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Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares (MOO2) is a 4X turn-based strategy game set in space, designed by Steve Barcia and Ken Burd. Victory can. After installation the MOO2 Launcher defaults to improved. . You have downloaded the zip file, this manual on your screen, and a manic. Before you can play Master of Orion II, the installation program must copy some files onto your hard drive. To have it do so, follow these instructions: • Turn on.

Master Of Orion 2 Manual Pdf

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Master of Orion 2: Battle at Antares manual: moo2 manual on Abandonware DOS . Master of Orion is a trademark of MicroProse Software, Inc. . Manual Design . 1 2. Tech: This option will allow you to review the technologies that you have. Once you install the game, you should find the manual through the of Orion 1 and 2\Master of Orion 2\Documents\" though you.

Players can colonize all solid planet types, while gas giants and asteroids can be made habitable with the planet construction technology. Colonizable planets vary in several ways, making some more desirable than others: [1] —52 The most desirable systems are usually guarded by space monsters, much less powerful than Orion's Guardian but still a severe challenge in the early game, when fleets are small and low-technology.

If an empire has an overall food surplus, it can prevent localized starvation by sending food in freighters, [1] which are produced in groups of five just as any other ship and require a small amount of upkeep when in use. All normal colonists pay a standard tax to the imperial treasury, but in emergencies a higher tax rate may be set at the expense of reducing industrial output.

These are provided by orbital bases, which are major construction projects for small colonies. This severely limits the size of empires' fleets in the early game, where one can have only one frigate smallest type of ship per starbase or one battleship largest type of ship in the early game per four starbases without having to "buy" command points, which is very expensive.

There are eight research areas [1] —65 divided into several levels, each of which contains one to four technologies.

To research a higher-level technology, players must first have researched the previous level. Players can also refit ships to take advantage of technological improvements not available through free upgrades. If the defending side has warships and several colonies in a system, they automatically scramble to defend whichever colony is attacked. In general, enemy colonies can be taken over only after all orbital and planet-based defenses have been destroyed and all defending ships have been destroyed or forced to retreat.

However, a fleet including telepaths will mind-control the colony, unless the defenders also include telepaths. In other cases the only way to seize control of an enemy colony is by invading. In order to do this, the attacking fleet must include some troop transports, which will be lost if the invasion fails, and at least transports will be permanently deployed on the planet if the invasion succeeds.

Master of Orion 2 Manual

However the game displays the progress of the combat and the ground combat technologies and bonuses used by each side. Productivity slowly improves and the risk of rebellion slowly recedes, and there is a way to speed up these improvements. Ship leaders improve the combat effectiveness of their ships and some improve their travel speed.

These can be disabled in the game start-up menu. Choosing advantageous traits reduces the number of picks available, while choosing disadvantages increases them, but players cannot choose more than ten picks' worth of disadvantages. Still, it's a part of the series. This is the game as it was originally submitted to Microprose in It's crude, but shows a close similarity to Master of Orion as eventually published. All the MoO I races are here, though some of the names were different.

Master of Orion 2: Battle at Antares manual

Mostly Star Lords is neat to have, to see the game in its early stages and to round out one's collection of MoObilia. It was innovative, ahead of its time really in terms of gameplay, not graphics , and there are many MoO fans who still prefer the original to any of its sequels. The graphics are crude, but the game plays very well, which I'd say is more important anyway.

If you're put off by the not-so-pretty pictures, remember that MoO I had to fit on floppies four of them, to be exact , so there really wasn't room for fancy imaging. But what MoO I did very well was make it manageable to administer an empire of nearly any size: the interface is simple, straightforward, and intuitive.

I immediately noticed an important contrast between the two. Civ II was basically a rerun of Civ I with much improved graphics and a few new features, but not many.

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One of the few substantive improvements was that it was easier to conduct diplomacy. MoO II, on the other hand, was very different from its predecessor.

The game had been redone, with a different feel--though still set in the MoO universe. Like its predecessor, it was ahead of its time; the graphics and effects are pretty impressive considering it came out when Windows 95 was brand-new. Overall I think the changes in MoO II were for the better, and this is my personal favorite of the series. There was a big flap about it because 1 it wasn't supposed to be released, and 2 it was buggy, so subscribers complained about the "demo", which only made things worse.

Master of Orion 2 unofficial patch

If I remember right, the guy who released it got canned. Read the official announcement. For those with just a passing interest in what it looks like, here's a screenshot. They did up a whole storyline for the history of the MoO universe which is very good, though I feel it does have a couple of weaknesses.

But more substantively, they really changed the "feel" of the game. It's designed to be a game where you play the top-level overall ruler, leaving all the details of managing colonies to your colonial governors.

One of the biggest complaints about MoO II was the amount of micromanagement you had to do, especially late in the game. The designers worked very hard to get away from that, and in the end, I think they succeeded, but all too well. Personally, I don't enjoy this version very much, because it just doesn't give me a hands-on feel when I play.

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MoO III is considered by many to be a huge disappointment--though it does have a dedicated following among some. Master of Orion I had no multiplayer option. MoO II also overcame a number of limitations i.

Solar systems in MoO I never had more than one habitable planet.

In ship combat, all the units of a given type were stacked, and it never mattered what direction a ship was facing. You were also limited to 6 designs of ships including colony ships , and couldn't modify or refit ships once they were built. Also, you didn't do your ground fighting with troops per se; instead you sent colonists from one system to another and they fought it out--even infants and the elderly, presumably.

MoO II fixed all that, allowing ship refits and incremental design changes, adding marines and troop transports, making ship combat more realistic, and having multiple planets per system--some habitable, some not.

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MoO II made colony administration more sophisticated, which may or may not have been a good thing.I agree that by just reading this guide you won't have enough knowledge to beat an experienced player in the first games when he plays seriously without any handicap. There are seven normal and six hostile planet types. There are eight research areas [1] —65 divided into several levels, each of which contains one to four technologies.

Even kamikaze tactic can be employed: You can often be hit by three or more battleships by turn Thank you, Siron and Cybersaber for being the bedrock of this community.

Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares download

Players can manage their economies almost entirely from the Colony List. Sakkra soldiers benefit from natural intimidation skills and a lifetime of internal warfare on their home planets. The strategies posted in this guide made for some very nice reading.

They are a race of cold-blooded reptiles which are hatched from eggs like their dinosaur ancestors.

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