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FHM February will be available in supermarkets, convenience stores, newsstands, and bookstores nationwide! You can score digital. Pinoy Big Brother winner Myrtle Sarrosa strips for FHM Philippines magazine November FHM Philippines November PDF download. Current Ginebra San Miguel Calendar Girl, Myrtle Sarrosa is once again the FHM Philippines cover girl for the month of February !.

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After four years, another Myrtle Sarrosa FHM cover will be out! It was in when she first graced the cover of FHM Philippines. FHM December can download digital copies through the FHM app on Apple App Store and on Google Myrtle Sarrosa FHM's February Cover Girl. Same with Myrtle. I love the culture. Do you have any plans of doing cosplay group shoots with our FHM cosplay covers. and it does invite awesome.

But di naman OA. We remember, in our first meeting you said you wanted to change your look for this shoot because you were done with the androgynous look. Which got us thinking about sexual orientations. Are you straight? Do you have sexual fantasies involving women? I love you guys! Unless, of course Kasi sobrang dami kong friends na gays and lesbians, so sobra ko silang gets, yung mga pinagdadaanan nila. I was on the sportier side. A guy. But with guys, not so. Away yun.

Why do you think this is? What if a girl comes up to you and makes sexual advances? Friend ko ba? Pero alam ko nang lesbian siya? Okay, yes. Uhm, di ko pa kasi talaga na-tatry eh Medyo chicken ako sa ganyan. Feeling ko ang dami ko munang facebook. And then masisira na yung moment kasi ang dami ko ng mga tanong. Feeling ko ganun ang mangyayari.

Naging about me! Have you seen guys who seem to be straight, holding hands? We know we have, and it was weird Mukhang straight? Hindi umaandar yung gaydar mo. Magka-holding hands na nga di pa rin umaandar! Magugulat ako. Hindi na! Alam ko nang hindi ako yung type mo so na-friend zone ka na! I post whatever I find interesting. Plus I posted my preparations for this shoot—it was a seven-day challenge, because you only gave me a week to prepare for this shoot.

Normally na-po-post ko are shameless selfies, workouts, and tapings. Kung gusto nila yun, wag tayong makialam. Kung ayaw mo then i-block or i-unfollow mo na lang. Kasi freedom mo naman to post yun. The thing though about social media is that people can be very mean. How do you handle meanness? Thank God, wala pa sa akin yung malala talaga. Ayokong nabu-bully ang friends ko. We just have to let them be.

Are you ready for any no-holds-barred comments about your FHM cover? Bring it. Bring it on! But kung feel ko maganda ko sa cover, sorry na lang sila—magselfie pa ako, ha ha!

Moving on to fun things. Top three things you want to eat right now. Brick oven pizza with tomatoes and mozzarella, or pepperoni. Ano pang gusto kong kainin? I want And pasta and Coffee-based na drink na iced. Normally, hindi ako nag-te-take ng iced, but I want one now. Top of mind? Ang dami ko pa kasing di nagagawa so maramirami yan.

But most of the things on my list are places I want go to, like Italy, Europe, all the seven continents, ha ha!

Plus I go backpacking. Gusto ko dangerous, ha ha. Three things you take off before you sleep. In order? Actually take off and put on siya eh—bra, then I put on a big T-shirt. Tapos shorts. Pero T-shirt and undies lang pag natutulog. Yan ang uniform namin sa house eh—me, my mom, and my sister. Three bad thoughts you had just now. If ever na may maisip ako I would change it right away, or I have to do justice kung bakit ko naisip yon.

Working hours: How does it differ from 8 a. I guess computer Fridays the most Ive forensics? You P50, to P80, per month basic information and securing a can just search for conversation particular service Perks: I try to before its launched for simple f Medical insurance separate work for public use. Yeah, I because the and have your f Gadgets provision laptop knowboring incidents of security and cell phone own smallanswer. Its my Downside: Whats an example of a Anyone can be a hacker.

You can security breach youve just search for simple hacking tools How did you become an experienced? Mostly theft or fraud incidents hack. When I got promoted in the within the company.

