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HOW THIS DATASLATE WORKS. • Datasheets and Wargear: These Army List Entries allow you to add the agents of the Officio Assassinorum to your. Officio Assassinorum. The Vindicare Temple. The Callidus Temple. The Eversor Temple. The Culexus Temple. Datasheets. Assassinorum Execution Force. Dataslate: Officio Assassinorum. Redirect page. Redirect to: Dataslate: Officio Assassinorum (Background Book). Retrieved from. Turbo\-penetrator shells are.

Dataslate Officio Assassinorum Pdf

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Imperial Assassins in your garties of Warhammer 40, The Officio Assassinorum. This section contains the different game rules and army list entries for the. but let it be known that none can stand against the Officio Assassinorum." –Officio Sicarius, he is merely given a dataslate with the name of a target. Download Assassin free pdf, Download Assassin Pdf, Read Online Assassin pdf ,. Free Assassin Ebook . Warhammer 40, Dataslate: Officio Assassinorum.

Cel Met Tiazan Clan Erob -? Taller than Shan yos'Galan by a psiber troopers inches.

Good natured but shrewd and fast with a gun. Daemonweapons and alien allies are legitimate means of persecuting the enemies of mankind to this Inquisitor.

Of course, to the rest of the Inquisition, the Extreme Radical is an enemy of mankind. Will go to any length to achieve their goal, no matter the moral implications of blackmailing colleagues, murdering innocents or even psiber troopers their own soul! Their faith is a very important part of who this Inquisitor is, whatever it may be, making them unflinching in their personal convictions.

Most likely an Amalathian, it is understood that the status quo should be maintained, or that it is psiber troopers too difficult to change. Subterfuge and trickery can be valuable tools, something known to this character.

Henchmen will often perform their operations as they watch from the shadows. Inquisitor Creation Tables Thinking can be a virtue, but then again it wastes valuable heretic-purging time. Know thine enemy, for you are known to him already. First tenet of the Ordo Xenos. Title and affiliation are nothing to this Inquisitor, to whom before their lord and master all are equal.

May persecute other Inquisitors they think have strayed. An intricate planner, often someone that will psiber troopers cunning webs before striking a precise blow at their enemy's heart. Istvaanian in nature, belief in great psiber troopers after terrible conflict. They will often place these psychoplas wafers on the corpses of those they have slain, slipped between the stiff dead fingers or gritted teeth of their victims. When touched by living flesh, the cards flicker to life.

They project a hololith of the victim's face in their moment of death, complete with a looped recording of their agonised screams. She, along with the other founders of the various Assassin clades that would eventually evolve into the current Assassin Temples, was present on Mount Vengeance.

She and her fellows swore a pact in the shadow of the Great Crusade, an oath that breathed life into the creation of the Officio Assassinorum. The newly created clades hunted down the enemies of the Emperor through stealth and subterfuge, establishing the fact that there was no safe place in the galaxy to hide from the Emperor's justice.

Koyne was a Shade of Clade Callidus ranked as an Epsilon-dan, the senior-most rank of the order. Koyne was dispatched with the first ever Imperial Execution Force composed of Imperial Assassins from every clade, who were attempting to assassinate the Traitor Primarch Horus upon the world of Dagonet.

Ultimately, their assassination attempt failed and all the Assassins were slain by the Traitors.

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Despite Night Haunter's formidable powers of psychic foresight which forewarned him of the assassination attempt, he took no precautions to defend himself. It is believed M'Shen was allowed to infiltrate the Primarch's palace, as the Assassin encountered no guards between herself and the Night Haunter's throne room.

When confronted by the Callidus Assassin's presence, the Primarch allowed himself to be killed to vindicate his decisions to destroy his homeworld of Nostramo and to rebel against the Emperor and because while he believed his actions had been right, he knew they also damned him.

She is known as the only mortal who successfully killed a Primarch. M'Shen's death had been foreseen by Night Haunter's precognitive visions. He knew that although his Legion would allow her to escape, his heir apparent as the leader of the VIII Legion, Talos Valcoran known as the Soul Hunter and then the entirety of the Legion, would disobey his final orders to leave his killer alone and pursue the Assassin in the name of vengeance.

As he had foreseen, M'Shen was pursued relentlessly by Talos across the galaxy. She eventually met a grisly fate at the hands of the former Night Lords Apothecary , who disemboweled her and tore her body to pieces. Despite her death, the video-recorder built into her vambraces somehow managed to reach Terra , containing the recorded enigmatic final words and imagery of the assassination of the Night Haunter.

1 Eversor Assassin

Though the Callidus Temple has record of an Assassin with that name, they will not or cannot corroborate any more specific details. She was recruited from an unnamed Feral World and was particularly susceptible to Polymorphine , the shape-shifting drug used by the temple's Assassins.

She was also known for her intelligence and fierceness.

She was the subject of a unique experiment in the Temple's history, as she was implanted with genetically engineered organs and glands that allowed her to rapidly assume the identity and appearance of a Tyranid Genestealer hybrid which allowed her to infiltrate Genestealer cults and destroy them from within. This experiment, however, made it unable for her to assume any other transformation that that of the genestealer form. She later found herself serving in the retinue of the Inquisitor Jaq Draco.

Meh'Lindi was known to make use of Jokaero -built Digital Weapons. Much later, Meh'Lindi and Jaq Draco's retinue, would make their way to the desert world of Darvash III, to track down the former Callidus Director Secundus, Tarik Ziz, and force him to reverse her surgery so that once again, Meh'Lindi would be able to assume any form with the use of polymorphine.

Meh'lindi was ultimately killed in the Eldar Webway by a female Phoenix Lord.

