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SICARIO. Written by. TAYLOR SHERIDAN. Address. Phone Number. Page 2. OPEN ON: A MAN, standing waist-deep in the surf. White shirt, neck tie, hair. And yet, the reports in the United. States were about the risk of violence spilling over the border. There were few reports of the violence in Juárez. The sicario's. El Sicario – the hitman / Charles Bowden and Molly Molloy. 1 7 ( pbk). Sicario. Drug traffic – Mexico. Narco – terrorism – Mexico. Murder – Mexico.

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SICARIO by Taylor Sheridan - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Movie script. Get Free Read & Download Files El Sicario PDF. EL SICARIO. Download: El Sicario. EL SICARIO - In this site isn`t the same as a solution manual you buy. Article — From the May issue. The sicario. A Juárez hit man speaks. By Charles Bowden · Download Pdf · Read Online. This article is available in PDF and.

The kid with the AK 47 in the back of the Buick makes a move for his door handle. Alejandro clocks it, puts 10 rounds through the window, killing him and the man beside him before the door is opened.

He raises an AK 47 to his shoulder -- pointed right at her. Before she can think, her gun is raised and firing through the tinted window.

The sound is deafening. Alejandro and the agent riding shotgun jump in and roll their windows down and sit out of them like turrets as the vehicles start up and race to the border. They pass the guard house without stopping, Border Agents waving them onward through the finish line.

More agents point weapons and scream at the Mexican State police officers who have emerged from their offices. It is absolute madness Alejandro and the agent sit back in the vehicles and roll up the windows They are back in America. Macy struggles to get her breath. No one speaks. After a long beat This is going to be on the front page of every newspaper in America.

It wont even make the paper in El Paso The convoy is safe. It races past traffic, red sirens lighting the dashboards The vehicles pull in and park. Agents and operators exit the vehicles and amble toward the entrance. Macy gets out, her head spinning. Matt walks up to her. She holds out a hand, begging him away. Give me a minute.

MATT Yeah. That got a little nutty, huh? MACY No. This isnt Youre a fucking spook. And HIM!! Who the fuck is that?? He lets her vent. Burning the unused adrenaline. MATT Hey. I told you to stay here MACY Im not qualified for this. Im good at what I do, but Im not a soldier. Dont sell yourself short. Reason Reggies home is I know hes not ready for this, but hes gonna have to get ready real quick, because this is the future.

Juarez is what happens when they dig in Dont do that to me. The demon is inside. We just make potions that release it. The muscles of his neck tense. No justice. It simply is His lip curls. His eyes open. He looks down. And still. They must be forced to look at all they have destroyed.

By having the same done to them. Or they will forget Forget they are human. Believe they are as different as they feel Then they are the lion, and everything we loved and lost, simply its meal. Alejandro is holding someone under the water. He lets the drowning man catch a breath, barely. Pushes him back under. Looks out. Lost in thought. We watch from the beach as Alejandro stands in the ocean to his belly, the sun high overhead.

CUT TO: Thy Kingdom come Her lips are moving, silently reciting Stops in the yard of a crumbling house. They all rise and leap from the vehicle. The back of her vest reads: MACY Give us this day It falls like a drawbridge. A rooster tail of shell casings are thrown over us. In the hallway now..

From the corner of her eye she sees: She hurries the words. She gets dizzy. She speaks the prayer faster. The chaos is closer.. She turns. We watch over her shoulder as she returns fire. Adrenaline hits her like a fever. A SWAT officer rushes to her. She runs through the busted doorINT. So close now. A taser is pressed to his neck and he falls. SWAT officers rush in.

(PDF Download) El Sicario: The Autobiography of a Mexican Assassin Download

Bullet after bullet pound him. Macy takes in the chaos.. A round hits him in the face and he is thrown back -. Looks closer. Looks at it. Leans forward. Dry skin sunken into bones like cellophane. Just sits in you. Macy nods. The entire house is a tomb.

Swallows water from a bottle.. Bodies are standing side by side. Sits beside her. Other officers join her. I saw. Macy stands up and turns around. What the fuck IS that??