Once we If you were not in this line company, I was put in charge of the detect an employee abusing the of work, what would you be Computer Forensics Investigation system, we access his or her doing now?

To get my skills account and report abnormal Id probably be a full-time athlete. I certied, the company sponsored activities.

FHM Philippines — February 2018

This can be used as currently dabble in amateur rugby trainings for ethical hacking and technical evidence in case it ends and mixed martial arts. We can also stand Is ethical hacking more of a as professional witnesses. We technical skill? Its one of the main roles of an information security expert. You mentioned computer forensics investigation as well. That sounds like CSI work. Are there similarities? Yes, in the sense of gathering. White Hat Hacker is an opposite term that refers to a certified ethical h a c k e r.

U P L ingu i s t i c s pr o fe s s o r Tu t i n g H e r na nde z h a s t h e a ns w e r Orthographically, the two words are anagrams ambigrams evenof each other.

If tae was derived from Englishit was probably borrowed into the lexicon by an early Filipino tambay who has a propensity for tadbaliks speech, mga repapips: Didnt we do the number two before the early s?

Didnt we talk about the ecstasy of hitting the crapper before the Americans came? English was only introduced through the school systems in the s. The term tae is an old word. It predates the coming of the Americans and is widespread throughout the Pacic. Feces is highly lexicalized in various Philippine languages. We have different terms for different types of fecal matter depending on shape, texture, consistency, and sizea subject for a longer exposition.

A man with premature ejaculation problems went to the doctor. The doctor said, When you feel like you are getting ready to ejaculate, try startling yourself. That same day the man went to the store and bought himself a starter pistol and ran home to his wife. That night the two did the The man felt the urge to ejaculate and red the pistol. The next day the doctor asked how it went.

The man answered, Not well. When I red the pistol, my wife pooped on my face, bit three inches off my penis, and my neighbor came out of the closet with his hands in the air. Jorvit, by email. Why did I get divorced? Well, last week was my birthday. My wife didnt wish me a happy birthday. My parents forgot and so did my kids.

I went to work and even my colleagues didnt wish me a happy birthday. As I entered my ofce, my secretary said, Happy birthday, boss! I felt so special. She asked me out for lunch. After lunch, she invited me to her apartment. We went there and she said,. Do you mind if I go into the bedroom for a minute? Okay, I said. She came out ve minutes later with a birthday cake, my wife, my parents, my kids, my friends, and my colleagues all yelling, Surprise!

LoloMats, by email. Ayus pre, mayaman na tayo! Holdaper 2: He he he! Bilangin mo na parekoy nang magkaalaman! Holdaper 1: Tol, alam mo namang mahina ako sa Math. Abangan na lang natin sa news mamaya! Sir, ilang slices po, six or eight?

Ay naku!

Six lang miss, baka hindi ko maubos ang eight! The doctor pronounces the dog dead. The agitated man demands a second opinion. The vet goes into the back room and comes out with a cat. The cat sniffs the body and meows. The vet says, Im sorry, but the cat thinks that your dog is dead, too. The man is still unwilling to accept that his dog is dead. The vet brings in a black Labrador. The lab sniffs the body and barks.

The vet says, Im sorry, but the lab thinks your dog is dead, too. The man nally resigns to the diagnosis and asks how much he owes. The vet answers, P3, P3, to tell me my dog is dead? Well, the vet replies, I would only have charged you P1, for my initial diagnosis.

The additional P2, is for the cat scan and lab tests. Sheemee, by email. Does anyone know what this is? Little Johnny raised his hand and said, Sure, my daddy has two of them! Two of them?! Yeah, Pedro replied. He has a little one that he uses to pee with and a big one that he uses to brush mommys teeth! Deb, freelance stylist www. DATE Your game is only as good as your last date. Move out of the movie-and-dinner comfort zone and dazzle every kind of woman stereotypeer, personality, all over again with this game-upping guide.

Game plan: Dating a food lover cant be all that difcult.

