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Information Technology Project Management,. REVISED Sixth Edition. Kathy Schwalbe. Executive Vice President and Publisher: Jonathan. Information Technology Project Management,. Seventh Edition. Kathy Schwalbe. Editorial Director: Erin Joyner. Editor-in-Chief: Joe Sabatino. Sr. Acquisition. Information Technology Project Management,. REVISED Sixth Edition. Kathy Schwalbe. E Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers (6th Ed)(gnv64). pdf.

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Full file at 7th-Edition-Kathy-Schwalbe-Solutions-Manual Solutions to Accompany. Technology Project Management 8th Edition By Kathy Schwalbe Pdf Gain a solid comprehension of IT project direction as you learn how to. Project Management 8th Edition By Kathy Schwalbe Pdf Gain a solid comprehension of IT project direction as you learn how to apply the most.

All project information must be available online in a Google site or other team Web site before you present, and leave the default setting as public viewing access. You can give me edit access if you like, otherwise I will provide feedback via comments or email. Please use my kathyschwalbe47 gmail. See the link on intropm. You can also attach files in Word, Excel, etc. Note: I will collect team participation ratings with Exam 1, and you get to grade yourself and team members as part of HW7.

Final Project Notebooks By the last day of class, each team will present a formal, final presentation and hand in a project notebook stapled pages are fine or a slim cover not a binder or Ill take off a few points!

The presentation and info in the notebook should all be on the team Web site as well. Note: Each team member must give part of the minute final presentation. Organize the final notebook as follows: 1. Cover page and detailed table of contents. List the project name, team members, location of Google site, and date on the cover page of the notebook. Be sure to number all pages by hand is fine , which should match the table of contents.

You may include tabs or dividers between major sections of the notebook, too. Put the project report first, followed by your final presentation, then product-related documents, then project management documents, then progress reports, then communications with sponsor. A double-spaced page project report. Address the following questions in your report: What did your team produce? Was the project a success or not, and what was your criteria for determining success? Remember that should be defined in your project charter early in the project.

How close was your draft schedule and estimate of hours to the actual schedule and actual hours worked on the project? What went right on the project? What went wrong? What did your team learn by working on this project? How did you select the project manager? Did you work well as a team? What was your project sponsors final assessment of the project? Include some written feedback from the sponsor in your final report and presentation. See the sample customer acceptance form in your text for an example.

A hard copy of your final presentation. Hard copies of all of the product-related documents your team produced. For example, if you created a business plan, include that. If you developed a web site, include copies of the main pages.

If you held an event, include pictures of the event, promotional materials created, etc. PK Most projects will utilize a Gantt chart-basically a grouping of task blocks put together to reflect the time that each task is going to take relative to a calendar, along with any precursors or successors the task may have.

If you were to take some sticky notes and stick them on a flip chart, writing on each note the task, the date it starts, the date it ends, the duration it'll take, along with all precursors and successors, you'd essentially have a PERT chart. PERT charts are capable of showing interrelationships between tasks that a Gantt chart cannot. You'll use PERT charts on very large projects, whereas most small to medium-sized projects will work fine with Gantt charts.

Which assumption would be the MOST important in creating a high level budget? The use of open source programming. The members of a project team. The quality plan. The hourly rate for project members. That the project relies on a "cookie cutter" approach, duplicating a prior, successful project plan. Aggressively managing the critical path during the execution phase of the project.

That project activities which are normally done in a series are done in parallel. Replacing team members with higher quality to finish the project ahead of schedule. The column chart that shows the number of resources assigned to a project over time is called a: A. Resource list B. Resource responsibility chart C. Resource histogram D. Information Technology Project Management. Page ISBN: Specifically qouted, the book states: "The staffing management plan often includes a resource histogram, which is a column chart that shows the number of resources assigned to a project over time.

A checkpoint review in the project plan indicates a: A. Status report is due. Change control meeting. Planned date for user sign-off. Answer: B Explanation: Checkpoints serve as a method where you stop to see what you've accomplished so far; the more numerous the checkpoints, the more likely you are to arrive at a finely tuned product, but the longer the product is going to take to conclude.

