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The Nehru dynasty: Astro-political portraits of Nehru, Indira, Sanjay & Rajiv. Learn hindu Astrology Easily. Yogis Destiny and the Wheel of Time (Hindu Astrology Series). RISKS AND TRICKS IN ASTROLOGICAL PREDICTIONS SUCCESSFUL PREDECTIVE TECHNIQUES OF ASTROLOGY TIMING EVENTS THROUGH VIMSHOTTARI DASHA TRIED. Documents Similar To books. Learn Hindu Astrology Easily LESSON by K N Rao. Planets_and_Travel_Abroad - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text Rao. get many free Jyotish books/ documents and astrology Softwares at;.

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K N Rao, Free Jyothish Books, Free Astrology Books, இலவச‌ ஜோதிட புத்தகங்கள். Here you can directly get it ⇩ ⇰ File formats: ePub, PDF, Kindle, Audiobook, mobi , ZIP. How can I get a PDF version of K N Rao's book “Astrology, Destiny and the Wheel of Why don't all books get replaced with PDF files?. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have Vedic Astrology: An Integrated Approach - Narasimha P.V.R. Rao. Pages··

Occasionally of course, but occasionally will certainly be uncertain. Rao as one of your reading e-books, could be your correct book to read now.

Rao costs; it is not additionally about just what type of book you really love to read.

Rao as your reading option. You will not regret it. Rao can be your excellent friend in any sort of case. Rao in the on the internet web link download, you are in the initial step right to do. This site truly offers you ease of exactly how to obtain the most effective publication, from ideal vendor to the brand-new released publication. You can locate more e-books in this website by seeing every web link that we supply. What is your role today? I now teach only three research classes, which are the higher classes and make the students do research and write articles, present them in our monthly workshops and six monthly seminars.

I also take them to different places, mainly pilgrimages where we combine pilgrimage with astrology seminars. I do not think about any role. I leave it to God, something comes up and I find myself in the midst of it. It is a new experience, which is both exhilarating and disgusting. For instance, in the year , astrology was introduced as a course of study in Indian universities though it has been there always in Sanskrit colleges and universities.

Some leftists and scientists opposed it and filed cases in courts of law. It reached the highest court of India, the Supreme Court and was heard on 4 November Under the Indian law a non-lawyer can intervene in such cases as petitioner-in-person. I did it since I am a non-lawyer and I was the only astrologer fighting this greatest battle for astrology. Other astrologers stayed out of the fight totally.

A fairly crowded court heard me and I was told by senior lawyers present that I had made a very impressive case. One such senior lawyer told us privately that he could infer that the court meaning the judges were in our favor.

The judgment has not come out yet as of Jan. It may come after some weeks or months. VP: Where did you get this drive to preserve the ancient systems of India's astrology? I never had any bank balance which I do not have even now , no house, and no car.

He told me that if God willed it the institution would spring in spite of these handicaps. That has happened. VP: Who has been the most instrumental in instilling this passion of yours? Once started, it continued in spite of the burden of office work, which continued till when I retired.

After my retirement I have been doing it individually and now, with groups of students collectively. VP: Did you intend to publish a journal based on your research from the beginning or did that evolve?

I had been contributing articles on astrology, popular and technical articles for various astrological journals both in English and Hindi for many years. The entire burden had to fall on me, guidance, editing and even rewriting some articles. And on popular demand, we had to make it bilingual, with English and Hindi sections.

VP: What are some of the latest researches that are being carried out by yourself or your faculty and students at BVB? Then a collective research on Varanasi Hora is being completed.

Besides, there are many small researches. VP: What are your future directions for the school? KN RAO: Continuing to do statistical, replicable researches as we have done in recent years and making it a tradition. I know that only a few will stick to this line of painstaking research but I know that some will.

VP: What is left to still accomplish? KN RAO: There is so much left to be accomplished because in the constantly changing society new challenges keep cropping up.

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For example, the subjects of study now available in educational institutions are so many that to do research on them, our students have been working hard and we are to going produce a book initially. It will help many astrologers do sound educational counseling. Psychologists cannot find out the correct combinations of subjects for students.

The book will contain horoscopes of Americans and Russians and of different non-Indian countries to show how the combinations we are working on apply universally. VP: What are you most proud of in regards to what you and students and staff have been able to accomplish and how the school has evolved? Some cook books on yogas have been produced by greedy writers who wanted to make some quick money. In India , a young man committed suicide after reading some written predictions in a computer printout.

The reason was that the computer lifted literally all the negative meanings from the badly translated books available in the market. These books have been written by writers who have done no original research of their own to give a positive and new meaning to many outdated concepts of the agricultural and pastoral age in which these books were written.

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Develop a Personal Style. In doing jyotisha you have to develop your style. How then to develop it?

First of all, looking at a horoscope you should be able to see whether the casting of the horoscope appears to be correct or not. If not, take a set of ephemeris and check it yourself.

It is after doing this that you will understand why computer programmes, such a great facility, also dump into your head lot of irrational and negative information which can create only gloom. Finally, as I have seen in the US departmental stores, if the computer is out of order, the girl at the counter or the young man cannot even tell you how much you have to pay.

In jyotisha, if you cannot calculate manually or mentally, at least once in a while, you had better not learn it. Strong words?

Recently, I saw the claim made by an American computer programme on astrology about medical diagnosis of a disease! There is no astrologer-doctor who has made any break through in this field yet. How could this claim be made? Were you to read such a medical diagnosis, all that will happen is disaster.

We have allopathic doctors who do their diagnosis and prescription of medicines by about a dozen antibiotics. There are ayurvedic doctors who do not know astrology.

Astrological-medical diagnosis is just in a rudimentary form. Current Issue. User Login. Forgot your password?

K N Rao Books

KN RAO. Learn Astrology Top Viewed.Gets angry quickly.

Irrelevant Information. Later a great yogi, Swami Moorkhanandji, prophesied in that he would be the architect of a great astrological renaissance. He next got the full sixteen years of Jupiter who is involved in the Rajayoga as we have seen. The answer is to the mother.

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