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Results 1 - 16 of 32 DR. BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR WRITINGS AND SPEECHES Vol. 14 (PART ONE ): Dr. Ambedkar and the Hindu Code Bill. l General. How many books might Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar have read in his life? that symbolises the soul-stirring biography of an exceptional leader. Dr. Ambedkar book. Read 11 To Know him is to read him One of the best biographies of Dr Ambedkar () Great work by BABASAHEB for all of us.

Babasaheb Ambedkar, born as an untouchable, managed to climb the biggest posts through sheer hardwork and determination. What struck me was his insatiable thirst for knowledge which he tried to quench by reading trunks of books regularly. By being an example, he showed his people that they could achieve whatever that they set their minds to and it was the unjust Hindu society that tried to take away their basic human rights.

I haven't come across a person who was so objective in his life and his lazer eyed focus on bringing economic and political rights to the Dalits accelerated the upliftment of the masses. During the struggle, he was at constant war with Gandhi and the Congress, both of whom he considered as hypocrites since they always tended to give away grounds to the Muslims but denied the same to the untouchables who in many respects needed it more.

For example during the round table conferences and later, Gandhi agreed for separate electorates for Muslims but refused to provide the same concessions to the Dalits while he claimed to be their messiah.

Gandhi's philosophy when dealing with the aspect of Dalits was that the caste Hindus should feel guilt from within and throw themselves in to the service of the Dalits. He denied the dalits from being part of the dalit upliftment societies that he setup. On the other hand, Ambedkar believed that dalit upliftment societies could achieve their goals only if they were run by the people who belonged to that class.

He wanted dalit societies to be run by dalits since they understand their troubles better than anyone and push them to grasp political power. Ambedkar believed that the Congress was made up of hypocrites, on one hand they claimed to care about the untouchability problem but at the same time allowed membership to high caste people who humiliated them daily.

Ambedkar was a strong force of opposition to Congress who were required to be kept in check and prevented from making bad policies. It is still not clear how Ambedkar came up to be the chairman of the constitution drafting committee except for the fact that Nehru invited him considering how often he was at loggerheads with the Congressmen.

It is however clear, that there was no one who deserved it more. For several long periods, he was the sole person attending the meetings of the drafting committee while all the other members had gone on leave or had given up the task.

Ambedkar being a nationalist, when time came, would always stand for the nation.

As he mentioned, if he had to choose between the nation and the cause of his people, he will always choose his people but if he had to choose between the nation and his self, he will always choose the nation. In spite of being harassed his entire life for being an untouchable, he still believed in religion as a force that was essential for the society. However, his complete abhorrence towards the Hindu religion led to his long search for a new religion that he could take up.

He dabbled with Islam, Sikhism but ultimately decided on Buddhism which he converted to in the last years of his life.

There is no bigger force that helped the upliftment of the dalits, bringing millions of people out of misery. He was a chief driver behind laws abolishing untouchability, reservation for the affected and the Hindu code aimed at transforming women rights and dalits to name a few.

Ambedkar's life needs to be discussed more in Indian schools. Jai Bhim!

View 1 comment. Jun 15, Swapnil S rated it really liked it. It also clears that he not only fought for untouchables but also did tremendous contribution for making india a perfect republic through his work in making of constitution of india.

Jul 09, pratik kamble rated it it was amazing. India and Indians both have failed dramatically to understand the real and fearless Dr Ambedkar The man of words The Indians still don't know him exactly what was his contribution towards countries development in social and economical aspect.

To Know him is to read him One of the best biographies of Dr Ambedkar India has failed dramatically to understand the real and fearless Dr Ambedkar The man of words The Indians still don't know him exactly what was his contribution towards countries development in social and economical aspect.

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Apr 20, Nikhil Kawade rated it liked it. Not that crispy writing Nov 08, Mukul added it. Very informative, thoroughly researched book. Unbiased and neutral assessment of the life of the legend. Bold enough to point out mistakes also. A must read for anybody who wishes to read about the great leader. Jun 30, Chandulal is currently reading it.

GD rated it liked it Jun 05, Vinitkumar rated it really liked it Sep 01, Vittal rated it really liked it Nov 11, Gaikwad Mithun rated it it was amazing Nov 27, Somnath Ingale rated it it was amazing Aug 13, Sushrut rated it it was amazing Oct 30, Hitesh kumar rated it it was amazing Jul 30, Saransh Gautam rated it it was amazing Dec 23, Raaghav Aadithya rated it it was amazing Apr 19, Riten Bhattacharya rated it liked it Apr 04, Saint rated it it was amazing Jun 01, Yogesh Potbhare rated it really liked it Aug 19, Arihant Pawariya rated it liked it Nov 13, Manish Gautam rated it it was amazing Apr 17, Siddhant rated it it was amazing Feb 11, Mallagonda rated it liked it Jan 21, Pankaj Tayade rated it it was amazing May 29, Anurag Meshram rated it really liked it Apr 18, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Dhananjay Keer notes that "The victory was resounding, both socially and individually, for the clients and the Doctor. His first organised attempt was his establishment of the central institution Bahishkrit Hitakarini Sabha , intended to promote education and socio-economic improvement, as well as the welfare of " outcastes ", at the time referred to as depressed classes.

He began with public movements and marches to open up public drinking water resources. He also began a struggle for the right to enter Hindu temples. He led a satyagraha in Mahad to fight for the right of the untouchable community to draw water from the main water tank of the town.


