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They recently introduced a brand new Peter Kreeft Bundle which brings 27 books from the gifted Catholic apologist and philosopher to the. H UND REDS OF ANSWERS TO C R UCLA L. QUESTIONS. Do faith and reason conflict? Does God exist? Is the Bible myth? How can God allow evil to exist?. Other titles of interest from St. Augustine's Press. Peter Kreeft, The Sea Within: Waves and the Meaning of All Things. Peter Kreeft, Socratic Logic. James V.

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What are philosophy and theology, and why are they crucial to a young person's education today? Here is one of the clearest criteria for choosing or judging a. Other Books of Interest. From Servant Publications. Knowing the Truth of God's Love by Peter Kreeft. With unusual clarity, Peter Kreeft points out that the man or . Peter J. Kreeft. All rights reserved. ISBN Library of Congress catalogue number Printed in the United States of America.

You deserve to be loved more than you are and that's one of the reasons I'm glad there's a God — because He can do that even when I can't. Everything Is Love Not only is love everything, but everything is love. Love is everything. Love is the soul of everything valuable. The most precious gift in the world given without love is worthless; the cheapest gift in the world given with love is priceless.

But everything is also love. Everything valuable is made of love. Everything that exists, from yourself to a grain of sand, is God's love made visible, made incarnate — love in the form of creation. The words He spoke to create everything in the universe — "let it be" — were the words of love. He loved stuff into being. Space is love's spread. The room you are in now is a thousand cubic feet of God's love spread out. Time is love's life "lifetime".

History is love's drama. Matter is love's body.

Gravity is love's energy when it moves not souls but stars and stones and storms. We are love's children. Love is the meaning of life and the meaning of religion and the meaning of everything.

You're number one, everyone else is number two.

Here is an alternative philosophy: The most important person is God. It is true whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not.

So you'd better learn to know it and like it and believe it. The second most important person in the world is the person you marry. Nobody else comes even close. That's what marriage is. If you don't know that, you're not really married. Next come your kids. Then comes yourself. Take care of yourself before taking care of anyone else except your kids, your spouse, and your God. Because if you don't inflate your own oxygen mask first, you won't be able to help others inflate theirs.

Then comes your friends. Never betray a friend. Then comes everyone else you know, your neighbors. Then comes the rest of the world.

Then comes things, any and all things: money, the things money can buy — houses, cars, and vacations. Stuff Remember George Carlin's routine about "stuff.

Twenty Arguments God's Existence

Use things and love people, not vice versa. Finally, abstractions: ideas, causes, organizations, political parties, etc. They are means to the rest as ends. By the way, the Church is not an "organization," it's a family. I never saw "organized religion," only disorganized religion, like Noah's ark. Memento mori That's Latin for "remember death.

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Death our own death puts life into proper perspective. Things that seemed important recede into triviality when you're dying — things like fame and money and stuff. And things we usually ignore — things like love, trust, honesty, self-giving, and forgiveness — these stand out as infinitely more important in light of death. Death's dark light is pretty bright!

Peter Kreeft

Whatever you can't take with you is only placenta, after-birth. What you can take with you is the baby. When Elizabeth was mis- diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor, I was amazed at how unimportant a thousand things suddenly became: paying bills, getting things done on schedule, and keeping up life's appearances, facades, makeup, all its sandcastles.

They could all wait. One day soon it will all have to wait forever. Ask yourself: what can't you take with you?

A second option is to buy one of the smaller Peter Kreeft collections. Logos offers three different packages:. Peter Kreeft Philosophy and Apologetics Collection 10 volumes.

Peter Kreeft-The philosophy of Thomas Aquinas-Recorded Books

Peter Kreeft Theology Collection 10 volumes. The powerful Logos engine ties all the books to Tradition.

This is probably my favorite part about reading Dr. Instead, the citations pop-up within the text itself:.

Anyone who speaks, preaches, teaches, or writes about Catholic topics will find this feature really helpful. I have a whole shelf of Peter Kreeft books, but when I want to find his thoughts on a particular topic, it usually take hours of flipping through multiple titles. With the Logos Peter Kreeft Bundle , however, you can easily search for a particular word, phrase, or topic and see all the places it appears throughout Dr.

Even better, you can look up specific Bible verses or Catechism references and find each instance where Kreeft mentions them.

This search feature alone makes the Logos version of the books more valuable than their print counterparts. Once you download the Peter Kreeft Bundle you can access it through any device, whether a desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet. And when you finish, Logos will save your spot and synchronize it with your computer and other mobile devices. That way you can pick up right where you left off next time, even on a different device.

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I would not be surprised to find, one fine morning, that they had all left their launchpads and taken off home to Heaven. Kreeft points out. He challenges you to walk into a beautiful cathedral and ask yourself: Where did this come from? Stop trying so hard! Because only the Church can whup the Devil Life is all fun and games until someone needs an exorcism. The Catholic Church is an expert with the most dangerous war of all — spiritual warfare.

The Church has over two thousand years of experience in devil-kicking. We have a nuclear arsenal when it comes to the Blessed Virgin, whose mission is to protect her children.

Kreeft argues.

Never heard of it?And the Church is big and rich and free in America. They used it to burn their garbage. For instance, suppose you were in a plane and the public address system announced that there was no pilot, but the plane was being flown by a computer that had been programmed by a random fall of hailstones on its typewriter keyboard, or by a baseball player in spiked shoes dancing on computer cards.

Life is a story. How would someone disagree with the second premise? Those are yours alone, part of the secret identity known only to you, your two procreators, and your Creator and Designer. Will the real Jesus please stand up? Illusions don't have the staying power that the faith has. If so, whenever our conscience seems to tell us to disobey those maps, it is not working properly, and we can know that by conscience itself, if only we remember that conscience is more than just immediate feeling.

They are the ones we are trying to save.

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