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GURPS Mass Combat requires only the GURPS Basic Set, Fourth Edition. .. PDF magazine includes new rules and articles for GURPS. PDF. * Price $ * Stock number Always Available – Click here to buy ! GURPS Mass Combat requires only the GURPS Basic Set, Fourth Edition. Several GURPS worldbooks have featured rules for resolving large battles and Unfortunately, each product using mass combat has to repeat all of the rules (7.

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In a land darkening with Shadow, a company of adventurers will inevitably find themselves in the midst of massive battles. Imagine legions of Goblins and Wargs . GURPS Mass Combat is the answer! "GURPS Mass Combat requires only the GURPS Basic Set, Fourth Edition." Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.). Gurps Ultratech Mass Combat - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

Steve Jackson Games. Record a Play. First printing. PDF Version. Description Edit History. From the publisher's website: More Information Edit History. No Files Found. Linked Items. Pyramid Volume 3, Issue 94 - Aug Pyramid Volume 3, Issue 4 - Feb Pyramid Volume 3, Issue 80 - Jun Pyramid Volume 3, Issue 44 - Jun Pyramid Volume 3, Issue 93 - Jul View Avg. Tags separate by space: User Information. Average Rating: Soft Cover. Product Code: No items found.

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Title Hot Recent. You cannot be too generous with these stats because in the end of the day you move as fast as your weakest unit and generals and historians are always exaggerating about their circumstance and success. Of course it depends what sources and material you adhere to. Units travel their Move score in 15 minutes. They can double their speed, doing a paced run.

Scouts light Infantry Move-5 no enc. Assault Troops Med. Infantry Move-4 light enc.

Cavalry Move-7 in stealth, units are better moving in small squads. As such, one hex can hold people or 20 elements. On a 60x60 map it was about 84 hexes for 17km across 10 miles across. Forests and Hills block line of sight see below.

This means moving on these paths have the least penalty in footing but this can also mean that enemies plan their ambushes around these paths! The GM can draw trails in advance or draw them on the fly following the terrain contours. He can put it in the GM layer to be moved into the Map Layer to be visible.

I draw on the fly because its easier and only when the player is intentionally Recon. Terrain Score. Terrain and Surprised table in MC Put it in Map layer so that you don't have to remember or just remember the score for Woods, Hills, Plains Defense bonus.

GM just rolls 1d3 Defense Bonus based on the terrain advantage or just simply assign 1 for some terrain, 2 for light woods or rolling terrain, and 3 for hills and dense woods.

List of GURPS books

Note that the unit that gets to "dig-in" and is prepared gets to use the terrain for a bonus. GM layer notes. Personally I have not much time for this, except for the most critical elements. Its easy to make a map once you have at least one other map down. Cutting and pasting the trees and terrain is easy, then just re-arrange for the game.

Unit Preparation Green is Troop Strength. Its easier if I just keep track of one stat with so many elements. Each PC has all its units under command in one token their token. Adjust the TS and abilities based on the PC's commanding force.

Glory success multiplier *0.25 *0.5 *0.75 *1 *1.5 *3

So 3 groups to one side plus the PCs. At most or 20 elements in one token.

Since this can be time consuming work with your time budget, where less units is less work. You can break down units one token per element, but you will have to make a Character sheet and save the tokens' values updating the token You may stack your Rec Elements up to 5 WT or 4WT groups. Cavalry have 4. Prepare a "Torch" Token. Typically one hex of light. Display TS in blue. Click on Unit, click "status" and chose green or any color and mouse over the blue in the status options and type the TS value on to that unit.

Display Loss penalty. On the Commander's token, choose orange or any color , mouse over the orange color and type the loss penalty up to 9. When it exceeds 9, chose the red color, mouse over red and type up to 9. Save units at their default value to Character sheets or have them all in GM layer. Cutting and pasting them all to new maps on the GM layer where you duplicate them as you need them. TIP: bandwidth permitting open a duplicate of the Tab you are working on and exit to rejoin as player.

Make sure units have GM control so that you can see dynamic lighting in action. I will yet experiment seeing if I can run two tabs with one at GM layer so that I can move "invisible" units.

I have a flow chart I made for my players.

Recon Ops. Intelligence Analysis MC, these are scouting tasks.

Gurps Ultratech Mass Combat

Even non-recon units can be used for this but at a -5 to relevant Stealth and Operational Security checks. Since these units are more bulky and easier to spot, they need to take precautions that make it harder for them to gather useful intel. Navigation allows them to spot natural paths, and even find hard to find paths that might give them a way around an obstacle or land feature. You will notice I drew orange lines towards natural paths.

This means moving on these paths have the least penalty in footing BUT this can also mean that enemies plan their ambushes around these paths! Observation allow you to notice and catch things, but the skill to interpret them usefully will be found in skills like Naturalist, Tracking, and various expertise.

Anyone can spot obvious tracks, digging intel from them takes Tracking. Naturalist Skill is helpful in looking for human passage or use or disruption in the environment. Use torches or light sources to illuminate features the PCs spot. Horizon formula is useful if the GM decides how far what PCs sees if they decide to climb. The generous movement rating in Mass Combat can be attributed as having "No Security" MC29 as a default and moving without security is running.

Movement: Units can cover a distance of their movement in hexes in 15 mins. This means Light Infantry can move 5 hexes, run the most, 6 turns of paced running 10 hexes. Medium Infantry and Bowmen can move 4 hexes, and run 3 turns of paced running 8 hexes.

Heavy Infantry can move 3 hexes, and run 1 turn of paced running 6 hexes. Cavalry can move 7 hexes, and run 1 turn of paced running 14 hexes.

Looking for a Mass Combat system

Moving Stealthily. Commander applies a penalty -1 to -3 to his own Recon and his opponent. Perform a Long Action.Put this in the GM layer or in the map layer.

You will notice I drew orange lines towards natural paths. A skilled tactician, survivalist or naturalist or navigator will be able to read the signs to know that fighting here is bad footing. Cardiel Cardiel has two legions, one Seasoned Heavy and one Veteran Medium, carryovers from the period of Megalan domination.

Lightly armored — generally leather and light metal combinations — and equipped with pikes or poleaxes, and dirks. Heavy Infantry HI: Use torches or light sources to illuminate features the PCs spot. Units travel their Move score in 15 minutes. Made by — Fought with great courage and heroism:

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