times received the highest award of the Soviet Union, the Order of Lenin, and also the honorary title of Hero of Socialist Labour.

Smogorzhevsky Methods of Metallurgical Experiments B.

Linchwevsky Microbiology : K. Pyatkin, Yu. Agoshkov, S. Borisov, Y. Boyarsky Mining Mechanical Engineering : R. Khadzhikov Molecular Physics by A. Monte Carlo Methods : I. Sobol Mystery of mineralogy : B. Thermal Physics J. Objective Arithmetic Ram Dev Sharma. Optics S. Mathematical Physics B. Concepts of Solid State Physics J.

UGC Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Book

Circuit Fundamental and Basic Electronics Agarwal. Electricity and Magnetism Satya Prakash. Advanced Quantum Mechanics B. Elements of Spectroscopy Gupta. Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics J. Differential Geometry P. Classical Mechanics Gupta. Electrodynamics Gupta. Advanced Organic Chemistry Jagdamba Singh. They have also produced some of the popular children books as well. All About Book Publishing recently met a group of publishers in Meerut to know more about them.

They specialise in science textbooks for Classes IX-XII of various school boards in the country as well as for engineering and medical entrance examinations, focusing mainly on Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Founded by: Prakash Chand Bathla in Our USP: We emphasise completely on quality publication. Other than that, publishers treat our books as their main competition. Decreasing reliability and responsibility of market representatives are other challenges.

Future plans: We are planning to develop our own printing-binding system and publish books of all kinds in more fields of competition. Book fair participation: We participate every year in book fairs across the country. We have also participated in Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany.

Creative Graphics Syed Azim AkhtarCreative Graphics provides complete book-designing solutions in illustration, concept and design elements. Founded by: Sayed Azim Khan, Our USP: The one thing that differentiates us from others is honesty—we promise and deliver exclusive designs to our clients; we do not duplicate designs.

Our expertise is that we work in all Indian languages. We deliver quality and timely products to our clients spread across the country.

Future plans: To connect with international publishers and provide them our services. Their books are recommended by academicians and experts, and highly regarded by students of law and jurisprudence. Besides publishing legal books Orient-Publishing House also sells and binds books. Founded by: Ramesh Bathla in Application of Thermodynamics to Special System: Each section includes relevant theoretical material, a number of worked examples, test questions, and exercises.

This book written by the outstanding Soviet scientist in the field of heat and mass transfer is a revised version of the second edition of "Handbook of Heat and Mass Transfer" which was published by Energiya Publishers in and gained wide recognition of thermal engineers in the Soviet Union. Impact Collision of elastic bodies , Origin and Evolution of Life,

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