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Durjoy Datta (Goodreads Author) (shelved 2 times as indian-lovestories) I Too Had a Love Story (ebook). In recent times, Indian literary scene has seen its own share of some amazing romantic novels. There have been some good romantic novels. See more ideas about Novels, Romance novels and Romans. Bichitravadhu- rahasya by Rabindra Nath Takur Hindi novel pdf Best Novels, Ebook Pdf.

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BEST INDIAN ROMANTIC NOVELS. Visit The Girl in Room by Chetan Bhagat Chetan Bhagat Books, Ebook Pdf, Book. More information. indian love story novels pdf, best romantic novels for teenagers, latest love stories by indian authors, list of romantic novels by indian writers. check out this link: fiction story novels by indian authors free download pdf Archives - Comixtream this link provides almost pdf for every indian.

How can a person hate God? Where would that hatred lead him? Anisha is ready to judge Ajay harshly, when a simple, caring and guileless gesture changes her perception of him. So begins the journey of two people who are poles apart. A bittersweet tale, told very simply, by a man who lost everything, except his ability to find humour in the world.

13 Romance Novels That Should Be On Every Woman’s Bucket List

This is the story of Ajay who finds a second lease of life. What helps him? A friend? Or the love that he finds again? Worlds apart from one another, the two land up next to each other on a flight from Mumbai to Chandigarh. For the other. And when love does finally happen, there are more obstacles to overcome.

Rajveer has to stand up against his own if he and Lavanya are to be together. However, life has other plans. Things go horribly wrong and Rajveer now has to fight a different battle-one in which he is the devil as well as the deliverer. His love for Lavanya will be put to the ultimate test. And there are no guarantees. I had lost her smile, her friendship, her voice… But still, somewhere in my heart, I believed her to be my girlfriend.

My mute girlfriend. Although she had always stood by his side and her eyes reflected immense love, but she remained his mute girlfriend.

But before he could reply, his mobile gets damaged and he wanders in his memories to narrate a story. About how his girlfriend became his mute girlfriend after the first year of their engineering college. My Mute Girlfriend is a true romance story of how Rohan unravels the answers to why Vaidehi was mute for so long and how their life is about to change.

But little do they know that the worst is yet to come. We repair them.

They get a new shape. The English Bryan Carr is her secretary of state. Although Flame loves Bryan, she refuses to abdicate because of her obligation to her people. Nevertheless, during the s, for Eustace to portray Indian characters, however westernized that they might be, in a positive light was no small concession.

These characters could love fully, nobly, and self-sacrificially. After relinquishing his claim to Flame, Ajit proves his love and loyalty by protecting Flame in an attack and losing an eye. Lest the Indian man should come across as the more noble and heroic character, in a rather ridiculous twist, Bryan then dies when he in turn saves Flame from a panther attack.

That, I know, will always be mine. Submissive, gentle, humble, docile, holding that the woman only found her soul when a man loved her, and she became the mother of his son. It is not well when the man looks down on the woman as on an inferior.

7 Must Read Romantic Novels – By Indian Authors

Therefore let the girl go forth to England also, and learn the English ways, for they are good. In positing such a character, Eustace broke not only with romantic but with the dominant literary traditions of her day.

She acquiesced to conventional wisdom, however, in her retreat from interracial marriage as a resolution to the romantic plot. Perhaps she was unable to contemplate the prospect of English masculinity in political subservience to the leadership of a strong Indian woman.

With the loss of India as a colony after , British romance readers seemed to lose interest in the region. Most of the romances set in India during the s and s were published in New York, rather than London. Moreover, the few postwar romances set in India were already demonstrating signs of a nostalgic orientation to the historical past of the British Raj rather than present-day India.

The region is simply not seen as a romantic locus for westerners to find love and adventure. In the days of the Raj, however, romance was synonymous with the landscape and with the heroic men and women who went out there to serve the empire. Especially after the bloodbath of the First World War, when emasculated, traumatized men were represented in metropolitan British novels, India still offered middle-class men the opportunity to be heroic: to build something worthwhile, work for a mission, help the unfortunate, command their social and racial inferiors, and thereby raise their self-esteem.

As for women, India offered the New Woman and the Flapper heroine of the interwar years opportunities for travel and adventure, and occupations more exciting, challenging, and financially rewarding than if they had stayed in Britain. Anglo-Indian romances insisted that desire was generated for whiteness in general, and for white women in particular.

This desire functioned as a symbol for the power of imperial rule and imperial culture; a desire which was shown to be as irresistible as it was futile among Indians, since it could never be fulfilled because of the strong prohibition against miscegenation.

At the same time, the marital relations between Indian men and women were never portrayed as affectionate, let alone romantic. They were tolerant at best, and punitive and brutalizing at worst, robbing both partners of their humanity, emasculating men or reducing women to the status of cowering, passive victims. Love was clearly a western phenomenon; in these novels it stemmed from the vestiges of chivalry among British men and the innate respect they had for British women even if they denied them equality in the home and workplace.

Racial differences provided the structural hierarchy and plot framework within which bourgeois romance functioned. In early twentieth-century romances set in Britain, heroes and heroines were free to indulge in love and courtship because they did not have to work. Their wealth was created by the labour of the working classes in fields or factories, while their leisure time and social lives depended on the domestic servitude of others.

In India, this function was taken over by devoted Indian servants on the rare occasions that the servants appeared in these novels. In other ways, representations of Indians were crucial to the plot advancement and resolution of the Anglo-Indian romance. This explains why heroes may sometimes utter racist sentiments, but heroines rarely ever do so — not knowingly, at least. Anglo-Indian romances portrayed the British presence in India as heroic and self-sacrificial, wholly given over to modernizing endeavour, alleviated by courtship and rewarded by love.

