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Osho - Creativity - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. A book about creativity by OSHO. Creativity - Osho - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Creativity - OSHO. nd every artist -- musician or poet, painter or dancer -- all have been trying in different ways for millions of years to give expression to the inexpressible. Even if .

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Creativity has nothing to do with any activity in particular – with painting, poetry, dancing, singing. Creativity is the quality that you bring any activity. It is an. A book about creativity by OSHO. Osho - Creativity. May 6, | Author: geminnii | Category: N/A Invalid or corrupted PDF file. More Information. Download Creativity - Osho Creativity - Osho. April 9, | Author: LOWNOW | Category: N/A Invalid or corrupted PDF file. More Information.

Nirvana is in small things, the way you live them the way you transform ever small activity into a holy act, into a prayer…your house becomes a temple, your body becomes the abode of God, and wherever you look and whatsoever you touch is tremendously beautiful, sacred—then nirvana is freedom. Nirvana is to live the ordinary life so alert, so full of consciousness, so full of life, that everything becomes luminous. Love life, trust life, and life will give you all that you need.

Life will become a blessing for you, a benediction. The whole evolution of man is because man has dreamed about it. The whole existence is one organic unity.

You are not holding hands only with each other, you are holding hands with the trees. You are not only breathing together; the whole universe is breathing together.

And just to be silent, just to be joyful, just to be—in this silence, you will feel you are joined with others. When you are thinking, you are separate from others because you are thinking some thoughts and the other person is thinking different thoughts. But if you are both silent, then all the walls between you disappear. Two silences cannot remain two. They become one. All great values of life—love, silence, blissfulness, ecstasy, godlikeness—make you aware of an immense oneness.

There is nobody else other than you; we are all different expressions of one reality, different songs of one singer, different dances of one dancer, different paintings—but the painter is one.

Reality is more psychedelic, more colorful, more joyful, more dancing than you can ever imagine. When you are thinking you are separate from others because you are thinking some thoughts and the other person is thinking different thoughts. The word religion is beautiful. It comes from the root that means bringing together those who have fallen apart in their ignorance; bringing them together, waking them up so that they can see they are not separate.

If love is discipline, it is false. If nonviolence is cultivated, it is false. If compassion is nurtured, it is false. But if they come spontaneously, without any effort of your own, then they have a reality so deep, so exquisite. Man has fallen far away from reality.

He has to be awakened to the truth that we are all one. And it is not hypothesis; it is the great experience of all the meditators, without exception, down the ages, that the whole existence is one, organic unity. To call it a dream cancels its reality. Dreams have to be made real, not reality changed into dreams. Consciousness is continuous river. Your present moment contains your whole past. Your present moment contains your whole future—because the past as it has happened has been changing you, it has been preparing you.

And the future that is going to happen will happen from the way you live in the present. The way you live herenow will have a great impact upon your future.

In the present moment all past is contained, and in the present moment all future is potential. The present moment contains all. Now is eternity. The more memory you have the less creative you will be—because you will go on repeating the memory, and creativity means allowing the new to happen.

Allowing the new to happen means putting aside your memory so the past does not interfere. When you the rose opening in the early morning sun, see it. Let it have an impact, allow it to go deep in you. Let its rosiness overpower you, overwhelm you. Be patient be open. Let the rose reach you, and you reach the rose.

Let there be a meeting, a communion of two beings—the rose and you. Let there be a penetration, an interpenetration. The inner talk will be an interference You will never know the rose in its intensity and depth. You will know only the superficial, that shallow.

And if you know the shallow, the shallow is going to be your expression; your art will not be of much value. Creative means the new, the novel, the original. Creative means the fresh, the unknown. You have to be open for it, vulnerable for it.

Put the whole mind aside. Creative imagination has nothing to do with memory—only then is it creative. Once you drop psychological memory you will become creative. The creative person is one who brings something from the unknown into the world of the known, who brings something from God into the world, who helps God to utter something—who becomes a hollow bamboo and allows God to flow through him.

