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Connecting the Dots focuses on learning strategies and the ways of organizing which these strategies when used together, connect the many dots that are. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we Connecting the Dots: Key Strategies That Transform Learning This resource is also available. To ask other readers questions about Connect The Dots, please sign up. Recent Questions where can i download a pdf of this book? like · 2 years ago · Add.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and a youth Connect The Dots eBook: rashmi Bansal: Kindle Store. DreamWorks Trolls © DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved. Connect the Dots. Poppy. Page 2. DreamWorks Trolls © DreamWorks. Connecting the Dots: Key Strategies That Transform Learning This resource is also available in an online pdf format and in French at No part of.

Typical Implications of Our Actions The implications of our actions are for the most part less effective than expected because we act with an insufficient understanding of the situation we seek to change.

Pogo's quote rings true over and over, "We have met the enemy and he is us. The intent should be as depicted in the figure below. Effective Intervention Based on Understanding Effective approaches to situations are developed based on understanding relationships and realizing that if we don't plan to minimize unintended consequences we will most certainly be the victim of them.

Theoretically, what has been said above is easy enough to grasp the first time around. Forrester two decades ago. To appreciate the nature of systems, students must have extensive personal experience in working with systems.

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This means creating system dynamics models on a computer, simulating their behavior, exploring how the models respond to changes in structure and policies, and comparing model behavior to the real systems being represented. Well now it is, and we intend to leverage it through our project. This mastery will be developed first though individual interaction with models and then reinforced by individuals constructing their own models.

The overall objective is to enable readers to learn how to better understand situations to produce solutions to problems so they stay solved and don't create a myriad of new problems in the process.

Connecting The Dots Books

The book will contain, optional, highly theoretical analyses along with "brass-tacks" applied instruction and tutorials in building and developing models. This book will be available in a number of different forms including: Paperback and Hardcover Books Ebooks for Kindle or other Readers Digital copies for the computer The book will be presented in a form optimized for each of these targeted platforms, one of which, the iPad, as depicted in the video above and in the following image.

Reading the book on an iPad In this version of the book, after reading about a model one can run the model, and change the parameters to better understand and pinpoint the implications of the relationships in the model.

All this performed right in the book itself! Note that in the attached pictures and movies, the interface is a prototype. The prototype is fully working, but we plan on developing a new digital modeling interface just for the book that is highly optimized for the touch experience. Models can be modified directly in the book The goal is to allow the reader to develop, through hands on experience what Forrester knew was essential, a profound understanding of the world around us.

We are making this vision of hands-on interactivity truly real in the revolutionary digital version. To ask other readers questions about Connect The Dots , please sign up.

This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Can anyone share me the pdf file of this book - a college students interested in reading but can burn my pocket. As a goodwill gesture, anyone please email me at limbub gmail. See 2 questions about Connect The Dots….

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Feb 11, Shweta Bharati rated it really liked it. Amazing book!

Nah, take that back,too. How about one which gives you "air time" and rushes adrenaline through your endocrine system. Yep, that's it! And, what's nice about the book is that it gives a sense of reality maybe, only for Indians yet thrilling.

You see their ventures still flourishing and with new targets set. One can feel the labor of Rashmi Bansal in carryi Amazing book! One can feel the labor of Rashmi Bansal in carrying out this book. Every entrepreneur started from scratch taking their ventures from breaking even to a huge profit making company.

May it be Food,cosmetics, hospitality, service, retail,Film making,passion, et al with no clear vision or knowledge where they were headed to just hanging on to their intuition and gut and learning all throughout their journeys and due to that you learn something out of it, too.

He really had a flair and a good start from the start itself unlike rest. Trikya Agriculture is more engaging. Surely, gentlemen prefer lettuce and all thanks to Samar Gupta. How would McDonald would have survived in India without them Okay that's a bit of exaggeration.