What is a reason for reviewing the user requirements document with the client? To gain the client's acceptance of the detailed design. To verify mutual understanding of project resources. To verify mutual understanding of the detailed project plan.

To verify mutual understanding of targeted product performance. To verify understanding of tests that will be done after the product is completed. The first step for initiating the planning process of a project is to: A.

Establish a project schedule. Plan the scope of the project. Identify project risks. Prepare the project budget. Answer: B Explanation: In the planning phase, you develop a scope document that details the scope of the project and a project plan that stipulates how you're going to go about getting the project done.

Q A Quality Assurance plans must include: A. An analysis of the system architecture, design and implementation path for each requirement. The management of changes in requirements, architecture, design and source code. The activities of defect tracking, unit testing, technical reviews, integration testing and system testing.

A determination of the extent and ease with which parts of a system can be put to use in other systems. While reviewing the progress of a given project during a weekly project team meeting, the project manager recognizes the team is running behind schedule.

The project manager realizes it is still early in the life cycle and realizes that this project can not run late. Which control mechanism or method can the project manager use to still get the project completed on time without over scheduling resources?

Use an Activity Network Method to determine critical path and slack. Use a Gantt chart and resource histogram to determine critical path, slack and resource leadings. The project manager is tasked with the production of the initial project plan. The project PK manager needs to define the tasks needed for the production of the Physical Design Specification. Which approach should be taken in planning the production of this deliverable? Include a single task with an estimate of the effort and time to complete production.

Assume that the estimates provided for some tasks are higher than actually needed and that they will balance out any low estimates. Develop a complete list of tasks with estimate of effort, time and resources. What is the BEST approach to conflict resolution? Mutual respect and cooperation B. Flexibility and understanding C. Sincerity with prudent caution D. During the requirements analysis phase a senior business user on a project has requested that a particular function be included in the proposed system.

One of the systems analysts on the team does not agree with the user's request. The project manager has examined the user's requirement and is unsure which option provides the best solution for the company and the user. The project manager discusses the requirements with the user and decides that what the analysts has provided is valid.

The project manager meets with the user a second time, but is unable to persuade them to change their requirement. Which action is the MOST appropriate? Implement the functionality as defined by the senior user's request. Implement the functionality as defined by the systems analyst's recommendation. Put the issue to the project board for resolution and document the outcome of their deliberations.

Hold another meeting to attempt to persuade the senior user to change their view of the way in which their requirement should be met. A project is performing well under budget, however, in order to meet the customer deliverables, the delivery date to the customer will be over two weeks late.

There are no PK additional resources to assign to the project. What should the project manager do? Change the scope of the client specifications in order to deliver a product on the promised delivery date. Notify the customer of the delay, and get the proper approval documented. Follow the change process outlined in the project charter.

Since the project is within budget, you do not have to do anything. The project manager is assigned to a large project that has been in progress for some time. The project team has just completed the design phase of the project and is working on the implementation stage. At this point, which change is possible without incurring the risk of reworking the entire design phase?

Scope B. Mission C. Detailed design D. Under what circumstances would the project manager be required to send a change request to the sponsor and stakeholders? Any time a change request is submitted. When the costs exceed budgeted allowable variances.

When there are no feasible alternatives. When the customer agrees to the changes. Forcing B. Smoothing C. Compromising D.

During the course of a database development project, the project manager conducts a review, and notices that the project is running over budget and over schedule. What is the MOST common, non-behavioral reason for projects that exceed budget and schedule? Conducting a project with several high risks. A project with a poorly defined scope. Under allocation of needed resources.

Focusing on the quality instead of schedule and budget. When it appears that a technical limitation will interfere with meeting customer performance objectives, the preferred response is to: A.

Develop alternative solutions to the problem. Notify all project stakeholders of the limitation. Update the costs to set a new project baseline. If an issue cannot be resolved and remains a serious threat, it then becomes: A. An opportunity B.

