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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

O Livro dos Espíritos apresenta os princípios da doutrina Espírita sobre a imortalidade da alma, a natureza dos espíritos e suas relações com os homens, as leis. Audible provides the highest quality audio and narration. Your first O livro dos Espíritos [The Book of Spirits] By: Allan Kardec Narrated by. Listen to a free sample or buy O livro dos Espíritos [The Book of Spirits] ( Unabridged) by Allan Kardec on iTunes Please note: This audiobook is in Portuguese.

Audio Book Livro Dos Espiritos

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O Evangelho Segundo O Espiritismo, Allan Kardec, [ph], 1, 12 MB, O Livro dos Espíritos, Allan Kardec, [ph] . O LIVROS DOS ESPÍRITOS. O Livro dos Espíritos é o primeira obra sobre a Doutrina Espírita publicado pelo Obras de Allan Kardec (The Spirits Book). O Livro dos Médiuns [The Mediums' Book] Audible Audiobook – Unabridged. O Livro dos Espíritos apresenta os princípios da doutrina Espírita sobre a.

Help me But the confusion of the senses takes away the notion of balance and falls of the animal The vision, however, seems to extend to infinity. Another light bathes his eyes dazzled, and the way that it reveals the atmosphere torn, come see the figure of a man of majestic beauty, giving you the impression that descended from heaven to meet him.

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Doctor of Tarsus beheld it with deep awe, and that was when, in an unforgettable voice inflection, the stranger called out: - Saul!

Blindness to the gates of Damascus was followed days later, the benefit of sight, thanks to the magnetism of Ananias, as Emmanuel tells the same work: "On the third day of fervent prayer, the hotelier announces that someone looking for. He spoke to enter.

An old man with a face calm and there is warm without the convert can see you Audiobooks benefit not only the visually impaired It would be absurdly pretentious, we try to be keepers of the light that would restore sight to fellow Christian ideal, however it would be able to try, but not returning them to the physical vision, developing a means to rescue them from enjoying the condition spirit of the vast literature through listening, to "offer their eyes" to see beyond the stars It is known to all the great technological advances of electronics and one also ignores the existence of audio books on different subjects available for purchase.

We then have the ideal tool that could meet the needs of our brothers and sisters, children and adults, presenting with visual impairments.

Here is a resource that does not merely attend to this kind of disability, but also the disabled immobilized by paralysis in its various degrees of immobility, like the brothers who are in a hospital bed or in your own home, often lonely, and could enjoy that pleasure instructive, enlightening and, above all, comforting, because audio books can make them "travel" by the beautiful paths reported in these stories that inspire the divine mercy in all confidence, encouragement, resignation, hope and faith.

Spiritists who we are convinced of the existence of life after the death of the body, we learn from the doctrine on the population of disembodied orb that inhabit the land and that are present in all environments, all the time. I also learned about the different levels of evolutionary spirit.

Now, how many of them could not follow the stories in these audios and thus benefit from its contents, to be educated and to clarify, expand your spiritual vision and achieving a better spiritual condition?! We have information on initiatives focused on these issues, as has been shown in previous editions of this magazine.

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Among these initiatives, we can cite the FEB in partnership with the LGW, which provides some works from psychographics of the beloved late Chico Xavier. The books are read accompanied by sound effects that resemble the old radio dramas, making hearing very interesting and enjoyable.

We have great spiritual movement in the number of speakers who offer their lectures and conferences on different themes, which can be heard, seen and copied over the Internet, thanks to numerous websites maintained by teammates aware of the importance of the doctrine of disclosure to the advancement humanity's spiritual.

Works of note for the amount that ends there, and that supply the difficulty many find in participating in all events taking place throughout Brazil and those who, for various reasons can not attend as they would like the houses and their spirit study groups.

Although there is great merit in these works, they can not satisfactorily meet the needs of visually impaired because they can not see and therefore can not have access to such brilliant and comforting exhibitions available on this vehicle called blessed computer. The exception is the recordings available in CD format.

Entering this site, we can identify groups that are not in monetary terms which provide them with the purchase of a computer or the cost of Internet usage. The authors look at a few different instances in which "conventional wisdom" turns out to be wrong. Orwell, the Ego and the Super-Ego, and Mediaid was a health insurance program available to those who could not afford health audiobook livro dos espiritos.

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O Dom do Discernimento dos Espíritos [The Gift of Discerning Spirits]

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