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Read The Unwanted Wife (Unwanted #1) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. The Unwanted Wife is a Romance novel by Natasha Anders. The Unwanted Wife. Home · The Unwanted Wife Author: Anders Natasha. downloads Views KB The Unwanted. Read more · THE UNWANTED. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Since making her publishing debut in , Natasha Anders has been drawing praise and attention as a new voice in.

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Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips The Unwanted Wife by Natasha Anders The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata Lady Luck by Kristen Ashley. The Unwanted Wife By Natasha Anders - FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. The Unwanted Wife (Unwanted, #1) Books by Natasha Anders. All Alessandro de Lucci wants from his wife is a son but after a year and a half of unhappiness.

How could she have stayed so long in such a marriage? For real!!!!! Me, I would want to do something else to a man such like sexy Alessandro!!!! Instead what has she been doing for years???? Oh I love him; maybe he will love me to!!!

Keep hoping dear!! So… Theresa…stop… And then…. Wow, Theresa finally did it!!! Sandro can now have his freedom!!! But wait….. Theresa wants nothing to do with him. Allright girl!!! At last, some backbone!!! Sandro no longer wants to divorce her. He wants to stay married to her and be a family with their baby!!!! Is this guy crazy!!!! What a sod!!! And even more amazing…this guy discovers in a second that he feels a lot for the poor woman…………. That morning was no different. It was as if their early morning argument hadn't happened at all.

They usually ate their casual weekend meals in the kitchen and the homey setting lent a false sense of domesticity to the scene.

But while Theresa was uncomfortable and tense in the intimate setting, Sandro always remained as cool as the proverbial cucumber. Then again, that was nothing new, as he rarely showed emotion. In fact the "discussion" of that morning was the most heated she had ever seen him. He kept his feelings under wraps but had always made his contempt of her more than clear.

It was in the way he refused to meet her eyes, the way he could make love to her without kissing her on the mouth, the way he could talk past her when he had something to tell her Not from the very moment she'd met him, nearly two years ago. How hopelessly infatuated she had been! How quickly she had fallen in love She shook herself, refusing to think about things she could not change and instead tried to focus on changing her present.

Breakfast passed with agonising slowness, the silence broken only by the sound of his newspaper as he carefully perused the business section. She barely ate and hated him for being so unaffected by the tension that he could finish a hearty meal. She picked up her dishes and headed to the sink. The direct eye contact was so unusual, that Theresa barely restrained a gasp.

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No such luck, he merely shrugged, neatly folded his newspaper and dropped it onto the table beside his empty plate. He gulped down the last sip of his coffee before getting up from the table. She watched as he stretched; his black t-shirt lifting to reveal the toned and tanned band of flesh at his abdomen. Her mouth went dry at the sight of that dark flesh and once again she was disgusted by her reaction to his physical presence.

She had spent the first year of her marriage believing that Sandro would come to love her.

She had firmly believed that he would get over his anger at being forced to marry her and that he would go back to being the laughing, affectionate man she had known in the first few months after they had met. But after nearly a year she had been forced to face reality, he truly hated her. He hated her so much so that he couldn't bring himself to speak to her, kiss her, touch her outside of bed or even look at her. Theresa had finally realised that there would be no thaw; their marriage was a perpetual winter wasteland and if she ever wanted to feel the warmth of the sun on her face again, she had to get out of it.

Unfortunately, she now knew that escaping would be trickier than she had thought. She would have to find a way out that did not include hurting her cousin.

Lisa and Rick were expecting their first baby and while Lisa was having a fairly easy time of it, Theresa was concerned that anything that would upset her could be potentially harmful to her or the baby. Also, while Rick's advertising agency was fairly successful, Lisa had always prided herself on the fact that she held her own financially in their relationship. Taking her bookshop away could put too much strain their relationship and Theresa didn't want that on her conscience!

She sighed heavily and started to do the dishes. She liked to do little household tasks despite the fact that Sandro, who was the president of the bank his father owned, "had more money than God" as her father had once put it. Theresa had even enthusiastically insisted on doing some of the cooking herself.

