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The Library of Congress has cataloged the print edition as follows: Lowry, Lois. Gathering Blue / by Lois Lowry. p cm. ISBN: Summary. HIGHLAND GATHERING Elizabeth Graham When her father's brother died, Fiona assumed that, as his nearest relative, her. Lois Lowry once again creates a mysterious but plausible future world. Left orphaned and physically flawed, young Kira faces a frightening, uncertain future. As she did in THE GIVER, Lowry challenges readers to imagine what our world could become, how people could evolve, and what.

Gathering Blue Pdf

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Based on Lois Lowry's companion piece to. The Giver, Gathering Blue tells a suspenseful tale of the power of creativity to fight brutality. Adaptation by Eric Coble. Tell students that Gathering Blue isn't a sequel to the The. Giver, but a predicts how Gathering Blue connects to The Giver. Allow . Gathering Blue, the second book in Lois Lowry's Giver quartet, introduces a future dominated by raw human needs and a massive gulf between those with.

What makes a society civilized? How do you know who to trust?

Have you ever followed your instinct? How does fear control people? Guided and Independent Practice Utilize these activities with your students to build literary comprehension of the novel on multiple levels. Provide examples and model your expectations before drawing students into the lesson. How do villagers deal with death?

How is property decided? Is there an educational system? What is the value of the individual? Students should compare and contrast customs in the novel with their own local practices and beliefs.

Identify Theme Define or review definition for themes. Kira whispers that Jo should stand and look proud for a moment; Jo does so, and then climbs into her chair. Kira acts like a good mother for Jo, whispering her directions and telling her when she should sit down. Download it! Thomas mutters to Kira that he hears a noise: the clank of dragging metal.

Neither of them can identify where the noise comes from. Active Themes The Singer stands in the center of the hall, and the scraping sound stops. He holds out one arm, on which the robe shows the scene of the origin of the world. Kira feels great pride in her weaving.

The Singer begins to sing, without much of a melody. He will build up to melody later on. Kira speaker , Thomas the Carver speaker. Chapter 10 Quotes.

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Men, Women, and Gender Roles. Chapter 11 Quotes. Kira , Christopher. Chapter 12 Quotes. Chapter 15 Quotes. Kira speaker , Thomas the Carver , Jo.

Chapter 16 Quotes. Kira speaker. Chapter 17 Quotes. Kira speaker , Thomas the Carver , The Singer. Chapter 20 Quotes.

Gathering Blue

Matt speaker , Kira. Chapter 21 Quotes.

Chapter 22 Quotes. Kira speaker , Christopher speaker.

Chapter 23 Quotes. Kira , Thomas the Carver , Jo. Download it! The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance. Chapter 1.

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A girl named Kira , her age unspecified, calls for her mother, but no one replies. Kira thinks about the death rituals she has seen other families go through. Families bring the Kira has no family and no home; her home has been burned, along with everything in Yesterday, while Kira was sitting in the Field of the As she prepares to leave the Field of the Living, Kira thinks of a story her mother used to tell her.

She helps in the weaving As Kira thinks about her mother and her life, she walks back to her village, noticing tykes Kira sees a boy of eight or nine years, named Matt. Matt is holding an armful of twigs.

He tells Kira that her cott, or house, has been burnt.

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Whenever someone dies of sickness, Kira thinks, Chapter 2. Kira thinks about what to do, now that she knows the women of the village want Kira walks through her village to her cott. She notices Katrina's brother with his young son, Nothing remains of the cott Kira eats what remains of her garden—some dirty tubers.

After her father died, Kira and Katrina Kira insists that the She stands up Chapter 3. Kira arrives at the Council Edifice at the proper time.

She hears men arguing, and knows Kira comes to a large door. She knocks and a door guard lets her in, announcing Kira thinks that An old, white-haired guardian with a four-syllable name begins the meeting.

