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Axa was the title of a newspaper comic strip featuring the eponymous lead character, which Another comic book version of Axa was later produced for the Swedish comic magazine Magnum. All the strips from The Sun have been reprinted in. Axa was born in , supposedly years after a nuclear holocaust known as The Great contamination, in the City of Domes, where emotional attachments. He also took AXA to the American company Eclipse Comics, who published a two issue series of all-new adventures, though this time with.

Axa Comic Book

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Explore kenn menn's board "axa" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Comic art, Comic and Comic Book. "AXA: Battle for the Serpent Gate" is based on the AXA comic books, read by 8 million daily readers in the s and early s. AXA is syndicated and printed . Our Projects "AXA: Battle for the Serpent Gate" is based on the AXA comic books, read by 8 million daily readers in the s and early s.

Original strip no.

Axa (comics)

Romeros last strip, no. He started early a career as a writer and worked as an editor at Amalgamated Press later the IPC while he wrote radio plays and novels. For that it would not seem so suspect that a person was so productive he used several pseudonyms, including Alec Ashton and Charles King. His first job was when he wrote 'Evangeline' for 'Comico Comics' in , and then comics for the 'First Comics'.

In he began working for 'Eclipse Comics', were he among others wrote 'Airboy'. He also worked on the Marvel and Eclipse with their comics, while he at the same time in launched the 'Strike! In the s he produced, among other things, his own comicfanzine 'Smock' ten numbers between and Even as a youngster, he was called "Pidde", a nickname given to him to keep. He has after that also written Worker who brokered contact with Semic Press.

There he wrote manuscripts for 'Buffalo Bill' and 'The Saint'. In the mids, he wrote the comic 'Powerman' for the Nigerian comic market together with Worker. In he started to write 'The Phantom' for the Swedish magazine. That same year, , he initiated a co-operation with the Spanish artist Enrique Badia Romero.

Later, they discovered the Valley of Mists, where dinosaurs ruled and the human inhabitants had devolved into cave men Axa was almost lobotomized, but was saved by Mark Ten , a robot programmed to love her. She and an unwilling Jason took Robot Mark with them when they left, having united the scientists and the cave dwellers in a common cause.

Axa and Jason, though, finally parted company in the City of Hope formerly Las Vegas , a gambling town which Jason stayed on to run after Axa defeated its sadistic ruler, Mr Nero. Axa found a new beau in former gladiator Dirk, who traveled on with her and Mark. An encounter with the crazed, blind nature worshiper Joy Eden and her elemental creations in Seventh Heaven ended with Mark badly damaged, his circuits corroded by acid, lurching off into the fog after trying to kill Axa, while the woman warrior saw a less pleasant side to Dirk when the pair fell in with pirates and Dirk willingly joined them in robbing the coastal settlements of the Fisher People.

Axa herself would not, and instead hooked up with Cap, the 'King of the Coast', who appeared to be protecting the Fisher People.

Ultimately, he turned out to be employing the pirates, and Axa defeated him before with Dirk in tow once more traveling on to the home of the tree dwelling Sky People, where they became embroiled in a war between factions loyal to Galen who wanted to reclaim the ground and Zeph who thought they should learn to fly, the Sky People having already mutated into slightly birdlike forms. Dirk remained there, having fallen in love with a bird woman, and Axa traveled on alone In the hidden city of the Artisans, Axa was reunited with a repaired Robot Mark and successfully got rid of the deranged Galen.

After a brief romantic entanglement with twin brothers Jorge and Jarge, she moved on again, with Mark by her side. Shortly afterward, she was reunited with Matt whom she'd believed dead, but who had apparently been revived by the scientists in the City of Domes and had been tracking her ever since her departure. What was it like?

Afterwards and with some gained experience, Peter have realized that he can get maximum from me if he gives me freedom in drawing. This is something he had realized while working on the second booklet, and we simply continued our work on this way.

I have always liked fast cars. My sons have inherited the same tendency; one of my sons has sports Audi.

We have always preferred sports cars compared to classical. This is a sort of relaxation for me, when I want to break drawing.


There are no details in the background. When I was drawing a car for Modesty, Peter had sent to me a small model of this car he wanted in the story, so I could orient better. It was a very rare car. I find even more interesting secondary characters than cars. What do you think how many autobiographical elements are present in your characters? Most comic book artists tend to draw characters based on their own image. Take a look at Esad Ribic for example; Loki looks exactly like Esad laughs. Do you see through your characters your own characteristics, even physical?

British comics titles

No matter, female or male characters… EBR: All super heroes are based on me! This character had to be in the car driving around. Automatically and non-intentionally I have drew this person with black mustaches and cap. Then I have realized that I really put myself into it. Probably every comic book artist have to plunge into the story and character, at least I do it that way.

EBR: At the beginning of our collaboration I did regular trips to London in order to talk in person with him about details in plot and so.

Unfortunately, we talked through the assistance of translator. Then, Peter would sent me material with additional explanations of the scenes, in order to help me the growth of the character, and after the translation phase I would sent him back everything.

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So, everything functioned well without internet! EBR: Yes! You started to work on Modesty Blaise during the seventies? What was the next period? In the meantime, you were replaced by Neville Colvin and Patrick Wright. Because you worked during two different periods on Modesty Blaise, did you notice some differences in your own style and expression?

Axa comic books issue 1

Everything came out automatically. Meanwhile I was working on Axa. Can you tell me something about your other characters, for example Rahan? What was your favourite character? Rahan, Axa or Modesty Blaise?

Modesty stands near Axa, very close to her.Therefore, this kind of a character who is involved in every kind of adventure always attracted me the most. The book describes thoughts, creative processes, different publications, anecdotes But anyway, yes, indeed, Axa is the character created for the British tabloid The Sun. Axa in Swedish comic books: Special EBR: Yes, I had to stop for two reasons.

Publication history[ edit ] Commissioned by The Sun in , the series was designed as a daily three-panel adventure strip.

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