The tricky part is choosing which food to lay waste onwith the inclusion of your date, of course. Figure out her food tastes via a quick look at her Instagram posts, then narrow your selections from there. If shes more downtown than uptown, a trip to the Legazpi Sunday Market or the Salcedo Saturday Market, any one of the Metros banchettos, or Yummy magazines annual food fair, should make for a fun and gastronomically satisfying day.

Depending on your distance from the nearest restroom. C has a mini forest, a mountain bike trail, ower terraces, an orchidarium, and a picnic groveall good things for a nature lover. Take her there. Farther south lies Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, where you can go on a boat ride, feed the sh, visit the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary, and bask in Mother Natures glory.

A biodegradable bag. Insect-repellant sprays.

Shell think youre adorable. So shes a thrill junkie. Having wheels for a long drive makes you a candidate for spending the day at SandBox. The adventure park at Porac, Pampanga has plenty of gravity-defying attractions that will literally take her breath away.

From the giant swing to the roller-coaster zipline, youll have your date clinging to you like a limpet or the other way around. Want to stick closer to home? Head over to Flying Trapeze Philippines The Fort where you and your girl can pretend to be circus acrobats. To avoid wetting yourself and wrecking your chances of getting another date ever, heres a bit of advice: And couragelots of courage. She can argue with you point per point on the differences between the Marvel and DC universe.

She listens to Night Vale and she collects Bax Bears. In other words, a girl after your own heart. Both places offer lots of amazing collectibles. Random trivia that she doesnt already know. Make your girl feel special by taking her on a private cruise along Manila Bay.

Its not cheap. A few hours can set you back by at least P15, docked. If you want an actual cruise, you need to pay double thatplus extra charges for onboard roses, a sax player, and a violinist. But, hey, if you have money to burn, why not? An arm and a leg. Expect to be broke right after. So she makes you feel like your general tastes are baduy.

Things to add in your dating arsenal: These neighborhood coffeeshops come with their own quirks, plus they serve good food and caffeine to keep her animated. Secondhand bookstores like Bookay-Ukay and a strip of witty-sounding restos in Teachers Village, e.

Me Love You Long Time, may also convince youre even cooler than her. Your baduy self. Opposites attract, right? Bonus points if you laugh at all the same parts. Your imagination.

You cant be boring. Our sexperts debate the best way how. Di kailangang komplikado when its mind-blowing, bedrattling orgasm youre after, keeping it simple is absolutely key! Yung acrobatic positions na yan, mas complicated and madi-distract lang kayo, so back to basics dapat ang peg.

I disagree with you on many things, but not that one, kasi tumpak! Classic bed maneuvers may sound boring, but its the best way for me to reach orgasm. Its all about levels and tweaking. So lets start with the classic! Napansin ko lang, lahat ng guys ito ang nisher position! Personally, I prefer when Im on top, pero this time youre in control, at bet ko pa rin. Just a tip: I say dont lean on your elbows!

Use your hands to hold up both your womans legs. Personally, a pillow under my pelvic area will provide deeper penetration and easy access to my clitoris. I like it that way. Missionary with pillows is the absolute way to go! JAHZIEL Another good thing about this position is you can make burning, horny, eye contact while youre kissing your girl and thrusting at her while shes lying legs open on her back.

Great for G-spot stimulation. So pag si girl medyo selfish and gustong mauna, then this is the perfect position! I can come five times nonstop when Im on top!

ABBY But girl-on-top is best done in reverse! My guy loves my ass so much that he always wants to have a good view whenever we do it.

Reverse cowgirl makes. Bakit mo kailangang i-limit to reverse? Youre on top! Face him, ride side-saddle, grind your hips in a circle, or lie down stomach to stomach and slide back and forth.

Girl-on-top is all about the girl taking charge, so lie on your back, and let her enjoy and dictate the pace of the ride! Kung guys who like butts lang din ang pinag-uusapan, Abby, ito na yun! Sino bang hindi favorite ito? That flok flok flok sounding position.

Medyo hindi ko lang bet yung you see less of each others faces. Tingintingin din pag may time, para you can give him more horn. Of course, how can I forget! The doggy is also one of the easiest ways to get girls to orgasm, because the position allows for deeper vaginal penetration. And if guys would be so kind as to play with their girls clitoris while we take pleasure in the ride, then we both win.

