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The Comics Library Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 1 - 4. (). Frank Miller (Writer). Frank Miller, Klaus Janson. 01 the Dark Knight Returns - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd BY FRANK 'MILLER. Read Batman PDF - The Dark Knight Returns 30th Anniversary Edition by Frank Miller DC Comics | Celebrate 30 years of one of the most.

Frank Miller The Dark Knight Returns Pdf

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The Dark Knight Returns is a four-issue comic book miniseries starring Batman, written by Frank Miller, illustrated by Miller and Klaus Janson, and published Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version . written by Frank Miller, illustrated by Miller and Klaus Janson, and The Dark Knight Returns tells the story of Bruce Wayne, who at 55 years. This masterpiece of comics storytelling brings to life a dark world and an even darker man. Frank Miller completely reinvents the legend of Batman in his saga.

He tries to negotiate peace with the Mutant Leader at the time he was in police custody only to be killed by him. Deputy Mayor Stevenson : The deputy mayor of Gotham City, who later becomes the new mayor after the former mayor is killed by the Mutant Leader. He states that Commissioner Ellen Yindel will make the decision of how to act with Batman. Ronald Reagan : The president of the United States. He instructs Superman to deal with Batman in Gotham City.

Oliver Queen : After superheroes are outlawed, Queen, now in his late fifties, undertakes a clandestine rebellion against government oppression, including the sinking of a nuclear submarine. He lost his left arm, for which he blames Superman. Despite this disability, Queen is still a highly skilled marksman. In his inner thoughts he despises being a government tool, but he believes it is the only way he can save lives in this day and age. Appearing in his thirties, because of his Kryptonian physique, his aging process is slower than his former allies', which is one of the reasons of why he no longer able to hide his secret identity.

In the final climax, Superman battles Batman in a final attempt to rid the government of his opposition, but is weakened by a Kryptonite arrow fired by Queen, allowing an armored Batman to stand up to him. Lana Lang : The managing editor of the Daily Planet who is an outspoken supporter of Batman, appearing on a series of TV debates in which she argues with others over his methods and influence.

Dave Endochrine: A late night talk show host who invites the Joker and Dr. Wolper on his show; he and his audience are later killed by the Joker's poisonous gas.

He is a characterization of David Letterman. Bruno: The leader of a group of Nazi -inspired criminals. Working for the Joker, she battles Batman and Robin but is caught by Superman. Abner: Joker's hulking henchman. He builds two robotic dolls, Bobbie and Mary, to kill the Joker's TV audience; he later attempts to kill Robin at a funfair but is decapitated by a roller coaster instead.

Sons of Batman S. They have become followers of Batman since the defeat of the Mutant Leader, although they are too unruly and corrupt, taking severe measures to control the streets and even Batman.

They end up following Batman for good intentions instead of bad. Background and creation[ edit ] Comic creator Frank Miller at the San Diego Comic-Con International Since the s, when the Comics Code Authority was established, the character of Batman had drifted from his darker, more serious roots. It was not until the s when the character began to feature in darker stories once again; however, Batman was still commonly associated with the campy theme of the s Batman TV series , and as a father figure to Robin rather than the vigilante he was introduced as.

Giordano said he worked with Miller on the story's plot, and said, "[t]he version that was finally done was about his fourth or fifth draft. The basic storyline was the same but there were a lot of detours along the way. Each page was composed of either a combination of 16 panels, or anywhere between sixteen and one panel per page. Comics historian Les Daniels wrote that Miller's idea of ignoring deadlines was "the culmination of the quest towards artistic independence".

Time said the series' depiction of a "semi-retired Batman [who] is unsure about his crime-fighting abilities" was an example of trying to appeal to "today's skeptical readers". Slayton wrote, "[t]here is no central plot to the comic, leaving only a forced fight scene between Superman and Batman as an out of place climax to the story.

Influence[ edit ] Miller signing a copy of the book during a appearance at Midtown Comics The immense popularity of The Dark Knight Returns served both to return the character of Batman to a central role in pop culture, but also along with Watchmen started the era known as the Dark Age of Comic Books also known as the Modern Age and the Iron Age.

The grim, seedy versions of Gotham and Batman successfully updated the character's identity from the campy Adam West version remembered from the s Batman TV series , and proved critically and commercially successful enough that a new wave of "dark" superheroes were either created, repopularized, or revamped altogether to fit this new trend. Frank Miller has said he is working on a fourth series.

In , this version of Batman appeared in the Zero Hour: Crisis in Time crossover event playing a small role. In March , he would also appear in a brief cameo in the sixth and final issue of the Dark Nights: Metal event. Freeze going so far as speaking the sentence "The Dark Knight returns" upon meeting his nemesis.