A critical issue C. Removed from the issue log and put on the project plan as a task D. Which management theory assumes that individuals like to work, want to achieve, and can direct their own efforts? Maslow's theory B.

Theory X C. Theory Y D. The project manager has discovered a problem with the inventory module of the project. Measurements were specified for American Units, but the overseas programmers used International Units. Where in the project could this problem have been avoided?

Project planning B. Project testing C. Project monitoring D. During project execution, a third party, responsible for developing a web utility for a Government project, reports to the project manager. One of the technologies used in the development has become obsolete. The third party proposes an alternative. Which action should the project manager take first?

Determine the impact on the overall project. Negotiate the best price for the alternative. Assign extra resources to the project. Have the management sign-off on the new alternative. A critical vendor has just notified the project manager that due to circumstances outside of their control, they will be delivering critical supplies for the project two weeks later than originally planned.

What is the BEST immediate course of action? Fire the supplier and find a new vendor. Ask what caused the problem and try to solve it for the vendor. Adjust the project schedule, and seek approval for the changes from the major stakeholders. Renegotiate the price paid to the vendor for the products. Select the MOST effective communication method for providing work instructions and directions. Verbal request B.

Written communication PK C.

An Introduction to Project Mana - Kathy Schwalbe.pdf - An...

Video conferencing D. Team meeting Answer: B Explanation: Verbal communication is easier and less complicated than written communication, on the other hand, is an excellent way to get across complex, detailed messages. Identify the MOST efficient intra-team communication tool.

Introspection B. Brainstorming C. Metrics D. Project and operations within a business share many characteristics. Which of the following characteristics specifically relates to projects?

Performed by people. Planned, executed and controlled. Constrained by limited resources. Temporary and unique. Answer: D Source: Schwalbe, Kathy. Page 4. In the second week of implementation,. Ignore the request and continue as planned. Implement the change.

Analyze the customer's request. Redefine the original scope. What should be developed first when allocating resources? Sequence scheduling C. Task list D. The power strategy that involves using one's personal knowledge to get people to change their behavior is called: A.

Coercive power B. Legitimate power C. Expert power D. To reduce project coordination and communication complexities, regular status meetings should be held frequently with the: A.

Customer B. Stakeholders C. Project team D. The purpose of Pareto Analysis is to observe the problems and determine their: A. Frequency of occurrence B. Root cause C. Impact D. Fishbone diagrams The company is experiencing financial problems and has instituted company-wide budget cuts. The budget for an in-house project is cut in half. The manager of the project feels that the project is close to termination.

What termination strategy is being used by the company? Termination by extinction B. Termination by addition C. Termination by integration D. Termination by starvation Answer: D Explanation: The difference between starvation and integration is that starvation results in funding or resource cuts, while integration results in reassignment or redeployment of the resources.

Which one of the following processes is MOST significant to meeting quality management objectives? Inspection B. Trend analysis C.

Quality audits D. Quality audits are performed on regular schedule or at random depending on the organizational policies. Quality audits performed correctly will provide the following PK benefits: Quality audits are generally performed by experienced specialists.

A project manager is defining the scope for a project and recognizes that additional work is required for project completion that was not previously defined. When presenting this information to stakeholders, the project manager is prepared with cist and schedule variance and a new risk assessment.

The stakeholders are hesitant to approve the change. What BEST practice can the project manager do to gain approval from the stakeholders?

Minimize the change to the stakeholders, absorbing the costs later. Explain the change required in greater depth, pushing for the approval of the stakeholders. Minimize the change by only giving small portions of the change required at a time.

Explain the rational for the change, the consequences if not approved, and how costs could be mitigated through use of an in place contingency plan. Which component is part of an effective communication plan? Data flow diagrams B. Frequency C. An IT Project Manager is selected for a software package project with a specific deadline and quality requirements. The client has emphasized several times how important the quality of the software is, and they have limited technical support staff.

