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Gu Family Book: Episode by girlfriday. Tuesday's episodes tend to have the goods—plot movement, life lessons learned, stakes raised. Gu Family Book Episode 16 (Uptobox mb_ mb) ( mb Gu Family Book Episode 24 Final ( mb - idws) ( mb - uptubox) (Subtitle Indonesia). Meskipun sudah download drama (versi hematnya) di mb Mini dan sudah sampai 10 Sinopsis Gu Family Book Episode 16 Part 1.

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Gu Family Book () K-Drama Ep Trailer: Download files IDWS Pahe Mb Episode 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 11 - 12 Lee Min-Jung, Park Hee-Soon Episode: 16 Subtitle: Indonesia, English Sinopsis: Kim. GU FAMILY BOOK EPISODE 17 MB, 18 Sep - 64 min - Uploaded by Gillian Gu Family Book Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,15, 16, It's MB smaller in size compared to the other files, but then I always gif gif . #20 MBC Gu Family Book Ep 4 Rerun % (Seoul %, #17).

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Subscribe to: Aw, Chung-jo, why? Yeo-wool asks what she means, and Chung-jo just lets her wonder, leaving her feeling nervous. Soo-ryun comes to the inn and offers to throw a party here to make up for the last one, and Jo Gwan-woong agrees, but says he has a request. Ah, so she IS looking for Kang-chi, and her interest in Tae-seo must be purely because of the inn and Jo Gwan-woong, not realizing how closely Kang-chi is tied to that family.

Soo-ryun arrives with her gisaengs in tow and exchanges a furtive glance with Tae-seo. Kang-chi and Yeo-wool get ready to sneak in, when Gon finds them.

Team mission it is. At the party, Jo Gwan-woong asks the veiled mystery lady to show her face, and offers to sell Tae-seo to her in exchange. Kang-chi starts poking around, and suddenly a group of men stop him to ask something in Japanese.

There, the leader asks if they completed their mission, and a few of them present pieces of a map. The leader orders them to un-mask, which leaves Kang-chi looking mighty guilty.

He turns around, slips his bracelet off, and faces them with green eyes. He tucks the maps into his shirt and starts running. At the party, Seo-hwa agrees to take off her hat, and Soo-ryun watches warily. Seo-hwa lights a candle and comes closer to Kang-chi with a knife in her hand.

I love that Wol-ryung is starting to show signs of humanity, or what tiny fragments are left. This was a good use of the repeated setup, like father like son, which works twofold to make us appreciate the happy version of the love story because we know how badly it turned out the first time , and also to get through to Wol-ryung and remind him that he once felt the same way.

Now that Kang-chi and Yeo-wool have confirmed their feelings, the love square is rearing its ugly head, which feels a little late. But turning her into a convenient meddlesome second lead is just wasting her character, which makes me sad. Good thing Gumiho Baby Smoochies are an instant pick-me-up. Your email address will not be published.

But sweetness is short-term in K-drama, heartbreak is expected next week after seeing the preview. Need to get tissues ready for tonight I totally agree about the forest kiss. If I'd had bangs when I started watching, I wouldn't have after that scene, because the heat from that kiss would've scorched 'em right off! This is kind of going backward but when I was re-watching some episodes I noticed that in episode 12 when Yeo Wool told Kang Chi that she wants to do whatever she can for him because that's where her heart is, that is the same thing Wol Ryung told Seo Hwa and now with Kang Chi saying the same things about Yeo Wool that his father said about his mother, about her being his woman, I absolutely love the symmetry.

These two couples parallel each other in many ways. Let's just hope the ending isn't the same for both couples. I loved what you said here. The question, and what has me curious , is how they will get there. I am also curious as to which character will die or go to jail or have an incurable disease GW, GW, GW and his minions and who will be alive till the end, doing what and living where. I don't even want him to die.

We have the same thoughts, Ivoire. I don't want him to just die. JGW needs to suffer a long, slow and painful death to atone for the sins he committed against Kang Chi and his family, the real one and the ones who adopted him. Great minds think alike they say, and well We must be great minds because we are thinking alike. I got done watching ep. I like the disease thing because then no one would have his death on their conscience, because they didn't create the disease. And yes, the comeuppance should be because of what he did to both families of KC.

I love Suzy! Now I so f. Jealous with lee seunggi! Yes, I agree. The feistiness she had from BIG is actually paying off in this drama as she fights the boundaries set by society at that time. I also loved Wol Ryung's character so much more now.

So super interesting!!!

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I am also glad where they are taking Wol-Ryung's story. It is no small feat to have the cahones to write such strong story arcs and NOT back down from them, but to actually "go there" and explore deep relationships and the depths of different types of love. I am SOOO happy with the writers!

Thank you, guys! You did it! I also like that Wol-Ryung appears to care for Kang Chi and that he is not yet "completely" a demon, It leaves some hope for him- which keeps me interested.

semua tentang drama korea

Was it just me, or did anyone else feel like Susy is actually It was wonderful! So proud! I rarely do that. It was great! Keep it up! Maybe they are hitting their stride? I share a lot of folks concerns with Chung Jo. Is she to become the village bi-otch?