His face now inches from the hole then jumps back like he was bitten by a snake. Got wrapped up in the front room.

They yank and tear a six foot hole in the wall. Macy sits on the porch. The SWAT officer looks at the hole in the drywall. A lime-green dust has spilled out on the floor. She walks up and starts pulling at the drywall. Holds it down maybe ten seconds.. African American.. I oughta fucking pepper spray you. MACY Yeah. Lance swallows his anger and his pride. Phil nods. She turns and sees: No dry wall anywhere now: The smell is atrocious..

To a coroner How many total? You okay? Jennings nods and sighs. We see where they lead: Looks under. Lifts the hatch a little. He reaches the floor Studies the faces -. Jennings walks to the wall. The smell is getting to Reggie. As the hatch is lifted.

Jennings stops at the body of the man Macy killed. Jennings and Macy walk down the hall.. The officer kneels down. They are brought over and the lock is cut. MACY No way to connect him. Aerial footage of the tract house and obliterated storage plays. He answers it. As we pull back.. You can clearly see two bodies covered in tarps but Phoenix Police will not release names or even confirm the deaths.

A cell phone rings. His head slowly shakes as he watches and listens. Macy and Jennings walk outside. As the sunlight hits them. Our entire world is filled with a brown cloud and screams. Phoenix police have released no details. Water washes over us.. Turns it on. The purpose is to decontaminate. The hair brush catches. Dark brown hair is vigorously scrubbed.

Macy looks at the screen. We stare at the spout. Call display: Macy stands in front of the mirror. MACY She extracts the brush. Feels around on her scalp and retrieves a piece of bone. Everyone sure missed you today. Macy does not relax in this shower-. Answers it Mom.

We look at the drain. The decor is Spare. Her cell phone rings. Pulls her head back. There are abrasions on her cheek and a deep cut that runs down from the corner of her eye-.

Keeps walking. MACY Me too. Functional and nothing more. She wraps it in toilet paper. You get my card? Gonna try this again. Happy birthday. What happened to your face?

MACY Nothing. MOM Kate. MOM Can you see me? MACY Stay in one place. I just got -MOM V. Lean forward -. MACY Who came to the party? She leans back and forth in front of the lens. MOM What a waste of a law degree. I can see it.. Macy holds her tongue. MOM V. Get on the computer..

MOM You look tired. MACY I am. Yes sir. I thought that was very sweet. Hangs up. I can. She rubs her eyes. So tired. How does it feel to be 60? MOM It would feel a lot better with a grandchild. MOM Evan sent me a card.. I can be there in. I hope you two will become friends. Have you two spoken?

Macy sighs Macy and Reggie sit in chairs against a glass wall. Nothing like a divorce to bring people closer. Her cell phone rings.. She flips it open.

Phil sitting beside him. She rises and shares a look with Reggie. His demeanor is easy. Of course.

Turns around Oh shit. PHIL Would you step in here. Phil walks toward them. Macy turns around and rests her head against the glass. For the first time. The door closes behind her. All these men look important. MACY Come on.

Matt smiles. No idea. In the glass office behind them. Macy turns and looks through the wall at the men. Macy lets out a heavy breath. Mexican police are holding him in Juarez. Macy feels woefully unprepared for an inquisition. Sun Valley.

MACY Um. She says nothing MATT Guillermo She looks at Matt.. MACY None of this is in his file. The loss of two officers not withstanding. What do you know about his cousin? MACY His company. She stands there for a beat. MATT Loose lips sink ships. She sits back down next to Reggie. MATT You married? He works for Border Patrol and got to keep the condo and my Bronco.

Phil stands up. MATT Day after. This is Matt Graves. MACY Luke. Phil stands at the door. We watch the men speaking through the glass.

PHIL Will you come in. To Matt at Luke. She walks in and stands across from Jennings.. MACY What does that mean? PHIL State Department is pulling an agent from the field that specializes in responding to escalated cartel activity. This is Phoenix Homicide now Air Force base? MACY His brother. She takes this in.

