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Guide to the Wiring Regulations. 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations (BS ). Darrell Locke IEng MIEE ACIBSE. Electrical Contractors' Association. IET Wiring Regulations. Seventeenth Edition. © The Institution of Engineering and Technology and BSI. NiO COPYRIG iM ANY FORM AITHOUT \ſ/RITTEN. items With the 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations come new recommendations as well as increased levels of regulation. Whether that's in the form.

Iee Wiring Regulations 17th Edition Pdf

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4. IET WIRING REGULATIONS BS 18TH EDITION. —. The IET Wiring Regulations require all new electrical system designs and installations, as well as. likely to be a rocket scientist, but sometimes to read the Wiring Regulations you might think that This book is not intended to take the place of the 17th Edition of the Wiring. Regulations (BS .. Reproduced with permission of IEE. Electricity. The First Edition of The Regulations had requirements for: In , the Sixteenth Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations In the Seventeenth Edition.

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He was chairman to Panel D of the BS committee and has been responsible for the management of a considerable amount of the text in the forthcoming standard. Free Access.

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Guidance on the preparation of technical manuals is given in BS Specification for technical manuals and BS Building and civil engineering. The size and complexity of the installation will dictate the nature and extent of the manual. It covers the following installations: domestic installations generally, including off-peak supplies, and supplies to associated garages, outbuildings and the like industrial and commercial single- and three-phase installations where the distribution board s or consumer unit is located at or near the distributor's cut-out.

Advice is given on installations in locations containing a bath or shower Section 8.

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This Guide is restricted to installations: at a supply frequency of 50 hertz Part7 ii at a nominal voltage of V a.

TT system earth return via consumer's earth only : 21 D excluding consumer's earth electrode, Figure 2.

The resistance of the consumer's installation earth electrode should be as low as practicable. A value exceeding D may not be stable. Refer to Table This Guide contains information which may be required in general installation work, e.

On-Site Guide I 11 The Institution of Engineering and Technology The Guide introduces the use of standard circuits, which are discussed in Section 7, however, because of simplification this Guide may not give the most economical result. This Guide is not a replacement for BS , which should always be consulted.

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Defined terms according to Part 2 of BS are used. In compliance with the definitions of BS , throughout this Guide the term line conductor is used instead of phase conductor and live part' is used to refer to a conductor or conductive part intended to be energised in normal use, including a neutral conductor.

Further information is available in the series of Guidance Notes published by the Institution. Persons responsible for work within the scope of Part P of the Building Regulations may also be responsible for ensuring compliance with other Parts of the Building Regulations, where relevant, particularly if there are no other parties involved with the work.

Building Regulations requirements relevant to electricians carrying out electrical work include: Part A Structure : depth of chases in walls, and size of holes and notches in floor and roof joists; Part B Fire safety : fire safety of certain electrical installations; provision of fire alarm and fire detection systems; fire resistance of penetrations through floors and walls; Part C Site preparation and resistance to moisture : moisture resistance of cable penetrations through external walls; Part E Resistance to the passage of sound : penetrations through floors and walls; Part F Ventilation : ventilation rates for dwellings; Part L Conservation of fuel and power : energy efficient lighting; Part M Access to and use of buildings : heights of switches, socket-outlets and consumer units; Part P Electrical safety - dwellings.Maintainability Mainly periodic test and inspection with some maintenance of lighting, hence suitable access equipment should be available, together with spare lamps and tubes.

The effectiveness of the distributor's earth must be confirmed by a test. I use this example as an illustration, as it is based on a real experience of testing the continuity of a 10 mm2 main bonding conductor between gas and water services.

Line 3 of a. Purpose for which this Report is required: In a standard house single storey or multi-storey with no storey exceeding 2 0 0 m 2 floor area , the basic requirement can be met by installing interlinked smoke alarms as follows: A plug and socket-outlet or similar device must not be selected as a device for emergency switching.

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