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She is so mean, lately. I don't know where they are going with her character, but many people like her. I was really hoping that they would as well. Give her an East of the Moon, West of the sun storyline and have her figuratively search the world for him.

A decidedly western spin, I know, but still. Thanks for the recap, although it confirms my worst fears for what they were going to to with Chung Jo. Her character has so much potential, and it could be so interesting, but instead they are going to trivialize her tragedy until she becomes just another cardboard villain. The cute bores me, so now with the whole Chung Jo revenge arc tanked I will have to concentrate on Wol Ryung's possible redemption.

I'm really hating on these stupid writers. I agree, Chung Jo has so much potential. It would be a really awesome arc if she could bond with Seo-Hwa over what's happened to them and team up to bring that creeper Jo Gwan-woong down to his knees and make him pay for all the disgusting things he's done for the both of them.

Not only would she get revenge for her family, but she could also get the inn back. I just want to see her grow, move on and be the awesome woman that she could be. I agree with CJ, but I enjoy the cute but in moderation. Still can't get over perverted KC, that fake bickering, and Ano. When YW asked him what does he want to do tonight.. Great acting at that moment. The comedy in this episode was so ridiculously fun.

Big kudos to the writers AND the Actors! Had me in stitches! I personally think that this may be my favorite episode for sheer enjoyment. It had action, it had intrigue and it had the depth that is soooo enjoyable and satisfying. It is so fulfilling and satisfying. Thank you, writers. Thank you director. Amazingly done. Again, my favorite in its scope! It would have been better if Wol-ryung had stopped attacking Kang-Chi, not because he was reminded of Seo-Hwa, but because he felt shame in what he was doing to his own son.

Him beating up his own son was just so terrible. The last scene where Seo-Hwa comes face to face with Kang Chi would mean more IF she, like the other - oh- people in the village had heard the rumor about Kang-Chi being found in the river and being half gumiho. But he is just another person to her So to me, the last scene wasn't so dramatic or "OMG goodness" to me.

Wol-ryung wanting Kangchi to kill him also makes me side eye him a bit. Can't you go jump off a cliff or something? It's not like you heal! I guess not, but yeah it's sad he remembers SH and wants to be with her but they are still both mostly terrible and selfish parents. Not completely I think that things don't really harm him remember whenever he scoffed at YW's sword being at his throat earlier?

He is still an eternal being. It will take another eternal being to harm him, according to this mythology I hope that helps a little! Haha yes, thanks.

Nobody but Kangchi can kill him but I wish he didn't want Kangchi to do that and thought more about how it would feel for Kangchi to kill his own father. I understand he wants to die before he turns into a demon, but he's asking a really selfish thing of his son. Especially since KC does actually have feelings and a longing for his birth parents. I think that's what is actually happening. KC's words were the trigger that not only reminded WR about his love, but showed absurdity of his position towards his son.

In other words, his initial desire was to prevent his son from becoming a demon, but if he violently kills KC while performing that purpose, the result could be exactly the opposite of what he wanted: KC will be reborn as a revengeful demon. I like it this way, because I want her motherly heart to wake up and recognize her son on her own. But if that doesn't happen, then OK, I don't mind a little help from outside.

Thank you so much for the recap, I watched it yesterday night but don't know what they are talking about. The kis is heaven, it is so sweet xD. I did feel really bad for Wol-Ryung, It makes me sad to see that he was as lovable actually, even more as Kang Chi, and yet he ended up the way he is now.

Even though he doesn't really show it, I feel that it hurts him to see all the things Kang Chi can do and that he has someone who supports him no matter what or who he is. Its just so sad to compare the happy and adorable gumiho from the first episodes and see how he is now, and he has ended up the way he is because of love.

I actually did shed a few tears during his fight with Kang Chi, I think this was the moment when he actually realized what he has become. I do feel some hope that he is still not a full demon and I hope that even if he dies at the end, he can feel love and inner peace.

I find WR's character a little sloppy though better than the mindless stalking machine he was before. I don't predict a happily ever after for him and SH, but maybe they can both die in peace together. I seriously hope CJ goes back to being the person she was and gets over her jealousy.

Things won't work out like she thinks and it seems they are just making her be mean so we don't care what happened to her. I hope they don't drag it out too much.

They just got together. Let them be together instead of apart please.

Oops, sorry!

GW you disappoint me for kidnapping YW for stupid reasons and not because you noticed she was important to Kangchi. SH does possibly have the worst minions ever. They didn't hear about the gumiho baby news either. Anyway, really looking forward to a family reunion soon. Thank you for the recap. Well, I kind of feel that she knows those rumors even if we didn't see them telling her.

It would be really stupid if she is the only one who doesn't know. As I said many times before I think she is a villain. I don't know if you noticed how her hands were shaking while she is holding a knife. I think she knows exactly who she is dealing with or with who she might dealing with. I mean it would be stupid if just she again didn't hear Kangchi while he was fighting with ninjas and literary kicked their asses.

