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PC Advisor was a monthly computer magazine, released in the UK & Ireland, and website Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Easily view and manage your PDF and ePub eBooks. Freeware | Transfer your programs and their state from one PC to another, no reinstallation required. Expert PC help and advice including news, hardware reviews, forums, buying advice and software downloads from Tech Advisor.

Pc Advisor Magazine Pdf

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To receive software serial codes from the PC Advisor website, you first need to be a registered Removal of the Windows install button from cover disc PDF. Download PC Advisor - May magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link. Download PC Advisor - June magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link.

Plus, we round up the best games controllers for your Android handset and the 5G smartphones coming in Android Advisor is your go-to source for everything Android, from smartphones, tablets and the best mobile apps to wearable and in-car tech, optimised for the small screen of your mobile device. As a subscriber you'll receive the following benefits: Your purchase here at Pocketmags. You can read here on the website or download the app for your platform, just remember to login with your Pocketmags username and password.

Please rate the product between 1 star and 5 stars. Review Intro. Please introduce your review here. Your review is important to us as well as other users. Please be honest and review the product only. Many thanks for taking time to review Android Advisor Your review will be moderated and posted in due course.

If you would like to edit your review at any time, please visit the my reviews section of the member area. The Pocketmags Team. Best Android magazine out there. Shipping Information Shipping is included in the price for all subscriptions, single issues, bookazines and merchandise products on Pocketmags. The prices you see are the prices you pay, we do not add additional shipping costs during the checkout.

Shipping Times All prices for magazine and some newspaper subscriptions listed on Pocketmags include free delivery.

Magazines in Dubai and UAE

The deliveries are handled by each of our publishing partners. The great thing about a subscription is that in most cases you will receive the issue before it goes on sale in the shops! Your subscription is most likely to start with the next available issue. The delivery date is determined by the date that you placed your order and the print date of the next available issue. If you are concerned about a delivery, please contact the publisher of your subscription directly.

Alternatively, you can contact us and we will provide you with the details for the publisher. To read the magazine, you will need As well as online, all magazines can be read on the pocketmags newsstand apps here: This month we look at the first Android Q Developer Preview, and reveal the tweaks and changes that will improve your phone.

Back Issues View More. Fujairah Observer - online only? Has listings for restaurants, shops, nightlife, health, sports, travel, culture, etc. Live Work Explore magazine - published by Explorer Publishing, free, bi-monthly, distributed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, covers living in, working in, and exploring the UAE and Gulf region, targeted at expats. Email magazine liveworkexplore.

Thinner than the Friday Magazine in the Gulf News but more interesting slightly. Majid magazine - published by ADMC. Panorama: Gulf Today newspaper Friday magazine supplement.

Eclectic collection of sort-of current affairs and news summaries, letters, sports round-up, books to read, puzzles, travel, celebrity gossip, health and food, well a bit of everything really.

Not too bad for your Friday morning coffee supplement.

Thank you for sharing!

Editor in Chief: Aysha Taryam. Associate Magazine Editor: Neena Sharma. Read Magazine - a general Dubai lifestyle magazine in English covering entertainment, fashion, health, house and home, music, nightlife, sport, travel, and so on. Published weekly on Sundays.

Distributed free along the Dubai Metro routes. Distributor - Kassab Media. Based in France with news correspondents in the Middle East including Iran and Israel, business and political news and current affairs analysis, sort of like a Middle East child of The Economist and Foreign Affairs.

Commentary and analysis is more Good reading to get a different and insightful perspective on current affairs for the region. Published every two months?

Android Advisor Magazine

Several other unrelated magazines also called Trends, but not related to the Middle East. ISSN: not found on print edition or issn. Information updated Sep , May Weekend Review, a Gulf News supplement. Your Life - weekly or irregular lifestyle supplement included with 7 Days newspaper. Managing Editor: Claire Sharrock. Editor: Chris Fraser. Email: features 7days. Gossip magazines - see Entertainment heading Health magazines, Beauty, Fitness, Sports magazines See also Sports magazines and Women's magazines sections.