On 25 December , he led thousands of followers to burn copies of Manusmrti. About 15, volunteers assembled at Kalaram Temple satygraha making one of the greatest processions of Nashik. The procession was headed by a military band, a batch of scouts, women and men walked in discipline, order and determination to see the god for the first time.

When they reached to gate, the gates were closed by Brahmin authorities.

Gandhi fiercely opposed a separate electorate for untouchables, saying he feared that such an arrangement would divide the Hindu community. Following the fast, Congress politicians and activists such as Madan Mohan Malaviya and Palwankar Baloo organised joint meetings with Ambedkar and his supporters at Yerwada.

The agreement gave reserved seats for the depressed classes in the Provisional legislatures, within the general electorate. Due to the pact, the depressed class received seats in the legislature, instead of the 71 as allocated in the Communal Award earlier proposed by British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald.

He also served as the chairman of Governing body of Ramjas College , University of Delhi, after the death of its founder, Rai Kedarnath. It had been her long-standing wish to go on a pilgrimage to Pandharpur , but Ambedkar had refused to let her go, telling her that he would create a new Pandharpur for her instead of Hinduism's Pandharpur which treated them as untouchables.

At the Yeola Conversion Conference on 13 October in Nasik, Ambedkar announced his intention to convert to a different religion and exhorted his followers to leave Hinduism.

In , Ambedkar founded the Independent Labour Party , which contested the Bombay election to the Central Legislative Assembly for the 13 reserved and 4 general seats, and secured 11 and 3 seats respectively. Ambedkar argued that the Hindus should concede Pakistan to the Muslims.

He proposed that the provincial boundaries of Punjab and Bengal should be redrawn to separate the Muslim and non-Muslim majority parts.

He thought the Muslims could have no objection to redrawing provincial boundaries. If they did, they did not quite "understand the nature of their own demand". It determined the course of dialogue between the Muslim League and the Indian National Congress, paving the way for the Partition of India. He saw Shudras and Ati Shudras who form the lowest caste in the ritual hierarchy of the caste system , as separate from Untouchables. Ambedkar oversaw the transformation of his political party into the Scheduled Castes Federation , although it performed poorly in the elections for Constituent Assembly of India.

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Later he was elected into the constituent assembly of Bengal where Muslim League was in power. His first term as a Rajya Sabha member was between 3 April and 2 April , and his second term was to be held from 3 April to 2 April , but before the expiry of the term, he died on 6 December He tried to enter Lok Sabha again in the by-election of from Bhandara , but he placed third the Congress Party won. By the time of the second general election in , Ambedkar had died. Ambedkar anticipated this modern view.

Ambedkar is recognised as the "Father of the Constitution of India". Krishnamachari said, " Ambedkar and I have no doubt that we are grateful to him for having achieved this task in a manner which is undoubtedly commendable.

Ambedkar argued for extensive economic and social rights for women, and won the Assembly's support for introducing a system of reservations of jobs in the civil services, schools and colleges for members of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes and Other Backward Class , a system akin to affirmative action.

Balraj Madhok reportedly said, Ambedkar had clearly told the Kashmiri leader, Sheikh Abdullah : "You wish India should protect your borders, she should build roads in your area, she should supply you food grains, and Kashmir should get equal status as India.

But Government of India should have only limited powers and Indian people should have no rights in Kashmir. To give consent to this proposal, would be a treacherous thing against the interests of India and I, as the Law Minister of India, will never do it.

Patel got the Article passed while Nehru was on a foreign tour.

Dr. Ambedkar

On the day the article came up for discussion, Ambedkar did not reply to questions on it but did participate on other articles. All arguments were done by Krishna Swami Ayyangar. Ambedkar in Support to Uniform Civil Code I personally do not understand why religion should be given this vast, expansive jurisdiction, so as to cover the whole of life and to prevent the legislature from encroaching upon that field.

After all, what are we having this liberty for?

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We are having this liberty in order to reform our social system, which is so full of inequities, discriminations and other things, which conflict with our fundamental rights. According to Sharad Pawar , Ambedkar's vision helped the government to achieve its food security goal. After completing the draft of India's constitution in the late s, he suffered from lack of sleep, had neuropathic pain in his legs, and was taking insulin and homoeopathic medicines.

He went to Bombay for treatment, and there met Dr. She was 39 years old and he was Doctors recommended a companion who was a good cook and had medical knowledge to care for him. In the photograph from right to left : Savita Ambedkar, B. Ambedkar, Wali Sinha and bhikkhu Chandramani.

I regard the Buddha's Dhamma Buddhism to be the best. No religion can be compared to it.

If a modern man who knows science must have a religion, the only religion he can have is the Religion of the Buddha. This conviction has grown in me after thirty-five years of close study of all religions. But after meeting with Sikh leaders, he concluded that he might get "second-rate" Sikh status, as described by scholar Stephen P. Around , he devoted his attention to Buddhism and travelled to Ceylon now Sri Lanka to attend a meeting of the World Fellowship of Buddhists. Accepting the Three Refuges and Five Precepts from a Buddhist monk Mahasthavir Chandramani in the traditional manner, Ambedkar completed his own conversion, along with his wife.

He then proceeded to convert some , of his supporters who were gathered around him.After all, what are we having this liberty for? Edit Mode. His health worsened during Ambedkar- With the Simon Commission Dec 2, Yashwant alone survived as his descendant.

Get to Know Us. His intellect and passion throbbed through the speech and this book gives an idea about where it all originated from. To ask other readers questions about Dr.

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