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Jeff Kinney, author of Diary of a Wimpy KidBig Nate is going for broke in the fourth novel in the To read e-books on the BookShout App, download it on. "Big Nate is funny, big time!"—Jeff Kinney, author of Diary of a Wimpy KidBig Nate is going for broke in the fourth novel in the hilarious New York Times. Search. Advanced · Try Libby, our new app for enjoying ebooks and audiobooks! ×. Title details for Big Nate Goes for Broke by Lincoln Peirce - Wait list.

He has only appeared once in and in a drawing in Big Nate Blasts Off.

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Nick Blonsky: Nick is mentioned in the first two books. In the first, Nate says even Nick was raising his hand along with everyone else but he had a pencil up his nose. In the second, Nate says he is a horrible project partner because he is usually 'digging for gold'. He makes his first major appearance in the fifth book. He steals a camera that Nate borrowed from Mrs.

Godfrey, which results in Francis getting in trouble. Nick says he stole the camera just because he wanted to see Nate and Francis fight.

Dee Dee records the conversation and Nick gets suspended from school for a week. Nick is also a known liar. He has never appeared in a comic strip but was mentioned on October 16, Francis Butthurst Pope: Nate's number 1 friend, Francis is very intelligent, and this upsets his friends from time to time. He has a gap between his teeth and lets people bully him often. Nate and Francis frequently make fun of each other, but he states that this is how they operate. Nate and Francis often argue about cats vs dogs as Francis is a cat person, he also has a cat named Pickles.

Contrary to Nate's feelings for them, Francis is friendly with both Mrs. Godfrey and Artur. Francis plays the electric guitar in Enslave the Mollusk and dates Sheila. His middle name is the square root symbol since his parents are math teachers.

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He plays the musical keyboard in Enslave The Mollusk. In , it is revealed that Teddy is half Mexican , and half Puerto Rican. In , it is revealed that over the summer Teddy gets to live in Mexico with his grandparents, however, this stopped happening in Teddy also knows a lot about the Civil War , as his dad is an expert of the Civil War, and has been teaching him facts since he was a baby.

Gina Hemphill-Toms: One of Nate's schoolmates and rivals. Gina is a nerd. Gina spends 18 hours a day studying and wears nerdy, thick glasses. Gina always gets an A-plus on her assignments, but sometimes she gets them because the teachers like her.

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She is an enemy of Nate and likes to get him in trouble. One time, Gina caught an error of Nate's test, and went to Mrs. Godfrey, so she can lower Nate's grade.

To her surprise, Mrs. Godfrey decided to keep Nate's score and send Gina to detention. Gina has also gotten detention for screaming in the library. Gina also has a crush on Chad Applewhite. Chad Applewhite: Chad is one of Nate's good friends. He is a chubby kid with red hair and freckles. He is obsessed with eating and food.

He is willing to help Nate with all his schemes. When he is selling things with Nate, because he is so cute, the customers end up buying all the things he is selling. Chad has appeared in the comics since on February 16, Kim Cressly: A very big girl who at one point decided Nate was her boyfriend and refused to take "no" for an answer. Nate spent much of his time trying to avoid her before she started dating Chester. When Nate's team was unable to find a sponsor, her family's bakery became the sponsor, giving the name the Cream Puffs, much to Nate's horror.

She then joined and "dated" Nate, though he attempted to object many times. This was before she dated Chester, but she continued on the team anyway. Chester Budrick: Chester Budrick is a male student at P.

Chester is mostly seen either in detention, bullying Nate, etc. He is also dating Kim Cressley, who previously had a crush on Nate. He is also shown to play on the school baseball and basketball team. Chester's appearance is unknown and has been teased throughout the series. In Big Nate Strikes Again, it was revealed he has a beard and tattoos and looks like he has been on growth hormones.

He is 6 foot 6 inches and weighs pounds kilograms. Marcus Goode: Marcus is "the popular kid" in school, though it is difficult to understand why.

He is a narcissistic bully. Two members of his gang are Andy and Dennis.

