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the laptop. Cleaning the laptop parts as you repair is detrimental to the longevity of the lapto Download NEW ENGLISH FILE ELEMENTARY - WORKBOOK. Laptop Repair Complete Guide page ii TABLE OF CONTENTS: .. upon completion of the new operating system, that file that was saved will be. PDF | The increase in the use of laptop computer in Nigeria with their Hence this study identified the practical skills in laptop repair that.

Laptop Repair Pdf File

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Bootstrap founder is located in bios is used for searching the bootable files if bootable files are found in DVD then it will goes to DVD (rom /ram)or if bootable. In this guide I explain how to recover files from a laptop (or desktop PC) with crashed, failed, damaged operating system. WHEN CAN YOU. laptop repair complete guide including motherboard component level repair Laptop Repair. Complete Guide - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or.

Portable Document Format uncountable A standard for representing electronic documents, allowing them to be transmitted and reproduced accurately. The book teaches users how to install and troubleshoot hardware, and provides solutions to common operating system-related problems for machines running Microsoft Windows 9x, Me, , and XP.

Each chapter includes numerous diagrams and photographs, and explains PC repair techniques using easy-to-understand language and accessible terms. Test-taking techniques are also covered, including the test's recent return to conventional linear testing, as opposed to the adaptive format of previous years.

The keyboard had some kind of error, so I swapped it out. The battery that maintains the clock had long since died, so I replaced that. So, first look for any screws and remove, then attempt to unsnap them from the bottombase. You must use plastic prying tools to do this to not scratch the laptop. A guitar pick is a LaptopTechnicians best friend, and you should run to the store right now and buy 5 or 10 of them.

This will usually have removablecovers located somewhere on it hard drive cover, Wi-Fi port cover, etc….

This extension board is used to stretch Portsto opposite sides of the laptop when it is not possible to use integrated ports. These will typically beEthernet Extension Boardincluded on the USB extension board though can be on their own boards as well.

These are the covers that are located onCase Covers the underside of the laptop. Typically they will individually cover the components separately. Some laptops will combine the covers into 1large cover or 2 separate larger covers. DC Jack This is where you plug the charger cord into on any laptop. They are typically elongated box shaped having power pins on the rear side andcenter… and grounding pins on either sides.

I will discuss repair on this part later in this book. Docking Port These are used more often in an Office atmosphere rather than the typical home. And is not installed on every laptop, rather it is more found on thebusiness end laptops or the gaming laptops.

Wwan is commonly used for corporations or larger sizedbusinesses running cross country or worldwide servers or networks. A lot of manufacturers of laptopmotherboards will apply the port contact pads but do not install the port due to specific laptop casespecs and the port not fitting certain laptop case configurations.

If a laptop does have one, it will usually be located on the upper portion of the front of thescreen. It will usually have a microphone located right nest to it or nearby. These are almost alwaysstationary cameras and do not move in any way, though there are models that have movable cameras.

Acer has some models that used a spinning camera. It could rotate up or down, though not left or right. Theyallow the use of external components such as Memory cards, Ethernet Network cards, Modems andsimilar.

The Laptop Repair Workbook

VGA Out This is a port that will be found on almost every laptop ever released. It is used to connect an external monitor or viewing device to. It isVideo Out, not Video In.

The most common thing to connect to this port is a Desktop ComputerScreen. Itcan pass Video and Audio to and from the television or similar source. Screen Bezel Screen Bezels are the screen frames that cover the front side of the screen.

Most bezels will secure to the rear panel by a Snap-Tab connection, often also using screws at all 4 corners and sometimes in the center of the upper andor lower screen bezel. Screen Front Bezels can also be secured with double sided tape from themanufacturer.

Screen Rear Cover This is the shell or lid of the laptop which is the back side of the laptops screen. These can need replacing from abuse to thehinges. The Rear Screen Cover is typically connected to both the hinges and the front bezel, though itcan crack and break if the hinges become loose or weak. Battery All laptops have a battery as it is the entire reasoning behind the Laptop itself and its portability ability.