Kira immediately tells him that she wants to rebuild her cott and live her life. The chief guardian directs Vandara to begin.

[Download PDF] Gathering Blue

Vandara says that Kira should have been taken to the Field of the Living when she was born, because Vandara finishes her argument, the chief guardian looks to the eleven other guardians. Kira instantly Chapter 4. Jamison is unfamiliar to Kira , but this is because women and men barely associate past the time of childhood.

Kira realizes that he wrote down everything that Vandara said, and realizes that writing has great He concedes that Kira is lame, but points out that Kira works in the weaving shed. Kira is surprised The door guard brings food into the room. Kira receives roasted chicken and warm bread, but is afraid to eat as much as she Kira sees Matt as she waits outside the Council Edifice.

Matt tells her that he and Inside the Council Edifice, Jamison proceeds with his defense. Jamison argues that exceptions Kira stops daydreaming and realizes that Jamison is going down the list of accusations against her Chapter 5.

The chief guardian tells the guard Kira leaves the Council Edifice, and hears Matt calling her. The women Chapter 6. The bell at the Council Edifice rings four times, and Kira and Matt meet at the steps outside.

Kira is carrying an armful of things she In the large room of the Council Edifice, Jamison is waiting for Kira. As she sees him waiting, she feels slightly irritated, since she is old enough to Jamison shows Kira a bathtub with running water. He offers Matt the chance to bathe, but Matt says That night, Kira finds it difficult to fall asleep, despite her new bed, because of all that happened Chapter 7.

For breakfast the day after she arrives at the Chief Edifice, Kira eats a delicious meal, including eggs, cereal, bread, and cream. With her mother, Kira ate Kira dresses and combs her hair, and leaves her quarters to go for a walk. Thomas explains to Kira that there are no rules among the council: Kira notices that Chapter 8.

The morning after her conversation with Jamison, Kira meets Matt and tells him that she wants to go to the woods to see Kira and Matt walk through the forest to Annabella. As they walk, Kira asks Matt about After many hours of walking, which Kira finds difficult due to her leg, Kira and Matt reach a small cottage, inside which Annabella gives Kira a lesson in weaving.

Each plant corresponds to a different color: By the end of the day, Kira has learned the names of plants with which she can produce a large number of Chapter 9. It is the evening after Kira visited Annabella. Back in her quarters of the Council Edifice, Kira examines the robe she Almost no one is awake.

She sees that pieces When Kira asks Thomas what his work for the guardians involves, he explains that he re-carves the Kira falls into a schedule: It tells a long, complicated history. One part of Her hands Chapter Kira and Thomas run through the crowd to stop Matt.

Kira has very little experience in Later that night, Kira tries to explain how her cloth warned her about Matt, but finds it difficult to A short time after the events of the previous chapter, Kira visits Annabella in her cottage.

She goes there alone, a little frightened, since Matt has As Kira and Annabella boil coneflowers, Kira tells Annabella again that she was frightened about wild beasts Thomas points If this is so, she wonders Lately, Jamison As Kira thinks about her conversation with Jamison, it occurs to her that she can talk to Kira remains indoors studying the robe.

She focuses on the patches of the robe in orange, Matt, Branch, Kira , and Thomas are investigating the floor of the Edifice beneath the one on which Kira Then, she hears a child singing, inShe watched his ruined eyes, and saw that they were able, still, to weep. Brainstorm which life lessons seem prevalent. When he read the word hollyhock aloud with his finger on the word, she saw that it was long, with many lines like tall stems. Kira needs a reason for the Council to keep her in the village and not take her to the Field, which is certain death at the hands of The Beasts.

Page Number and Citation: The young protagonist of Gathering Blue , Kira is a girl with a lame leg, who is probably around twelve years old and who excels at weaving. Kira realizes that he wrote down everything that Vandara said, and realizes that writing has great How does fear control people?

When the chief guardian announces this, a side door opens, and guards push Jo forward toward her chair.

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