Similar to cowgirl, but squatting on top of your guy is way better! When I raise myself up and lean on the bed frame, my guy gets a good view of my breasts, vagina, and spread-eagled legs all in one go! Two-way pleasure. Dito magkakaalaman kung sino ang mas magaling kumain! For kinkier sessions, Id striptease while my man is sitting in a chair. Then as I become fully undressed, Id nestle on his cock and let him nibble my breasts while I gyrate my hips fast.

What I like about this is its a relaxed position. It calls for soft, slow and tender movements, but you can also do it fast. When it comes to sex kasi very basic ako. Of course you can explore and modify to make things exciting, pero mas prefer ko pa rin yung comfortable at bongga!

But this boy I met online changed my mind. After a few times of online hookups, we decided to meet in a motel and take things to another level. I specically said we could do everything except for pussy licking.

Of course he agreed to it. He was initially gentle with me, very romantic. But on our second round, he started kissing my stomach down to my wet pussy. Next thing I know I was even pushing his mouth harder to my pussy. We even did a 69 before parting ways. I will never forget that guy, who made me realize what has been missing in my sex life all this time.

Rema V. CHECK Ive been with my boyfriend for over three years already, and sometimes spicing things up in the bedroom is such a task. One time while watching a movie, I sat on. I pulled up my skirt and took off my bra. I was rubbing my boobs on his face. He started groping my breast with his left hand, sucking on the other, and his right was teasing my clit.

I knew we had it going, but we heard our helper coming our way so we hurriedly went to shower together. He turned on the shower to mufe all the moaning and groaning. He sat on the toilet and I splayed my legs wide open on top of him. Every slide was warm and smooth. My hole was really wet because I was very horny.

Doing it. Visit www. Offer is good while supplies last. I dont get to listen to him masturbate because most of the time, we talk when hes at work, since hes married and I cant reach him when hes home. That went on for weeks. I told my husband about it and to my surprise, he was turned on. Then my text mate asked me if he could listen in while my husband and I have sex. After seeking my husbands permission, we did it. My phone rang and the show started. I gave my husband a blowjob.

PEPtalk Flash. Ex-Wowowee girls Aiko Climaco and Jed Montero are now "Angels"

Then he ate my pussy and I started moaning. We were both breaking a sweat so we decided to jump in the shower.

While I was leaning on the bathroom wall, he inserted his warm shaft in my hole. The small space made it extra challenging, but it also made it very intimate. We enjoyed like it was our rst time. Nene, by email. Good thing I was stuck home with my boyfriend.

At rst the thunderstorms made us restless, but while waiting for power to be restored and the ood to subside, we became a little comfortable and irty.

We opened a few windows to let cool air in, but without power, we couldnt do anything else but stay in bed. I teased him by removing my bra and my shorts, complaining that it was getting too warm inside the house. When he saw my hard nipples through my sando, he gently landed a kiss on my breast. Then it started, I dry humped his torso between my legs. He kissed me on the neck while groping my breasts. I was really turned on that I could feel I was already leaving wet marks on his stomach every dry pump I did.

He nally removed my panty and inserted his hard dick inside me. Over the phone, I can hear the guy breathing heavily and it added to my horniness. I climaxed before my husband knew it. It was one of the most arousing sexcapades we did. To cap off our naughty call, my husband did me doggy and I kept moaning loud to please my phone pal on the line until both my husband and I came.

When I picked up the phone, I heard my sex pal moaning. It seemed like he jacked himself to a pretty good ending too. I made him suck my hard nipples while riding him. After I came and screamed with pleasure, he put me on my back and squirted his juice between my breasts. I spread it all over my body and that made him hornier.

Next thing I knew, we were on round two in a doggy. I bet my screams woke the whole neighborhood. LittleLady23, by email. My husband knows about it, but as long as Im not hiding anything from him, he assures were okay.

My text mate and I already had a few naughty moments over the phone. Then we tried SOPhe listened to me while I. Keep sending your escapades to fhmladiesconfessions gmail. Whats been keeping you guys busy? Our second album. Were also planning something really cool for our fans who dug the rst albumand thats to have it compiled with the second one.

