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Diary of a Wimpy Kid in your hands. When I read my first e-book on a Kindle, I was amazed at the possibilities. Carrying a whole library around with me on a. If you`re on the lookout for a funny children`s book for 7+, especially a book for reluctant readers, you can`t go wrong with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a children's novel written and illustrated by Jeff Kinney. It is the first book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. The abridged hardcover adaptation was released on April 1, The book was named a New York Times.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 1 Book For

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DIARY OF A WIMPY KID (Book 1). ISBN: Hardcover Published: US $ / CAN $ It's a new school year, and Greg Heffley finds. Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Boys don't keep diaries—or do they?The launch of an exciti. Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Book 1 [Jeff Kinney] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Boys don't keep diaries―or do they? The launch of an exciting.

Christmas arrives and Manny receives everything he wanted while Greg receives a framed picture of Uncle Charlie, a Lil Cutie book, and a red sweater originally for his Christmas Donation. He doesn't like either. Greg is then in trouble after an accident while playing with Manny on New Year's Eve accidentally making him swallow thread he thought was a spider and makes a promise to never to play with Manny ever again.

January Greg Heffley makes up a game with the Big Wheel: knocking the rider off with a football. He successfully manages to knock Rowley off, but at the cost of Rowley breaking his arm. With Winter Break over, Rowley is babied by the girls, so Greg tries to impress the girls, but fails. He signs up for Independent Study, but all the boys are kicked off due to a misunderstanding. Greg then decides to sign up for the Safety Patrol and recruits Rowley as well. They get assigned to walk kindergartners home every day at twelve, which Greg doesn't like very much in itself, but, much to Greg's delight, he gets to have free hot chocolate and miss Pre-Algebra.

February Greg wakes to a pile of snow and calls Rowley for a shot at building the world's biggest snowman, and created the base only for the snow to stop. The following day, Greg destroys Manny's miniature snowmen and his snowball is destroyed by Dad, much to Rowley's fury.

The two get in a fight but are accidentally hit by the Whirley Street Kids who are sledding. If the English teacher was in the scene, she would said it was "ironic". Back at school, Greg decides to team up with Rowley to create a comic strip for the school newspaper for a chance to get popular.

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Bryan Little has a comic called Wacky Dawg. Greg wins the contest, but his comic is changed heavily, earning him a punch. Greg recalls the incident and remembers that he had chased the kids with a worm while wearing Rowley's coat. Mom tries to figure out what's wrong and tells Greg to do the right thing which he decides is letting Rowley take the blame.

Greg tells Rowley he was the one who terrorized the kids, much to Rowley's anger. Greg says he did the right thing taking into account to follow Mom's advice, but Rowley turns Greg in. Winsky says an anonymous source had said Greg was responsible and he was relieved of duty while Rowley gets a promotion. Greg decides to get revenge on Rowley but instead warms up to him so he could come along with him to Six Flags in June.

To make him jealous, Greg decides to sleep over at Fregley 's house but regrets his decision after Fregley chases him with a booger.

Greg falls asleep, wakes up at two in the morning, and sneaks out of the house.

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Without Rowley, Greg spends time in Rodrick's room and decides to become popular by winning a spot on the Class Favorites page. He then decides to go for Class Clown in Class Favorites.

Worth 's substitute, but it turns out to be Susan his Mom. He drops the idea and reads the school newspaper, noticing that Zoo-Wee-Mama has replaced his comic. After school, Greg tells Rowley that he has to give him credit for an idea they came up together, but Rowley says he was the one who came up with the comic.

Greg and Rowley start fighting, and kids started cheering them on, Greg starts ridiculously throwing his fists around, and Rowley, as Greg puts it "pranced around like a leprechaun", but finally they get ready to strike.

But before they could, a group of teenagers pull up and grab Greg and Rowley while the others run off. Greg recognizes the bullies from Halloween night and starts to worry when he spots the cheese nearby. The Halloween bullies make Rowley eat the cheese, but Greg says he's allergic to dairy to get out of it. The teenagers make Rowley finish off the cheese and leave the two behind.

The next day, the students wonder where the cheese went and Greg lies that he threw it away. Greg then realizes that he has the Cheese Touch now as everyone runs away from him. Greg and Rowley reconcile their friendship while Greg states having the Cheese Touch wasn't that bad.

On the last day of school, he opens a yearbook and sees Rowley as the Class Clown. Trivia The character page subtitles this book "Greg Heffley's Journal. This book covers the most months in the series at 10 months. It's the only book in the series with 10 months.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (Book 1)

It has two missing words with underscores in place of each letter. Greg is the first character to appear, second is the bully punching Greg, third being the news reporters.

This is the first book to have the color red.

The second one is Double Down. This book also has the cheesiest edition with Jeff Kinney's signature.

This is to coincide with 10 years of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The pages are whiter with yellow siding.

And actually, he would have--except after one night of reading this out loud I discovered that the content was defin I got this book based on a quick skim in the store where I saw lots of funny line illustrations and large fonts that mimic handwriting.

And actually, he would have--except after one night of reading this out loud I discovered that the content was definitely not age appropriate nor redeeming in any way, to my mind. I'm willing to cut an author some slack with characters that start out rough but learn valuable life lessons, but not with a character that embodies mediocrity, laziness, and is a smart aleck to boot To be fair, I didn't finish the book, and it may very well be a great book to give to a fifth or sixth grader who still struggles with recreational reading.

But I did what I almost never have to do--I took the book back to store. I suppose one good thing came from it: Jacob came home from school the next day, sat down with a new notebook, and proceeded to design a cover and several entries for his new "diary" book. Thought I'd offer an update to be more specific and put to rest unfounded concerns This book is about a middle schooler.

It is, despite the easy vocabulary and large font and illustrations and incessant marketing towards younger children, apparently intended for middle school ages and up.

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books in Order

Normally, in my hunt for challenging reading and listening material for my children, I pre-read books or read lots of reviews. My mistake here was in not doing so. However, I stand by my feelings about the main character, and when my children reach middle school, I will still encourage them towards books with redeeming characters. This review is continuing to get the occasional "like" or comment, so I guess people are still discovering it.Greg decides to make his own weight set, but Rowley breaks it trying to make it lighter as he found it too heavy.

Though I feel like the newer ones are better. But I still don't like them.

He starts the book by saying that he won't be writing his "feelings" in the diary , preferring to call it a journal instead of a diary and claims that if someone catches him with a book that says diary on the cover, they're gonna get the wrong idea.

I like the idea of a boy with a diary! This book is based mostly on the online version.

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