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The Speaker in Dreams. James Wyatt. Credits. Editor: Roger E. Moore. Creative Director: Ed Stark. Art Director: Dawn Murin. Cover Illustration: Jeff Easley. The Speaker in Dreams is a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adven- ture featuring a mind flayer's attempt to establish a slave empire, starting from a town called. The Speaker in Dreams James Wyatt Credits Editor: Roger E. Moore Creative Director: Ed Stark Art Director: Dawn Murin Cover Illustration: Jeff.

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You may not copy - The Motivation Speaker · Journal-Part 3-The Speaker In Dreams - DnD home · to view Keynote Speaker Abstracts - QUEST: Quantifying and. Dungeons & Dragons - Web Enhancements - The Speaker in Dreams. Unlike the dungeon environs of previous 3rd edition D&D adventures, The Speaker in Dreams takes place entirely within a city. (k PDF). The S peaker in D reams James Wyatt Credits Editor: Roger E. Moore Creative Director: Ed Stark Art Director: Dawn Murin Cover Illustration.

Each encounteris given an encounter level EL to let you know howchallenging it should be for the adventurers. Long ago, the mind flayersruled a mighty empire that spanned hundreds of worldsuntil it met its downfall in a slave rebellion.

Every mindflayer in the underground city of Ilkkool Rrem dreams,plans, and schemes for the restoration of the illithidempire, the crowning achievement of their kind. Ghaerleth Axom is one such mind flayer. Hisdreams are grand indeed: In his vision, the hub of thereborn empire will be none other than himself,Emperor Ghaerleth Axom, Ruler of Worlds.

He will report to no god, no illithid ElderBrain—all will report to him. He will be a god, andeven devils will serve him. Shortly after that inci-dent, he fled, an outcast from his kind. Ghaerleth Axomstrode out of the Underdark and into Brindinford. Under cover of darkness, he moved through the town,gathering allies and thralls around him as he had donein numerous subterranean cities before.

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With their help,he plants the seeds of a new illithid empire. Ghaerleth Axom has amassed great power duringhis stay here; he and his gangs are a force to be reckonedwith in every part of the town.

Grimlocks terrorize thelower-class neighborhood of Southspur. A cabal of madsorcerers, called Those Who Hear, has taken root inWest Hill, the middle-class buffer zone between South-spur and well-to-do Silver Hill. A diabolical cult drawsits members from Silver Hill and threatens the estab-lished temple of Pelor in Ford North, the temple dis-trict. A pack of wererats extorts protection money fromthe merchants of Chatterstreet Market.

All these vil-lains report to Ghaerleth Axom.

As the annualstreet fair begins, promoted by wandering halflingswho make Brindinford a regular stop, Ghaerleth Axommoves to solidify his power and seize control of thetown—from the top. The adventurers arrive here during the street fair. The player characters are near thisdisturbance and can help dispatch the wererats.

Indefeating the cabal and its apparent minions, the charac-ters have every reason to believe that they have success-fully completed the adventure.

After the celebration, the characters discover thatthe threat to Brindinford has not been abolished, whenthey become the targets of an assassination attempt.

Most of the buildings in Silver Hill are free-standing villas, with low walls encircling gardens and outbuildings on the property. Most residents have found themselves or their servants not up to the task of polishing all that silver, however, and have allowed it to tarnish. The few businesses found in Silver Hill are the sort that cater to wealthy residents—a silversmith, a scribe and a library, a jeweler and a glassblower, a fine clothier, a clockmaker, and a renowned locksmith.

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Prices are high. The gp limit for Silver Hill is 5, gp, but most goods except masterwork and magic items cost double their normal price.

Library: Just outside the Keep on Eastgate Way, the city library is literally a shrine to knowledge. The West Hill neighborhood would like to claim the library as its own, but the silver openwork that adorns the lintel above the entrance clearly marks the building as belonging in Silver Hill.

Seir male human Exp11 and Portia female human Clr3 [Boccob] staff the library; they shelve newly-acquired books in order of acquisition and maintain an index to their contents. Trying to find anything in the library without the assistance of one of these sages is a waste of time.

Books may not be checked out. Patrons must read the books at tables in the library, always under the watchful eye of Seir or Portia. They charge exorbitant fines for torn pages, ink spills, and any other damage to their prized books. Religions make their homes on Old Ford Road, even if they are too small to support a permanent temple.

These godly locations range from quiet wagon-shrines where citizens can retreat inside curtains for a moment of silent prayer, to haranguing fanatics berating passers-by for their many failings.