Creativity is from the creator; creativity is not of you or from you. You disappear, then creativity is—when the creator takes possession of you. A creative person is one who has insight, who can see things that nobody has ever seen before, who can see things that no eye has ever been able to see, who hears things that nobody has heard before. Then there is creativity. Jesus statements are creative. What is Jesus secret? He has insight He has looked into God; he has looked into the unknown.

He has encountered the unknown and the unknowable. He has been into that space, and from that space he brings a few fragments. Only fragments can be brought, but when you bring some fragments from the unknowable you transform the whole quality of human consciousness on the earth. The impossible is meeting the known with the unknown, the meeting of the mind with no-mind—that is impossible.

Make it happen. The real creators know it perfectly well, that they are not the creators—they were just instrumental, they were mediums. Something happened through them, true, but they are not the doers of it. A world without God is bound to be an insane world—because a world without God will not have any context in which to become significant.

Meaning is always in reference to something bigger than you. Without God man cannot have any significance, because man is a small word in the great epic of God, man is a small note in the great orchestra of God. There are a few things that give you joy and a few things that make you miserable, a few things that create ecstasy and a few things that create only agony, a few things that create only hell and a few things that take you to a world of paradise.

No, all things are not the same. But once God is thought to be dead, once you lose contact with the totality—and God is nothing but the totality. Remember: the real art arises out of real religiousness, because religiousness is finding a communion of reality. Once you are in communion with reality, then real art arises. Real art means something that helps you to be meditative. On a full—moon night, just sitting there and looking at that beautiful masterpiece you will be filled with the unknown.

You will start feeling something from the beyond. How could he create a whole image of the woman just by touching her hand once? He must have been in a different kind of space. He must have been in that moment without mind. That moment must have been a moment of great meditation. In that moment he touched the energy, and just by feeling the energy he created the whole shape.

Your face is not accidental; your face is there because you have a particular energy pattern. Your eyes, your hair, your color—all are there because you have a particular energy pattern. Once you know the energy pattern, you know the whole personality. You know in an out, all—because it is energy pattern that creates everything. Once the energy pattern has been understood, there is the key, the nucleus, of all that has happened to you and all that is going to happen. Creativity means meditativeness, creativity means a state of no—mind then God descends in you, then love flows out of you.

You can paint, you can write as a therapy, but burn your paintings and burn your poetry. You need not go on exhibiting your vomit to people. One has to look into emptiness. You are looking from the wrong end. You come into a room, there is furniture, pictures on the walls and things. Then those things and the pictures are removed and you come into the room—now what will you say?

Will you call it empty or will you call it a full room? When furniture was there the room was not full; much of it was missing because of the furniture. Now the room is complete, the emptiness is total. If you have a book in your mind, it has to be written to get rid of it. It is a catharsis; it is unburdening yourself. Creative people almost always go mad.

Mediocrities never go mad—they have nothing to go mad over, they have nothing maddening in their lives. Why does it happen creative people go mad? Because they are so occupied, so many things are happening in the mind. You need a rest period. A lion gives birth to only one child, because the whole being is involved in it. And then there is a rest period, long rest period to recoup, to regain the energy that you have given to the child—to regain yourself again so that something can be born out of you.

The deeper your creation, the great will be your emptiness afterward. The great the storm, the great will be the silence that comes in its wake.

Enjoy it. The storm is good, enjoy it; and the silence that comes that follows it is also good. The day is beautiful, full of activity; night is also very beautiful, full of inactivity, passivity, emptiness.

Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within

Enjoy the emptiness, feel blissful and blessed. In India, we have better words for emptiness. We call it Shunya. The very word is positive; it has nothing of negativity in it. It is beautiful, it simply means space, with no boundaries—shunya. And we have called the ultimate goal Shunya. And then you will be able to feel the benediction of it. The paradox of art is that first you have to learn its discipline and then you have to forget it totally.

Innovate new ways, new means. Try something new that nobody has ever done. The greatest creativity happens in people whose training is of some other discipline. All great creativity happens through people who move from one discipline to another.

Children who come out of crossbreeding are far healthier, far more beautiful. It will be good if people from one race marry into another race—and if someday we discover people on some other planet, the best way will be crossbreeding between earth and the other planet. Then newer kinds of people will be coming into existence. People are so much against each other.