A heavy A4 size version of Connector with fewer ads and more pictures, each issue has a couple hundred pages. Information updated Oct Before that was published by Nicholas Publishing International. ISSN not found on print edition or online. Contents include sections and articles about beauty, fashion, fitness, nutrition, parenting, relationships, travel. Back of magazine has a comprehensive directory of dentists, doctors, hospitals and medical facilities, therapy providers; activities and fitness calendar; contact details of health and fitness groups and facilities.

Also kids' activity groups, tours, pet and animal information, sports and hobby clubs, education information, etc etc Publication ceased in ? Subscription possibly free if you're in the construction industry. H2O CPI - bi-monthly publication for the water and construction industry. Pipeline Magazine - oil and gas industry publication.

Urban Planning - specialist magazine for urban planning and construction industry, launch date mid?

Investment - see Finance and Investment Lifestyle and luxury magazines - see also Entertainment, Gossip, and Fashion Boutique 1 - quarterly? Fashion and lifestyle magazine from Boutique 1, a Dubai art gallery , cafe, bookshop, fashion store, etc.

Creators Sian Tichar and Rana Salam. ForbesLife Middle East - under consideration? Haute Dubai Magazine HDM , luxury lifestyle magazine about art, boats, cars, dining, entertainment, fashion, food, leisure, society, travel, etc. Box Dubai, UAE. Publisher Concept Media, www.

Russian Emirates Magazine - fashion and lifestyle magazine in Russian , lots of advertisements for luxury jewellery, handbags, watches, perfume and cosmetics. Articles about cars, planes, the rich and famous, etc. Published monthly or every two months. Distributor Abu Dhabi Media Company. Simply Abu Dhabi magazine - lifestyle and cultural digital magazine focused on Abu Dhabi.

Website plans to have database of top hotels, property developers, restaurants, clubs, spas, luxury products, banks, therapists for Abu Dhabi and UAE. Contact email info simplyabudhabi.

Watchtime Middle East magazine, local version of the American publication. Publisher Al Nisr Media or Publishing. Free for media industry professionals.

Disappeared in February Never to return? Who knows Communicate - monthly? Updated Oct Men's magazines Ha ha, no chance. There are also a handful of locally produced rags vying for your throne time Alpha: men's lifestyle magazine published weekly by Al Nisr Publishing.

PC Advisor Issue 264 July 2017

Debonair: Similar to Edgar but for the less active man, with more advertisements or articles about watches and suits. Also published by Pinpoint Media Group. Editor: Eduan R. AED 40 per issue published every two months? Edgar: Advertisements about watches and cars.

Articles related to watches and cars.

Actually it was a better than expected read with some interesting activity related articles about men doing manly things. Publisher: Pinpoint Media Group. Launched in ? First edition Jan ?

Published sort of monthly 10x per year , AED 30 at newstands or AED for an annual subscription 10 magazines not Announced September Editor-in-Chief is Jeremy Lawrence. The international edition covers the usual men's magazine topics, although the women are probably a bit less naked than in Playboy.

The ME edition might be a bit thinner, especially if they plan to distribute in Saudi. Good luck. Friday for Men - monthly, free with the Gulf News newspaper. A men's version of their weekly Friday magazine.

Cars, fashion, sports, cooking You might find a GQ magazine to read there. Opened 30 Jan delayed from Oct Closed in listed on hotel website but no information provided? Another locally produced pretender of a Men's Magazine with longer articles about spas and other topics of interest to highly testosteronised men. They say they're "The UAE's first weekly men's magazine". Magazine has travel, fashion, haircuts, spas, fitness, motorbikes, cars, etc.

More pictures of men than women. The "Women of IQ" section gets just one page with one photo. First edition Jul ?

We have Issue dated Jul Publication of all ENG magazines ceased in ? Editor Alex Ritman Previously at Charged magazine. No website? FB page is spam. Twitter last post is 06 May twitter. Blog post at emiratesneongroup. Rex - www. Online only, launched Aug ? Emphasis on IT and gaming but a few girlie pics too. Stuff Magazine: Not really a men's magazine since focus is on technology, but cover usually has a sexy female photo so presumably the publisher's target market is men who like sexy female photos.