Were going to have live sessions on DVD, pluscrossing ngers one more music video before the end of the year. Is it a new sound? Were trying a lot of new stuff, experimenting with new chords, new patterns. Aarons been coming up. Its denitely a different style but its not a completely different Save Me. I have to say the sound isvery FHM appropriatesexier now.

So in one word, Save Me Hollywood is Julz: Sexy, ha ha! Whats the story behind the name by the way? We originally wanted to do Hollywood Ending but some other band in the US already took it. So we put in Hollywood, then Save Me went in there. Why the Hollywood fascination? In bands, art, and everything, people just have this goal to. And so the name is sort of like a pun intended. Save me, Hollywood! And Hollywood just rolls off the tongue and theres always a glam depiction of it. How far along are you to Hollywood-success levels?

Actually by the time this comes out, well be in the States. You wont even see us anymore, ha ha! We feel blessed to have you here then! Does being a girlfronted band mean more girl fans or vice versa? We get a pure mixture of Jul. Going by their name and the looks of their very easy-onthe-eyes and FHM-proven vocalist, Save Me Hollywood can easily be mistaken for a foreign act. And when you actually listen to their work, like their debut album Your Story To Tell, they could well be.

FHM Philippines November 2014

Their Blink inspired or Paramore for the ladies sound reminds us that its good to take a noisy, punky break from all the EDM for a while. Save us indeed. What I love about being a front woman is the guys want to be with you and the girls want to be you. Just the other day, my best friend sent me a picture of a girl who followed hershe had bangs and a cross tattoo. She told me, She followed me because I think she follows you Julz, and she always sees us together!

Thats creepy but its cool at the same time! Also we thank Kenneth for our girl fans, ha ha! Where can we catch you performing on the reg? If you book us we will come.

fhm philippines october 2014.pdf

We will come right away. Very fast. You come all over the place? All over the world! We just come everywhere! Are your songs as suggestive as this interview? No, not at all, ha ha! I feel that Save Me has done a very good job of keeping a wholesome but edgy image, so if you see most of our fans are very young and thats the reason why we really think twice about anything we do.

We do like to have fun, but were also serious. Stars - No One Is Lost The soundtrack for that moment you and your crushs eyes meet from across the room, for booze-fuelled debaucherous nights when anything and everything is possible, or just a song to dance to when youre alone in your bedroom.

Stand-out track: From the Night. Caribou - Our Love It captures love and loss with heartbreaking honesty. Its music that bets a long drive home after a trip, when youre going through the weekends events in your head, half-wishing you could go back, but grateful that its over. Slow Club is what Stars was to scene kids back in the mid-aughts: Suffering You, Suffering Me. Naked and Afraid Two strangers are own to a remote island where they will live for 21 days. During these three weeks, theyll need to survive together.

Its basically Survivor on steroids. Oh, and theyre naked during the process. Rich Kids of Beverly Hills It chronicles the lives of a group of spoiled twenty-somethings through brunches, yacht parties, and Cabo rages. Theres no shortage of ego here. Theres also a good deal of Schadenfreude to be had, though most of it is richpeopleproblems. Real Housewives of Melbourne Cray-cray drama is in no shortage here.

From table-ipping freak-outs to Botox sessions, the ladies of RHOM tick all the boxes for a solid Housewives cast, but with Aussie accents as an added bonus. Shahs of Sunset This show follows a group of rich Iranian-American thirty-somethings living in an area of Beverly Hills also known as Tehrangeles.

Its like Keeping Up, only theyre not Armenian.

Its not trying to be anything more than what it isgood, old guilty-pleasure. Juan Direction Five dudes, who arent really 1-D, but rather a sad version of the British boy band, try and promote our country in this painfully hard to watch half-hour of documentary-style television. The hook: Keeping Up with the Kardashians Its this generations gateway drug to minimal brain cells-required boob tube viewinga modern-day Brady Bunch on crack.