MATT Our objective is to dramatically overreact.. You must volunteer for an interagency task force. She looks back at Reggie -. You want to be a part of this? Jennings looks at her She looks back at Reggie. She is theirs now Think very hard before you respond.. But the hunter in her is awake. He smiles. MACY Then yeah.. MACY We get an opportunity at the men responsible for today?

MACY Okay. Eliseo keeps a tight hold of his hand. He feels it. Two chickens are in the kitchen. The little boy taps him on the chest. Tenemos que ir! The boy pulls with all his might. Eyes pop open. A woman stands over a stove. He is eight. It is a game. An opening leads to a small patio that now serves mostly as a chicken coop. Silvio makes a show of resisting. Beads of sweat on his brow and cheeks. Morning sun hits closed eyes.

Bright brown eyes. Tengo un juego de futbol! Silvio acts surprised. Thick mustache. Silvio and Eliseo wander away. Face to the sun. At least they have that. We are back with Alejandro. Hands him a coffee. The mascot of this dying city..

He lets the man up. Only thing on the street is a stray dog burying itself in an overturned trash can. Silvio and Eliseo exit the house. Tenemos priso mama! She turns and smiles at her son.. No idea how unlucky he is. She stopped loving him years ago. Her eyes pass over Silvio. They turn and disappear around the corner.

Silvio wears a State Police uniform. He sits down. Silvio stares back. She scoops eggs onto a plate with tortillas. He sniffs it. Without a word she pours in two fingers of tequila. BEACH -. The boy stares at his father with endless joy. They walk past cinder-block houses.

He looks at Alejandro with the pleading eyes of a man whose will has been broken. The boy wears his uniform.. Tejano music. The boy smiles.. Considers fighting him again. MAN What will you do with me? Say it. If the Americans would leave. They sit back and bathe in the sun.

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Sit down.. We need to dry. Alejandro slaps the man across the face. They walk a few steps and the man tries it again. The man makes a half hearted attempt at attacking Alejandro. The man is uncomfortablekidnapper and captive. Alejandro lets the man up and pushes him toward the shore. MAN Colonel Guteman. He considers running. He nods. He walks ahead of Alejandro. They come around a bend and we see: Alejandro turns his face to the sun I just wanted to know.

MAN How do I avoid that? MAN Will I be arrested? MAN If you tell. Colombia may be corrupt. Alejandro nods. They have been at it much longer.

The sicario

Alejandro and the man walk along a two track road through a field of sugar cane. The man turns to Alejandro. They will kill me. Structures built in simple but orderly rows. Soldiers move about. None of the filth and chaos of northern Mexico. MAN So. Alejandro stands for a moment. The man walks away. Matt stands in front. Alejandro offers him a polite smile. They walk toward each other.

The tiniest hint of a smile curls his lips. Thank you. Alejandro looks over the Marines. It leads to Fausto. MATT To keep my promise.

Alejandro turns in another direction. MACY We do what we need to do. Macy riding shotgun. She smiles. MACY Yeah.. She deflects. Reggie pulls to the guard post. Reggie drives. Through the windshield. MATT Yeah. They walk to him.

Am I late? Macy walks toward the runways. Alejandro sits on a bench. We just landed. He stands. MATT O. MACY No. She walks to him and they head off.

This way. She walks around the front of the Tahoe and disappears with the MP into the guard house. Kate Macy. Juarez will demand all of your focus. He looks like a doctor or accountant.. They climb in. He catches her looking at him. MACY None. She laughs. He walks off. He lays his head back and closes his eyes.

Macy looks at Matt. What IS the operation? He gives her a polite smile. Food on this flight? Macy sits beside Alejandro. MACY Right.. Shakes his head. Studies him MATT They got some bitchin peanuts in the back.

Kind of a self-serve deal though. He puts his head back, closes his eyes. She looks over at Alejandro who is already asleep. No chance of sleep. Pulls a magazine from the seat back as the plane begins to taxi Sunlight spilling over him through a small window. He looks different. He pushes it back, revealing a young woman. She smiles and kisses him. He lets her hair fall as the kiss grows. Dark hair fills the frame It gets very still. Darker now. Sunlight is gone.

