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READ NOW. favorite_border. SHOW MOREarrow_drop_down. Related Manga. Sequel. Mirai Nikki: Redial · Sakae Esuno. Completed, 2 chapters. more_horiz. Detalles: Año: Escritor: Sakae Esuno Dibujante: Sakae Esuno Revista: Shōnen Ace Demografía: Shōnen Género: Acción, Gore. Löydä ideoita: Manga To Read. It's like death note but with phones, and gods, and weird kids, and fake romance, and gay people. and it's nothing like death note.

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Future diary (also know as mirai nikki) is one the most amazing manga that i have read and wouldn't forget for a long time. The series is about a boy called yuki. Does anyone know where I could download manga in PDF format? I'm looking in particular for Mirai Nikki (Future Diary). It's my most favourite. Les dejare igual el que a mi parecer es el lector mas rápido de PDF para móvil. .. + Zoku Manga Mitaina Koi Shitai · Marmalade Boy (Actualizado) · Matsuri Special · Mayoi-Neko Overrun! Mayonaka Wa .. Mirai Nikki · Yaoi.

Mirai Nikki Manga 1 Or Anime

It's my most favourite manga EVER: D I've tried thepiratebay and 4shared, and I can't find anything. Report Abuse.

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Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. Best Answer: Well- sadly I've never seen any manga in PDF format I do however have a great website where you can download lots of manga for free. Just sign up like you would for any other site, and you'll have complete access. It's completely safe That's it right?

You can search for most any manga here: Source s: It's a great site!

I love it and use it exclusively! Add a comment. Download Comic downloader.

Mango Mangle Basically just type 'mang' and something'll come up. Gathering of Owners. Your Name Is.

Yukiteru Strikes Back! Inverted World. The Worst Day of My Life.

Boy's and Girl's Revolutions. False Family. Dance of Fresh Blood.

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Multiplication Club. Eighth's Diary.

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An Ending World. Sickness and Light.

Predicament for Two. Escape for Two. Beyond the Sliding Door.

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Even if I Kill You The Strongest Non-Diary Holder. Murder Friends.Tortured Souls Future Diary: Murmur overhears Ushio being shocked to see that Yuno has grown up somehow since the last time he saw her.

Jul 06, Casey rated it really liked it Shelves: Future diary also know as mirai nikki is one the most amazing manga that i have read and wouldn't forget for a long time.

Just before Yuki gets shot, Yuno breaks into the room, injures Keigo and leaves with Yuki. While reconciling with Yuki, Kurou is suddenly stabbed in the chest with a knife. When Balks's incomplete diary reads the results in Yuki's diary, he calls off his partnership with Deus; cancelling the survival game and must find another method to determine his successor.

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