They employed a housecleaning staff, as was practical since they lived in a ten bedroom, five bathroom monster of a house but on Saturdays the staff had the day off and Theresa liked pick up after herself and Sandro instead of letting the staff get to it when they returned. Sandro didn't pretend to understand her need to have a hand in the every day running of the house and had mockingly accused her of playing house once, shortly after their wedding.

He had never seemed to notice it again after that. She stared down at the dishes she had ready to be placed in the dishwasher and quite abruptly abandoned the task halfway through before heading upstairs and leaving Sandro still in the kitchen. She changed her clothes from sweat suit to jeans and t-shirt, dragging her pale, shoulder length Titian hair into a ponytail and tugging on a denim jacket to ward off the early autumn chill.

She passed by the den where he had retreated with his laptop, probably to get some work done, on her way to the front door. She had her reliable little silver Mini Cooper fired up by the time he eventually made it down to the front door. With a cheery little wave that she knew had to grate, she reversed out of the driveway and headed out.

She had no clue where she was going and knew that there would be hell to pay when she got back but it felt good just to do something so defiantly out of character. Her cellular phone started ringing seconds later and when she stopped at a red light; she switched it off and tossed it aside. It was still early, barely nine and because it was Saturday the roads were a bit congested.

Still, she felt free and she headed from the relative tranquillity of Clifton, one of the wealthiest suburbs in Cape Town, towards the city.

Usually she would go to Newlands and spend the day with Rick and Lisa He knew how limited her social life was. Instead, she thought of all the things she could do with this unexpected time and, deciding to stick with the trend of the day, opted for the most out of character thing she could think of It was the purest form of escapism she could think of and if there was anything that Theresa desperately wanted, it was to escape from her life.

So she spent her day, going from one cinema to the next; laughing, crying, cringing or jumping, depending on the plot.

It was the most unproductive day she had ever spent in her life and she loved it! By the time the last show of the day finished it was after midnight and she had a throbbing headache from nothing but darkness and the flickering light of the projector and a slightly upset stomach from a diet of soda and popcorn. It was as she was heading back to her car, that the sudden reality of her situation sank in and she started trembling.

She didn't know what to expect from Sandro She cringed at the thought of his icy sarcasm and reluctantly made her way home. The house was ablaze with light when she got back and the dread made her stomach heave.

She swallowed down her nausea and bravely parked her car and headed toward the front door. It was wrenched open before she even had the chance to get her keys out. She gulped slightly at the huge form of her husband looming in the doorway and stifled a yelp when he grabbed her arm and yanked her inside.

He slammed the door shut, gripping both shoulders in his huge hands and backed her up until she was leaning against the door.

It took her a few seconds to get over her disorientation and realise that he wasn't hurting her, his gaze was feverishly raking up and down her trembling body, until apparently satisfied that everything was in relatively good condition he raised his eyes to meet hers full on. His eyes, which she'd had so little opportunity to actually look into, were heartbreakingly beautiful.

They were chocolate brown and set between incredibly thick, blue-black lashes and beneath sweeping brows and right now they were smouldering with something that, in any other man, might have been described as fury. His hands released her shoulders and crept up to her face Her breathing became ragged when he leaned toward her, dipping his head closer to hers He tilted her jaw slightly and she groaned, aching for his lips on hers, wanting it so desperately her legs had just about turned to jelly and the only thing that kept her from falling to a puddle at his feet was his own huge body braced against hers.

She could feel his erection throbbing against her stomach and knew he wanted it as desperately as she did His lush mouth was centimetres away from hers and when he finally spoke, his lips brushed against her mouth. He let her go and she slid down the door to land at his feet.

He raked a contemptuous gaze over her, the ice back and the fire gone She staggered to her feet, humiliated that she had allowed him to affect her to such an extent that she would fall at his feet.

She tilted her head back defiantly and refused to answer him.

I'm warning you But I refuse to let you walk all over me anymore. It's time you start showing me some respect! She launched herself at him, hissing, spitting and scratching like a cat! In that moment she hated him so much that it felt like a living thing trying to claw its way out of her to get at him. When she came back to herself, she realised that he had her in his arms, her back to his front, her wrists in his hands and her arms crossed over her chest.