Meh'lindi was the Inquisitor Jaq Draco 's lover, and he became obsessed with her "resurrection" which he thought possible thanks to the peculiar temporal properties of the Webway, specifically the existence of the Crossroads of No Time.

Mother Gullet - Legends tell of a daring and hideous crime perpetrated by a Callidus Assasin against a Planetary Governor who though himself strong enough to defy Imperial rule. The governor doted on his infant son, and had him guarded night and day to prevent his kidnapping to be used against him as a hostage.

According to the tale, a Callidus Assassin disguised herself as the child's nanny, and so gained access to the princeling. Employing the shape-changing powers of polymorphine, the resourceful Assassin swallowed the child like a python, and carried it away past the guards in her belly.

The Planetary Governor soon capitulated to Imperial authority. Militzia Scarvelli - Militzia Scarvelli was a petite but fearsome Callidus Assissin, who in in the guise of a Gretchin slave-creature.

Just as Oilguzla launches his Deff Dread horde at the Space Marines protecting Hive Imperator, Scarvelli recovers her phase sword from its hiding place in a nearby stack of scrap metal and attacks. Though it takes her almost a full minute to do so, she hacks the Big Mek into fist-sized chunks before overloading his force-field generator and bringing the stomping advance of the Deff Dread mobs to a grinding halt.

Syndalla - Syndalla is a fanatically devoted servant of the Emperor and the Inquisition. When the Genestealer uprising on the world of Avalos began, the rebels assassinated most of the PDF officers, leaving the guardsmen in chaos.

Syndalla was present on this world during this time in the company of Inquisitor Kalistradi. Before the Inquisitor left to deal with the Genestealer nest, she told Syndalla to use her polymorphine to assume the guise of a PDF officer and hold the regiment together until she could return. Through Syndalla's efforts, she was able to keep the soldiers in ordered and maintain discipline while fighting against the rioters, while still waiting for word from her lord.

When no word came, she kept up her guise hoping the Inquisitor's call for help was received. Syndalla would later aid a Deathwatch Kill-team that landed on Avalos in response to the Inquisitor's request for aid. Vandire had managed to corrupt many within the Officio Assassinorum , just as he had bribed and blackmailed his way through the other Imperial Adepta. Foremost amongst Vandire's agents was Tziz Jarek.


Using polymorphine, Jarek had assassinated the true Grand Master of the Officio Assassinorum and assumed his identity. However, unbeknownst to Jarek, the Grand Master had expected such a plot and had a decoy Assassin take his place in his chambers. As such, Jarek had not killed the true Grand Master, who secretly mustered those still loyal to him and the Emperor to fight against this usurper.

A heinous battle raged within the Imperial Palace itself amongst the various factions of Assassins as they brought their terrible skills to the war. Ancient arsenals of the Officio Assassinorum were opened and terrifying weapons, long banned by the Senatorum Imperialis , were brought to bear by the Assassins on both sides against one another.

In the end, the true Grand Master assassinated Jarek and disappeared into a self-imposed exile.

After the conclusion of the Wars of Vindication, the hidden order of the Inquisition known as the Ordo Sicarius was set up to police the activities of the Officio Assassinoruum. The various Temples were split up and scattered to separate locations throughout the galaxy to ensure that if one should fall to xenos influence, daemonancy or heresy, others would remain untainted.

Other rules were also put into place to ensure that no single individual could abuse wielding the power of the Officio Assassinorum for their own ambitions.

U'var - U'var was a Callidus Assassin who played an instrumental role in ending the Siege of Tullok in For fifty years the renegade Planetary Governor Urlos Grador had defied the lmperium from behind the fractal encergy shield of his grand palace, the shifting force walls seemingly impervious to attack.

Finally, the Callidus Assassin U'var managed to infiltrate Tullok's sub-strata generatorium and interrupt power to the shields for a few short seconds. In this briefest moment, a single squad of Archangels Terminator' of the Blood Angels Chapter 's elite 1st Company teleported into Grador's palace and brought the siege to an end in an hour of brutal Imperial vengeance. Found by an Inquisitor at the age of twelve, she was given over to the Officio Assassinorum for testing to see if she was a suitable candidate for the Callidus Temple.

She passed the physical tests easily, and her intelligence was clearly superior to most of the Imperium's inhabitants. There were doubts over her loyalty, but the masters of the Temple believed that through years of arduous training this could be overcome. Asaid continued to be rebellious and selfish, and at the age of seventeen it was likely that she would be quietly killed, considered unsuitable for further training.

Though she had perfected many of the skills required of the Callidus, and had even begun to successfully use the shape-altering drug Polymorphine, her dubious motives had become too much of a worry for the leader of the Callidus Temple.

Her tale would have ended there had she not fallen under the care of the Thorian Inquisitor Dahwrin who intended to use Asaid in a secret experiment involving the development of a new drug known as Hyperpolymorphine that was intended to artificially create a vessel for the rebirth of the Emperor-Incarnate. Surviving the experimental sessions, her own ruthless determination allowed her to master the side effects of the Hyperpolymorphine.

Using the powers granted to her by the effects of the experimental drug, Asaid managed to escape.Sense of a task well done and accomplishment of duty is all to this person. To achieve the exacting tasks assigned to it, the Callidus Temple specialises in the use and development of the shape-altering drug Polymorphine to enable its Assassins to undergo dramatic physical changes, altering their appearance to assume the features of any humanoid of whatever gender.

You may include one Assassin in your army and one Assassin for every points past the first points ex. Though the Callidus Temple has record of an Assassin with that name, they will not or cannot corroborate any more specific details. These implants consist of flex-cartilage and hardened synthskin, similar to that used in the Black Carapace gene-seed organ of the Space Marines.

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