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Following the triggering attack, the affected enemy has disadvantage on the next attack roll they make.

Blood Curse of the Fallen Puppet The moment a creature falls unconscious or dies within 30 feet of you, you can use your reaction to give that creature a final act of aggression. That creature immediately makes a single weapon attack against a target of your choice within its attack range. After the attack, the creature returns to being unconscious or dead. Blood Curse of the Fending Rite When an enemy casts a spell that requires a Dexterity saving throw, you can use your reaction to deflect the spell with your crimson rite.

You gain a bonus to the initial saving throw against that spell equal to your Wisdom modifier minimum of 1. This curse is invoked before the saving throw is rolled.

You grant all allies within 5 feet of you this bonus to their saving throw against the triggering spell as well. Blood Curse of the Marked As a bonus action, you can mark an enemy within 60 feet. Until the end of your turn, all crimson rite damage you deal to the target is doubled. You cause the marked target to also lose resistance to your rite damage type until the beginning of your next turn.

Blood Hunter Order At 3rd level, you commit to an order of blood hunter martial focus. The order you choose grants you features at 3rd level, and again at 7th, 11th, 15th, and 18th level. Ability Score Improvement When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. Extra Attack Beginning at 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.

Grim Psychometry When you reach 9th level, you can take 10 minutes to meditate on an object to discern vague details regarding any lingering evil or wicked past surrounding it. Make a Wisdom ability check. Based on the result, the DM may reveal obscure information about dark events that may have previously surrounded the object, or hints toward a sinister purpose. This feature has no effect on objects untouched by evil.

An object can only be targeted by this feature once, and future attempts reveal no further details. You cannot use this feature again until you finish a short or long rest. Dark Velocity Upon reaching 10th level, you beckon the surrounding shadows to grant you unnatural swiftness on the battlefield. You gain darkvision out to 30 feet, or if you have darkvision , extend it out an additional 30 feet.

While in dim light or darkness, your speed increases by 10 feet, and attacks of opportunity made against you have disadvantage. Hardened Soul When you reach 14th level, you can no longer become frightened , and you have advantage on saving throws against magical Charm effects.

Sanguine Mastery Upon becoming 20th level, your ability to harness your pain, and the pain of your foes, is perfected.

When you are below one fourth of your current maximum hit points, all of your crimson rite damage dice are maximized. Blood Hunter Orders There are a handful of secretive orders of blood hunters that guard their cryptic techniques and blasphemous rituals.

Some even wait a few years before they are sure they want to continue down this cursed path. Order of the Ghostslayer The Order of the Ghostslayer is the oldest and most driven of the orders, having rediscovered the secrets of blood magic and refined them for combat against the scourge of undeath.

Breakout Beasts™

Ghostslayers seek out and study the moment of death, obsessing over the mysteries of the transition. Some will sit with the terminally diseased to closely witness their passing, while others go so far as to deliberately have a near-death experience, allowing them to tune their body and senses to the ethereal realms beyond.

Rite of the Dawn When you join this order at 3rd level, you learn the esoteric rite Rite of the Dawn detailed below. Rite of the Dawn. Your rite damage is radiant type.

The damage you suffer from activating this rite is halved. If you hit an Undead creature with your Rite of the Dawn, it suffers additional radiant damage equal to your Wisdom modifier. Upon reaching 11th level, any creature you hit with your Rite of the Dawn suffers this additional radiant damage. Your blood curses can now affect any creature, regardless of their form or lack of blood. In addition, when you amplify a use of your Blood Maledict feature, after rolling the amplify damage you would sustain, you may choose to reroll the die and must use the new roll.

When you use the Attack action on your turn, you can expend a use of this feature to attack three times, instead of twice, and you temporarily become spectral. Until the end of your next turn, you can move through other creatures and objects as if they were difficult terrain.

You take 1d10 force damage if you end your turn inside an object. If you are inside an object when you are no longer spectral, you are immediately shunted to the nearest unoccupied space that you can occupy and take force damage equal to twice the number of feet you moved.

You may expend a use of this feature as a bonus action instead of making an attack. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier a minimum of once.

You regain all expended uses when you finish a short or long rest. Gravesight At 15th level, you can see through magical darkness up to 30 feet, as well as see invisible creatures and objects up to 30 feet. Vengeful Spirit Upon reaching 18th level, you learn to project your spirit to fight on while on the edge of death.

Whenever your hit points drop to 0, you can choose to let your soul emerge from your body to fight on. Your body remains unconscious and subject to death saving throws per normal. At the beginning of your next turn, you manifest a spirit form in your space that picks up your weapons and continues fighting on, acting on your turn and every one of your subsequent turns under your control.

