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Gu Family Book is a South Korean television series starring Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy. The fusion martial arts action historical drama is about a half. Drama: Gu Family Book / Kang Chi, the Beginning; Revised romanization: Gugaui Seo Gu Family Book-Lee · Gu Family Book-Bae · Gu. Em Gu Family Book ela é sensacional, e esteve perfeita. This drama shows lots of twists and it also shows the beauty and tragedies one faces for the person .

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Gu Family Book (Korea Drama); 구가의서 ; Guga Uiseo;Gugaeuiseo;Ancient Medical Book;The Writings of Nine Houses;Book of the House of. See Gu Family Book/Episode Ratings Outstanding Historical Drama; Outstanding Leading Actor (Lee Seung Ki); Outstanding Supporting. Choi Kang Chi (Lee Seung Ki) is the son of Gu Wol Ryung (Choi Jin Hyuk), Action | Drama | Romance. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 .. Gu Family Book See more».

When I sat down to review the drama, I realized how difficult this task is.

Every character, every sub-plot was crucial to give the show a more thorough meaning. I loved every aspect of it. It literally tugs at your heart strings and leaves you bewildered at the magnanimity of ideal love portrayed.

Suzy is one of my favourite Korean actresses and she plays a very cute-yet-fierce character in this one. And oh! The love triangles.

There are so many love triangles!! There are many twists and turns. You would not believe a lot of stuff that happens!

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Kang-chi promises. He lights the fuse, and Yeo-wool is the first to turn around and see him. She takes the shot in the shoulder.

Everyone freezes, and Jo Gwan-woong scowls at the shot wasted on the wrong target. Kang-chi strangles him as he bleeds, growling that a useless human like him needs to die.

So quick to forget our promises, Gumiho Baby. The boys get ready to move her, when Jo Gwan-woong suddenly declares that no one can leave. Then why were you just standing around watching the show with the rest of us instead of attacking when you had a diversion? Suddenly the place floods with his soldiers, and Lee Soon-shin arrests Jo Gwan-woong for framing innocent people as traitors, selling state secrets, and attempting to murder him.

Uh, if he could just be arrested for these crimes, then why have we let him run around for twenty-four episodes? The Japanese emissaries skedaddle post-haste, and Jo Gwan-woong is left to defend himself.

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Even though his guards have the slowest reflexes known to man, they use gas bombs to slip away. A flashback to Little Yeo-wool brings us to that day when she first asked Dad to teach her sword-fighting. He asks why, and she says that someone got hurt because of her, and all she could do was stand by and cry. She learned to fight because of Kang-chi. Dad heaves another long sigh and stalks out. Yeo-wool will die!

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Jo Gwan-woong orders his men to kill him, and Kang-chi just lets his green eyes glow and tells them they can live if they drop their swords and walk away. They choose life. Or is that just wishful thinking? But… I wanted to SEE that. In all its bloody and ridiculous glory.

What the hell? Now that Jo Gwan-woong is powerless, Chung-jo can no longer be pushed around by the other girls, and they back out of her way. Yeo-wool opens her eyes and finds Kang-chi holding her hand. Kang-chi holds her and says she should just hurry up and get better then.

She looks up at him and says she has three wishes. Aw man, is she really gonna die? I like that wish. They laugh and joke good-naturedly, though Master Dam is just sitting stoically, trying not to look at Yeo-wool. Kang-chi outs Tae-seo for picking carrots out of his food too.

Yeo-wool starts to struggle against the pain, and both Kang-chi and Dad notice blood dropping on the floor.

Kang-chi gently suggests they go back to her room now, but she wants to stay just a little longer. Oof, that one thing gets to me—her wanting to stay at the dinner table just another minute. Dad finally turns to her and says she should go rest now. He asks Kang-chi to take care of her, which is a bittersweet way to finally get that approval from Dad.What do they need all those legs for anyway?

The battle with Jo Gwan Woong finally comes to an end. MBC Global Media. Dam Pyung Joon 24 episodes, Retrieved May 25, There, Arang, the ghost of a young woman that lost her memories of her past life, asks him to help her to figure out her identity and how she died.

Seo Hwa was captured by villains Lord Bi Jo's team and as Wol Ryung tried saving her, it was also then revealed that he was a divine creature which is supposedly not to happen.

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