The scary thing is, you cant help but nd some parts of you and your own fambam in the mix. Christopher Nolan Wi t h: M atthew M cConaughey , A n n e H athaway, Jessica C h a s t a i n, Michael Caine This sci- thriller tells the story of a group of explorers whose newly discovered wormhole becomes a way for them to make incredible leaps in space travel and blaze through new territories.

With a cast of heavy hitters including Jessica Chastain because we all know after the McConaissance comes the Chastainassance , Nolans frequent collaborator Michael Caine, and Anne Hathawayeveryones favorite Texan rockets into oblivion to save mankind from selfdestruction.

With the help of a group of rsttime crime ghters, Hiro kicks ass and takes namesin a really PG way of course. N o ve m be r 2 6 Horrible Bosses 2 Director: Sean Anders With: Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day The crew is back, and this time, theyre out to kidnap their business rivals son. From Jamie Foxxs not-yourtypical-gangsta Motherfucka Jones to J Anistons freaky dentist whos down for more than your run-of-the-mill romp.

Can you believe that were already on the 11th installment of the Call of Duty franchise? And thats only counting the main games in the series. Advanced Warfare is out to reclaim ground that COD has recently lost to rivals such as Battleeld, Titanfall, and Destinyand to do that, its putting on some superpowered exoskeletons.

The game is set in the midst century. You are Jonathan Irons, leader of the private military company Atlas Corporation, out to foil a massive, simultaneous terrorist attack on the worlds nuclear reactors. Gameplay is good old twitchy COD, but were excited to try out tricks like boost jumping and punching people dead with exoskeleton-strength. And weve got new directedenergy weapons, aka lasers, at last!

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Probably still the single-most important game in the series Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Sold so much that they decided to release a game every year afterward. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Goodbut not freshcontent. The trilogy curse perhaps? De c e m be r 17 The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies Di re c t o r: L e e Pa c e , B e ne d ic t Cum be rba t ch Expect more of the same, long-winded CGI ght scenes, close-up shots of sad hobbits, and Gandalf kicking ass.

Whether thats a good thing is entirely your call. Its Jinri Park, back for a second round of seduction, her melons wearing nothing but attering lingerie, unbuttoned boyfriend shirts, or, when nothing else is available, her own hands. The bucolic vacation house scenes sometimes on a beach, sometimes in a greenhouse, sometimes in a bed keep things demure, in classic gravure styleno text this time to distract from your bug-eyed stare, so were tempted to scrawl our own liner notes, pledging our allegiance to the cult of the Jinja.

Creator Or repurposes horror staples into gobs of walking cuteness, like insecure vampire nerds, Frakensteins monster bullies, and classmates made of tofu. Youll especially root for Chuck, the werewolf-in-a-Charlie-Brownshirt who has become the comics breakout character. Dont be fooled by the title, though theres surprisingly little in the way of actual crime-ghting or call-centering going on. Postmodern absurdities ensue, as when an aged monster greets them gravely as alay, or sacricial lambsKoontz reassures his frightened friends, Ally, dude.

Like sa DotA, allies tayo. Si Lolo talaga, cute. Magi-English na lang, weird pa. The humor and dialogue will suck you in, and the art itself is no slouch. All titles are available on buqo. Our mental dictionary tells usand we cant vouch for its authenticity herethat bakemono actually means f-cking cute comic characters in the best comic book youre not buying for your little kid. Serialized from a comic that ran in K-Zone in the mid- to.

Sex, Politics, and Money in the Philippine Catholic Church by A ri e s Ruf o After writing tell-all exposs on the political ad machine and a corrupted military, awardwinning journalist Aries Rufo sets his investigative sights on the workings of yet another secretive organization. Those desperate for the dirt on the oneholy-catholic-apostolic Church will not be disappointed with the revelations.

Its all here: Really, were not surprised at any of thiswere not naive yearold choir boysbut to have all these incriminating stories staring us right in the face can still be a little gobsmacking. The Epic of Gilgamesh Read it on: Clay tablets The rst adventure story was written on the Assyrian version of a Galaxy Note.