They were both out of breath and she realised that there were terrible mewling sounds coming from the back of her throat, the words of hate she had repeatedly hurled at him, having long ago faded into incoherent sobs. His lips were in her hair, just above her left ear and he was making soothing sounds, not hurting her, just restraining her with his superior strength.

She went limp, hanging defeated from his arms. She didn't know how to respond and so chose not to say anything. She felt him swallowing, before he gingerly released her wrists and stepped away from her.

She made a show of rubbing them, even though he hadn't hurt her at all A few of her nails were broken and her fists were bruised from when she had managed to land a few angry punches against his hard body. She turned around to face him and was shocked to realise that she had made him bleed. He had scratches on his hands and face, a deep, angry-looking one in his neck He saw her eyes land on the bruise and ruefully rubbed at it.

She snatched her hand from his; she was not sure what this weird act was about and definitely did not trust it. His eyes darkened at her mistrustful glare and he shoved his hands into his pockets. She pushed her way past him before heading toward the staircase "Theresa It wasn't true. The fact that she hadn't conceived since had merely cemented his low opinion of her. So she had no idea why he felt the need to apologise for words he had definitely meant.

She was intensely aware of his eyes boring into her back as she walked away from him and held her head up as she ascended the stairs to the second floor. She made her way to one of the luxurious guest rooms and tears welled in her eyes, Alessandro's cruel words had struck a nerve. Theresa had always felt guilty about the baby she had lost after just five months of marriage and three months of pregnancy, she had always felt that the miscarriage was her fault because when she had realised that she was pregnant she had wished the child away and worse, after she had lost the baby she had been ashamed to realise that relief was mingled in along with the heartbreak.

She had hated herself for that, had felt that there was something wrong with her for wishing her own child out of existence.

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She had never shared what she had felt with Sandro and they had mourned the tiny life's passing separately, never talking about it. Now she suspected he had known all along and that had simply increased his contempt for her. Despite her extreme depression after the miscarriage she had worked through it on her own, Rick and Lisa hadn't even known about her pregnancy.

She had felt so terrible about her reaction to the baby that she had never told them, feeling that her behaviour had been indefensible.

But tonight, Sandro's cruel taunts had quite simply sent her over the edge and she was ashamed to recall how completely she had lost it. She sighed, trying to shake herself out of her maudlin mood and after a quick shower; she fell into bed wearing only the t-shirt and panties which she had quickly grabbed from her chest on drawers in the master suite.

Despite the drama of the day, she fell asleep almost immediately. She didn't know how long she had been asleep before she heard the quiet knock on the door. She immediately awoke and sat up, pushing her tangled hair out of her face.

Open the damned door! Despite the fact that his voice had been only a harsh whisper through the wood, she was in no doubt that he was absolutely livid. She stood staring up at him in the dim light and was surprised by the flash of hot fury on his face, which was so quickly masked beneath the more familiar mask of icy indifference, that she wasn't sure if she had imagined the unaccustomed emotion or not. She had anticipated having this conversation but not until morning.

Sandro was full of surprises today She had expected a cold and controlled conversation about it over the breakfast table.

The light from the landing was just bright enough for her to see the stormy emotion brewing in his eyes and she swallowed a lump of disappointment when the emotion was doused in ice. I think I'm actually making sense for the first time in nearly two years. You will come back to our bedroom if I have to drag you there kicking and screaming!

The Unwanted Wife

I have no wish to rehash these details, it achieves nothing.Well, I only ask, sir, because its midnight in South Africa, and Mr.

He sucked lightly, then bit, and when she groaned, he licked away the sting. She stood staring up at him in the dim light and was surprised by the flash of hot fury on his face, which was so quickly masked beneath the more familiar mask of icy indifference, that she wasn't sure if she had imagined the unaccustomed emotion or not. And me standing here in your bedroom while you lounge around in only your panties isnt inappropriate?

He is distant, cold, and offers no love or affection.


Luc and Dante had met in college and had become friends but were hardly the type of guys to invite each other to family gatherings, so Cleo had never had the opportunity to meet the man.

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