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Sweet Rome - Tillie Cole ().epub. KB. Sweet Fall Jennifer Van Wyk - All I KB .. Four Seconds To Lose - K.A. Tucker (3).epub. MB. back to page · Posts by Ali All posts Post search Wall posts. Until one night when he makes a fatal, wrong decision and loses everything. When a drunken Four Seconds To Lose (Book 3) When a.

Four Seconds To Lose Epub

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Four Seconds to Lose: Four Seconds to Lose_ A Novel - K. A. Tucker .pdf. МБ. Four Seconds to Lose_ A Novel - K. A. МБ. Ten Tiny Breaths - K.A. KB One Tiny Lie - K.A. MB. Four Seconds to Lose_ A Novel - K. A. Four Seconds to Lose book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When a gorgeous young dancer walks through his door, a stri.

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According to behavioral economic theory, people value items more when they have ownership or possession of them. This can be applied to the materiality shift that occurs with ePub. Each reader is able to create a distinctive reading experience, that though maybe not as the authors and publishers originally intended, creates a more materialistic attachment to the book. Frank Baum, is filled with colorful images, illustrated by W. Denslow, that draw in and engage readers both young and old.

Here we will compare two editions of the book: a first edition print and an ePub file via Apple iBook. The reader first notices that the covers and spine of the physical book include vibrant red and green illustrations featuring story favorites—the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, Toto, and of course, Dorothy—providing an introduction to the characters before one even cracks open the spine.

It provides no visual depictions and no contextual evidence for what is to come. Thinking about the intended audience of the book—children—the ePub does not draw in the same excitement and youthful anticipation for what is in store as the first edition does.

The lack of a colorful entrance provides no indication for the colorful world that Dorothy enters via tornado.

For those readers with no previous knowledge of the book or the subsequent movie, there is also nothing that draws one to this book over another.

Four Seconds to Lose

Covers of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. With physical books throughout history, they are often stored with their spines facing outwards towards the reader, with their front and back covers touching an adjacent book's front or back. With digital "libraries" such as Kindle and iBooks, the "front cover" equivalent is first presented to the reader. Gone are the elaborate covers as seen with the first edition of the Wizard of Oz.

Replacing it is simply the title of the book. When clicking on the book to read, the book automatically opens up to the inside of the book, leaving the cover visible for all of a few seconds.

Sample page of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Thus, one can argue that there is no true need for a book cover here. Unlike a time when the inner pages and parchment could be damaged by real-world elements, there is no true purpose for the cover of the book rather than identification and human comfort.

On the topic of comfort, a cover, especially in an eBook is a skeuomorph. Skeuomorphism can best be described as the "non-functional survival in shape or decoration" that exists because of its use in an earlier material.

There are more material differences to be noted once the reader does open the book. In the physical book, there are images throughout.

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From the copyright and introduction pages onward, there are depictions of the main characters and fields of poppies and much more; this is a stark contrast to the ePub version, where there are no images at all, just words. Described as reclusive, charming, moody, intense and principled, he "marche[d] to a different beat" and was also the kind of guy who would stop at nothing to protect those he loved.

Hardened by the dangers of her life, very little rattled her but she was at a vulnerable point in her life where she'd realized that the things she grew up considering 'normal' were in fact dangerous beyond belief and she wanted to get as far away from that life as she could.

She was a strong character with a touch of badass who was willing to go to any lengths to take back control of her life. I tuck it away in the recess of my mind, as just something I have to do, for now… It won't be forever. While their attraction was clear from the start, the pace at which they fell for each other was slower and very believable.

Cain wasn't eager to break his rules about being romantically involved with his staff and, given her plan, Charlie knew better than to get emotionally tangled with someone when she was planning on leaving anyways.

But their attraction was undeniable and not something either of them could brush away. I don't know how the monks survive. Probably not by watching live strip shows daily.

But as the double lives and secrets began to stack up, things got more and more intense -- especially towards the end. I couldn't flip the pages fast enough!! Only the nightmare is real! At pages, it was by far the longest of the series. It also introduces the epub:type attribute, which is meant to be functionally equivalent to the W3C Role Attribute.

This attribute allows any element in an XHTML Content Document to include additional information about its purpose and meaning within the work, using controlled vocabularies and terms. Dynamic Layouts: dynamic layout content is intended to be formatted on the fly rather than being typeset in a paginated manner in advance i.

Aural Renditions of content text-to-speech. Media Overlays provide the ability to synchronize the text and audio content. Both are important for accessibility.

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Fallbacks to provide alternate renditions of a Publication Scripting: trigger element added to the EPUB HTML5 profile enables image or textual elements to act as controls for audio and video playback for example, to start, stop and pause playback. This element eliminates the common use of scripting to include similar functionality. The switch element provides a means for Authors to tailor the content displayed to Users without having to resort to scripted solutions.

It is intended to be functionally equivalent to the W3C Role Attribute but with restrictions.She also fought Cain a lot, but eventually she left her emotions rule, which was a must in this relationship, from both sides. This had generally been an easy rule for him to follow until Charlie walked through his door. She can handle all of them. View all 38 comments. To be more. View all 22 comments.

I know I am kind of late to the party here but I so badly want this battered teddy bear to get his own HEA. I think the plot is better compared on the previous books.

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