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Your spirit form has your physical attributes and armor class, as well as your weapons and ammunition, and can move through other creatures and objects as if they were difficult terrain.

This form is immune to cold, necrotic, and non-magical weapon damage. Your spirit form has access to all of your abilities and suffers no damage from your Crimson Rite feature. If your spirit form takes any damage, your body dies, or you regain any hit points, your spirit form vanishes.

If your spirit form vanishes, it drops your weapons in its space. Order of the Lycan Of the many terrible curses that plague the realm, few are as ancient or as feared as Lycanthropy. Passed through blood, this affliction seeds a host with the savage strength and hunger for violence of a wild beast.

Those that shun the curse spend their lives burying their wild, bestial urges deep inside. However, the power of a rising full moon makes the curse too strong to resist, and the host transforms into a terrifying animal-humanoid hybrid controlled by murderous impulse.

Those that embrace the dark Nature of their curse learn to harness their bestial gifts, but also succumb to the evil, vicious temperament that drives the beast within.

These hunters then use their abilities to harness the power of the monster they harbor without losing themselves to it. Enhanced physical prowess, unnatural resilience, and razor sharp claws make these warriors a terrible foe to any evil that crosses their path. Yet, no training is perfect, and without care and complete focus, even the greatest of blood hunters can temporarily lose themselves to the bloodlust. Where most who embrace this curse grow wicked, mad, even murderous, these blood hunters accept the gifts of the beast while maintaining control through intense training and blood magic.

These factors enable a member of the Order of the Lycan to prevent the spread of their curse through blood, should they wish to. Should a member of the Order of the Lycan be cured of the lycanthropic curse, it is a terrible shame on their name, the order, and those who carry the curse still. There have been passages written about members being cleansed against their will, but those brothers and sisters readily return to the order to undergo a renewed initiation of The Taming, reintroducing the curse to their bodies and restoring their honor.

Lycanthropy comes in many forms.

Breakout Beasts Series 1

Each version of the curse is bound to a specific beast: wolf, bear, tiger, boar, and rat are a few of the more well-known variations. The strain of the curse defines the beast a hybrid form will share, but the features the curse bestows remain relatively uniform across strains.

Heightened Senses Starting when you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you begin to adopt the improved abilities of a natural predator.

You gain advantage on any Wisdom Perception checks that rely on hearing or smell. Hybrid Transformation Upon choosing this archetype at 3rd level, you begin to learn to control the lycanthropic curse that now lives in your blood.

As an action, you can transform into your Hybrid form. This form lasts for 10 minutes. You can speak, use equipment, and wear armor in this form. You can revert to your normal form earlier by using an action on your turn.

You automatically revert to your normal form if you fall unconscious , drop to 0 hit points, or die. You can use this feature twice. While you are transformed, you gain the following features: Feral Might. You gain a bonus to melee damage rolls equal to half your proficiency bonus rounded down. You also have advantage on Strength checks and Strength saving throws.

Resilient Hide. Predatory Strikes. Your unarmed strikes are considered a single weapon in regards to your crimson rite feature. You can use Dexterity instead of Strength for the attack and damage rolIs of your unarmed strikes. When you use the Attack action with an unarmed strike, you can make another unarmed strike as a bonus action.

As he lays injured in his arms she confesses her love to him, breaking the curse in a fashion more closely based on the book and the original Beauty and the Beast story. The film is based on Alex Flinn's supernatural romance novel Beastly , and has been in production since CBS Films bought the rights in December Baer expressed excitement about the director, saying, "Daniel's fresh vision makes him one of the most exciting directors of his generation. We are thrilled to partner with him as he brings his unique voice to arguably the most universally resonant myth in storytelling.

Barnz also said; "There was this sort of hyper-modern version of this story and that it was told from his perspective, which we'd never seen before and thematically, because it's all about beauty and how you look and inner beauty that this was such a great story set in the teenage world and for teenagers, because it has such a great message to it".

Barnz's script was inspired by the film Say Anything. In his role as Hunter, Pettyfer's appearance was altered with heavy makeup and prosthetics.

Beastly Photo Art - Funny Animal Memes,Heads & Face Masks Maker For Instagram

Question is, were you happy I wasn't furry? Well, I think the audience will be happy.

This beast make-up is phenomenal. You're talking to someone who is a fanatic about it [prosthetics and movie make-up] and I've never seen anything that looks remotely similar to this. The makeup consisted of 67 pieces; seven pieces went on his head and 60 tattoos and individual scars were applied after the full-body makeup.

The facial prosthetics and tattoos took almost three hours to apply and the full body makeup took the artists six hours to finish.

