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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. This gripping account of a woman caught up in the Life and Death in Shanghai by [Cheng, Nien]. Nien Cheng, Nien Cheng (), Nien Cheng () Cultural Revolution, , Cultural Revolution, The Death of Mao. This books (Life and Death in Shanghai [PDF]) Made by Nien Cheng About Books DIFFERENT OFFER (this item listed here is DIFFERENT.

Life And Death In Shanghai Pdf

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Life and Death in Shanghai. ID.: XB Category: USmix/Data/US Rating.: /5 From Reviews. Nien Cheng ebooks | Download PDF | *ePub. Life and death in Shanghai. byCheng, Nien, Publication date For print-disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. Nien Cheng speaks about her book, [Life And Death in Shanghai]. The book is about her imprisonment during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

Panelists talked about the impact of the s Cultural Revolution on American society.

They argued that the s brought a…. More information about Life And Death in Shanghai.

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MP4 video - Standard Price: MP3 audio - Standard Price: But prison is a lonely place; she had many solitary days to reflect on her captors' words.

Cheng writes fluently and for the most part chronologically of the strugglemeeting leading to her arrest, her stay in the No.

Occasionally, she skips forward in time or backward in memory to illuminate a particular moment to reinforce its significance. These digressions do not detract from the narrative, rather they give it depth.

Life and death in Shanghai

Cheng was a perfect target for the Cultural Revolution in She worked for Shell Oil Company in a professional position, she was a well-educated member of the upper class, and she had many foreign contacts.

Certainly, Cheng's poise and elegance rankled her captors. Cheng leaves the reader with no illusions of her discomforts, describing the conditions of confinement that subdued and destroyed weaker human beings.

Two resolutions sustained her through six-and-a-half years of detention and torture. She prayed to be reunited with her daughter, Meiping, who had not been arrested with her, and she remained convinced that she had done no harm to China while in Shell's employ.

Life and Death in Shanghai is the story of Cheng's disenchantment with the government of her country. She and her husband purposely returned to Shanghai from Hong Kong in , convinced that the Maoists would do justice where the Kuomintang had failed.

However, they found the Maoists did nothing to make China a more open society. In prison Cheng read Shanghai Liberation Daily for what it did not say. Upon release she found that officials, students, and workers augmented their existence through "the back door. The government's obstruction of justice and inability to admit mistakes, especially regarding Meiping's death, made Cheng resolve to leave China forever.

Life and Death in Shanghai is a moving story of Cheng's detention and rehabilitation. It relates to Western ears what they want to hear: However, it also leaves questions for the readers: Whether or not the readers agree with Cheng, her narrative is thought provoking.

The book is a good introduction to Chinese politics for the amateur and a valuable source for the professional. Certainly, the strongest souvenir of the book is a desire to meet the survivor, Nien Cheng. The Fulbright Experience Foreword by J.

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Life sentence for murder of British husband

Download ebook for print-disabled. For the slow rise, increases in LE mainly resulted from cancer 0. Check nearby libraries with: Two resolutions sustained her through six-and-a-half years of detention and torture. She was eventually paroled under the pretense that her attitude had shown improvement.

When released from jail in , Cheng found that her daughter Meiping, who had been studying to become a film actress, had been murdered by the Red Guards, although the official position was that she had committed suicide.

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