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50 Shades Of Grey Pdf Free Download In Hindi. Reads 0 Votes 1 Part Story. guiswitressmand By guiswitressmand Ongoing - Updated Dec 22, Fifty Shades Of Grey (फिफ्टी शेड्स ऑफ ग्रे) in Hindi by E. L. James - Download ebook on Dailyhunt. A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from the US Congress Library. E L James is currently working on the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey and a.

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Read "Fifty Shades Trilogy: Fifty Shades of Grey / Fifty Shades Darker / Fifty Shades Freed" by E L James with Rakuten Kobo. All three books in the. Buy Fifty Shades Freed (Hindi): Read 8 Kindle Store Reviews - Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, Book 1). E L James · out of 5 stars 73, Vintage and colophon are registered trademarks of Random House, Inc. Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades. Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed are works of fiction.

She abruptly shuts off the laptop and lies in bed, crying. Not even 10 minutes later, there is a commotion of Kate yelling at someone and Christian bursts into Ana's bedroom.

Kate offers to throw him out, but Ana says it's fine. He wants to know why she is upset and feels it must be something he's done men really are oblivious.

Ana feels that he is trying to change her, but he doesn't see it that way and likes her the way she is. He just needs to feel that control over her by getting her to obey him and punishing her when she doesn't.

Christian points out that she was sexually aroused after the spanking, so some part of her did enjoy it. He wants them to be honest with each other for their relationship to work. He lies down in bed with her, and they sleep. In the morning, Christian wakes up and realizes he's going to be late for a meeting. He leaves Ana with a promise to see her on Sunday. Ana gets ready for her last day working at Clayton's feeling good about her relationship with Christian.

She exchanges a few emails with Christian about her confused feelings about being spanked. He tells her that she shouldn't feel ashamed and that she should free her mind and her body. Later at work, she gets another delivery from Christian: a blackberry so that he can contact her even more frequently now. He sends her an email saying he's leaving for Seattle and that he will see her on Sunday at Escala.

Ana and Kate finally finish packing their apartment. Taylor comes to get Ana's Beetle so he can sell it, and Ana asks him how long he's been working for Christian 4 years. He also adds that Christian is "a good man" and Ana hopes this is the truth. Jose and Elliot show up later, and Ana and Jose decide to leave Kate and Elliot alone and get a drink at a bar. Later on, Ana discovers an email, several missed calls, and a stern voicemail from Christian she promised to email after work, but she forgot.

She calls him and they talk for a bit, ending with him wishing her luck with the move tomorrow. The next day, Elliot helps Kate and Ana move into their new place in Seattle.

Christian has fancy champagne delivered to them as housewarming gift. Sunday arrives, and Ana heads to Escala. Upon arriving, Christian shows her a picture that was taken of them as a couple at the graduation in the Seattle Times she is captioned as a "friend". Christian has scheduled for the best ob-gin in the city, Dr. Greene, to see Ana for a full examination and to prescribe her birth control pills.

Before the doctor shows up, Christian invites Ana for dinner at his mother's house that evening, adding that he's never introduced a girl to his family before. Greene arrives and exams Ana, leaving her with a prescription. He goes into Dominant mode and starts giving her orders as to how she should act when they are in the playroom.

Her hair must be braided, and she must wear nothing but her panties and sit on her knees by the door until he tells her otherwise. She does as she is told and he is pleased. They engage in some kinky sex with her being shackled from the ceiling, fondled with a riding crop, and then fucked up against a wooden cross on the wall. Despite her exhaustion, he has sex with her a second time, this time doggie-style with her hands tied together with a cable tie that he bought at Clayton's.

With such excitement, Ana squirts all over Christian. After some sleep, they get ready to go to Christian's parents' house for dinner. Christian, however, pocketed Ana's panties during foreplay in the playroom and hasn't given them back. Ana decides to call his bluff and not ask for them back because he knows that's what he wants her to do, so she goes to the dinner without any panties on.

Taylor drives them to the Greys' house, and they discuss Mrs. Robinson briefly she taught Christian how to dance.

They arrive, and the family greets them, including Kate, Elliot, and Mia who is back from Paris. Ana begins to feel that Christian only invited her along because Elliot invited Kate and he felt obligated.

She also discloses to the family that she's planning on going to Georgia for a few days to see her mother, and Christian is obviously not thrilled about this. During dinner, they discuss various topics Paris, Elliot's current construction job, etc and Christian discreetly caresses Ana's thigh under the table, however, she abruptly shifts her legs away from him in response. He states he wants to show Ana the grounds and they leave the dining room together, with Christian practically dragging her across the backyard into the boathouse.

She knows he's angry, but pleads with him not to spank her and instead gently touches his face and initiates a tender romantic kiss.