Laptop batteries are made withdifferent strength or values. They also make batteries for the same model with different shapes tothem. For instance… A Dell original battery that was sold with the laptop rated at mAH. Thatsame model has the ability to run a better battery; the mAH version, or better yet they offer a or higher… The higher the number, the longer the battery will hold a charge.

Personally I prefer theBump addition batteries because they will lift the rear end of the laptop up in the air which will keepits base cooler. The cordend of the AC Adapter where it plugs into the wall outlet is the AC end of the cord, where voltsare travelling through to the center inverter power box. In this inverter box, the AC current alternating current is converted to DC current direct current , then, travels to the plug tip. They are not really meant to be blasting music from at its highest level.

There aresome models, though, once again in the entertainment and gaming built series of laptops. They willadd subwoofers and tweeters and amplifiers to enhance the audio. It is where you connect an externalmicrophone or headphones or external speaker or even an external amplifier.

Printer Port These used to be found on each and every laptop, but now you will rarely find these on your laptop as they are becoming outdated dueto the use of Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth. There are a couple ways to start this process.

You must be powered on to eject the optical drive tray or to insert cd into slot. If for some reason you can not get the laptop to boot to the CD, try using a different CD if able to. First, ensure the optical lens that is located directly onthe slide out tray is clean and free of dust or debris. Next you wouldcheck to see that the hard drive is working and that it is recognized. It will be present in the BIOSsetup screen list, usually in the advanced section. Also you will need to determine if the operatingsystem you are installing is able to be installed on that specific laptop.

Word Of Warning!!! The Cd Starts XP install will be different than Windows 7 install. With XP, it is a little lessgraphical and will ask you more questions than will Windows 7. In a Windows 7 install, you willstart by choosing Custom install.

I never ever recommend doing an Upgrade of any version of OSinstall… simply not needed. Follow through the prompts and until you get to the screen showing thehard drive partitions. Here you will make a decision to wipe the entire hard drive clean or to savecertain partitions or partial partitions. If you need to save DATA from the previous Operating System install, then you can leave allpartitions as they are, even if the Windows 7 operating system is an upgrade to what was previouslyon the drive like XP or Vista.

Note thatupon completion of the new operating system, that Windows. Here you will also need to choose what operating system you are installing if using a multi installcd , and you will choose what kernel the OS will run, whether you will use a 32 bit OS or a 64 bitOS.

Again, most pirated OS installs will eventually encounter this issue. Assuming you have completed the windows CD install of the Operating System, I will nowdiscuss what goes on after the completed install.

Most OEM Operating System install discs will include most of the correct drivers needed foryour Laptop, and will load and install them upon the initial install of the Windows OS.

Though, mostof the time you will be left with numerous drivers that did not get installed and it will be your job tocorrectly install them.

The wonderful thing about the majority of the laptops is that it will not harm the operating systemif the incorrect driver is attempted to install, rather, it will deny the install with a caption showing theerror in incompatibility. Even if the incorrect driver is installed, it will usually warn you uponreboot, that there is a problem, or you will get a pop up error explaining that the driver installed isnot compatible.

You simply uninstall the bad driver or software to correct the issue and continue ontrying other related drivers. Hopefully you have done as I stated earlier and saved internet drivers toallow yourself to easily reinstall them. Next, you will be allowed tochoose your Laptops model number and series number. There will usually be a list to choose from oran Auto Detect feature on that Web Page.

Once at your Drivers Web Page, you can see the list of allyour drivers such as Ethernet, Chipset, Audio, Wi-Fi, BIOS, etc… Download one or all of them, and if needed, you might have to flip through the different operatingsystem versions to find all the drivers… there will be a place somewhere on that page to change whatoperating system version the drivers are for… If installing from a USB device, make sure that you set the BIOSsetting to allow the laptop to boot to that USB device first.