They have been conditioned for this antagonism for so long that they have forgotten completely that we are all human beings, that we belong to the same earth, to the same planet. When you become accustomed to one discipline, when you become imprisoned with the technique, just slip out of it into another discipline.

It is a good idea, a great idea to go on moving from one discipline into another. You will find yourself become more and more creative. One thing has to be remembered: if you are really creative you may not become famous. A really creative person takes time to become famous because he has to create the values—new values, new criteria, only then can he be judged.

If you want fame, then forget all about creativity. When you bring something new into the world you are bound to be rejected. The world never forgives a person who brings anything new to the world.

The creative person is bound to be punished by the world, remember it. To bring something new into the world means nobody will be able to appreciate it; it is so new that there are not any criteria against which it can be valued. No means are yet in existence that can help people to understand it. Vincent Van Goh was not appreciated in his day. Not even a single painting was ever sold. Now each of his paintings is sold for millions of dollars—people were not even ready to receive them same paintings as gifts—the same paintings!

Enjoy whatsoever you are doing. If you can find a few friends to enjoy it, good; if nobody is there to enjoy, then enjoy it alone. If you are enjoying it, that is enough. If you feel fulfilled though it, that is enough. True art means if it helps you to become silent, still, joyous; if it gives you celebration, if it makes you dance—whether anybody participates with you or not is irrelevant.

If it becomes a bridge between you and God, that is true art. If it becomes a meditation, that is true art. If you become absorbed in it, so utterly absorbed that the ego disappears, that is true art.

If you rejoice in doing it, if you feel lost in doing it, if you feel overwhelmed with joy and peace in doing it, it is true art. So this is my criterion: if it leads you toward God, it is true art, it is authentic art.

Almost everything can be purchased except those spiritual values like love, compassion, enlightenment, freedom. To learn, you will need to be free from hunger, free from poverty, free from all kinds of prejudices. All religions together have made man as poor as possible.

They have condemned money so much, and praised poverty so much, that as far as I am concerned, they are the greatest criminals the world has known. Perhaps I am the first person who is respectful of money, of wealth, because it can make you multidimensional rich. Wealth is as significant as beautiful music, as great literature, as masterpieces of art. There are people who have a born capacity to be musician.

Mozart started playing beautiful music at the age of eight. When he was eight, other great masters of music were not anywhere near him. Now this man was born with creativity. Vincent Van Gogh was born of a poor father who worked in a coal min. He never got educated, he never knew any art school, but he became one of the greatest painters in the WORLD!

Perhaps a few more centuries may be needed for scientists to discover that certainly the trees are the ambitions of the earth. One thing is certain, that trees are moving against gravitation.

The earth is allowing them to move against gravitation—supporting, helping them. The earth is alive, and life always want to go higher and higher and higher. There is no limit to its aspirations. Just as there are born poets, born painters, I would like you to remember there are born wealth creators. They have never been appreciated. I respect money. Money is one of the greatest inventions of man. Money is a tremendous invention. But all the religions have been against it.

Drop all ideas that have imposed about money. Be respectful to it. Create wealth, because only after creating wealth do many other dimensions open up for you.

The ultimate creativity is the meaning of your life. Life in itself has no meaning. Life is an opportunity to create meaning. Meaning has not to be discovered: it has to be created. You will only find meaning when you create it. Meaning is a dance, not a rock. Meaning is music.

You will find it only if you create it. God is not a thing but a creation. And only those who create find. It is good that meaning is not lying around somewhere, otherwise one person would have discovered it—then what would be the need for everybody else to discover it?

Millions of people are living meaningless lives because of this utterly stupid idea that meaning has to be discovered. As if it is already there all that you need is to just pull the curtain, and behold! Meaning is there. It is not like that. Each individual has to give birth to God, to meaning, to truth; each man has to become pregnant with it and pass through the pains of birth.

False is the idea that meaning is already there. It is not! Freedom is to create it; energy is there to create it. The field is there to sow the seeds to reap the crop. All is there—but the meaning has to be created. Life is not there readymade, available.

