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If you are looking for a book to quickly get you up and running with WCF concepts then I wouldn't suggest this book. As with other Wrox book, the content tries. NET , WCF provides a unified platform for building and running (provided as a download from Wrox) is different from the source code he shows in the book. Chapter 5: Understanding and Programming WCF Bindings. Understanding aspx to see the code available for this book and all other Wrox books. Errata.

Wcf Wrox Book

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All of the source code used in this book is available for download at http: / /www. wroX. com. Once at the site, simply locate the book's title (either by using the. BOOK: Professional WCF 4: Windows Communication Foundation 4 - This is the forum to discuss the Wrox book Professional WCF 4: Windows. BOOK: Professional WCF 4: Windows Communication Foundation 4, Page 2 - This is the forum to discuss the Wrox book Professional WCF 4.

I was so impressed from. As Wrox received my first chapter, they asked me to write more, and I did. Professional C was a book with multiple authors with Simon Robinson as the lead author. NET 4. I kicked it out of the book with Professional C 6.

The first edition of Professional C was released in the year — with. NET available with Beta 2. The second edtion of Professional C which already received some major updates was released with. NET 1.

Just check Beginning C , Professional. NET and. NET Migration Handbook. The first two books on. NET Remoting have been both from authors from Austria. NET Remoting chapters in. NET , Visual Studio with. The chapter count increased from 23 to 32 chapters, from to pages, and I was listed as 2nd author after Simon as the number of chapters I did increased that much.

With Visual Studio. NET 2. This was a major change in the book, and the book title changed to Professional C Starting with this edition, I changed to lead author of this great book.

With the book the chapters Generics,. NET 3. However, the tools were not ready. The next version of Visual Studio was not ready when. Because this huge change of. NET, Visual Studio resulted in two editions of the book. After Professional C was released in the year , Professional C with.

This edition of the book enhanced to 45 chapters and pages — heavy! It walks you through all of WCF's features and functionality and then shows you how to apply this information so you can create robust service solutions that are reliable and secure. You'll also explore the core makeup of WCF and progress into advanced topics such as security and interoperability. And you'll learn how to effectively build, deploy, and host your application with the help of WCF management tips and techniques.

Professional WCF Programming covers everything you need to know about WCF, including binding, contracts, clients, services, security, and much more.

What you will learn from this bookHow the. NET Framework 3.

NET Framework 2. A good understanding of the. Wrox Professional guides are planned and written by working programmers to meet the real-world needs of programmers, developers, and IT professionals.

Duplex 7. Service 7. Client 7. Asynchronous 7. Creating Client Code 7. Generating Client Code 7. Defining Client Bindings and Endpoints 7. Typed versus Untyped Services 7. Invoking Operations of a Typed Services 7.

Invoking Operations of an Untyped Service 7. Useful Information 7. Initializing Channels Interactively 7. Session and Channel Duration 7. Blocking Issues 7. Exception Handling 7. Client Programming Example 7.


ChannelFactory 7. Summary 8. Services 8. Overview 8. Service Types 8. Typed 8. Untyped 8. Typed Message 8.

Service Contracts 8. Service Endpoints 8. Specifying in Code 8. Specifying in Configuration 8. Service Behaviors 8. ServiceBehavior Attribute 8. AddressFilterMode 8. AutomaticSessionShutdown 8. ConcurrencyMode 8.

ConfigurationName 8. IgnoreExtensionDataObject 8. IncludeExceptionDetailInFaults 8. InstanceContextMode 8.

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TransactionIsolationLevel 8. TransactionTimeout 8. UseSynchronizedContext 8. ValidateMustUnderstand 8. OperationBehavior Attribute 8. AutoDisposeParameters 8. Impersonation 8. ReleaseInstanceMode 8.

20 Years Visual Studio and 16 Years Professional C#

TransactionAutoComplete 8. TransactionScopeRequired 8. Using Configuration to Specify Behaviors 8. Throttling 8. InstanceContext 8.

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Handling Exceptions 8. FaultException 8. FaultContract Attribute 8. Programming Example 8. Summary 9. Transactions and Reliable Sessions 9.

Professional WCF Programming (Wrox)

Transactions 9. Overview 9.

Atomic 9. Consistent 9. Isolated 9. Durable 9. Transaction Attributes in System. ServiceModel 9. ServiceBehavior Attribute 9. OperationBehavior Attribute 9. TransactionFlow Attribute 9.

WS-Atomic Transaction 9.


Specifying Transactions Through Configuration 9. Reliable Sessions 9.

Message Exchange 9. Securing Messages 9. Queues 9. WCF and Queues 9. Queuing Best Practices 9. Summary Security Security Overview Concepts Integrity Confidentiality Authentication Authorization Why WCF Security? Transfer Security PrinciplePermission Attribute Authorization Manager Identity Model Auditing Credentials Security Behaviors and Bindings Security Behaviors Service Credentials Client Credentials Service Authorization Service Audit Bindings BasicHttpBinding WSHttpBinding WSDualHttpBinding NetTcpBinding NetNamedPipeBinding MsmqIntegrationBinding NetMsmqBinding WSFederationBinding Securing Clients and Services Best Practices Customizing Windows Communication Foundation Client ClientRuntime Class ClientOperation Class Dispatcher DispatchRuntime Class DispatchOperation Class Behaviors Extending the Channel Layer Client Channel Service Channel Channel Development Choosing Message Exchange Pattern Channel Factory and Channel Listener Add Binding Element Extending Bindings Building Custom Bindings User-Defined Bindings Interoperability and Integration Interoperability Web Service Protocol Support WCF Service WCF Client NET Web Services NET Compatible Endpoints Endpoint via Code Endpoint via Configuration Integration MSMQ Summary III.

Deploying Windows Communication Foundation Installing WCF Services Credentials The Makeup of WCF 1. I really recommend this book, but I like juval's more. Extending the Channel Layer Hosting 1. Internet Information Services EmitDefaultValue 6.

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