He responds passionately but breaks away from her saying, "What are you doing to me? He's mad that she never told him about going to Georgia and he's going to have a quick, rough anal sex with her and not let her cum as punishment. After their tryst, Mia comes to find them so they can say goodbye to Elliot and Kate.

Ana and Christian say their own farewells and head back to Escala. They discuss her trip to Georgia and Christian gives his blessing for her to go if it means so much to her. She says she needs time away from him and everything that has happened so she can get some clarity. Christian is worried that she is changing her mind about things, but tells her to take the time and sign the contract after Georgia.

They arrive at Escala and get ready for bed. She wants him to make love to her and to be able to touch him, but he refuses. She insists on knowing more about his past so she can get to know him better, and he decides to tell her a few things after they engage in more kinky sex. He inserts 2 small metallic balls into her vagina and has her get him a glass of water they stimulate as she walks. He spanks her a few times for pleasure, not punishment , and they have sex.

As they finally settle for sleep, Christian abruptly tells Ana that his birth mother was a crack whore who died when he was 4 years old. Ana wakes the next morning alone. She feels saddened by the new information Christian has told her and has a better understanding of why he lives an isolated life; however she still doesn't know why she can't touch him. She meets Mrs. Jones, Christian's housekeeper, in the kitchen. She finds Christian in his study, taking a business call.

After his call, they have sex on his desk. He's disappointed that she still wants to go to Georgia. Later during breakfast, he offers Ana his private jet for her trip, but she refuses. They discuss her internship interview that she has scheduled that day, though she refuses to tell Christian which publishing company it's for so he won't interfere.

She brings up the info he told her the previous night about his birth mother and he reveals he's never told anyone that before. He makes her promise to think about their arrangement while she is away, and they tell each other how much they'll miss each other. She meets Elizabeth Morgan, who is head of human resources. She is interviewed by Jack Hyde, the acquisitions editor. The interview goes well. At home, Ana and Kate discuss Christian.

Kate says she thinks Christian is in love with Ana, and that Ana should confess her feelings to him, but she just isn't sure about all of it. Later, her and Christian exchange more flirty emails and she tells him that she will contact him when she is in Georgia. Kate and Ana go to the airport, and part ways to get on their flights. Ana discovers Christian has upgraded her ticket to first class. She enjoys the perks of first class despite being annoyed at Christian's stalker-ish tendencies.

She sends him a few flirty emails before takeoff, and one of his responses talks about her being "bound and gagged in a crate. She shares her complicated feelings towards him and how she needs some distance to sort them out.

Ana has an emotional reunion with her mother and Bob. She texts Christian and her friends that she arrived in Georgia safely. She remembers Jose has an art gallery opening coming up and thinks about asking Christian to go with her. Later, at the beach, Ana and her mom discuss Christian and her mom gives her some good advice about men not being as complicated as women make them out to be, and that Ana should just take him literally and not over-think things.

At the house, Ana unpacks and checks her email and sees Christian's reply. His response is very long, basically saying that Ana has totally disarmed him and he has never wanted to share his lifestyle more with anyone else than he does with her. He wants to make things work between them and will do whatever it takes to make her trust him and be comfortable.

She realizes how much she misses him after reading it. Ana and Christian send emails to each other throughout much of the night. Christian leaves her hanging at one point, saying that he's having dinner with an old friend and he will be driving. She figures out that the "old friend" is probably Mrs. Robinson and isn't too happy. She sends Christian one last email asking him if it is Mrs. Robinson and doesn't get a response. The next day, Ana and her mother are at a bar drinking Cosmopolitans and talking more about men.

Her mom gets the feeling that Ana isn't telling her everything that's bothering her about Christian. Ana finally gets a response from Christian on her Blackberry, confirming that it was Mrs. Robinson and that she is just an old friend. He also makes a remark about how many Cosmos she's drinking, and she figures out that he's there somewhere watching her. She sees him across the room, and he walks over to their table.

Ana is very mad but contains herself and introduces him to her mom. They exchange some friendly banter and Carla invites him over to dinner for the next evening, and he accepts. She excuses herself to the bathroom so Ana and Christian can be alone, and they discuss Mrs. Robinson while she is gone. Ana sees her as a child molester, and Christian just doesn't see it that way and says that their sexual relationship is over, and she shouldn't be mad about him meeting up with her.

He says that she was a "force for good" and that she "helped" him when he needed it the most. Ana inquires more about their past relationship and how it ended, to which Christian reveals that her husband eventually found out about them. Ana asks "Did you love her? Christian excuses himself and tells Ana he will call her in the morning.

Carla is convinced that Christian has strong feelings for Ana and urges her to go to him and see it through, considering he's flown across the country just to see her. Ana knocks on Christian's door and he opens it while taking a business call. She demands an answer to her last question, to which he says "no.

