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Buy products related to math for kindergarten products and see what customers say Kindergarten books, Activity Workbook for Kids, Kindergarten Math Skills. Math Made Easy: Kindergarten Workbook (Math Made Easy) [DK] on Amazon. com. DK acts as the parent company for Alpha Books, publisher of the Idiot's. Kindergarten. Our Books Workbooks By Grade Kindergarten Kindergarten Spatial Reasoning Summer Review and Prep Math and Reading K-1 Cover view.

Kindergarten Math Book

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These Kindergarten PDF printables will have kids asking for more. For teachers, you can This Week's Kindergarten Math Review Book - Updated Each Week. A complete kindergarten math curriculum that covers a full week school year, just open and go! Affordable, engaging, short lessons, and fun!. Great books make teaching math for kids fun and effective! This page lists the best books, as compiled by teachers. teaching preschool & Kindergarten math.

Unit 4 is counting in order introduces a number line. Unit 5 is shapes. Unit 6 is patterns. Unit 8 is weight also impressive.

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Unit 9 is capacity. Unit 10 is comparing sets. And then there is a glossary.

Content of activity book: The activity book units are the same as the textbook. The back of the activity book has cutouts which your child glues onto the activity pages.

Not every page uses cutouts, but a lot of them do. Unit 1 has 5 activities. Unit 2 has 5. Unit3 has 5. Unit 4 has 4. Unit 5 has 7. Unit 6 has 7. Unit 7 has 5.

Unit 8 has 5. Unit 9 has 5. Unit 10 has 4 activities.

Math for Kindergarten

A lot of the concepts in this activity book may be a little too easy for a Kindergartner. This book covers topics such as simple matching draw a line from one animal to the same animal across the page , numbers , simple shapes and patterns circles, triangles, and squares , tall and short, and more and less.

A lot of the activities have cut-outs in the back that can be pasted on the pages for the lessons. It presents a lot of the material in a very fun, colorful way with great illustrations and can be used with nursery rhyme stories from the Singapore Math website that go along with the activities in this book.

Still, most of this information better suits an early preschooler. I bought it for my preschooler without knowing exactly what was inside, but unfortunately it's going to be too easy for him, so I'll have to save it for my daughter to use when she's ready for it.

I bought this book thinking it was the Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics Textbook. The textbook is very substantial. This activity book leaves out a lot of the conceptual work included in the textbook. The activity book is more like what you could buy at a drug store, only a drug store book would be much cheaper.

If you are looking for extra practice formatted the same as the Singapore textbook, this activity book might be what you want. Otherwise, buy the textbook. I would rate the textbook 5 stars.

Geometry and Patterning Math Picture Books

One person found this helpful. My daughter's school uses Saxon math, but prepping her for kinder by starting her on the Singapore method has been so helpful. The Activity Book A works in conjunction with Textbook A there is also a teacher's manual and 10 readers, too.

You can get away without the readers, teacher's manual, and even skip the textbook for part A, but I would not recommend skipping Textbook B.

Kindergarten Maths Practice Book

If you can afford Textbook A, go ahead and get it. But, certainly purchase all the textbooks thereafter. The illustrations are colorful, the activities require things I have around the house, and the exercises vary for an interesting mix. Thank you for your prompt delivery! My daughter loved this book. It involves a lot of cutting things which my daughter is too young to do on her own so that was kind of a pain but it is very interactive which she loved.

My 5 year old daughter loves it. Sold as a new item. But came in as used, with drawings in it.

But the book itself is great. Wipe Clean Workbook: Great for practice and reinforcement. Buy more washable marks. Essential Math, Kindergarten Level A. This is my five year old's favorite learning book. He got a late start in home learning before K but he is so eager to finish this book. Balboa colorado. Great for developing creative problem solving! Essential Math Kindergarten B. I bought this to supplement my daughter's kindergarten math from school.

I wanted to try it to decide if I liked this method for home schooling next year. It's not the way I learned in school about a million years ago , and it took me a little bit to figure out what angle they were coming from, but once I "got" it, it made SENSE. She could subtract before she even knew she was doing it.

She knew how to figure out if she got the answer right. I think this book would be quite good in a home school setting.

Skill Sharpeners Math, Kindergarten. I'm very pleased with this math book. I use it to home school my 4 soon to be 5 year old. She is about half way through. This book is separated up into units. Each unit has a different theme puppies, bubbles, vehicles, etc.

72 of the Best Math Picture Books for Kids

The book starts out fairly easy and gradually gets tougher. It keeps my daughter's interest. It doesn't beat you to death with one topic for weeks on end. The PDF download saves you money on shipping but also saves you time waiting for it to arrive. Not only is it comprehensive, in-depth and detailed, but it is also designed with 5 year old attention spans in mind. The lessons do not take long and are very hands on. It is affordable, it is fun, and it is super easy to open and go for mom!

How do I know if my child is ready for this? After looking through this curriculum I would say that your child needs to have the fine motor skills to be able to copy their numbers. Starting any program too early can cause our kids to get frustrated and overwhelmed with the idea of learning rather than excited and enthusiastic.

Check out the live video I did to show you inside the program and how it works! A special offer for you!

72 Math Picture Books for Kids

So here it is, a special offer! Choose the one that meets your needs cannot be combined and head on over to The Crafty Classroom to redeem your offer!

Codes will expire on September 30th so snag your copy now! Cannot be combined with any other offers.But came in as used, with drawings in it. Weight by Henry Pluckrose — encourages the younger reader to consider weight. For Kindergarten, not only is this a huge bonus, but it is really a critical building block of a successful curriculum.

Symmetry, measurement and early geometry are introduced at this age. How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? The activity book has very little explanation, which is fine if you have the textbook, but if you don't it may be confusing. The activity book only provides one or two pages on each topic. Unit 9 has 5. Books for Teaching Numbers.

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