Iwill teach you this way because there is a general rhythm to the placement of the screws and differenttypes used.

With all laptops, you will start the disassembling by flipping the laptop over to its bottom side. Removing the battery is the first thing you will do.

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Now you will start with removing all the screws. You will start at the rear of the laptop wheremost batteries are located most, not all…. Start right in the battery bay and remove all the screwsinside it. Here you will find smaller screws usually 2 to 8 of them, and typically they are silver orblack in color — usually being silver.

Also in some battery bays you will have keyboard securingscrews, these will be removed also at this time. If you like, you can save the screws in one big pile,or you can separate them by size. If your specific battery is not located at the rear ofthe laptop, you still will remove it, though it will probably not have any screws in its empty bay ifthere are any, remove all of them.

Next you will remove all of the screws at the rear corners of the laptop. Typically they will use 1to 3 on each side. These will be the longest screws used on your laptop, the far corner screws will bethe longest — sometimes being thicker too, then, the ones further inward will usually be a little shorter. Look for any screws at the Hinge Cap area, as some laptops will use 1 or 2per hinge cap to secure the cap to the base, remove them. While still at the back side of the laptop,look for any securing riser screws.

How to Repair Monitor- Part 5

Riser screws are found in areas like the VGA Serial Port or aPrinter Port, look on each side of that port, there will sometimes be riser screws. Remove them usingneedle nosed pliers. Other extension ports on the rear and sides of the laptop will have riser screwsthat need removing and some will be removed with a micro sized flat head screwdriver.

Some ofthese riser screws can be left in and still allow for complete removal of all parts, but if you are notsure, you should remove them. You can now remove any case covers that exist on the laptop in front of you. The photo on theprevious page shows 1 main cover that will cover all accessible components, some laptops use justone, and some will separate them and use 2 to 4 separate covers.

Remove all of them regardless.

Note that some laptops will use extra long or extra short screws to secure the covers and if you thinkyou will have trouble remembering the placement of these upon reassembling, then place the screwsfor each separate cover inside that cover and set the covers aside with their screws on them. Afterremoving these covers, you will remove the components inside their bays.

These will include the hard drive, the Wireless card, RAM, and similar. A caddie will wrap the drive or willcover one side of the drive then will be secured with small thick screws usually 2 to 4.

Use the installed pull tab on the hard drive toeither slide or pull the hard drive away from the laptop. Some hard drives will be secured to thelaptop and some will not. Once the hard drive is removed, look in the empty hard drive bay for anyscrews there. Remove any screws in that bay.

Next part to remove is any Wi-Fi Card and antenna wires. You will typically find the Wirelesscard on the bottom side of the laptop. Most models will allow you to leave this card installed andwill not hinder the disassembly process.

The Wi-Fi antenna cables are what you want to remove…You will disconnect the 2 or more antenna wires and un-route them from the case track. Thesewires will typically run up to the upper-side of the motherboard and you need to allow them to bepulled away from the upper side by loosening them and untracking them on the underside. Remove thecard also if needed. Continue on removing the bottom base screws, all along the front of the laptop still on the bottomside , usually there are 4 to 6 in the front, sometimes a sticker or rubber plug is hiding the screw, youwill remove any blocking tab and remove the screw.

Since I mentioned these imprinted icons, I will now elaborate on them and their use. If you lookclosely at the bottom of the laptop, you will see Icons near some of the screw holes. Typically theRAM has an Icon, the Wi-Fi will also have an icon, the hard drive will have an Icon, the keyboardscrew locations will have an icon, and the cd drive locking hole will have an icon.

It is also commonfor a Screw length guide to be located somewhere on the underside of the laptop, either imprinteddirectly into the plastic, or printed onto a sticker. Once you have removed the screw that secures the optical drive in place you will need to slide it out and set it aside.