The IT Project Manager recognizes that quality is of utmost importance. Planning it into the project. Developing careful mechanism to inspect for quality. Striving to do the best job possible. Conducting quality circle activities. Cost benefit analysis. Requirements specifications. Narrative description of the work to be accomplished.

Answer: C Explanation: SOW contains the details of a procurement item in clear, concise terms and includes the project objectives, a description of the work of the project, concise specifications of the product or services required and a project schedule. Either buyer or seller may prepare the SOW. A Confronting or Collaborating conflict resolution mode will handle conflicts by: A.

Having the parties work through their disagreement directly. Avoiding areas of difference and emphasizing areas of agreement. Bargaining and searching for solutions that bring some degree of satisfaction to each party in a dispute. Exerting one party's viewpoint at the potential expense of another. Which tasks characteristics affects the estimated effort for human resources? Task cost B. Task scope C. Sequence in the critical path D.

The project team is in the process of designing and developing a CBT Computer Based Training application to support the deployment of a new system. Implementing a status reporting process. Developing an understanding of the project sponsor's acceptance criteria. Using performance measurement tools to track and monitor project performance.

Which factor has the greatest impact on the actual duration of project tasks? Resource capabilities C. Historical information D. Identifying and managing the critical path is vital to the success of a project because: A. Staffing peaks and values will affect the quality of the work project. Crashing-cost, or speeding-up cost, on the critical path are higher than for any other project activities. Activities on the critical path do not have any slack time. The starting date must be calculated by working backward from finish to start.

As the project manager builds the project team, recruiting the right personalities for the work can be key to the success of the project. Which of the following is the BEST match of project focus to personality types?

Creative focus: attention to detail, structured thinker B. Technical execution focus: independent thinker, self-starter C. Multidisciplinary focus: loyal, committed D. Problem resolution focus. A project charter and a list of high level project requirements enables the project manager to identify: A.

The high level value of the project to the sponsors and users. The definitive project schedule and budget. A detailed, bottom-up budget. A necessary task in preparation of the Close Out phase is: A. Project review B. Risk assessment C. Change control D. As part of the overall scope definition and project planning in the initiation phase of a project, the project charter and SOW Statement of Work require the project manager to: A.

Investigate industry specific regulations for impact on the plan. Obtain team member agreement on tasks and duration. Include contingencies for unknowns. The project team is nearing the end of development and is ready to start testing the entire application. Which kind of testing will they perform? Module C. Unit D. In the planning stages monies need to be budgeted for which one of the following after PK Close Out tasks?

Re-planning B. Maintenance C. Change control to new project scope D. Which of the following are included in the goals of the Close Out phase?

Stakeholder Approval B. Product Testing C. User Training D. Source: Schwalbe, Kathy. As part of the project closure process the project manager should document the: A.

Formal acceptance from stakeholder D. During and approved project, a vendor contacts the project manager requesting a delay in delivering a required product by two weeks. This will delay the project completion time. The project manager explains to the vendors that a delay in shipment will cause the project to run beyond schedule, and tries to negotiate the delivery time. How might this situation BEST be handled? Explain the impact of a late shipment to the vendor, request at least partial shipment to avoid running beyond the scheduled time of completion, and call a meeting to inform the stakeholders of the project situation.

Utilize a project crash schedule to accommodate for the shipment delay and maintain the project completion time. PK C. Explain to the vendor that the impact of a late delivery will cause the project to run beyond schedule, request the vendor to compensate your company for penalties caused by the late shipment, and inform the stakeholders of the project the situation. Inform the stakeholders of the project the schedule delay and get approval to use another vendor to deliver the product.

A long pending issue has begun to involve and affect more people, thus generating many dependencies. How should the project manager BEST handle this situation?

Escalate it to upper management. Break the issue into logical sub-issues. Baseline the project schedule. Perform risk management. Given a limited resource from a cost-functional group, which of the following will help insure follow-through?

Get approval from the manager of the resource. Earn the respect of the resource. Try to gain direct control over the resource. Let the resource do what they are told. Which tool is the MOST effective for classifying issues by their frequency of occurrence?