See Technology magazines heading. Newspaper supplements - see General heading Property, real estate, home and household magazines [Discontinued] Arabian Property or Arabian Property Weekly : monthly or weekly magazine, AED 10 cover price in , sister or subsidiary magazine of Arabian Business. Has property related news and analysis for the Middle East region. Closed February or absorbed into Arabian Business magazine?

Website domain www. From is spam For Arabian Property, not found on issn. Better Homes Magazine, marketing and sales magazine for Better Homes, a real estate rental and sales company in Dubai, so mostly advertisements for villas and apartments for sale or rent. Not much in the way of shared bedspace rooms in Karama and Satwa though. Has a useful property price and rental guide directory for different areas in Dubai. Also a few articles about where to live, what to cook for dinner, and expert guides on how to make your home look like a furniture shop.

Editor Eleanor Joslin. Free, get a copy at or outside Better Homes offices, possibly some supermarkets and community shopping centers like Arabian Ranches, Emirates Hills, Meadows, Springs, etc. Updated Dec Cityscape Magazine - magazine for the Cityscape property exhibitions held in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and elsewhere. Dubai Real Times - magazine launched 25 May by the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency RERA to provide Dubai property market information including market studies, trend analyses, commentaries and expert opinions, updates on property and real estate related laws, rules and regulations.

Publisher Sterling Publications of Dubai. Emirates Home - monthly, 10 dhs, another glossy property magazine with enticing photos and articles of resplendent homes scattered amongst equally enticing advertisements of houses and associated accoutrements. Topics include interior design, garden, property, food and a useful directory of furniture and home accessory shops.

Freehold Monthly - merged with Property Monthly from Oct Publisher Al Nisr Media. Freehold Weekly - weekly? Became Freehold Monthly? InsideOut or Inside Out - Monthly, 15 dhs sometimes complimentary issues available. Thick glossy coffee table magazine with photos and articles about posh properties in Dubai, the UAE and worldwide. Has a useful Buyer's Guide to property in the UAE with a table of prices, maintenance fees most say "to be announced" and contact details. Also articles related to art and travel.

A good read if you like feeling inconsequential, and it's heavy enough to press your clothes with. First published February ? Information updated April ISSN: magazine title not found on issn.

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Property Monthly, published by Al Nisr Media. Launched Mar Editor: Esha Nag. Email stories to enag gulfnews. No dedicated website? See www. Domain www. Note that www. Email propertyweekly alnisrmedia. Or propertyweeklymkt alnisrmedia. Contact details see GN Media under Publishers heading below. Update: is included with GN print edition. Reference: www. Discontinued when? Relaunched Mar ?

Space3 or Space 3, written as Space3. Small, mostly Emaar property advertisements, a directory of Emaar suggested home services furniture etc , a couple of property related articles, legal and mortgage advice, profiles of Emaar developments. Free, distributed at Hamptons and Emaar sales offices, some health and sports clubs in Emaar developments info.

Shopping and shopping mall magazines Yes, Dubai, the land of a thousand and one shopping malls , has shopping mall magazines Launched February Lifestyle, mall events. Re-launched February Sharjah heritage, food, health, fashion, mall events. Dubai Outlet Mall magazine - free, mostly ads or information about prices for clothing, bags, kids stuff. List of outlets and brands, and new stores.

Also a horoscope for shoppers who like to use the star signs to guide them. Published several times per year but not every month?

Some issues available online from DOM website at www. Updated May Lifestyle, beauty, wellness is that a funny way of saying health? Red Hot RedHot : clothes men's and women's , jewellery, handbags, sunglasses, watches, perfume, beauty products. The boundary between advertisements and articles seems a bit blurry.

First issue January , published every two months? Might be a Gulf News publication or supplement? ISSN: not found, issn. Smartphones, iphones, mobile phones, tablets, etc See Computers and IT heading, or Technology heading. But plenty of other magazines and newspapers will have articles about the latest iphone 7, X, MCMLXXI, or whatever the most recent iteration is called. Published by Motivate Publishers under licence from Conde Nast. First edition October ? Bodybuilding and workout magazine with events, interviews, news, nutrition, training, workout tips.