To do this, you can usually just grab the edge of the drives faceplate and gentlypull it outward. Some laptops will not be so easy and you will need a plastic pry tool to pull itoutward use a guitar pick. Once the drive is removed, you will look for any screws on the empty bay that would secure thelower base to the upper palm rest… some laptops will use 2 to 4 screws here.

Another thing to check while still on the bottom side of the laptop is whether the Fan and Heatsink assembly needs to be removed prior to motherboard removal.

And one hidden in theWi-Fi bay, both screws are silver in color and need to be removed. Take a minute to look for anyhidden accessible screws on the underside of the laptop, removing them all, then double check all theopen bays on the underside for remaining screws, like the hard drive bay where it is common to place1 to 4 screws there.

So start the upper half disassembly by removing the hingecaps using a micro size flat head screwdriver or using a plastic pry tool recommended. The photo above showsyou where the hidden 2 screws are on the Gateway Ma3 and Ma7 that secure the keyboard to thebase. Removing this strip can sometimes be a little tricky, Dell makes it easier by addinga pry access area on the right side of the strip, you stick your pry tool in it and pull upward to unsnapthe strip of plastic.

Most of these strips will be snapped on and you will need to pull outward whileslightly pulling up and down on the area you are unsnapping to release the tab locks. Note that some laptops like the Toshibaalso have a thin plastic snap strip just above the keyboard that need removing prior to removing hingecaps or keyboard. To remove these, ensure all bottom side screws are removed, then, use a plastic pry tool or amicro flat head screwdriver.

Other models like the Compaq Presario will have a rectangular piece that completely surroundsthe keyboard, and in order to remove the keyboard, you will need to unsnap this part and set aside. You must be very careful when removing or unsnapping any part on the palm rest area because itcould have wires, ribbon cables connected to it and they are extremely fragile. This Presario has aribbon cable on the rectangular piece discussed here and it is located on the upper bar of the piece,which travels under the keyboard and plugs into the motherboard.

Then you can now also remove the rectangular keyboard frame and set aside. The Above Photo shows the most common keyboard ribbon cable motherboard connectionlocking tab port. Use your Pry tool to gently pull the left and right locking tabs upward away from theport. You will now be able to slide the cable out.

Keyboards will sometimes have securing screws at the top and will need to be removed. These are smaller screws than what you will find on the underside of the laptop. Some laptops willuse locking tabs instead of screws and the photo shows these tabs slide up and down to lock andunlock the keyboard in place. Another way some manufacturers secure the keyboard is by using springloaded tabs that protrude from above the keyboard and will extend over the keyboards upper tab.

Torelease the keyboard from these you will need a plastic pry tool or a micro size flat head screwdriverto depress the spring loaded tabs usually 4 of them and simultaneously use a secondary pry tool topull the keyboard upward and away from the spring loaded tab continuing to release all 4 tabs, thenlifting the top of the keyboard upward and away.

laptop repairing download-pdf

You need to pay attention here… When removing the media strip above the keyboard, youMUST be careful not to pull any cables in the process. I will give you an example.

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Kayne Herriman. Anonymous zvQGXz. Sahil Khan. Kui Mangus. Jeric Mo. Andres Baena Zuluaga. Bryn Williams. Pandora Box.Typically a motherboard will have a Northbridge chipset, a Southbridge chipset and a GPUchipset 3 Separate IC Chips , though the need for smaller and thinner laptops has led to newertechnology parts and components.

Typically they will use 1to 3 on each side. Wwan is commonly used for corporations or larger sizedbusinesses running cross country or worldwide servers or networks.

Do not replace the thermalpad with a copper shim on a NVidia chipset… You must re-use the thermal pad on the video chip. Bluetooth cards. So look for strangely placed screw locations on boththe bottom and top before removing the palm rest. Follow through the prompts and until you get to the screen showing thehard drive partitions. You will basically be looking at everything.

You will buy these according to yourspecific needs. Notice here the placement of the bulb wires at both ends, notice that they do notprotrude straight out the back end of the bulb?

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