And, one to which I admire is Shakti Sudha Industries. And,I guess better than popcorn. As you have protein instead of carbs! Rashmi Bansal has carried her project and in a sense, her responsibility very well. I think it's commendable for a writer to not to write her thoughts but give away her flair for words in imparting information. She hardly got a chance to put her thoughts throughout the book.

It's all facts and figures and what the entrepreneurs had to say. But wherever she got However, one thing which I disliked about the book is that it is not well edited. There are some visible mistakes not factual out there which put me off.

I hope it gets a better publisher.

View 1 comment. Aug 24, Poonam rated it liked it. People who ask me, 'Do I like 'Rashmi Bansal's books? This book is not about narrative or writing style or any other literary or creative pursuits.

It is simply a factual story of entrepreneurs made it. So, solely for the content, the inspiring stories of some real-life heroes I recommend this book.

Rashmi has narrated them as is, I liked that very much. Somehow, that preserved the authenticity of the interview.

Other than some known names, I was glad to discover the 'Prince Dance Group' how a self-taught dancer belonging to working class of Orissa went to create a dance troupe with similarly disadvantaged people. I looked up videos on youtube of their dance acts they they performed in India's got Talent. Suresh Kamat's Laser Soft Technologies hired disabled. Later, it seems the company was sold.

It was interesting to know that couple that envisioned Crosswords no longer owns it.

Many good stories in there. Nov 12, Prashant rated it it was amazing. Almost all the entrepreneurs from this elite college mentioned that they knew in the back of their minds that they always had the option of going back to their jobs. After-all they had a management degree from the best college in India. On the other side Connect the dots is the story of those who did not have the luxury of going back to any steady job.

Failure was not an option for them and that is what made the stories highly inspiring. The book has different stories of entrepreneurs who made their mark by rising from nothing.

They excelled by sheer hard work and the uniqueness of their ideas. I still distinctly remember two stories. I had seen Veta English Coaching ads all my life. From this book I came to know the story of the man who started it. Working from a small room teaching his first batch of students mathematics, this person established the biggest institute for english training in India. There is another story of DosaPlaza which was started by a Tamil who moved to Mumbai to earn a livelihood.

How he started working in different small shops and then started a small shop of his own from a defunct basement. From there it grew to a chain of shops all over India serving more than types of dosas everyday. After reading this book I can never see a Veta ad or a DosaPlaza shop and not say to the person next to me, "You know something View 2 comments.

Mar 25, Ravi Prakash rated it it was amazing. I got to read this book during a km trip. The trip was not very well though, but the book I had filled me with immense joy and optimism. This book is so full of enthusiasm that it can explode your conscience with passion. I finished this book in a day. You can imagine how overwhelmed I might have been. This book comprises 20 stories of 20 successful enterpreneurs. Every story is quite capable to boost your confidence.

This is a must read book for anyone who wants to do something big or diffe I got to read this book during a km trip. This is a must read book for anyone who wants to do something big or different in his life.

Trivial things on which many enterpreneurs waste their time thinking over like Money, Social Status, and Education really never matter. You don't need an MBA degree for starting a business.

Life is the greatest teacher and World is the greatest laboratory. All you need is an idea. Ideas have great powers. These 20 peoples who raised from dust were certainly for behind than many resourceful person you see in your life. Even some were lot worse than you. But they had passion. And they gave their lives to their passion and achieved what is the most necessary for human existence- Satisfaction. I would love to list those 20 person.

He is not even highschool passed. He got inspired by McDonalds and opened his own restaurant Dosa Plaza. Now, there are 26 outlets in the whole country.

He owns a company, "Su-Kam" inverters worth crore turnover annualy. He started a coaching centre in Now his coaching is a brand name "VETA". You can find its centres in every big city of India.

Now Fem is a Multinational Company. Mahadevan- A professor who quit his job for his love for hotels and restaurants. Now "Oriental Cuisines" has spread its empire in many countries. He gave tutions, did tailoring and whitewashed houses for money.

