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Learning Play Framework 2. Framework Exam Accessing Data with Microsoft NET Framework 4 Introduction To – Lecture 2. The Learning Play Framework 2 has been created for web developers that are building web applications. The core idea is to focus on the HTTP features and to . (but for Java and Scala developers). □ Developer Experience (DX) that doesn't suck. □ What's new in Play □ Type safe compile-time.

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Framework 2 Start developing awesome web applications with this friendly, practical experience distilled PUBLISHING BIRMINGHAM - MUMBAI Learning Play! . e-book versions of every book published, with PDF and ePub files available?. Other interests include Drools and functional design. □ Play framework committer since □ Co-author of the book Play 2 with Scala in. The Play Framework makes it easy to build web applications with Java & Scala, and this user-friendly tutorial makes it simpler still. Focusing on.

Framework 2 has been created for web developers that are building web applications.

The core idea is to focus on the HTTP features and to enable them through a simplification lens. Building a web application no longer requires a configuration phase, an environment setup, or a long development lifecycle - it's integrated!

Learning Play! Framework 2

Learning Play! Framework 2 will enable any web developers to create amazing web applications taking advantage of the coolest features.

It's the fastest way to dive into Play! Although essentially Java based code, a Scala version is presented as well - giving an opportunity to see some Scala in action.

After setting up the machine and learning some Scala, you will construct an application which builds from static to dynamic, before introducing a database. Then we'll focus on how data can be consumed and rendered in several ways.

This will enable some real time communication through WebSocket and Server-Sent Event - on both server and client sides. A strong focus is placed on explanation by example; even with the amount of amazing capabilities of Play!

You can write your tests with any framework that has a JUnit compatible test runner.

You can test different parts of a Play application independently without starting a server, or your tests can also start a Play server, make actual requests against the server, and test the UI with Selenium through a fake browser HTMLUnit or through a real browser Chrome, Firefox, etc. Here is a simple Java and JUnit test of a controller: package controllers; import org.

Scala eBooks

Test; import play. Application; import play.

GuiceApplicationBuilder; import play. Http; import play. WithApplication; import static org.

OK; import static play. GET; import static play.

Play Framework Essentials

See more about how to run tests with sbt here. There, you can override config or define your own.

Inject; import com. Configuration instead: import javax.

Learning Play Framework 2

Inject import play. See more about how Play uses it here.

Section 11 Build Play uses the sbt build tool for managing dependencies, compiling the app, running the app, running the tests, and packaging the app.Code Once, Deploy Everywhere. Friendly, informal tutorials that provide a practical introduction using examples, activities, and challenges.

Recommended for You. One of them was programming. Learning Play!

Chapter 6:

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