Farther still. She lays face down in a hallway, naked. Blood pooled beneath her. We move down a hall. At the end of the hall we hear something rubbing, swaying. We move faster. Heart beats faster. Racing now. We turn left, push open a door. It swings in and out of frame. Alejandro leans back in his seat. MACY So This is your specialty.

For now, only focus on knowing the time. Alejandro lays his head back. Closes his eyes. Macy mumbles to herself. MACY Okay Alejandro, Macy, and Matt walk off the plane, blinded by the desert sun. They walk over and climb in. MATT Good. Trying to get DOD to let me look into this conspiracy to sink Figi. Steve chuckles.

You need any help looking into it Pulled a team for you. Just rotated back from Afghanistan. Alejandro looks out across the border. Alejandro seems different. He is somewhere else.

El sicario pdf

Somewhere bad. The Tahoe pulls up A guard, dressed like he is on mission in Afghanistan, steps forward. Matt turns around and faces Macy. Hey Steve. Be safe. The guard returns to the guard house with the IDs. The Marshals will enter -. There must be fifty vehicles. They take a seat in the back. It sounds and looks like a military operation. Even Steve hands his ID.. She is surprised by the directive. The Tahoe parks and our team gets out.

The area is alive with activity. This is a high level target. None wear uniforms. Macy the men seated around her. The guard returns with their IDs. Twenty men seated in chairs. They follow Steve toward the entrance to: The most likely spot for an attempt will be at the exchange and the border.

MATT I miss your hospitality. Turns to Macy. They look like they were teleported from another time -. Alejandro whispers to her. Know who is with you. Wanna another hand at the exchange. I love Texans. The Marshal speaking notices Matt in the back. They turn to the room without smiling. MATT I will be by the time we get there. Matt laughs. You coming or waiting here? MATT Sure. Loan me a couple of pop guns? A man with a short beard and very broad shoulders nods.

Be aware. Everyone laughs. Be careful on the turn-around -. Matt walks to the Marshal -. If Delta could stand up so everyone can see who to stand behind if the shit hits the fan. MACY Ever been over there? He looks at her and offers a smile. Macy looks very uncomfortable.. The mood is relaxed. Anywhere along the way.. Matt -. State Police has agree to hold a lane for you.

Though this is a room of professionals. The Delta operators rise. Men begin rising and readying their gear. Macy sees him and marches to him. As a federal prosecutor. For who? MACY Who do you work for now? Alejandro smiles.. Are you? Try it on. Matt emerges from the other room carrying two M4 carbines and a Kevlar vest. Macy sits in the back beside Alejandro. Stay here. He holds a rifle between his legs. After a moment. We watch from above as they cut their way through traffic.

She shifts her weight. Macy notices his right hand You want to find the men responsible? This is where we start.

In six months.. He points out the window. At every turn. Filthy and crumbling. From above. She looks out the window to Juarez. The convoy drives straight through -. She can feel her heart beating.

He turns back. A large group of police can be seen on a side-street. The DEA Agent riding shotgun turns back to her.. Loud enough she actually wonders if others hear it too. It is so close. Border Agents have closed the left lane to traffic. Not ten shots. We hear a series of explosions.. That man. Alejandro taps her on the shoulder. The body is naked from the waist down -. Hear that?

ALL of them. We sit here. He tried to work for two. The sound floods in. As we look closer. They continue past. The pig -. The vehicles come to a stop. Mexicans are adjusting our route. All state police work for the cartels. Into an even worse part of Juarez. As the convoy races up the street. Like fireworks. Not what you think it means. It is a battle.

Over the radio we hear: Macy looks out the window at the Federal Police trucks. We will lose the escort at the loop.

The convoy rolls again.Dry skin sunken into bones like cellophane. This is a high level target. The convoy drives straight through -. He is eight. All state police work for the cartels.

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