Control charts B. Flow charts C. Pareto diagrams D. The project manager has been asked by the customer to make significant changes to the project. These changes were not addresses in the Design Document or Project Scope. Inform the customer that changes to the scope are not allowed. Implement the requested changes as requested immediately. Redesign the entire project from scratch.

What performance reporting technique will the project manager use to determine project results over time to determine if performance is improving or deteriorating?

Status reports B. Pareto reports C. Trend analysis D. Of all the potential conflict in a project, which one is most detrimental to team performance and results? Which part of the project planning document is used to control scope creep? PK A. Executive e-mail to all staff on project objectives and desired outcomes B. Executive meetings with stakeholders to explain the project objectives and desired outcomes C. Town hall meetings with project team providing information and stakeholders having the ability to ask questions D.

The project team has been working to complete the scope definition and is presenting the scope statement to the sponsor customer asks for changes. As the project manager, which is the best approach? Listen to the request and indicate more resources will be required in order to complete the project on the same date B.

Accept the changes and go away to come back with a changed scope statement C. Indicate that the time line for the project to deliver will be extended D. Senior management involvement in projects is critical to success. Which of the following is not a good example of senior management involvement?

A Review and assignment of resources according to WBS B Involvement in the project charter and scope C Definition an approval of project scope D Signing off on key deliverables Answer: A Explanation: This answer makes the most sense because it is a well known good standard practice that senior management sign off on key deliverables, and the same is true for involvement in the project charter and scope.

Defining and approving the project scope is a great practice for senior management. Review and assignment of resources according the WBS is not a good example of senior management involvement because this is a function of the project manager.

This interferes with the project manager's decision making and could hinder the project. Answer A is really the only possible answer. Which on the following should be included in a project charter and scope definition? This will be addressed during design and development. The work breakdown structure cannot be started until the charter and scope definition have been completed. The critical path method has nothing to do with the charter or scope definition and is a methodology implemented by the project manager upon completion of the work breakdown structure.

The completion criteria is the only possible answer as it indicates the criteria needed to produce the deliverables. Which of the following is an output of the initiation phase of a project? Which of the following techniques is used for tracking the project risk? Which method is a valid approach for developing project task duration estimates? ISBN: The book states: PK "It is also helpful to review similar projects and seek the advice of experts in estimating activity durations.

Which factor has the greatest impact on the estimated per unit labour cost for a project? Which is the most effective method for generating support for your project plan? It does not affect the actual duration of tasks. Within information Technology projects, communications between the project manager and the project team members s place: A By written and oral communication. ISBN: The book states, "Effective distribution of information depends on project managers and project team members having good communications skills.

Communicating includes many different dimensions such as writing, speaking, listening, and project personnel need to use all of these dimensions in their daily routines. As a rule of thumb for QA Quality Assurance activities , how many hours of downstreams QA Quality Assurance each hour spent on technical reviews early in the project? What is a possible acceptable outcome from a review of the project requirements with the client?

A Create a negotiated requirements list based upon compromise B Agree to disagree on some requirements and move forward with the planning phase C Agree on revisions that need to be made to the requirements , then resubmit for review and approval D Agree on revisions that need to be made to the requirements, then move forward with the planning phase Answer: C QUESTION A When does defect resolutions occur within the project life cycle?

When the authority to approve revisions of scope is in questions, the project manager should: A Ask the project sponsor B Review the original project charter C Refer to the change project plan D Make a decision based on the company's organizational chart PK Answer: B Source: Schwalbe, Kathy.

ISBN: The book states, "A project charter can be as simple as a one-page form or memo from a senior manager briefly describing the project and listing the responsibilities and authority of the new project managers and stakeholders.

It would make the most sense to review the original project charter when the authority to approve revisions is in question. Annoying the project sponsor would most likely produce the answer, "What does the project charter say? Which of the following is a possible response to a risk threat?