When I saw the preview and her telling she wants him dead or alive, I just confirmed that she is nothing more than a villain. At least we agree that there probably wont be happily ever after for her and WR, but at least I hope he will remain alive in the end. D I have to be honest, I really don't like SH. I can't explain it, it's just me I guess: But it's ok that others want them together, I can understand that. No one Im still really disconnected from this show.

I want to care.


I pay attention to Gumiho Daddy because he is hot and they could go somewhere intresting with this but I dont trust them. Very much agreed! Here's to hoping the writers won't sell out on such a great beginning! He definitely had a "who's in my library THIS time" annoyed face before he went to check it out. I did the marathon three weeks ago, devouring episode in one sitting and then I regretted it because now I wish everyday were monday and tuesday I especially loved the fight sequence between Wol Ryung and Kang Chi.

Very, well done all things considered. A very large part of me wishes Wol Ryung's story was it's own mini-drama. That scene where he's slouched over in the monk's cabin, lamenting over how he can't even remember what made him into demon tugged at my heart strings. Choi Jin Hyuk is really selling this role. I think that since the writing has picked up, I can die a happy person now.

Now, like I said, I can see that these writers don't only have the ability, but they also so far seem to have the guts to write a strong Wol-Ryung character. I hope that until the end, they don't "drop" or "chicken out" on completing and giving justice to the parents' story. I agree wholeheartedly with you!

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The storyline is captivating and Choi Jin Hyuk is certainly proving why he is a pro. At this point, with so many fans riding on the Wol Ryung bandwagon, I think the writers would risk chaos if they didn't at the very least give him some kind of redemption. I mean the poor guy, literally, has gotten the shortest end of every stick. Lost his girl. Lost his chance at becoming human. Heck, he even lost his divinity seeing how he's cursed to roam the lands as a soul-sucking demon with trust issues.

I was having all sorts of feels and laughing out loud the next minute. I watched this mostly raw because I couldn't wait for it to be entirely subbed I have an early summer class tomorrow! It's true that the first half was stronger than the rest of the episode, but I'm quite satisfied with the place we're in.

I hope they don't screw it up. Cough, leave Chung Jo's character alone, cough. Dear God, it was a really emotional scene and I loved it, honestly. I was expecting something really G-rated due to Suzy's age, with Seung Gi doing all the "kissing" and Suzy just standing there.

It was a noce surprise that there was even a little bit of jaw action coming from her side. Of course, it didn't compare to some cable kisses, but for me, it exceeded my expectations in a really good way. Now, give me more Gumiho Baby's kisses! Gawd, that kiss! Not as good as the fridge kiss, but way way waaaay better than what I was expecting!

Suzy Suzy, you surprise me!! As koala said the fridge kiss will blow GFB kiss way out of the water. It seems to be more natural and the chemistry between the Otp is so palpable considering the build up and the anticipation of the kiss. It is ok but somehow does not look natural. WR dressed in black, with long flying robe, look more like a Wizard than anything.

His one uncovered eye is unbelievably expressive. His one eye can act circles around Master Dam's 2 exposed ones. At least circles. It doesn't look like WR ever had any real intention of hurting YW. Romance, Musical Stars: Enrique Keum then notices Ko Dok-Mi watching him and approaches her. Ko Dok-Mi then begins a journey outside into the world.

Sitcom, romance Stars: Ini adalah drama komedi romantis yang akan memberikan nasihat kencan dan tips untuk orang-orang yang mengalami kesulitan dalam hubungan atau masih lajang. Sil Jang Park Min Woo memainkan pemuda malang yang gagal seribu kali dal. Romance, Drama Stars: Comedy, Drama, High School Stars: Gong Chan bisa dibilang sebagai murid yang jauh dari kata 'teladan'. Kerjanya selalu berantem, telat, bahkan bolos sekolah. Terlebih satu sekolah amat sangat. March 21 - May 10, Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance Stars: Witch Yoo Hee adalah drama korea yang menceritakan kisah cinta seorang wanita kaya bernama Ma Yoo Hee dengan seorang lelaki miskin bernama Chae Moo-Ryong.

Agak mirip My Fair Lady ya, tetapi bedanya lelaki disini sama sekali tidak ada niat jahat sama wanita ini. Dan ada tambahan lagi, ada seorang kepa. Drama, Comedy, Romance Stars: Indonesia Sinopsis: Jeon Woo Chi is a classical novel of unknown origin dating to the Joseon era that tells the story of a free-wheeling, mischievous Jeon Woo Chi, who swallowed the gumiho's fox bead, which gave him powers of Taoist magic. He uses those powers to save the poor, oppressed people and becomes a hero Screenshot: Comedy, Romance, School Stars: A sitcom about the entertainment society around T and her 5 high school friends.

Posted by Unknown at 2:Page 1 Page 2 Next page. Tartani June 3, at 9: Muse June 4, at 1: Bojana May 30, at 2: March 11, -- Genre: It immediately makes him remember Teacher Gong telling him the same thing. She tended to the woman as she was bathing, and tells Soo-ryun that she has the tattoo of one of her gisaengs, and a scar on the other shoulder, a claw-mark.

April 8, -- Genre: And I will admit the scene with kang chi and wol ryung had me tearing up.

I am certain that is why she wants him brought in.

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