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With this recipe book, you will discover and taste the true possibilities of your Most foods will continue cooking after the microwave oven is turned off. Therefore . If a recipe requires several minutes of cooking, the food can get very hot, which does Different kinds of coverings may be used when cooking in a microwave. A microwave is a very energy efficient and low cost appliance that can produce healthy food quickly. The contents of this recipe book are organised by season.

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Sanyo believe it is important to have recipes and ideas as a guide for you to achieve the best results from your new Sanyo microwave oven. This book will show. WORLD RIGHTS RESERVED: The contents - all recipes, photographs and drawings are original and copyrighted. No portion of this book shall be reproduced. Microwave Recipes. 2 Enjoy this free e-book, and after you have finished, don't forget to visit the

Place the Oven Rack on the Ceramic Tray. Place a dish on the Oven Rack. Place oven rack on Ceramic Tray. Preheat on Broil. Cut bacon slices in half and wrap around scallops. Secure with a wooden tooth pick.

Evenly space on spatter shield. Place broiler pan on rack. Cook on Broil 10 - 12 minutes. Page Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Cook at P7 4 - 5 minutes, or until berries are soft.

If desired, mash berries. Serve cold. Put all ingredients in a 4-quart 4 L casserole.

Cover with wax paper or a lid. Cook at P7 20 minutes and at P3 2 - 3 hours, more liquid may be added during cooking if required or until chicken is tender.


Cook potatoes according to directions on page Let stand 5 minutes; peel and slice. Boneless roasts are cooked more evenly. Season as desired, but salt after cooking.

Flavor and color enhancers are best applied before cooking. These may be soy sauce, barbecue sauce, pastes of herbs, oils and mustard, Kitchen Bouquet thinned with butter or margarine, and seasoned crumb coatings. Tie on bay leaves and make slits to insert slivers of garlic for flavor, if desired. To prepare steaks and chops, trim the excess fat from the meat. Trim and slash fat at regular intervals around the edge to prevent curling during broiling.

Broiling is best for tender cuts of beef, pork and lamb. Cut carrots in 1" 2. Season roast as desired, omitting salt. Place roast fat-side down onto a microwave and heat-safe rack set in a shallow casserole dish and surround with vegetables.

Panasonic NN-CD989S Cookbook

Whole poultry may be roasted stuffed or unstuffed. Tie the legs together with cotton string. Close openings with wooden tooth picks or cotton thread. To close opening use cotton thread or wooden tooth picks.

Tie legs together with cotton string. Place breast-side down on a microwave rack in a casserole dish.

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Brush chicken with butter, margarine, oil or sauce before and during broiling. Basting helps prevent chicken from drying out. Place the chicken skin-side down on the broiler pan. Place the broiler pan on the Oven Rack on the Ceramic Tray.

In a medium bowl, combine onion, garlic, oil, lemon juice, coriander, salt, ginger, cumin, paprika and peppers.

Microwave Cooking Book

Arrange fish in a single layer; do not overlap edges. Place thicker pieces toward outside edge of dish. Shrimp and scallops should be placed in a single layer.

To Microwave: Cover the dish with plastic wrap. In an 11 x 7" 28 x 18 cm dish, combine onions, butter and garlic. In a 2-quart 2 L casserole, combine celery, green pepper, onion, oil and garlic. Arrange scallops in an 8" Top with cheese and bacon. To Cook by Sensor Cooking: Prepare as above. Follow manufacturer's directions for amount of water to add to the dish. Use deep dishes to prepare gravies, filling the dish only to avoid spillage.

Do not use aluminium foil for covering dishes in the microwave mode. Do not reheat foods sweets like ladoos, burfi etc.

When using the convec mode put the dish on the wire rack to get even baking. Always preheat the oven when you want to use the convec mode. Grilling does not need preheating. When making tikkas or other tandoori delicacies cover the plate beneath the rack with aluminiun foil to collect the drippings. Interesting Uses of a Microwave Making ghee. Keep 1 - 2 cups malai milk topping in a big glass bowl and microwave on high for minutes to get desi ghee without burning your kadhai wok.

Stir once or twice inbetween. Blanching almonds to remove skin.

Put almonds in a small bowl of water and microwave for 3 minutes or till water just starts to boil. After the water cools, the almonds can be peeled very easily. Freshening stale chips, biscuits or cornflakes. Place the chips or biscuits in a napkin, uncovered, for about 1 minute per bowl or until they feel warm.

Wait for a few minutes to allow cooling and serve. Boiling actually microwaving potatoes.

We recommend that you read this section before -

Microwave high for 5 minutes for 4 medium potatoes. Making khatti mithi chutney. Mix 1 tbsp amchur, 3 tbsp sugar, some water along with spices in a glass bowl.

Microwave, stirring in between. Warming baby's milk bottle. Do check the temperature of the milk on your inner wrist. The bottle will not become hot, while the milk will.

Softening too-hard ice cream, cream, cheese and butter. Making dry bread crumbs from fresh bread. Crumble the slice of bread and microwave the bits of slices for minutes.

Mix once and microwave further for another minute or two. Give some standing time to the moist bread to dry out and then grind in a mixer to get crumbs. Drying herbs.When making tikkas or other tandoori delicacies cover the plate beneath the rack with aluminiun foil to collect the drippings. I Mix I. Divide into 2 portions. Ingredients gms plain flour 7 tbsp cwd I50 ml milk 2 tbsp butter 2 tsp castor sugar 2 tsp bakingpowder 2 tsp bulter: Add the cumin seeds cooking.

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