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Modern Construction Envelopes” is based on the two books by Andrew Watts Front Matter. Pages PDF · Sheet metal. Andrew Watts. Pages eBook (PDF): Publication Date: January ; Copyright year: ; ISBN The second edition of Modern Construction Envelopes was originally based on the two Watts, Modern Construction Roofs and Modern Construction Facades. Construction Facades and Modern Construction Roofs, into one massive tome that completely exhausts the topic of roofs and wall construction.

Modern Construction Envelopes Pdf

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Get Instant Access to Modern Construction Envelopes (Modern Construction Series) By Andrew. Watts #bc EBOOK EPUB KINDLE PDF. Description this book Modern Construction Envelopes is based on the two books BEST PDF Free Modern Construction Envelopes (Modern. Mai DOWNLOAD BOOK Modern Construction Envelopes => http://

Modern Construction Envelopes 1st Edition

The First Edit ion of the Modern Con- struction Handbook concerned itself prima- rily wit h setting out forms of construction in typesgrouped by their primary material. Wh iletextbookson construction divided buildingelements int o components and assemblies rather t han'systems' based on the possibilities of t he material used,the Modern Construction Handbook aimed to set out construction systemswith a balanced and event reatment of the different methods of constructing structures, wallsand roofs and internal construction, wit h no systemgiven more priorit y or described with more infor- mat ion than any other.

Essays on prefabrica- tion, possible future directionsfor construc- t ion, and t heir relationship to environmental design set the agendafor Modern Construc- t ion Facades and Modern Construction Roofs, bookswhich followed in the series. This Second Editi on sets out these element s of construction in a way which explainsthe mainprinciples of each con- struction systemand point sto an expres- sion of architecture based on exploringthe possibilities of material systems beyond the cladding of structural frames.

Claddingcan be considered as beinga'collage' or juxta- position of independent material systems, all manufactured in isolation of one anot her, each system seeing it self as addressi nga dif- ferent approach to construction. This book suggests how buildings can be designed and constructed wit h a limited number of mate- rial systems, mucht he way buildingswere assembled before the imperatives of mass production wit h its attendant needfor repe- t it ion of ident ical components.

This approach isbased on a closer tectonic relati onship between walls, roofs and structure rather thanthe contemporary approach of juxta- posing systemsthat are manufactured quite independently of one another. More t han a question of individual design choice, con- struction isan essential aspect of our culture, both as a process involvinga large number of individuals who traditionall y have shown craftsmanship intheir work,whet her on site or in a workshop, and as an expression of the valuescherished by our society.

The idea of individual craftsmanship isa primar y architectural motivation which is explored in this book,wit h examples of where t his might lead in emerging archit ecture that is cur- rent ly being developed today.

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The greater geometric fiexibility of t hese 'evolved' versions of contemporary material systems allows buildingsto engage more flexibly wit h our existing built environment. Where modernist architecture t o date has admired simple geomet ric forms andtheir relatively simple interplay, material systems can be used to interact wit h the existing fabric and to work wit hin it rather than encourage a complete replacement of entire parts of t he built environment.

Thisapproach isone which wasenjoyed beforethe mass industrialisation of buildingproduction in the early 20th century.


In many wayst his book demonstrates that the pre-industrial world of significant buildings,that formed a part of our urban environment, can find a continu- ation in the world of digital fabrication and mass customisation.

This Second Edition is based on building 'components' identified as structure, walls, roofs and environment, following the way contemporary buildings are designed by specialist consultants and constructed by specialist contractors.

While the First Edition focussed on only material systems produced by mass production techniques, the future chapter of the Second Edition adds in sys- tems that could be produced by mass cus- tomisation techniques. Considerably more information is added than that of the First Edition, with the addition of more materi- als and more systems. Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article.

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Modern Construction Envelopes

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