British characters apparently got little or nothing from India but gave their all to its abstraction. After a suitable period of service, they sailed away back to Britain to live in their inherited landed properties.

Palette of Love by Ashok Kallarakkal

However, their experiences in India gave them the opportunity to prove that they deserved the romantic ending of love, happiness, and wealth which, amazingly, was never related to the exploitation of Indian resources or power over Indians.

Ultimately, these novels legitimized British imperialism. Romances naturalized the colonial order by normalizing the Raj as an exotic background to British love, telling the love story in such a way that the local Indian population, which vastly outnumbered the British, was marginalized and written out of its own landscape and history. Once this form has been set, it scarcely matters that individual, fictional Brits get unsympathetic treatment from their author.

The form insists that they are the ones whose stories matter. Brijen K. Gupta, India in English Fiction, An Annotated Bibliography Metuchen, N.

The use of this term is notoriously problematic. The commonly accepted twentieth-century definition of a female romance novel focuses on the development of heterosexual romantic love between two protagonists, deals with conflicts in the romantic relationship - either because of internal or external problems - and which generally has a happy ending in marriage and domesticity.

Although there have been many other more notable female authors of Anglo-Indian novels - Rumer Godden, Christine Weston, and Ruth Prawer Jhabvala among them — I have not discussed their works because they are not strictly romance novels.

Allen J.

Mary A. Barbara N. Saros Cowasjee London: Grafton, , Parry, Delusions and Discoveries, Greenberger, The British Image of India, 54, Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Sharpe, Allegories of Empire, It is can be considered as one of the best love storynovels of all time. Buy this book here. Kshitish Padhy Yes, it has long title but justifies every bit. The story is about Ritwik, your average next door guy, who is trying to make a mark in the comic book industry.

He meets a girl named Shubhangi one day and is determined to marry the girl. To do so, he has to first impress his future father-in-law. So does the father-in-law approve of his probable son-in-law? Well, that is in fact the most interesting bit of this adorable romantic novel. Sponsored Search. Famous Love Stories ].

It follows the quests of Sanjay who plans to fulfil his American dream. What happens next makes the crux of this wonderful love story by an Indian author. The novel portrays the tale of a lazy rich spoilt brat named Benoy. Benoy is the rich guy who is lazy and pretentious.

One day he meets a girl who keeps pushing him away in spite of him falling in love with her for true. So will she accept him finally? Or will the poor fellow just get friendzoned?! Read the novel for more. Buy the book here. In this story, we meet Akash, who has a preference for girls with conservative values. One day, he happens to encounter a free-spirited girl Aleesha at a disco.

Romance Books

They exchange their Blackberry PINs to stay in touch but then the love story is not as simple as it seems since there are some more characters that show up. In spite of different mind-sets they fall in love when they are still in college. As expected, they always end up arguing even on the simplest matters due to their contrasting ideologies. Their arguments always end with a kiss until one day, after 11 years of relationship, they realise they are close yet feel so far away.

Have they reached a saturation point in their love?

Or is it something else? They have to figure it out soon! Anurag Garg While the name might suggest otherwise, this one makes an interesting read in case you are looking for a nice love story by an Indian author. In his inebriated state, he narrates his love story with Anamika to his friends, and the story then goes back to the past tense. The thing is when we return back to the present, does Aarav still have a relationship with Anamika or is he just grieving about lost love?

Smita Shetty If you love reading books with relatable characters, then this one must be on your best love story novels by indian authors list. It tells the story of Natasha, a Bengali woman married to a Tamilian guy named Rakesh. The couple are NRIs, and both are equally absorbed in their professional worlds. Natasha yearns for romance, excitement and companionship but Rakesh seems too busy in his world.

She makes a chance visit to India with one of her handsome colleague and bumps into an ex-flame in India. Will Natasha have a self-discovery about love or will she have to make a choice?

You should really be buying this one right away. Durjoy Datta Another one of the best love story novels by indian authors, again by Durjoy Datta. This one is a touching love story about Deep and Ahana. Deep is a young man who enjoys spending time with books rather than human beings.

One day, he gets an internship offer in Hong Kong where he meets an Indian girl Ahana. She is a beautiful woman but is blind. Deep and Ahana explore Hong Kong together, slowly falling in love.

Now how does Deep deal with things? Nikita Singh It is an interesting love story about love, friendship and betrayal. Niharika is a fresh entrant to the college, and in the first few days becomes friends with a shy guy named Tanmay. Tanmay is a good guy but not boyfriend material so therefore Niharika starts dating Akshat.

But as time passes by, Akshat starts revealing his true colours.Make sure your knot is tied well and doesn't come undone! Chhavi soon finds herself feeling attracted towards Tushar, a fashion photographer. Start downloading the Best Romance Novels online, right here at obooko!

In this story, we meet Akash, who has a preference for girls with conservative values. At Hampton Court the great difficulty of the officers was in keeping the white women away from our Native soldiers. It is laced with hilarious puns and a large helping of sarcasm. However, by the turn of the twentieth century, the contemporary romance novel was beginning to focus more on the lives of the middle classes, and upward social mobility through individual effort was becoming an increasingly prized attribute of the hero — one that would remain until the end of the century.

During the period of courtship, however, between the time when they first came out to India and when they got married, these women experienced India as a space of romantic adventure and daring exploration. One of the best Indian romantic novels.

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