Afterwards he started taking contracts for painting and whitewashing, gather some laborers and made a company BVG Bharat Vikas Group.

Abc Connect The Dots

BVG is facility management company and its annual turnover is crore rupee. Did work in advertising sector for some time, didn't suit. At last, he got his satisfaction in Designing. Now, he is the boss of "Tantra" company which he established. Tantra makes T-shirts of special designs having Indian touch. Tech from IIT. He owns a firm which organizes Laser Soft Infosystem in public and private institutes. Special thing about his company is that you don't need to have an engineering degree to work in that firm, but truthful and dedicated.

He has gives jobs to a lot of handicapped people. He started his own company just after completing college. ShriRam- A book-worm. His habit of reading led him to open book stores.

He established the biggest book-store-chain "Crossword" in the country. Their company "Political Edge" provide research and consulting service to our leaders. Being inspired by an agriculture scientist, he decided to improve the condition of Fox-nut farmers. He did improve and established a greater company.

He established " Flanders' Dairy" that makes Cheese. It's a big firm. She started Handmade Paper business and in this process she discovered that strong papers can be made by elephant's dung. What an Idea!! But he had some lands where he started growing exotic vegetables.

Now his firm, "Trikaya Agriculture" is a big name. Now he runs a Product Design Company. His first feature film in Marathi, named "Harishchandrachi Factory" became the official entry of India in Oscars in He never took any formal training. He lived in a small village of Odisha.

One day he made a group of road laborers, "Prince Dance Group". They practiced and despite huge difficulties they won the most famous talent show, "India Has Got Talent.

It made me emotional. Do watch their dance on YouTube.

But one day he quit his job to pursue his passion of Wilde Life Photographer. Jan 29, Bharathy rated it really liked it. So you have to trust… in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. It tells the stories of courage, determination and inspiration of 20 people from different backgrounds who chose to become entrepreneurs without doing an MBA.

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Highly recommended, Must read if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Apr 22, Rachana rated it it was ok. This book is not at all about the writing style or the author. It is for drawing inspiration, getting motivated and not for entertaining yourself. Sep 15, Aditya Kumar rated it liked it. Must read for people who want to be entrepreneurs. Jan 23, Shabin Sajan rated it really liked it.

Its an inspiring book with 20 successful stories of Indian Entrepreneurs which will also motivates the current generation to follow their passion and make their dream come true.

I will be really looking forward to read Rashmi Bansal's other books too. Jun 26, Debarghya Paul rated it liked it Shelves: An essentially entrepreneurship book about 20 individuals who goes onto create their own legacy inspite of apparently insurmountable odds. The book is divided into 3 parts "Jugaad" "Junoon" and "Zubaan". Each of these sections talks about individuals who essentially creates their own identity by their sheer tenacity to learn through observations, create through passion and artists who create their own platform to express themselves.

All of them are sans any fancy degree or backed by strong financ An essentially entrepreneurship book about 20 individuals who goes onto create their own legacy inspite of apparently insurmountable odds.

All of them are sans any fancy degree or backed by strong financial base. Inspite of the odds stacked against them, these individuals went on to create their own identity and thereby indirectly employing many others. The book is pretty detailed about how these men and women went about on their journey. How they saw challenges as opportunities. And most importantly what goes on inside their minds on a professional and personal level.

Some of the accounts are very personal and extremely warm to read. Though at times repetitive, the book is a good read and more so if you are someone who might just decide to plunge into the uncertainty of entrepreneurship someday Dec 16, Jay Naik rated it really liked it.There hasn't been a contemporary book in past, which has excited me as this book has.

Surely, gentlemen prefer lettuce and all thanks to Samar Gupta. The book will contain, optional, highly theoretical analyses along with "brass-tacks" applied instruction and tutorials in building and developing models. Model Building Examples. I would love to list those 20 person.

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