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The artbook is entitled "BIOSHOCK: BREAKING THE MOLD. Here it is, in all its glory, in two PDF versions: a smaller, ebook download, and a. BioShock: Breaking the Mold, from the Cult of Rapture. BioShock: Breaking the Mold is the official artbook of BioShock, which was released on August 13, , by 2K Games as a free downloadable PDF book. The artbook includes a foreword written by BioShock's director, Ken Levine. BIOSHOCK: BREAKING THE MOLD August 13, Way back when I was creating the BioShock Limited Edition, I took a poll for what you.

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Provided as zipped PDF files in both hi-res and low-res versions, BioShock: Breaking The Mold is an excellent freebie that should be snapped. When obtaining this book The Art Of BioShock - Breaking The Mold By 2K Games as recommendation to check out, you could get not only inspiration however. GAMES PDF. If you desire actually get guide The Art Of BioShock - Breaking The Mold By 2K Games to refer now, you need to follow this page always. Why?.

This is the game that both Microsoft and 2k should be advertising the hell out of. Red Scarlet Member. Jan 29, 23, 3 0. That's pretty cool, seems like they're going all-out for fans.

Some of the concept art is pretty freaky, especially the enemies section and some of the Big Daddy concepts. And the little sisters Spoiler chipmunks? Jul 13, 0 0. Browsed through. So many different art styles too. Definitely a keeper. Aug 29, 3, 0 0 33 Melbourne, Australia.

Now I have to buy another copy of the game. It just doesn't feel like I've paid them enough for all the awesome yet. Jun 9, 27, 9 1, Crayon Shinchan Aquafina Fanboy. Mar 21, 3, 0 0. Mucho Respecto for the Bio-Jesus and Irrati-gods.

Gaminglegend Banned. Jun 9, 76 0 0 Australia. Great idea. Hope more developers take note by releasing them for free download rather than cramming them into expensive "special edition" sets. Releasing it for free naturally offers its benefits - increased hype.

Stabby McSter Member. Jul 24, 13, 0 0 san jose, ca. Burned to disk. After perusing the binding options at Kinkos, looks like I'm heading there tomorrow for a softcover book. Shins said:. Your cross will be crafted from of the bones of lesser offenders. Bildi Member.

Nov 7, 6, 0 0 Australia. Awesome indeed. Downloading it now but will be avoiding it until I've finished the game. HallwayGiant Member. Apr 21, 0 0. And we all thought their were a lot of BioShock avatars before the art book Jul 3, 6, 0 0. Feb 24, 2, 0 0.

GhaleonEB said:. AgentOtaku Member. Nov 21, 31, 1 0 36 Spokane, WA. Phaethon Member.

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Mar 23, 3, 0 0 29 Florida www. Those sea monstrosities are frightening. I will be needing two pair of pants for this game.

May 14, 4, 0 Lovely lovely! More companies need to release art books for free! Spinnington Banned. Aug 5, 9, 0 0. Sep 14, 53 0 0 seattle, wa. It should be noted that this artbook, and especially the forward by KL has spoilers.

AltogetherAndrews Member. Aug 17, 17, 1, See, this is how you do this shit.

TemplaerDude Member. Feb 4, 19, 0 0 31 Vancouver, British Columbia. Scarecrow Member. Jun 21, 4, 0 Hot damn. How much would it cost to get this thing bound? DjangoReinhardt Thinks he should have been the one to kill Batman's parents.

Jun 7, 3, 0 0. This game just keeps on giving and it hasn't even been released.

Bioshock - Breaking the Mold

Sep 27, 0 0 United Kingdom. Fantastic, I was gutted there wasn't going to be an artbook in the LE. I'd still buy a paper copy if they released it. Jaagen Member. Apr 13, 1, 0 0.

Bioshock Series All Concept Art Part 1 (Breaking the Mold)

I was reaching towards my credit card before I read it was free. Thank you, Irrational. Echoes Member. Mar 30, 2, 0 0 Kuwait bravewave. Feindflug Member. Jul 26, 6, 0 0 Europa. Irrational FTW! Downloading the High-res artbook now. Cdammen Member. Apr 6, 5, 1 1, Sweden. I love you Irrational! Have my babies! With blood dripping off its drill onto the floor, it holds out an enormous hand, which is taken by the tiny hand of the Little Sister, and the sequence ends.

Outside of protecting Little Sisters they rarely interact with anything else.

They are incapable of speech and can only communicate via groans and grunts and roars. If a Big Daddy comes across the player character or a splicer it will not attack unprovoked. However, if either the player or a splicer gets too close to a Little Sister, the Big Daddy will assume an aggressive stance in attempt to scare off the transgressor.

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If either the Big Daddy or the Little Sister is attacked intentionally or accidentally , the Big Daddy will retaliate against the attacker until it or the attacker is dead. The lights on the helmet indicate their moods: Yellow indicates that the Big Daddy is indifferent to the player's presence, red indicates rage towards the player, and green indicates that the Big Daddy is hypnotized and friendly towards the player. In BioShock 2 , the player takes on the role of Subject Delta, previously known as "Johnny Topside", who is an early Big Daddy prototype known as the Alpha Series that had his mind and free will restored by Tenenbaum.

He is the first Big Daddy to be successfully "pair-bonded" with a single Little Sister. The Alpha Series are a streamlined and agile type of Big Daddy - they are not as heavily armored, but are faster and more maneuverable: they bear a resemblance to the Rosie model, with minor alterations and additional features, such as a differently-shaped helmet with a solitary viewport, a diving knife worn on the hip never used in-game , and the ability to mount a Bouncer drill.

Alpha Series were not grafted into their suits like the later production models, but are still heavily spliced, being able to use Plasmids. However, the Alpha Series suffer from a major flaw: If the Little Sister they are pair-bonded to dies, is rescued, or is simply too far from them, then the Alpha will eventually fall into either a coma or a berserk rage - subsequent Big Daddy generations removed the specific pair-bonding in favor of Big Daddies protecting any Little Sister in general.

Unlike in the previous game, Little Sisters will not run away from the player when they meet, but instead greet them, able to be "Adopted" to collect ADAM or "Harvested" on the spot to collect greater amounts of ADAM at the cost of their lives.

[Artbook] BioShock - Breaking the Mold Scan

The Thinker uses Porter's likeness to guide the way for Sigma, and at the end of the storyline, Sigma is returned to his original form as Porter. The Bouncer in Burial at Sea is slightly different in that it has a launchable drill arm in which the Bouncer can "fire" the drill out to a short distance away. It is later revealed why this feature was not included in BioShock's Bouncers as the launchable drill head is unreliable and liable to break away completely when fired, Dr.

Yi Suchong recommended a fixed drill with the Bouncer able to simply rush the player as a compensation. In promotion and merchandise[ edit ] To promote BioShock, 2K Games released a six inch tall immobile Big Daddy figurine packaged with the limited edition release of the game.

You may fear him, but you have no reason to hate the Big Daddy. When he's defending a Sister from a pack of splicers, it's hard not to root for his rivet gun. And when he bends to one knee to allow her to retreat to the safety of her hiding hole in the wall, it's a legitimately touching moment.

Our hero is only as good as our villain.Red Scarlet Member. Haunted Member. BioShock Artbook Out.

Definitely a keeper. At least download it now cause you might have forgotten about it after you finished the game.

The foreword in the artbook contains spoilers.

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