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WARPATH and all other Adamant Entertainment product names and their respective logos are trademarks of Adamant Entertainment in the U.S.A. and other. Designed by Hank Woon (Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, PDF: Fulfilled immediately. Print/PDF Bundle: Unavailable. Are there errors or. WARPATH: Rules for Mass Combat - Cry Havoc and Let Slip The Dogs Adamant Entertainment. ADD TO WISHLIST >. PDF. $ 1 2 3 4 5.

Pathfinder Warpath Pdf

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•Campaign rules, example units and battlefields, and More! ADM $ USD. PDF Now Available, Print version arriving in Stores in May. Designed by Hank Woon (Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary) and extensively playtested, WARPATH is a. WARPATH: Mass Combat Rules from Adamant Entertainment now and they'll also receive a PDF copy as well, all for $ plus $

The book also begins with several pages of fiction.

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It seemed well enough written but not so good that I actually felt the need to read it. It is presented in a logical order and has a table of contents if you need to track down a particular section quickly.

The basics of the system have players dividing their armies into units and representing those units on index cards Hereon called recipe cards because I like food more than work. On these cards you will lay out all of the stats for the unit.

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You also draw an arrow so that you know which way the unit is facing. Actual combat works the same way as in Pathfinder with a few differences. Positioning becomes very important, as do formations and overall tactics. Luckily this is all covered in detail in the book. The actual flow of combat is changed a bit as well. When a player attacks things are resolved in a specific order. First ranged attacks and then melee attacks.

After each attack the overall unit stats are altered to reflect losses. The presence of battlefield commanders can improve unit odds and also offer a nice target for the enemy.

Speaking of routing, that seems to be what you want to aim for. You can rout individual units make them run away.

If you can do it they suffer so many penalties that you can easily finish them off. Tactics and positioning are important in this game and the section covering siege warfare looks very promising. There are a few other good bits and pieces in here, such as mass use of magic and a section on running a city.

Both of which would be useful if you are playing through a military campaign. I also enjoyed the section on ransoming nobles. This little section offers up a few tables that a GM can use to determine the outcome of a pitched battle as well as the number of losses on each side. How it Plays I sat down with a friend and we used the point buy rules to build a couple of armies to bash each other with.

This was actually much quicker to set up than your standard game of Warhammer. After you factor out all the furious scribbling on recipe cards that is. If we had already prepared units it would have been a matter of just a few minutes. The point buy rules are great.

The next chapter 6 pages deals with Warpath-combat, which works somewhat akin to standard combat, with some modifications that remind me a bit of Warhammer: First ranged attacks, then recalculation, the move phase and maneuver checks , then melee and morale and then a final recalculation of the Unit strength. Problems like power attack, siege weapons and flanking are also covered.

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There is also a chapter on battlefield maneuvers 5 pages , of course. After that, we get two pages on deployment and typical deployment.

Terrian takes into account hills, forests and bodies of water. I was missing desert, snow, underground etc. The next pages detail post-battle decisions 5 pages : There is a mechanic for casualty rolls, prisoners 6 ransom, for killing prisoners, decimation as a corporal punishment for cowardice as well as a quick and dirty Quick Mass Combat rule including a table to quickly determine the outcome of a battle.

Sieges are an interesting scenario and, of course, the next chapter deals with sieges.

Pathfinder and Mass Combat

It also mentions undermining, starving a defender as well as the possibilities offered by e. If you want to pit your army against another player or on fair terms, one page offers us a point-buy system.

The next chapter is a sample army for the PCs to defeat: The enemy is a human wizard and his army of zombies, frost giants and megaraptor-riding trolls, including the 4 unit cards. The book closes with 4 more example unit cards. While the crunch presented in Warpath is elegant and easy to understand and worked in a sample battle I had with my group, I feel that there are A LOT aspects missing from the book, especially morale-wise: Are the gods on the side of an army?The Veer-myn of the Corporation are vast, gigantic vessels are the latest manifestation of made from hollowed out asteroids that this unwitting partnership.

He can freely choose to initiate any maneuver that is currently granted when his turn begins, but he cannot initiate a withheld maneuver.

As it stands, Warpath unfortunately falls short of its potential. They are one of the only species in the Corporation while others known space whose weaponry and spacecraft have fallen.

Language and a vicious society came today. It gained The Veer-myn 17 opposable thumbs, and a mind to use There are Veer-myn everywhere in the galaxy them. Actual combat works the same way as in Pathfinder with a few differences.

Pretty cool: He has an alternate means of recovery, as he can add unwilling targets to his collective and debuff creatures affected thus. Contact us.

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