They embrace and have wind up having sex in the bathroom, despite the fact that she has her period it doesn't bother him. Afterwards, she notices a few burn scars on his chest that must have been from cigarettes. He assures her that Mrs. Robinson didn't make those, and defends her again saying that she kept him from going down the same path as his birth mother. He goes to her for advice about lots of things, including Ana herself. He's never had these in-depth discussions with anyone before Ana, except with his therapist, Dr.

He turns the tables and asks how she feels about their arrangement. She admits that she doesn't think she can be his submissive for entire weekends as stated in the contract , and he agrees, saying jokingly that she's, "not a great submissive. They talk some more and have sex in the bathtub.

Ana admits to herself that she loves Christian. Later, they talk more about Christian's past sexual partners, to which there are many he can't give her a specific number , and they were all submissive however only 15 have been in the playroom. He reveals that he's paid for sex in the past, and there are BDSM places around for people to go if they want to learn and engage in the lifestyle. Ana is shocked by this and says that she can't shock him back.

He reveals that she has shocked him several times being a virgin, not wearing her underwear to his parents house, etc. He tells her that he has a surprise for her in the morning, and they go to sleep.

They get up very early the next day, and he takes her to a mystery location.

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He says that one of his past submissive, Leila, put that song on there. Ana asks why things ended with Leila, and he says because she wanted more and he didn't.

He has never wanted more, until he met Ana. He's had four long-term relationships apart from Elena Mrs. Robinson's real name, the first time we've heard it. They all ended with Christian not wanting more, and they did, apart from one who found someone else. All of the others "just didn't work out. After the trip, he gives her a romantic kiss and they head out to eat breakfast at an IHOP. They order food and Ana brings up the fact that Christian has "changed his mind" about the nature of their relationship.

He thinks of it more as that they have to "redefine our parameters. Christian drops Ana off at her mother's house and they part ways.

She tells Carla about her evening and offers to help her make a meal for Christian's visit that night. Ana emails Christian, thanking him for gliding trip, and they exchange more flirty emails. She gets a call from Christian soon after, and he tells her that an emergency has come up in Seattle, and he has to fly back right away and will not make dinner. He says Taylor will pick her up from the airport tomorrow. Later, Ana thinks about Christian's change in attitude about wanting a more traditional relationship with her and realizes that Elena must have given him some advice about it, hence the change.

She wonders if he landed safely and Seattle and emails him.

They exchange more flirty banter. However, the "situation" in Seattle is not under control yet Christian never reveals what it is.

Ana flies home the next day. Taylor meets her at the airport in Seattle and drives her to Escala. She asks how Christian is, and he says he is "preoccupied. They take a shower together, and she tells him that she got a job, but she won't say where. She also invites him to go to Jose's photography show in Portland on Thursday, and he accepts. He washes her body, and she asks if she can do the same to him, to which he refuses and initiates sex with her again instead. Later, after eating a meal, Ana asks about the "situation," and Christian says it's "out of hand" but nothing for her to worry about.

Christian requests that Ana go to the playroom in fifteen minutes. He's had a whole wardrobe of clothes bought for her, as well. She goes to her room and assumes the required submissive playroom attire panties only and kneels by the playroom door. Christian enters and grabs something from a drawer. He instructs her that he is going to do something very intense to her, and she will not be able to see or hear him.

Fifty Shades Of Black P 01

He takes her to the bed, braids her hair, and shows her the flogger that he's going to use on her. He reminds her of the safe words she should use if she is in pain "yellow" to slow down, "red" to stop completely. She lies on the bed, blindfolds her, puts iPod ear buds in her ears, and ties her arms and legs spread eagle style to each of the four posts of the bed with leather cuffs.

Beautiful music plays in her ears while Christian drags the flogger around her body to create different sensations.

Eventually they have sex, and he releases her from her constraints and massages her shoulders afterwards. She asks him about what he heard her say in her sleep during their night together in Georgia, and he tells her that it was stuff about cages, strawberries, that she wanted more and that she missed him.

She is relieved that it wasn't anything else, and he wonders if she is hiding something from him. Later, after sleeping, Ana wakes up and has to take her birth control pill the time zone changes have screwed up her schedule. She finds Christian playing a sad song on his piano. She asks him when he started playing, and he says that when he was 6 years old, he threw himself into learning piano to please his new parents Grace and Carrick.

He wants to have sex on the piano, but she just wants to talk. They discuss the contract, and Christian says that the contract is pretty much obsolete at this point.

She asks him to clarify what that means, and he states that he wants her to follow the rules all the time, but not the rest of the contract unless they are in the playroom , and that he will still punish her if she breaks any of the rules.

