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The Book of Souls is the sixteenth studio album by English heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released on 4 September It is the band's first studio double. All of the information about Iron Maiden's new album 'The Book Of Souls'. View the track listing and get your copy of the Limited Edition Deluxe CD, CD, Triple. This is the title track of Iron Maiden's 16th LP. While not a concept album, references to the soul and mortality appear throughout the record. The loose theme is.

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Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls at Discogs. Complete your Iron Maiden collection. 2CD deluxe hardbound book limited edition. The Book Of Souls is the band's 16th studio album since their eponymous debut in charted at #4 in the UK. The Book Of Souls was a landmark for Iron Maiden on many levels. Maiden's 16th album – and their first ever double – was released on their.

It was all a bit Lionel Bart.

He used to put post-it notes on the keys. So there was a bit of that going on with me. But I started writing these little tuney bits and thought, ooh, that might turn into something…". And what it turned into was a historical epic: So I started thinking about the R Only five of the passengers survived when it crashed. So I started putting it together piece by piece. It was difficult, because I wanted to get everything as historically and technically accurate, but still making it… poetic, I guess.

It was a quote from the Secretary of State for the Air, who perished in the crash on the maiden flight to India.

Did you envisage from the start that this would be such a long and complex piece of music, and such a departure for the band? But it did grow. And yes, it was outside all of our comfort zones. And there were other bits I had to finish up.

There was this amazing Steinway grand in the studio. So I would stay late after school every night bashing away on this piano, scribbling ongoing lyrics, writing extra bits.

I just let it grow, and the arrangement kind of grew with it. Steve loved the song. Our producer Kevin Shirley said: Bruce is not a trained pianist.

But he can vamp out a bit. Some of the bits he did were a bit… rustic, for want of a better word. So we patched him up here and there. But it was better to do that and have him playing, for the feel of it.

I think a proper pianist, if you like, would come in and play it too nice, too clinical. But because I was writing it in the studio, that was a great advantage. We could piece it all together as we went along. There is a huge, dramatic climax in the song — the moment when the airship crashes.

He really bought into the story. I told him I wanted all this dissonant stuff for the airship plummeting to earth.

Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls Review

I wanted that in the percussion. You take a violin bow, scrape it against the edge of the gong, and it just resonates. That was the moment I had in my head. And then you get the line: But in the end, I wrote some new melodies for the song, and we combined this with some ideas that Janick had. It turned out really well. It intrigued me, in the same way that I was interested in ancient Egypt when we did Powerslave.

The Mayans believed in the Underworld and were scared of losing their souls. That mystical element was the key to the song. In my opinion, Bruce is such a great singer he can get his head around anything.

Sometimes he does get the hump with me, and fair enough. I understand why he gets frustrated.

Iron Maiden: how we made The Book Of Souls

But he usually ends up doing what I want him to do. It could be about Robin Williams. It was very shocking what happened to him, but it happens to a lot of people. As a group, how did you choose what songs made the cut this time around?

But the standard is so incredibly high in Maiden. If you have a deadline, you get your act together! The thing is, with music, if you try to analyse it too much, it can spoil it. That bit of magic, you just want it to happen. But then I thought: Yet, right now, "The Red and the Black" has sailed up as a favorite! Somewhere along the line, I went from frowning disapprovingly at what I heard, to singing along and feeling a genuine rush of love for the band.

It's a hymn, all right, and I'm pretty sure it will slot in nicely on the band's setlist.

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It's long, yes; the second longest track on offer, in fact, but even as it is brimming with callbacks to older material, it has grown into a song I really enjoy listening to. I've complained loudly about their long songs on the last four or five albums being too stretched out, with too little variation, but on this album I feel the long tracks are sufficiently varied to maintain interest.

The last half of "The Red and the Black" has many different parts, often supported by synthesizers, including one especially memory guitar harmony that is as classic Iron Maiden as it gets without being a direct rip-off of earlier material; it's a part that is reminiscent of a part in Opeth's "In Mist she was Standing" Orchid, , a simple but effective melody that gives me the feels all over, in the same way their guitar harmonies did on the first seven albums the part starts at I do wish they had more of these parts spread across the two discs, but I'm pretty happy with this one.

It reminds me of all those guitar harmony parts from their older days that I cherish, like, for example, the part that begins at in "The Duellists". While a song like "The Red and the Black" can be considered a "safe" song in the sense that it is Iron Maiden through and through, the band does actually sound genuinely fresh elsewhere - something I failed to hear because I was so hanged up on the tempo of the songs.

I wanted some kick-ass flurry of galloping Maiden, and a song like "If Eternity Should Fail", which kicks off the album, is building up rather slowly, turning into a great tune with some solid hooks that you may have missed on the first spin.

Iron Maiden reveal the stories behind their sixteenth album The Book Of Souls

The energy is kicked up a notch in shorter bursts like "When the River Runs Deep" and "Death or Glory", with hard-rocking riffs. I prefer Maiden when they lean closer to metal which is why "2 Minutes to Midnight" is my least favorite Powerslave track. Fortunately the songs do include more 'metallic' parts to keep me interested.

Another thing that I at first complained about was Bruce's vocals which I found too strained and grating. Many spins later, that problem too has disappeared, and at times I think he sounds great. Many - not all - vocal lines employed on the album sound fresh as well. There's no doubt it's Maiden, but I don't find myself remembering other songs as much as I do when listening to other post-Blaze works such as Dance of Death. The Book of Souls, then, is a two-sided affair in more than one way.

It is both new and old, it both invents and borrows. The album is a tad too predictable, perhaps, with no instrument standing out.

The guitar solos just kind of drift by, and at no point do I raise my eyebrow in surprise at the drumwork. I kind of miss Steve's galloping bass, and at times the songs are a little too soft for my liking - but then again, these days I have Nile to satisfy my taste for the heavier, faster stuff.

Iron Maiden, ‘The Book of Souls’ – Album Review

Iron Maiden managed to turn me completely around with this one. The album truly needed some time to sink in, and now I can appreciate it for what it is. Yes, it could benefit from being more dynamic; yes, it is a bit long; yes, there's stuff you've heard them do better before. Yes, it is predictable and many breaks and hooks you can see coming from a mile's distance, but Maiden has been around since the seventies, and it is a testimony to the durability of the genre that they can release a double album in with the essence of the early eighties largely intact.

The Book of Souls takes the listener through all the Maiden nuances, from the slightly staccato riffs of the earliest albums, through the melodious epics and to the 'new' Maiden, which mixes hard rock, heavy metal, and acoustic instruments into one delectable whole.Heavy metal.

Thus the guys hardly sit on their laurels, no matter the duration between albums. Tears Of A Clown.

Dave Murray , Harris. It was very shocking what happened to him, but it happens to a lot of people. But I started writing these little tuney bits and thought, ooh, that might turn into something…" And what it turned into was a historical epic: the story of the R airship disaster of The payoff comes with a tribal roll ushering a picked-up solo section.

When doing a double album, you'd best come hot all the way or don't come at all. Las vocales arrasan, junto a las tres guitarras, tocando cordinadas a la perfeccion. But Maiden is a different beast now, and conceptual magnificence takes priority over instant gratification in

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