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Shelves: english. "In the hands of Taliban: An extraordinary story" This is what she named her let me tell you its not an extraordinary book at all. LanguageEnglish. In the hands of taliban. Identifier InTheHandsOfTalibanYvonneRidley. Identifier-arkark://t7np7db Ocr ABBYY. In the hands of taliban. Topics taliban, hand, yvonne, ridley. Collection opensource IdentifierInTheHandsOfTaliban. Identifier-arkark://.

In The Hands Of Taliban English Pdf

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Narcissistic journalist dresses up as John Simpson, gets caught, causes a great deal of aggravation, gets let out and tries to cash in. Read Book In The Hands Of The Taliban By Yvonne Ridley in Urdu. This is Biography Book, and available to read online for free. Download in PDF or read. In the Hands of the Taliban - Kindle edition by Yvonne Ridley. June 5, ; Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC; Language: English; ASIN: B00PPH8A9G .

She has been highly critical of Britain's foreign policy.

In complaining of patriotic sentiments voiced by British Muslim pop star Sami Yusuf , and the enthusiasm for him shown by his Muslim fans, she has said: How can anyone be proud to be British?

Britain is the third most hated country in the world.

In The Hands Of Taliban Yvonne Ridley

The Union Jack is drenched in the blood of our brothers and sisters across Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine. Our history is steeped in the blood of colonialism, rooted in slavery, brutality, torture, and oppression.

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We have no time for Zionists," while both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats were "riddled with Zionists. She replied that Muslims used the videos at home as an alternative form of news to what she perceived as the propaganda of Western media.

She herself had believed it, but in keeping her promise to her Taliban captors that she would read the Quran, she "realized I had been lied to", and converted.

Yvonne Ridley

I know the hijab is a pain for them, but they will get no sympathy from me. It is clear that the hijab is an obligation, not a choice.

Among her controversial opinions is that the Chechen terrorist leader and architect of the Beslan school massacre , Shamil Basayev , was a ' shaheed ' i.

Islamic martyr.

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At a meeting of Respect on 6 June , following the Forest Gate raid , Ridley urged all Muslims in Britain to "boycott the police and refuse to co-operate with them in any way, shape or form until the boys are released", including "asking the community copper for directions to passing the time of day with a beat officer. Ridley later claimed that she only wanted Muslim leaders to stop co-operating, not the whole community; this is not supported by her comment about not asking directions from the police.

Initially, Ridley strongly opposed the Western intervention in the Libyan Civil War , and spoke in a rally opposing it held in Central London where she likened asking for Western support to making a pact with the Devil.

However, she later travelled to rebel-held territory, where she became a wholehearted supporter of the Libyan rebels' cause and accepted that they had no choice but to ask for help from the West.

She was given all necessary clearances by the external affairs ministry, but was denied a visa at the last minute because of the tense situation in Hyderabad following the arrest of controversial local legislator Akbaruddin Owaisi a few days before the event was scheduled to take place. However Ridley, through video conference, addressed three sessions of girls, women and journalists during the conference.

She also claims that ISIL recruits by promising financial supports and power, and the Taliban is largely run and supported by Afghan people. She first married when she was 22; her second marriage, to a policeman, lasted seven years; [1] her third husband was Daoud Zaaroura, the CEO of North of England Refugee Service and a former PLO head of intelligence, whom she met in Cyprus , where she was working on an assignment for the Newcastle-based Sunday Sun , and they have one daughter, Daisy Ridley, who was born in ; [3] her fourth husband, to whom she was married until , was an Israeli businessman, Ilan Hermosh; [22] [2] her fifth husband is an Algerian.

She had also told the same to colleagues on The Northern Echo and repeated it in interviews.

On the whole, even though I was very stroppy, my captors treated me with respect, and I even managed to keep a prison diary on the inside of my toothpaste carton. Booze, nil; calories, nil; cigs, not enough. How hard was that!

Several days later, I was moved to Kabul where I was able to keep up the spirits of those poor aid workers who were also being held captive. When the first bombs went off, I assured them we were in no danger as the US could pinpoint their targets to the nearest tree. To my surprise, I was released the following day.

It was so nice to come home and have a drink, and I was very moved to read all my emails telling me what a wonderful and important person I am. I must say that I thoroughly agree.

Narcissistic journalist dresses up as John Simpson, gets caught, causes a great deal of aggravation, gets let out and tries to cash in. And if you really are pressed: The digested read, digested Topics Books Digested read.

Reuse this content. Most popular.She said that "the Quran makes it clear that women are equal in spirituality, worth, and education. Muhammad Syed rated it it was amazing Dec 02, Think the Talibhan deserve a chance, and Yvonne Ridley tells how they really are.

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Enabled X-Ray: She also claims that ISIL recruits by promising financial supports and power, and the Taliban is largely run and supported by Afghan people.

I gave it 2 stars because some if it is pretty interesting. I always tho First of all I have to say that Yvonne Ridley is bolshy, stubborn, does what she wants not what others want her to do drinks like a fish or did and smokes like there's no tomorrow.

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