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Details of Form NoH other than this form filed for the previous year, if any6. Total No. of (b) If yes, latest assessment year for which assessed. Signature of . Form No.: 15H. Declaration under sub-section (1C) of section A of the Income-tax Act, , to be made by an individual who is of the PDF; Fillable Form. FORM NO. 15H. [See Section A(1C) and Rule 29C(1A)]. Declaration under section A(1C) of the Income Tax Act, to be made by an individual who is .

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Reader can download the latest Form 15G and Form 15H in Excel, Word and PDF format from the links given at the bottom of the article. (b) If yes, latest assessment year for which assessed. Estimated income for No. of Form No. 15G filed. Aggregate amount of income for which Form NoG. Income Tax form 15H: Declaration by asenior citizens claiming certain receipts without deduction of tax en Excel / PDF (Fillable like Excel). to prevent accidental deletion of inbuilt formulas / spoil formatting and to check their installation of the latest version of the PDF reader software on your computer.

You can prove that the tax on your total income of the previous year in which the interest is to be received shall be nil, even after including the cumulative interest the bank should not resort to tax deduction at source. You can submit Form 15H for deduction of tax at source for A.

Question :- I am a senior citizen having income liable for tax deduction at source in respect of my deposits with State Bank of India. They asked me whether I would be filing declaration in Form 15G or 15H in the first week of March in respect of payments made during the year so that I am in a position to judge whether I have taxable income for the year or not and file declaration in Form 15H, if I have no taxable income.

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On the other hand, State Bank of India and, I understand, some other banks require form at the time of deposit itself. It may not be proper for the bank to act on such declaration made in one year for another year or for that matter act on a declaration which had become stale filed in earlier part of the year for payment towards the end of the year.

What is the correct position of law? The law itself does not provide for any date on which the declaration is required to be filed as long as it relates to the income of the year and filed during the year.

Since the deduction of tax at source has to be decided on the date of each credit or payment, deduction has to be made for each such credit or payment. Where an investor is not able to file the declaration in earlier part of the year in view of the uncertainty as to the prospect of his income crossing the exemption limit, he can probably inform the bank that deduction could be deferred till the end of the year.

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But then, the bank would like to have the declaration at the time of payment so that the declaration may have necessarily to be filed before the first quarterly payment, if the interest is payable quarterly. The difficulty for the investor in ascertaining the income in advance in such cases cannot be avoided. Tax may have to be deducted and refund applied in due course in such cases. Form No.

But there is no such schedule at all. In Form 15G carries this detail is given under serial no. As regards the first point, the limit for tax deduction for others is inapplicable for senior citizens, but the limit for statutory deduction under Sec.

The second point made by him is correct. For FY this limit is Rs 2.


The total tax calculated after taking all the deductions and exemptions is NIL for the financial year. Form 15H eligibility: Your age is 60 years or more You must be Indian resident The total tax calculated after taking all the deductions and exemptions is NIL for the financial year.

Examples: The figure below gives some examples to check the eligibility to fill Form 15G and Form 15H. Are you eligible to fill Form 15G and Form 15H? I really wonder why Government department makes forms so complicated and use such technical field names.

You can also refer to your banks site to download these forms. Assessee refers to the name of the person on whose name the investment has been done. This confuses many people. If you invest in a taxable investment like a bank fixed deposit FD , recurring deposit or company deposit, the interest you earn gets taxed.

In most fixed-income products, unless it's a tax-free investment, since the interest income earned during the year has to be added to your income it will be taxed. In other words, the interest income is entirely taxable as per the individual's income tax rate of 5.

The tax will be deducted at source TDS by the institution when the interest is paid to the investor. The amount of TDS can be adjusted later by the taxpayer while paying the annual taxes or at the time of filing the income tax return ITR. Here is how you can avoid paying TDS on your fixed income investments.

TDS limits The institution will deduct tax at source only when the interest income exceeds a certain limit.You also have the option of submitting Form 15G online on the website of most major banks in India.

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No procedural rules has been prescribed as regard to filing of Form 15G. Senior Citizens who are eligible to file Declaration in Form 15H has no such conditions. Details of income for which the declaration is filed — Mention the details of the investment for which the form is being submitted. Form No. Now she passed away.

As, her total income is above basic exemption limit Rs 2. Assessee refers to the name of the person on whose name the investment has been done. Download Form 15H in Excel Format.

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