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Hassan Bin Sabah Best Urdu Book Download or Read Online free. COLLECTIONS. Community Texts. Uploaded by Free PDF Books Lib on March 28, Hasan-i-Sabbah captured the castle at Alamut and inaugurated the sect This minister, Anushirvan ibn Khalid, says that he met and studied with some of the. Maghribi Hoorain - Maulvi Abdul Haleem Sharar Lakhnavi. Ali Bin Abi Talib, By Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah. Hassan Bin Sabah by Almas M.A.

Hassan Bin Sabbah Pdf

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He took up duties as Chief Missionary of the area, sending personally trained missionaries into the rest of the region. The news of his activities reached Nizam al-Mulk, who dispatched soldiers with orders for Hassan's capture. Hassan evaded them, and went deeper into the mountains.

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Capture of Alamut Hashshashin fortress of Alamut. His search for a base from where to guide his mission ended when he found the castle of Alamut, in the Rudbar area, in As a supporter of Nizar, Hassan had now repudiated the claims of the Fatimid Caliph to be Imam, and was interested in finding a permanent base from which he could support the true Imam.

He may already have developed a military ideology of ridding Islam of illegitimate, heretical rulers who did not recognize the authority of the Imam. To prosecute this policy, a "remote and inaccessible stronghold" was ideal. The fort had been built about the year ; legend has it that it was built by a king who saw his eagle fly up to and perch upon a rock, of which the king, Wah Sudan ibn Marzuban, understood the importance.

Likening the perching of the eagle to a lesson given by it, he called the fort Aluh Amut: The "Eagles Teaching. His plan took the better part of two years to effect. Next, key people were converted and in , he was peacefully able to occupy the fort. The term having been agreed upon, Hassan cut the hide into strips and joined them all over along the perimeter of the fort.

The owner was defeated. This story bears striking resemblance to Virgil 's account of Dido's founding of Carthage.

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Hassan gave him a draft on the name of a wealthy landlord and told him to take the money from him. This mission became known as the "new preaching.

Nizar's son or grandson may have been living under Hassan's protection in Alamut but it was not until Hasan II revealed himself as Imam in This is known as the "resurrection" Qiyamat. He knew the Quran by heart, could quote extensively from the texts of most Muslim schools, and apart from philosophy , he was well versed in mathematics, astronomy , and alchemy. Hassan found solace in austerity and frugality.

A pious life, for him, was one of prayer and devotion. According to tradition, Hasan's austerity extended to dislike of music. He is said to have banished someone for playing the flute and to have executed his own son for drinking alcohol.

Hassan is himself credited with developing the "new preaching" which he set out in a treatise called The Four Chapters, which has not survived intact. Daftary describes Hassan as "a learned theologian. Hassan extended the territory under his control, acquiring 20 castles spread across parts of Iran and Syria mainly in mountainous areas. Some were acquired through diplomacy, some by military means.

Several towns were also within the Nizari state. In or , Hassan's followers under the command of Kiya Burzurgimid famously captured the "castle of Lamasar" which was "strategically situated on a rounded rock overlooking the Shah Rud" and "confirmed the power of the Ismaili in the whole Rudbar area.

Hassan Bin Sabah By Almas M. A

In , the Seljuqs launched two expeditions against Alamut, which then accommodated Hassan and "no more than 60 or 70 men. Also, beginning at about the time of the siege of Alumut, he sent assassins out to eliminate enemies; the first victim was al-Mulk, killed October 14, Other successful assassinations included the Qadi of Isfahan, the "prefect of Bayhaq and the chief of the Karramiyya, a militant Ismailui religious order" all between and Several Ismailis were jailed for praying apart from other Muslims Sunni.

They were freed after questioning but then "tried to convert a muezzin from Sava" who "refused to respond to their appeal.

The leader of this missionary group was later arrested by order of al-Mulk, and executed. Daftary argues that it was during the Crusades that stories of their use of hashish to steal themselves for their mission gained popularity; "the Crusaders had been particularly impressed by the highly exaggerated reports and rumors of the Nizari assassinations and the daring behavior of their fida'is, the devotees who carried out these missions in public places" and legends developed around these stories.

These included how the assassins were trained, how they were offered "paradise" and drugged with hashish made the final "death-leap. Hassan, when he visited the garden, was introduced a divine emissary. At a certain point, the drug was withdrawn from them, they were removed from the gardens and flung into a dungeon. There, they were told that if they wanted to return to the paradise, it would be at Hassan's discretion. Therefore, they must follow his directions exactly, up to and including murder and self-sacrifice.

What can be said is that he built up from scratch a state which managed to survive against more powerful enemies for years, during which the Nizaris "succeeded in maintaining an independent state of their own in the midst of a hostile Sunni environment.

Hassan believed that the Imam was entitled to lead the community politically as well as spiritually and saw his task as building up a secure and stable, if geographically spread state that could eventually protect and support a visible, or Present Imam.

Sure, there are some problems with the writing, chiefly in how some of the female characters are portrayed, but overall it was an intriguing read for me.

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Final rating: 4. They not only did not fear death, they sought it. They considered it a source of both honor and happiness to be sent by him on suicide missions.

They believed, without any doubt, that their death will bring them to paradise, a place of eternal delights, where there are gardens with streams flowing clear as crystal, where there are choices food and drink, and where fair-limbed beautiful girls with dark eye His fighters called the fedayeens believed that he can open for them the gates to paradise. They believed, without any doubt, that their death will bring them to paradise, a place of eternal delights, where there are gardens with streams flowing clear as crystal, where there are choices food and drink, and where fair-limbed beautiful girls with dark eyes shaped like almonds await them, who retain their youth and virginity no matter how many times they are made love to.

He used to be part of the "mainstream" Muslim society. But he got disillusioned with the way faith seemed to be degenerating and the way their leaders seemed to be kowtowing to "foreign infidels. He decided to leave and set himself and his followers up in a place called A.

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Here, he established his little kingdom.This is your answer. Defense Technical Information Center. Fakhre Alam said: SaRashid Yesterday at 6: This is his hubris about the existing reality. Sponsored Link. Namespaces Article Talk.

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