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21 जनवरी Dear Friends, आज के अपने इस लेख में मैं आपको Oxford Student Atlas ( Bharat Sanskaran) Hindi pdf for Competitive Exams उपलब्ध. Oxford Student Atlas Bharat Sanskaran PDF: Hello Students, आप सभी Students का फिर से oxford atlas in hindi pdf free download. In this artical we sharing with you Oxford Student Atlas Hindi Bharat Sanskaran PDF. This Book will helpful for Prelims, Mains paper 1 and.

Oxford Atlas Pdf In Hindi

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World Atlas Map Book | Oxford Atlas Book PDF Download करें जिसमे Paper Download in PDF · Computer Notes In Hindi PDF Download. World Atlas Map Book PDF Download, world atlas book pdf free download in Hindi, world atlas atlas world geography book, great world atlas. ऑक्सफ़र्ड स्टूडेंट एटलस (भारत संस्करण) अत्याधुनिक तकनीकों के प्रयोग से परिशुद्ध एवं सुलभ मानच ित्र प्रस्तु त करता है.

And the reason is not too difficult to find out. With over sanctuaries and national parks it is not possible to list all. Further the list is dynamic. New ones are getting added all the time.

So you will find only the most prominent national parks and sanctuaries listed on the atlas. Find the location of all. If you want to know about more parks and sanctuaries look up on the internet or the Manorama Year Book.

Finally, determine the important mountain passes and the states they are situated. Tackling Highways in the Atlas If you look at the past years papers you will realize that questions related to highways, the golden quadrilateral, north-south and east-west corridors are pretty common. So how should you prepare for these? While its not possible to remember or recollect all the national highways nor is it required focus on the important ones, the first ten.

National Highways is also a good way to understand the location of major towns and cities from north to south and west to east.

For instance Bangalore is located in a lower latitude than Chennai. Keep your eyes open for such kind of minute information in the Atlas.

5 Books to Study Geography for IAS Prelims Exam

Likewise, study the golden quadrilateral and north-south, east-west corridor route and locate the major towns en-route. First have a look at all the coastal states and towns.

Then continue to the important straits and gulfs between islands. The Andaman and Nicobar islands are quite important from the exam viewpoint.

Look at their position from north to south. The lowest point Indira point , the dormant volcanoes on Barren island, the Coco channel separating them from Coco islands and so on.

Contains new and informative thematic maps including 20 maps focussing on Indian agriculture, 15 maps on minerals and industries and 17 on demography and human development.

Reflects recent geo-political and socio-economic developments and climatic and environmental concerns focusing on India and the world. Provides comprehensive coverage of the continents including thematic features of each continent and regional maps of countries and regions.

Contains a fully updated and revised index. By Ajit OmGhyan T Facebook Twitter Whatsapp. About the Author: Ajit OmGhyan. Related Posts.

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The Sun is one of more than billion stars in the Home Galaxy alone. Our Galaxy, in turn, forms part of a local group consisting of approximately 30 similar structures, mostly small dwarf galaxies but a few large ones, and one the Andromeda Galaxy larger than our own.

There are at least billion galaxies in the Universe, many of which are members of huge galaxy clusters.

The duration of this hydrogenburning period known as the main sequence depends on the stars mass; the greater the mass, the higher the core temperatures and the sooner the stars supply of hydrogen is exhausted.

Dim, dwarf stars consume their hydrogen slowly, eking it out over billions of years.

Oxford Student Atlas (Bharat Sanskaran) Hindi pdf download for Competitive Exams

The Sun, like other stars of its mass, should spend about 10 billion years on the main sequence; since it was formed less than 5 billion years ago, it still has half its life left. Once all of a stars core hydrogen has been fused into helium, nuclear activity moves outward into layers of unconsumed hydrogen. For a time, energy production sharply increases: the star grows hotter and expands enormously, turning into a so-called red giant.

Its energy output will increase a thousandfold, and it will swell to a hundred times its former diameter. After a few hundred million years, helium in the core will become sufficiently compressed to initiate a new cycle of nuclear fusion: from helium to carbon.

The star will contract somewhat, before beginning its last expansion, in the Suns case engulfing the Earth and perhaps Mars.

In this bloated condition, the Suns outer layers will break off into space, leaving a tiny inner core, mainly of carbon, that shrinks progressively under its own gravity. The white dwarf star thus formed can attain a density more than 10, times that of normal matter, with crushing surface gravity to match. Gradually, the nuclear fires will die down, and the Sun will reach its terminal stage: a black dwarf, emitting insignificant amounts of energy.

Black holes However, stars more massive than the Sun may undergo a different transformation.

The additional mass allows gravitational collapse to continue indefinitely: eventually, all the stars remaining matter shrinks to a point, and its density approaches infinity a state that will not permit even subatomic structures to survive. The star has become a black hole: an anomalous singularity in the fabric of space and time.There were several generations of stars, each feeding on the wreckage of its extinct predecessors as well as the original galactic gas swirls.

Once again I recommend the Oxford Student Atlas for its comprehensiveness, accuracy and detail. As the visuals of a map have greater impact on the mind and also arouses their interest. Hlw sir I have download the file completely but it is not opene in pdf or any other file formate.

Contains new and informative preliminary pages.

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The white dwarf star thus formed can attain a density more than 10, times that of normal matter, with crushing surface gravity to match. Some rivers like the Mekong, Amazon, Danube and Nile pass through several countries. The Orient Blackswan School Atlas with CD This completely updated, comprehensive and user-friendly edition of The Orient Blackswan School Atlas brings the world closer to us through its maps and graphical representation of facts.

Find out the biggest ones and determine their north-south chronology.

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