Long-faced prophets predict the end of the world, while joyful proselytizers exhort passers-by to join their faiths. Other businesses in the neighborhood include fine crafts, though not as elegant as one finds in Silver Hill. The district holds many makers of religious icons, altar trappings, and good-luck charms. Most of the buildings are large row houses, and prices are generally similar to those in West Hill—not as extravagant as Silver Hill, but beyond the means of most commoners.

The gp limit for Ford North is 3, gp.

It is a Huge animated object, as described in the Monster Manual. It responds to commands given by any cleric of Fharlanghn. Most of the clerics who stop at the shrine have achieved no higher than 3rd level.

Artisans of nearly every kind, from cobblers and carpenters to weavers and weaponsmiths, keep their shops in this quarter. Traders of goods from the surrounding region make their way to the open-air market, which is usually full of carts, booths, tents, and wagons. A vast array of services are available as well; here one may hire common laborers and architects, valets and mercenaries.

The gp limit for Chatterstreet Market is 2, gp. Most of the buildings in Chatterstreet Market are ordinary row houses, with shops on the ground floor and apartments above. Owlbear Arms: A gigantic stuffed owlbear stands outside the door of this weapons merchant. He keeps it under excellent security, including both magical and mundane protection. Though not as frightening as Southspur can be, the city guard has its hands full in this area dealing with intoxicated tavern patrons, rowdy out-of-towners, and frequent robberies.

A significant portion of the businesses in Eastgate concentrate on entertaining travelers and merchants, as well as providing goods of use to such folk cartwrights, provisioners, and similar merchants. A number of merchant guilds maintain offices and warehouses in Eastgate.

Most of the buildings in Eastgate are ordinary row houses, very similar to those found in Chatterstreet Market. Eastgate holds more free-standing warehouses and outdoor businesses millers, tanners than does the Market area, and many inns are free-standing buildings with yards.

The gp limit for Eastgate is 1, gp. West Hill is an eccentric neighborhood, not as pretentious as Silver Hill and characterized by intellectual interest. As in Silver Hill, many of the buildings in West Hill are free-standing homes with small walled yards, though residents of West Hill are more likely to grow bushes to prevent anyone from peering in their windows than to sculpt them into topiary.

The neighborhood has a dark and mysterious feel to it, due partly to the old, dark stone used in many of the buildings, and partly to a mysterious force of evil that lurks therein The gp limit for West Hill is 3, gp.

In addition to the guard statistics presented in The Speaker in Dreams, Brindinford has guards who are 1st-level fighters.

Sergeant Brox, the second-in-command, works the night shift. If Eastgate is rough-and-tumble, Southspur is just rough, and residents of other quarters believe it is dangerous to walk down the street in Southspur. The city guard patrols rarely leave Southspur Street. The gp limit for Southspur is gp.

The characters could be passing through town during the fair, on their way to what they believe is the real adventure. Getting caught up in the events in Brindinford might at first seem a diversion from the task at hand.

If you already know what adventure your group will play after you finish The Speaker in Dreams, you might start by planting seeds that will lead the characters on to that adventure—then place Brindinford in their path as they head in that direction.

Use these encounters at the indicated times, or adjust them somewhat for use during later adventures in Brindinford or another city. Outside the Gates EL 6 Use this encounter when the characters first arrive in Brindinford, before they reach the gates in encounter 1, A Trip to the Fair. At the outskirts of the sprawling fair, an old woman hunches on the ground, clutching a wooden bowl and looking up at passers-by with a pleading look in her eyes.

The beggar is actually Jaeril, a young silver dragon polymorphed into human form.

D&D 3 (A) - The Speaker in Dreams.pdf

Creature: Jaeril appears as nothing more than a slightly mad old woman, dressed in dirty tatters and begging for alms. She is, in fact, slightly mad, but aware enough to know that the sorcerers who call themselves Those Who Hear are a major threat to the city—and aware enough to recognize a group of heroes who may be able to foil their plans. Special Qualities: Cloudwalking—Can tread on clouds or fog as though on solid ground.

Polymorph Self—Three times per day; each use allows only one change, which lasts until the dragon assumes another form or reverts to its own reversion does not count as a use of this ability.

Blindsight—Always active; detect creatures by nonvisual means within ft. Keen Senses—Sees four times as well a human in low-light conditions and twice as well in normal light; darkvision to 90 ft. Hidden in lair among the clouds over Brindinford: gp, gems: gp topaz, gp black pearl, gp silver pearl, gp citrine, 40gp quartz, gp moonstone.Text that appears in shaded boxes is player informa-tion, which you may read aloud or paraphrase as appro-priate.

The legend of the scholarly suicide is pure fiction. When melee erupts, all the assassins converge on that location, acting to ensure that no character escapes their net. The town of Brindinford is well detailed, with plenty going on that doesn't directly affect the adventure.

Curse of lycanthropy—As common wererat.

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