Published in iphone, kindle, and online editions from January Sport Extra - weekly Gulf News publication with international and UAE sports news and photos from the past week, especially cricket and football. Quarterly publication? Arab Student Magazine - for Arab students in Arabic only? Print issue under consideration. Website reported as www. No longer published? UNI magazine - for year old students in the UAE, launch date March , distributed to universities in the UAE, and other outlets such as cafes and bowling alleys.

Published by Pinpoint Media Group.

Articles about lifestyle, beauty, fashion, food, recipies, health, family, home, travel. Living in the Gulf - published by Motivate Publishing for Spinneys, a supermarket chain based in Dubai.

Also known as the Spinneys Magazine. Has recipies etc.

Buy it at the Spinneys checkout counter for a couple of dirhams. It probably won't rock your world. Technology magazines See Computer and IT magazines heading for most entries. Occasional vehicle and driving related articles, outdoor activity articles. Generally a good read. Back of magazine has handy lists of Top 10 smartphones, desktop PCs, laptops, televisions, gaming devices, and a few more categories. Also falls into the Men's magazines section, just barely, by virtue of adding a few photos of just barely covered women.

ISSN: from issn. Travel magazines in UAE Business Traveller Middle East: business travel information for freeloaders who get travel paid for by companies or sponsors. Premium Economy travelers are also permitted to read it. Is not just a guide to the best business class seats, also has articles about destinations, hotels, travel news.

We were surprised to read a review of an economy class trip. Perhaps the assignment was a punishment for a badly behaved journalist. Published every two months, or 10x per year. Editor Dominc Ellis. Newsstand price AED 12 May Publication announced in May but date not given. First published December Publisher Motivate Publishing.

Has articles about travel you'll probably have guessed that anyway , suggestions about stuff to buy from Dubai Duty Free, entertainment news related to Dubai, where to go and eat and drink in Dubai. Not a comprehensive tourist guide but has a handy directory at the back with airport terminal maps and a table of duty free allowance to most countries around the world.

Also a list of items sold by Dubai Duty Free. Interestingly, one of the few UAE publications with advertisements for alcohol, and also uses the words "wine" and "beer" which are normally replaced by "grape" and "hops" in most other UAE publications.

Cosmopolitan Middle East - launched in ? Emirates Woman - monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine for women living in the Emirates both expat and Emirati. ForbesWoman Middle East - under consideration? What will they do about their Sex, Love, and Life section though? The international website has that section blocked in the UAE. Published by the expatwoman.

Quarterly, first issue February or May ? Advertising and media kit from Expat Woman says "Distributed to expatriate homes every quarter, primarily via school bags in premium international schools and through ExpatWoman events Women's or Fashion category?

Was first proposed in ? Cover says "New! The UAE's first teen magazine", presumably directed at girl teens not boy teens given the magazine title and article titles like "How to bag a boy and keep him ". Does that go in their "Cringes" section? Cover price AED 7. First Twitter post 18 Oct , second and last post on 09 Nov account twitter.

ITP announced magazine closure in Feb Al Nisr Publishing is the parent company of Al Nisr Media which publishes the group's magazines mostly, some exceptions? Office location: Building 14, Dubai Media City. Operations suspended or closed down end April ? Magazine publication suspended or ceased in Jul , due to legal dispute between ENG Media and Fujairah Media and reports of unpaid salaries and bills?

Explorer Publishing, publishes maps and guides. Magazine Ask Explorer? Subsidiary of Al Nisr Publishing. Contact tel , fax Also publishes some magazines and websites.

Part owned by Abraaj Capital from April Also licenced by Haymarket to publish a ME version of the autosport. Other publications? Motivate Publishing, one of the larger or largest publishing companies in the UAE. Publishes the well-known What's On magazine.

License number VCC. See Rush magazine listing. Publishes Gulf Gourmet magazine. Vague references to domain www.No contact or location information? Listed here because it appears in some lists of top UAE magazines, but we don't know why it does Jan update.

Never to return? License number VCC. Publishes the well-known What's On magazine.

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