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In , Nate joins his posse but then realizes that it isn't that fun. After Marcus teases Artur, Nate reaches his breaking point and quits, earning a black eye when standing up to him when he used Francis' dumb technique of only saying "I'm not afraid of you.

Gertrude, "Trudy": Nate developed a crush for Trudy on a ride to the fair. Nate couldn't find her after the ride and tries to find her.

Eventually, he finds her at the same school as him. She is in 7th grade, while Nate is in the 6th grade. After an initial misunderstanding, they started dating in October They dated from October 15, , to March 25, Angie: Nate's first girlfriend who was first seen on July 14, , and went as a couple from July 30, , to February 12, Kelly: Nate's girlfriend who was first seen on July 10, and went as a couple from July 20, to April 11, because when Jenny broke up with Ronnie, Nate wanted to go with her but she went with someone else and this was all Nate's fault.

Daisy: Nate's girlfriend who was first seen on February 18, , and went on as a couple from March 18, , to April 01, Their first date was seen on March 20, The date didn't go well so they had to break up. Abby Wilson: Nate's girlfriend who went on as a couple for five minutes and ten seconds on April 24, Clara Godfrey: Nate's ultimate hated teacher, his social studies teacher.

Nate spends much of his time trying to avoid her outside of class and antagonizing her in class, making up several nicknames for her, like Venus de Silo, Godzilla, Dark Side Of the Moon, etc.. Nate has been known to exaggerate her physical features in his comics. Nate always refers here to the 'Creature Teacher' and hates her the most due to her rude attitude and the fact that she is a cat person. Additionally, he frequently draws her as a parody of The Devil.

Nate also thinks that 6th grade would have been much easier for him if his older sister Ellen had not been there first. The relations between Mrs. Godfrey and Nate are not entirely negative, though. She allows Nate to create reports in cartoon form, giving him an outlet for his creativity and energy. She once saved Nate from choking on a peppermint. She has two daughters named Katrina and Meghan, and her maiden name is Lessard. She is a fan of Gina, and favor's her, however once sending her to detention.

Ken Rosa: Nate's art teacher, Mr. Rosa is a soft-spoken and mild-mannered man but somewhat overworked and embittered about his career.

As a result, Nate enjoys a lot of freedom in art class. He also enjoys sketching pictures of his teachers. Rosa has a master's degree in art, but he has to work at an ice cream shop called Sweet Licks all summer long to make ends meet.

Principal Wesley Nichols: The principal of P. Nate and the other students are very friendly towards him, but do not really treat him as an authority figure; he is bewildered by the students. On the rare occasion he goes out of his office, he soon retreats. He is sometimes snappy to Nate and Nate is taken aback by this, but of all the teachers besides Mr. Rosa, Mrs. Shipulski, and Mrs.

Czerwicki he is probably the one Nate gets along best with; he sometimes helps the cartooning club and treats Nate's antics with good humor most of the time. He has a niece named Noelle, who is one of Nate's classmates and never gets in trouble. His first name was revealed when he was interviewed on the news in Big Nate Lives it Up. He is usually the victim in the worst prank on each Prank Day.

Geraldine Shipulski: Principal Nichols' secretary. She prides herself on her Nate flatters her by calling her a "cougar," among other things. She has 22 million Twitter followers as shown in the recent comics in which one of them revealed her first name.

It is mentioned that she is Nate once gave her a box of Snowcaps on Secretary's Day. Czerwicki: She is a school volunteer who supervises the students in detention. She is friendly with Nate.

She reads romance novels while sitting in detention. Czerwicki sometimes plays table football with him. In one strip it is revealed that she wears a wig and was once an actress.

Galvin: Nate's science teacher. He has a crush on Greta Van Susteren. He has almost no visible sense of humor and conducts a very boring class.

According to Nate, he is the Oldest Teacher present in school. He is known to be a fan of Star Trek. His actual name has never been revealed. Coach Calhoun: Nate's main PE teacher. He is also Nate's friends' baseball, soccer, and basketball coach. Once your order has been dispatched from our Sydney warehouse you will receive an Order Shipped status email. This will contain your tracking information All our estimates are based on business days and assume that shipping and delivery don't occur on holidays and weekends.

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