In the season 2 episode "The Knights of Tomorrow! See also: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns film Tim Burton 's film Batman takes influence from the third book in the series, when Batman and the Joker have a fight to the death in the climax. In the film Batman Forever , director Joel Schumacher uses some references of the comic: when Bruce remembers falling into the cave as a kid, and in a deleted scene when GNN News makes a bad reputation of Batman after his fight with Two Face in Gotham Subway and before when he follows Two Face in a helicopter.

After the cancellation of Batman Unchained , Schumacher proposed an adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, which Warner considered during their attempts to revamp the character. However, the project was finally cancelled in favor of the also shelved Batman: DarKnight.

Batman film franchise producer Michael Uslan expressed interest in a possible adaptation. Also, the "copycats" in TDK are influenced by the "sons of Batman". Bruce decides to return as Batman when he realizes that The League of Shadows has returned to Gotham; Bruce uses a special brace for his arm to compensate his frail physicality. While in the film, Bruce uses a brace to support his damaged leg; During a police chase, two cops witness Batman's unexpected return.

The older cop comments to his younger partner, "You're in for a show, kid"; The fight between Batman and Bane was influenced by the two separate fights between Batman and the Mutant Leader. Due to years of inactivity, Batman fails to beat the Mutant Leader and gets badly beaten. In the second time, Batman brutally fights the Mutant Leader while his followers watch in silence; After Harvey Dent gets killed in " The Dark Knight ", Batman is falsely accused for his death and becomes a fugitive.

Similar to Batman's circumstances with the Joker in the graphic novel.

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At the end, Bruce abandons his personal life and persona as Batman by faking his death. So he can have a fresh start with his crime-fighting career. In the film, Bruce fakes his death so he can finally move on from Batman and start a new life with Selina Kyle in Florence. DC Entertainment produced a two-part animated adaptation. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice features Batman and Superman meeting each other for the first time in a live-action film.

Director Zack Snyder stated although the film is visually inspired by The Dark Knight Returns, with some elements borrowed, like an older and hardened Batman who lost Jason Todd in his younger years, the Batsuit closely resembling the one shown in the comic book and Batman wearing the armored suit in his battle against Superman shown in the comic, it featured an original premise.

The animated film Teen Titans Go!

To the Movies had Robin dream up a sequence which seems to parody Lion King, where he is lifted up by the Batman from the Dark Knight Returns continuity. Later on, Robin appears in a musical sequence where he parodies the iconic Dark Knight Returns cover where Robin poses against a lightning effect with the title: Robin: The Dark Hero Returns.

Merchandise[ edit ] In , to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the graphic novel, DC released a new hardcover and a later softcover release. These included original rough script text for issue 4 with some sketches by Miller. There was also a limited edition slip cased hardcover that had mini poster prints, separate media review and sketch book by Miller. It was released in full size and then later as a mini sized statue.

Later, a Batman and Joker Gift Set was released, including both characters with new color schemes to reflect earlier points in the story, and a page prestige format reprint of The Dark Knight Returns 1 was also released. Because the best kind of classic has pictures I've actively and successfully avoided reading TDKR for many years now.

Why, you ask? Well, to be honest, I was kinda scared. Now, if you aren't a comic book reader, then you might not understand how big of a deal this book is, but if you are? Yeah, you know. Which means, you're also aware of all the rabid comic nerds out there who go all stabby when you don't like their favorite character, publisher, title, bobblehead action figure Hey, I'm not judging!

Batman The Dark Knight Returns (1986)

I'm one of those nerds. Believe me, I know how dangerous it can be to wade into dork shark infested waters.

And if God forbid I wrote a review saying I didn't like this?! I've picked this up from the library multiple times, flipped through it, stuck it in my bag, and then took it back to my local branch at my earliest convenience.

01 the Dark Knight Returns

I mean, for real, Miller? You're killing my tiny dinosaur brain with all of those woooooords. And the art? It's kinda ugly. Put your pitchforks down!In the meantime, the superhero, one of the most resilient archetypes of American popular culture, is historicized and framed into a verisimilar postmodern scenario.

Batman reveals that he intentionally spared Superman's life by not using a more powerful kryptonite mix; the fight and near-death experience was meant as a warning to Superman to stay out of Batman's way. Ronald Reagan : The president of the United States. Miller F. A chimera. He states that Commissioner Ellen Yindel will make the decision of how to act with Batman.

While the plot and themes are somehow similar, the execution could not be more different. The cluttered feel of so many of the pages kept me from wanting to linger, and the knobbly faces of the characters were at times a turnoff.

The first villain we encounter is a new character not belonging to the Batman canon , i.

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