You get the life that you create, you get out of life that which you put into it. First you have to pour meaning into it. You have to give color and music and poetry, you have to be creative. Only then will you be alive. Praise a man because he has created a song. Praise a man because he has beautiful sculpture. Praise a man because he plays such a beautiful flute.

Let these be religious, qualities from now onward. Praise a man because through him, the world is becoming more graceful. Meaning comes out of creativity. Let your inquiry be pure. Go open and empty. And you will find not only one meaning, you will find a thousand and one meanings. Then each thing will become meaningful. Just a colored stone shining in the rays of the sun. Go without conclusion!

The knowledgeable person never finds it, his knowledge is a barrier. Go naked and nude. Meaning has to be created. And meaning has to be searched for without any conclusions. If you can drop your knowledge, life will suddenly take on color—it will become psychedelic.

Your mind is a mess. Clean it!

Make it blank. The empty mind is the best mind. The empty mind is closer to God than anything. So many thoughts in the mind, mixed up; nothing seems to be clear; you have heard so many things from so many sources—your mind is a MONTER! Clear it. Unless you say something on your own, you will miss the meaning. Drop the knowledge and become more creative. Remember, knowledge is gathered—you need not be creative about it; you have only to be receptive.

You will not find meaning by watching. You can see thousand and one lovers making love and you will not know what love is—you will know that orgasmic abandonment by watching. Meaning comes through participation. Participate in life!

Participate as deeply, as totally, as possible. Risk all your participation. If you want to know anything, participate. Life has to be multidimensional, then only is there meaning. Never make life one-dimensional. Have more interests in life. Find as many things as possible in life, and then you will have richness. And meaning is a by-product of richness.

Let there be moments unexplainable. Let there be a few things that are mysterious, for which you cannot supply any reason. Let there be a few doings for which people will think you are a little crazy.

Let there be moments, unexplainable. Let there be a few things that that are mysterious, for which you cannot supply any reason.

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A man who is a hundred percent sane is dead. A little bit of craziness by the side is always a great joy. Go on doing a few crazy things, too. And then meaning will be possible. You say your name. The name is not yours, because you came into the world without a name.

You came nameless; it is not your property, it has been given to you.

Try to make something perfect and it will remain imperfect. Do it naturally and it is always perfect. Nature is perfect; effort is imperfect.

So whenever you are doing something too much, you are destroying. Self-consciousness becomes a weakness. A person who is self-conscious is strong, but his strength has nothing to do with himself-it comes from the beyond.

Your very self-consciousness indicates that you have not come home yet. People go on living in a mental world of their own creation. When you drop the ego, you drop a whole world that you have created around it. Searching for prestige, political authority, what are you searching? You are searching power, strength-and strength is all the time available just by the corner.

You are searching in wrong places. When you remember yourself, you forget God; when you forget yourself, you remember god-and you cannot remember both together.

Listening is one of the basic secrets of entering into the temple of god. Listening means passivity. Listening means forgetting yourself completely-only then can you listen.

When you listen attentively to somebody, you forget yourself. If you cannot forget yourself, you never listen. One has to become more of the ears and less of the eyes. First step is receptivity, because in receptivity ego cannot exist-it can exist only in conflict.

And when you are receptive, suddenly your faculty of imagination become tremendously powerful. First you become receptive and then you become creative. And once you have dropped your ego, you become so flexible that whatsoever you imagine will happen. Then your imagination will become your reality. Carry the ego and you will remain weak. Drop the ego and infinite strength starts flowing through you.

All life is of the whole. If you are trying to love on your own, you are simply being stupid. Ego always wants to be perfect. Ego is very perfectionist.

Ego always wants to be higher and better than others: hence it is perfectionist. But through ego perfection is never possible, so the effort is absurd. Perfection is possible only when the ego is not-but then one never thinks of perfection at all. Mind is past-past and past and nothing else. Mind means memory, there can be no contemporary mind. To be contemporary is to be without mind. Mind is never original, cannot be.