But at the same time, it kind of is a challenge because you are fighting personally with your own problems off set, but then onset you have a great resource to go to. Tony Gardner and Alterian, Inc. Jamie Kelman handled Pettyfer's daily makeup application.

Hudgens described the beast's look as "crazy" and that it moved her in "a really weird and peculiar way. Filming was completed in 45 days. The Quebec government announced on June 12, that it would increase its tax credit for foreign TV and film producers filming there from 25 per cent of labor expenses to 25 per cent of the entire budget of productions shot there.

The producers of Beastly chose to film in Montreal before the announcement of tax-paying increase.

See a Problem?

The film score was composed by Marcelo Zarvos. The film's soundtrack was released on March 1, , [49] and the score album was released on March 15, ; both albums were released by Lakeshore Records. The first teaser trailer was released on November 20, during the previews of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. The first official poster was then released in early April CBS Films announced that clothing and accessories, social expressions and games would be produced to market the film.

CBS films would delay the release of Beastly because it would cause a "real dilemma" to fans of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens' relationship. We didn't want to go in fall, and the holidays are for four-quadrant movies. So we figured if we went to March, we'd have some school breaks happening around that time.

The movie was released on Blu-ray Disc on June 28, The critical consensus read "Fundamentally misguided, poorly written, and badly acted, Beastly adds little to the legacy of its timeless source material.

He remarked that Barnz "showed imagination and sensitivity in his feature Phoebe in Wonderland and hasn't lost those qualities now that he's entered the world of the big budgets. It's dogged by awkward dialogue, a ridiculous plot and lackluster performances, especially by the leads Beastly was ranked number 45 in The Times ' predicted "50 Biggest Movies of ". Beastly had the third largest weekend gross earnings behind Rango and The Adjustment Bureau.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Beastly Theatrical release poster. Archived from the original on Retrieved July 4, Studio briefing. Retrieved Box Office Mojo. Retrieved June 2, Archived from the original on 25 April Retrieved May 14, Archived from the original on 15 June Reed Business Information.

Archived from the original on February 6, You can't disable the RFID chip without voiding your passport: "Any passport which has been materially changed in physical appearance or composition, or contains a damaged, defective or otherwise nonfunctioning electronic chip, or which includes unauthorized changes, obliterations, entries or photographs, As one of its "concessions" to critics, the State Department is adding RF shielding to the outer cover of the passport.

But that won't protect it from RF interrogation and reading whenever the cover is opened for visual inspection of the data page. With an add-on sleeve like a book cover that the passport cover slips into, the passport could be opened for visual inspection of the inside data page without exposing the chip in the cover to RF reading.

Even that, however, won't protect against the attack used in the recent Dutch cracking demonstrations: eavesdropping on the radio exchange between the chip and a legitimate reader at a border crossing or airport, where you are forced by government order to allow the RFID chip in your passport to be read.

There's no apparent "technical fix" to the security risks of RFID chips in passports; the problem requires a legislative fix to prohibit use of RFID chips in identity credentials or their nonconsensual or undisclosed commercial use, and to enact a comprehensive data privacy law in the USA to prohibit the use, sale, rental, or sharing of personal data about us acquired through use of RFID chips, in the course of commercial transactions, or otherwise by "private" entities, without our permission, without our knowledge, or for purposes other than those for which we originally provided it.

And none of those countries, or any others, should be endangering their citizens by putting RFID chips in passports. In the meantime, if you do find this "mark" on your passport, please let me know about it.

It would help others to know when and by which Passport Offices these start being issued. And I know several technical experts who would be very interested in testing RFID passports "in the wild", to see if the attacks demonstrated against Dutch passports with RFID chips will also work against similar USA passports, and what other vulnerabilities they may have.

But once I knew more about what to look for, I found smaller images of the logo on a Department of Homeland Security Web site on passport requirements for visitors to the USA, and in a later version of one of the ICAO technical reports. I also found high-resolution photos of Australian passports with RFID chips note that the Australian passports have the chip embedded in an inside page, rather than in the cover as in the prototype chipped USA passports , and several smaller images of the RFID logo and its use on chipped Thai passports.

Some of the stolen blanks were reportedly seized and recovered while being shipped to Europe, but it's not clear if all of the stolen blanks were recovered.Then comes the Horror. Most Ugallu traits and unable to have children together, choosing the slain was Lairs feature stark landscapes that deny the Beasts prey any shelter the only way for them to preserve their heritage.

Its not a collection.

Tribune Company. While some Namtaru wear faces of fear, the Arabic ghul wears any face it pleases. Dark Velocity Upon reaching 10th level, you beckon the surrounding shadows to grant you unnatural swiftness on the battlefield. Once per scene, a Makara can impose with.

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