The Ten Commandments Read it on: Two stone slabs As the Bible says, God ditched laser printers and wrote the Decalogue down with his nger. Shuihudi Qin Read it on: Bamboo slips The ancient Chinese rst wrote down their texts on bamboo, then later invented paper to protect siopao bottoms. Parchment This doc was written on animal skin and later coveted by Nicolas Cage. Sarrosa could become many things all at the same time just as she has always done when transforming into her favorite anime characters.

You really have to start with the costumes when you talk of the Cosplay Cutie ng Iloilo. Its her one true obsession, and she says that in spite of all the things shes juggling right now, she never wants to leave that part of her behind.

In her younger years, it was a method for her to disappear and sink into the skin of anotheryet ironically, it later became her ticket to widespread exposure, vouched for by her , followers on Facebook. That part about juggling things: Myrtle not only intends to nish but to do so with honors.

So you see, we cant just write off Myrtle as a juvenile fantasy. Our luck is that before Myrtle sets off into the real world, she conceded to play along with us in putting to life the characters of our imagination.

And our favorite character: How did you prepare? A few months ago I stuck to a strict diet and a workout routine. But when I found out that I was going to do a cover, parang biglaang, Okay, seryoso na talaga to. Game face na talaga, and Ive been sticking to fruits and veggies and have been a vegetarian fortwo weeks at least!

Ill probably go back to meat sooner or later, but the thing is, thanks to this Im going to stick to a healthier diet. Have you ever had a phase when you had body image issues? Ever since I was a kid, I have been comfortable and happy with how I look.

In my younger years, Id look at the mirror, and I was happy with what I saw. My friends and family have always been encouraging, so I never really had image problems. I guess the closest thing to that was when I was bullied as a kid. Nung bata pa kasi ako, in Grade 1, I was physically bulliedbinabato ako with sticks and rocks. I think my classmates thought it. How does all this attention make you feel?

At rst I was very nervous. Kasi its something new for me. Parang kinakabahan talaga ako nung shoot. I really had fun. Ang saya ng mga themes, ng staff What were your thoughts going into the shoot? I was thinking, Am I ready? Am I ready for this? Its a new step for my life. Am I really ready for this? But nakatulog naman ako nang mahimbing. It hurt, and thats all I knew then.

We were kids alright, but it felt serious. The worst was this girl who slapped me. She spat saliva on my hand, and sinampal niya ako. Thats awful! Yeah, it was that bad. Ayoko na nga pumasok nun e, pero pinipilit ko na lang. I guess it was because I was the new girl in school [in Iloilo]. And siguro it was because when I was a kid, I was very quiet.

I was the type of person whod just read books and watch anim. Thats why they chose to tease me; they thought I wouldnt ght backand they were right. That was me then. How much have you grown from that girl who was being bullied?

A few months ago, nag-mall show ako sa Iloilo, and I saw that very girl who slapped me. She was working in the hotel that I stayed in, and she apologized: Sorry Myrtle ha, sa ginawa ko nung bata pa tayo. I said, Uy, okay lang yun. Bata pa tayo nun.

And that was essentially it. My point is we were kids then, and people change. Like her, Ive grown into someone who isnt just quiet all the time, who just reads and watches anim.

Was going into cosplay a way for you to become a different person? But it was difcult to start because back then, there was no cosplay scene in my province, Iloilo, so thats why some people think I was the rst cosplayer there.

I had to go to Manila to be with other cosplayers. At one cosplay event, the O-zine Fest, I was just taking pictures when a group of photographers came up to me and asked if they could take photos of me.

Ang nasabi ko lang, But Im not even wearing a costume! But they all encouraged me and said, Youre really pretty! You should do cosplay! So at the next similar event in Manila, nag-cosplay na ako.

After that, a photo of me from that event was published in an anime magazine. Afterwards, people were asking me who I was. Doon na nag-start na magtanong yung mga tao who I was. May nag-start ng fanpage for me, and people just kept liking the page. So mas na-push na ako to continue cosplaying! So from a shy girl, from someone who was just into reading manga and watching anim, I transformed into someone who was actually bringing those characters to life.