No-mind is original, fresh, young: mind is always old, rotten, stale. The mind goes on changing as time goes on changing. In that sense, the contemporary mind is a reality. The most modern mind is still of the past. Mind is repetitive, mind always moves in circles. Mind is a mechanism: you feed it with knowledge, it repeats the same knowledge.

It goes on chewing the same knowledge again and again. Intellect is something pseudo, something false. People are afraid of the unknown, people feel insecure with the unknown. The really alive person is a here now person. He does not live out of the past, he does not live for the future, he lives only in the moment, for the moment. The moment is all. Creativity mean bringing the new into existence, making a way for the unknown to penetrate the known, making a way for the sky to come to the earth.

Intellectual activity can make you experts in certain things, useful, efficient.


But intellect is groping in the dark. It has no eyes, because it is not yet mediative. Intellect is borrowed, it has no insight of its own. Life is not the same, ever-it is constantly changing, moment it is new. Intelligence is awakening, and unless you are fully awake. You need to become less mind and more heart. Belief is always closed; it comes to a full point.

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Your experience is growing, it is changing, it is moving. It is continuously moving from the known into the unknown and from the unknown into the unknowable. And remember, experience has a beauty because it is unfinished.

Experience always remains open-that means unfinished. Beliefs is always complete and finished. The first quality is an openness to experience. Mind is all your beliefs collected together, Openness means no-mind; openness means you out your mind aside and you are ready to look into life again and again in a new way, not with the old eyes. Then the truth becomes a screen on which you go on projecting. When you look through no-mind, your perception is efficient, because then you see that which is.

And truth liberates. Everything else creates a bondage, only truth liberates. You are not looking for anything, you are simply looking. He looks with no ideas, he simply looks. Anything can be creative, it is you who brings that quality to the activity. Creativity is the quality that you bring to the activity you are doing. It is an attitude, an inner approach-how you look at things. Whatsoever you do, if you do it joyfully, if you do it lovingly, if your act of doing it is not purely economic, then it is creative.

If something grows out of it within you, if it gives you growth, it is spiritual, it is creative, it is divine. Our whole attitude about life is money oriented. And money is one of the most uncreative things one can become interested in. Our whole approach is power oriented and power is destructive, not creative. A man who is after money will become destructive because money has to be robbed, exploited; it has to be taken away from many people, only then can you have it.

Power simply means you have to make many people impotent. Belief is not just belief. It opens closes doors. If you have a wrong belief, then that will hang around you as a closed door. If you believe that you are uncreative, you will become uncreative because that belief will obstruct, continuously negate, all possibilities of flowing. Money, power, prestige, are uncreative-not only uncreative but destructive activities.

Beware of them. Be a giver. Share whatsoever you can. Just embrace somebody to your heart and you are creative. Just look with loving eyes at somebody…just a loving look can change the whole world of a person. You have to find out what you can do and what you cannot do. Everybody cannot do everything! You have to search and find your destiny. But if you love your life, you will be able to find. If you love money and you want to be creative, you cannot become creative. Never hide behind masks.

If you really want to be creative, then there is no question of money, success, prestige, respectability-then you enjoy your activity, then each act has an intrinsic value. Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny-he has something to fulfil, some message has to be delivered, some work has to be completed. You are not here accidentally-you are here meaningful.

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The whole intends to do something through you. Learn one basic thing: do whatever you want to do, love to do. And never ask for recognition, that is begging. Become a child again and you will be creative. All children are creative. List Price: Understanding and Accepting the Insecurities of Life Osho. Martin's Griffin, October Our price: Osho Media International, September Recently Viewed Products.

Ancient Music in the Pines. The Empty Boat. The ABC of Enlightenment.So this is my criterion: if it leads you toward God, it is true art, it is authentic art. What is Jesus secret? Whatsoever you do can become creative. One has to be meditative but not against feeling. How can humanity go on living without love and without poetry and without joy and without celebration?

The day is beautiful, full of activity; night is also very beautiful, full of inactivity, passivity, emptiness. Perhaps I am the first person who is respectful of money, of wealth, because it can make you multidimensional rich.

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