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What's a duke to do, when the girl who's perfectly wrong becomes the woman he can't live without? Griffin York, the Duke of Halford, has no. Read online Any Duchess Will Do (Spindle Cove) Download PDF EPUB k2mm11 To return all results do not select any search criteria. - When entering search. What's a duke to do, when the girl who's perfectly wrong becomes the woman he can't live Home>; FICTION>; Romance>; Any Duchess Will Do - EPUB.

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Any Duchess Will Do (Spindle Cove #4) ". By: Tessa Dare. Epub Books, Ebook, Books To Read, Epub Ahead Of Print, Bookshop, Epub Ebook. Download. any duchess will do tessa dare epub mobilism. Any Duchess Will Do Tessa Dare Epub Mobilism. 64 Reads 0 Votes 1 Part Story. diomulbuta By diomulbuta. The Wicked Ways of a Duke - Laura Lee KB Guhrke, Laura Lee - [Guilty 2] - His Every Kiss (, Avon, ).epub .. Do you also have the heartless Duke? 4_Any Duchess Will Do - Tessa

Chapter Fourteen Chapter Fifteen Chapter Sixteen Chapter Seventeen Chapter Eighteen Chapter Nineteen Chapter Twenty Chapter Twenty-one Chapter Twenty-two Chapter Twenty-three Chapter Twenty-four Chapter Twenty-five Chapter Twenty-six Chapter Twenty-seven Epilogue Author's Note About the Author By Tessa Dare Copyright About the Publisher.

Read Online Swipe version. Read Online Continuous version. Download now. Buy a paper book. Three Nights with a Scoundrel by Tessa Dare.

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Don't have an account? Join Epub. Forgot password? First name. I was pleased to learn that you would be attending Lady Hartwell's ball tomorrow evening, Lady Stoke wrote.

It might interest you to know that the ambassador from Nvengaria and his wife will be there as well. Having met your brother, Mr. MacDonald, in Nvengaria, they are eager to make your acquaintance. The ambassador's aide, one Baron Valentin, indicated that he previously met you at your family's house in Scotland; indeed, that he stayed with your family for a number of months.

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I am certain you will enjoy this unlooked-for reunion. Mary's fingers went numb and the letter fell to the floor. Your son? She held the paper away from the eager girl and crumpled it in her fist. But I will not be able to attend the Hartwell Ball. The man needed to be watched.

Baron Valentin glided after the Nvengarian ambassador and his wife as they entered Hartwell House the night of the Christmas ball. The house overflowed with ladies in glittering jewels, gentlemen in dark finery, the women in gowns of all colors of the rainbow.

Garlands of greenery lined the windows, the friezes around the tops of the walls, and staircase banisters. Balls of mistletoe dangled from every doorway and chandelier.

The English had a bizarre custom-if a person paused beneath a clump of mistletoe, it was an invitation to be kissed. In Nvengaria, the parasitic mistletoe was a symbol of death, used in funeral wreaths.

But Valentin had learned during his previous visit to the British Isles just how odd the Britons could be. He had no interest in attending balls, even in one of the most lavish houses in London.

Spindle Cove Series

Crowds unnerved him, English chatter unnerved him, and acres of bared female shoulders were unsettling. But Valentin couldn't afford to let Duke Rudolfo out of his sight.

Much as he chafed at this assignment, Valentin was not about to fail. He walked a pace and a half behind Rudolfo, watching the much-ribboned hem of Duchess Wilhelmina's dress flow across the marble tiles. If the Hartwells' servants hadn't dusted the floor earlier it would be well dusted now. Rudolfo led them into the ballroom, a lavish chamber with a mosaic-patterned ceiling that spoke of Near Eastern luxury. Lines of colorful ladies and monochromatic gentlemen met and parted in an English country dance, the room seeming to move.

Valentin couldn't help glancing through the throng, searching, seeking. He did not really expect to see the red-lipped, dark-haired Scottish lady he'd met last year, though he'd fallen into the habit of looking for her everywhere. She'd tended him when he'd been hurt, and her lilting voice had twined around his heart and pulled him back to life. She wasn't here. Of course she wasn't. Mary would be in Scotland at her brother's castle, preparing for Christmas and Hogmanay.

She'd be helping the housekeeper stir the black bun, perspiring in the warm kitchen while firelight glistened on her hair.

She'd smile her rare smile that had made his blood sing. Valentin had kissed her, touched her, asked her to come to him in Nvengaria. He'd gone home and waited for her through a brief, golden summer and a colder than usual autumn.

Any Duchess Will Do, Tessa Dare

She'd never come. As the weather worsened, so did Valentin's hopes of opening the door of his rundown manor house to find Mary Cameron smiling on his threshold. Why should she bother? The journey to Nvengaria, a tiny country wedged between the Austrian Empire and the Ottoman one, was long and dangerous, and Mary had every reason to stay in her brother's castle.

Her new sister-in-law was having a baby, and Mary had a son of her own to look after, even if he was seventeen. As an added complication, Valentin was part logosh, one of the strange and magical creatures that inhabited Nvengaria's mountains.

Mary knew that. She'd seen him shift to his animal form-a black wolf-and she'd not been upset by it. Perhaps after Valentin had departed for Nvengaria, she'd had second thoughts about promising herself to a man who was part animal.

That fact would make even Nvengarian women think twice. Valentin had resigned himself to the fact that Mary wasn't coming. That he'd likely never see her again unless he sought her out. He'd already decided to make his way to Scotland again and find Mary-to know-and had seized on the opportunity to travel this far.

Ambassador Rudolfo didn't know Valentin was logosh, which was one reason Alexander had chosen Valentin for this duty. Valentin, in fact, was only half logosh.

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He could pass for human very well. A commotion behind him made him turn. At the head of the receiving line, a young woman was crowing to Lady Hartwell at the top of her voice. What an honor. Cameron and I were so pleased by your kind invitation. Valentin had no idea who the young woman was, nor who was the plump gentleman behind Mary, nor why Mary should be with them.

He only saw her. A year fell away. Memories poured at him-Valentin lying in a stone chamber in a drafty Scottish castle, Mary leaning to tend him. Her bodice had been damp with the water she'd used to sponge his wound, her face beaded with perspiration.

A tendril of dark hair had escaped her prim bun and stuck to her cheek, and he'd reached up to touch her. She'd gasped, eyes widening. Then she'd, amazingly, leaned down to him and kissed him. Valentin had slid his hand behind her neck and held on while her breath swirled into his mouth and their lips had clung.

He'd tasted her sweetness-Scottish honey and heady wine. Later, he'd revealed all his secrets to her. Valentin had kissed her again, held her supple body against his.I will make her into a duchess.

Bo certainly never intended to enjoy being in his arms or to find him so wickedly tempting. Mine took on a whole new meaning after reading about futuristic cephalopods in the sci-fi story, "Story of Your Life. Enjoy the healthful sea breezes. I see. The disgraces at Oxford, the gambling, the years of aimless debauchery … You seem determined to be nothing more than an unfortunate blot on the distinguished Halford legacy.

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