She wants to reread the rules, and he fetches her a copy of the contract to do so. After reading, Ana rolls her eyes, which has always been a rule-breaker for Christian. She realizes what she's done, and asks if he wants to spank her now, to which he obliges. However, she teases him by getting him to chase her around the kitchen. He playfully goes along with it and says that it's almost as if she doesn't want him to catch her, and she admits that's exactly what it is.

She states, "I feel about punishment the way you feel about me touching you" and he is immediately saddened and horrified by this, showing just how much the notion of anyone touching him makes him fearful. Ana says she lets him spank her because he needs it, and he admits that he does need to hurt her, but nothing that she couldn't take.

She wants to know why he needs to hurt her, and he says that if he tells her the reason, she will run screaming from the room and will never want to return.

He doesn't want to risk losing her because he couldn't bear it and starts kissing her and begging her not to ever leave him. She senses in all of this, that Christian is lost in some private darkness and needs help. She decides to let him punish her. He is shocked and confused by this change of events, but she insists that he shows her "how much it hurts. Christian leads Ana to the playroom and asks her to bend over a bench. She gets herself ready, mentally, telling herself that she can do this.

Christian clarifies that he is going to hit her six times with a belt on the butt and that she will count each time. He tells her he is doing this because she rolled her eyes and tried to run away from her, and he doesn't want her to do that. He begins, and hits her once with the belt and it hurts a lot. With each hit from the belt, Ana is in a lot of pain and cannot control tears streaming down her face despite wanting to control herself. After the sixth and final blow, he immediately embraces her lovingly; however she pulls away and wants nothing to do with him.

She calls him a "fucked-up son of a bitch" and leaves the playroom. Christian is completely shocked and does not understand. Ana cries in the other room, sad that she's in love with "fifty shades" and that this was all a wake-up call that there is no way she can be with him if she has to endure punishment like that.

Christian joins her, bringing her cream and Advil for the soreness on her butt. He holds her and begs for her not to hate him, and she apologizes for the terrible thing she said. She also states that she can't be everything he wants her to be, and he disagrees, saying that she is everything he wants.

She doesn't understand, saying that she isn't obedient, and she is "sure as hell" not going to let him hit her ever again like he just did. With a sudden bleak expression, he says, "You're right. I should let you go.

In it, they specifically address how women are conditioned from early ages to be passive and accept and affect certain attitudes and behaviors. Here are some of the social rules they list and elaborate on: 1. When spoken to, a woman must acknowledge the other person with a gracious smile. Women must answer questions asked of them. Women must not bother other people or make a scene because they are uncomfortable. When in trouble, it is best to defer to the protection and judgment of men.

It is the natural state of affairs for men to carry the financial burden of social situations. When engaged in a social encounter, it is not proper for a woman to superior in any game, sport or discussion if she wants to be accepted.

Women should always accept and trust the kindness of strangers if they offer help. Simply put, Ana, the main character in this series, continuously exhibits the behaviors listed in the rules and seems to have the mentality of those listed in the bullets. She might as well be the case study on which both were based. I shuffle from foot to foot, embarrassed. Just after this, Paul asks her out. Or is it something more than that?

You should be. How does Ana respond to this declaration? What does this tell us? She felt the need to flee. She felt the need to not be alone with him. But instead of speaking up, she fled. She never voices her discomfort. She is the submissive, quiet person that society has taught her to be. And 70 million people have read about her and have had these dangerously passive behaviors reinforced, yet again, through her actions, behaviors and words or lack thereof.

How will this same mentality play out in a situation involving sexual assault? I feel panicky, drunk, and out of control. The feeling is suffocating. Luckily, Ana is spared further abuse because the one and only Christian Grey arrives on the scene and saves her. You got that, ladies?

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Bear in mind that this little scene takes place in the parking lot outside of a crowded bar, just a shout away from salvation. And we should not be surprised when they behave these ways during attempted or completed rapes.

Women will behave the same way they have been taught to behave in all social, professional, and sexual interactions. I sure thought so. I glare at him.

Ana, who are you kidding? Leave that to the menfolk. Men, you know, the other sex, the ones that have been raised to talk about emotions. In public. A stranger.They discuss her future plans to apply for internships and move to Seattle after graduation. However, Ana doesn't see it that way. Was the book hard to get through or did you just want to demonstrate how you felt while Eloise wrote: Bella is still trying to save Edward from himself due to his troubled past. Sure, she may whine about it afterwards, or use the excuse that she doesn't want to lose him, but she makes the choices, she holds the power.

The song ends and the iPod shuffles to Damien Rice being morunful. Soon he visits her at the hardware store where she works and invites Ana for a coffee, but he leaves her telling that he is not the man for her.

Ana sees her as a child molester, and Christian just doesn't see it that way and says that their sexual relationship is over, and she shouldn't be mad about him meeting up with her. And I'm not sorry for saying so. The University of California has an interesting article about how social and cultural norms perpetuate rape and rape culture.

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