You were doing cosplay by yourself in Iloilo? By myselfin my room! Mag-isa lang ako sa kwarto ko nag-co-cosplay, ha ha! Naaalala ko pa, bumili akong wig sa mall. I remember my mom walked in on me, and said, O! Anong nangyari sa yo?! Bakit kamukha mo na si Lady Gaga! I said, No, mom! Si Amane-misa to from Death Note! My mom went Whaaat? Anong Amane-misa?!

What was your rst costume in your rst public appearance? My rst costume was Freya of Chobits! So cute! Is becoming an FHM cover girl the same as becoming an anim character? Yes, kasi it really takes guts and courage for me to actually do this. And same rin sa cosplaying before, I had to keep telling myself: You can do it. Kaya mo yan! For a girl of 19 it looks like youve got this cover girl gig all gured out.

Even if Im just 19, I really want to show that Im maturing and that I have a sexier side apart from that bubbly teenager they originally met. Where do you plan to take this next image? First of all, I hope my supporters are happy for me. And at the same time, I also hope that I gain new supporters from this project.

You once had the title Cosplay Cutie ng Iloilo. Pero when I decided that Id do this, I thought, Wouldnt it be so cool to be able to tell my grandchildren na Alam nyo ba yung lola niyo nag cover dati sa number. That was one of the reasons. Isa yun sa pinaghugutan ko kung bakit I decided to do this. Now that I have done this, it somehow feels like I can say to the world that I sing my heart out in the shower.

So you never really thought that youd represent this character, the cover girl? Like I said, it never really occurred to me that Id be doing this. But after doing it, it felt like I was just putting on another costume. Whenever you wear a costume, theres always a certain kind of pleasure involved. In this case, it was about being comfortable with my body, and being comfortable with how I look. How do you think your fanbase will react? Those that have gotten used to you as a cosplayer? I think a lot of people would be happy for me.

In cosplay, theyre always looking forward to something new. Were always trying to be creative, fresh and different. Thats why I think my supporters in the eld of cosplay and those who saw me in PBB would be happy seeing a new side of me. Did you feel some pressure to match what shed done? It was more an inspiration. Shes my friend!

Were both cosplayers but we have different styles rin. Dati the main difference Id tell people was she could do the sexier stuff while I stayed on the more pa-cute side. But Im not sure I can still say that now! Were there particular anim characters that you tried to channel while doing the shoot? I think Id go for Kurohime [from Mah -tsukai Kurohime]. She was one of the rst few. So it felt like I was portraying herat least a happier version of her.

She was kind of a dark character. How about real-life women? Youve portrayed ctional characters, but was there a real-life woman you tried to peg yourself on? Actually, before I started to really work out, someone told me to look for someone who has the same body proportion as you.

Someone you can imagine, tapos yun yung hahabulin mong katawan. A friend told me, Why dont you look at Iggy Azaleas body? Kasi Iggy has really huge hips! And for me, I think the sexiest. So whenever I was working out or dieting, I used Iggy Azalea as my wallpaper. She was my tspiration! As for local ones, I really like Angel Locsin. Your popularity snowballed in social media. Was the move to showbiz part of the plan all along? I never really imagined that Id end up in Manila.

From being a girl in Iloilo, I never really thought Id end up here. Siguro it was because I was a fan of PBB. Every time I was watching TV, Id see that reality show. So during one of those trips to Manila to do cosplay and visit my mom, we passed by the Big Brother House. Nagpapicture ako dun, and I thought, Wouldnt it be awesome if one day maging housemate ako? And dreams do come true. I became a housemate, and nanalo pa ako!

Did someone else encourage you? Crazy thing, ako pa nagpumilit sa parents ko. First year college ako nito. So I went up to my professor, and said, Sir, may emergency, kailangan ko po mag-absent sa nal exam. He said, Whats the emergency? I answered, Sirmedyo personal eh. So sabi niya, Ah hindi, sabihin mo sa akin. After a couple minutes of questioning, I nally relented:Or would you simply like to give your old man a break?

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Medyo hindi ko lang bet yung you see less of each others faces.

She came. How did you prepare? One time while watching a movie, I sat on.

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