Which on of the following will ensure that all members of the project will have full knowledge of the project's progress? It is usually created in the earliest project phases and refined as the project progress. Any document procedure used to apply technical or administrative direction to the functional and physical characteristic or system is an example of: A resource management B Configuration management C Schedule management D Risk management PK Answer: B Source: Schwalbe, Kathy.

Recent studies have shown that project managers without IT backgrounds are proving highly successful even though they do not possess the technical knowledge. It makes no difference if the project manager is a stakeholder or a sponsor. He will still encounter the same managerial challenges regardless. Clearly strong leadership and managerial skills are the prime ingredients of a good project manager. A project is behind schedule.

O the following steps to take corrective action, wich one is not need? To crash a project most effectively, additional resources or overtime should be assigned to which of they? A All Tasks defined in WBS B Those activities that match the skill set of the additional resources available C The activities with the greatest degree of risk according to risk management D Activities along the critical path starting with those longest in duration Answer: D Source: Schwalbe, Kathy.

What is generally the most revised document on projects? Why would a project manager want to fast track a project? Adding resources B. Eliminating float C. Crashing time schedule D. Paralleling activities Answer: B Explanation: The critical path is the series of consecutive activities that represent the longest dependent path through the project.

Since a risk to a step in the critical path could potentially increase the time it takes to get the step done, it can directly affect the project's completion date. Negotiating B. Problem-solving D. Funding B. Methodology C. Allocated resources PK D. Decision tree modeling B. Monte Carlo method C. Sensitivity analysis D. Vendor delivery problems. Project schedule slippage. Unresolved project issues. New requirements introduced by stakeholders.

Work breakdown structure. Critical path. Task start date. Responsible organization. The previous project manager was not always able to obtain consensus among stakeholders regarding the project deliverables. After meeting the stakeholders, you decide that it will be impossible to satisfy everyone.

Information Technology Project Management, Revised, 6th ed.

Assess the staffing requirements and recruit more staff to get the project back on plan. Accept that it is impossible to satisfy everyone and concentrate on the needs of the senior user. Canvass stakeholders for there ideas concerning potential functionality and PK produce deliverable that provide the most requested functions. Request a meeting to obtain agreement on the need for formal project sponsor development.

The project has been championed for a year by the division vice president, but the ongoing sponsorship and funding control has been delegated to one of the division directors. Several other managers are also on the approval list for major project documents. The initial project documentation has been completed and approved, and the project is on schedule. The requirements have been identified, documented, and submitted for sponsorship approval.

The required approvals are received on the last day allocated for the approval cycle. However, one manager's approval is contingent upon the addition of three significant requirements.

These requirements were not anticipated in the original scope of the project, nor were they discovered during the requirements analysis phase. Which risk do you most likely need to address? Changing project scope. Loss of sponsor support. Changing project funding. Changing project schedule.

Changing project resources. Withdrawing, compromising, controlling, and forcing. Controlling, forcing, smoothing, and withdrawing. Confronting, compromising, smoothing and directing. Smoothing, confronting, forcing, and withdrawing. Ensure that changes to the project charter are reflected in the definition.

Conduct periodic inspections, reviews, and walk-throughs. Verify the project schedule is on track. Define causes and symptoms of identified problems. The project is canceled. The project schedule is increased.

The project schedule is decreased. The project functionality is decreased. The quality of the project is decreased. The project's external resources are let go.

You want to establish a tracking mechanism to report project programs in terms of time, scale, cost and functionality. Which three actions should you take? Organize weekly progress and planning meetings. Obtain an estimate to complete each activity from the project team members. Obtain an estimated completion data for each activity from the project team members. Administration B. Stakeholder analysis C. Planning D.

How many additional lines of communication now exist? This is a bit of a tricky question. It does not account for the communication channels between the new and old members of the team. So if 5 members already existed, that is 10 communication lines. If you add the 5 more members then the number of communication lines is How many of these lines are additional?

So the answer is B, 35 additional lines of communication. Because of concerns that were raised in the initial two phases, you feel that the customer will not want to add additional resources for this last phase. Which two actions help ensure a more successful completion of the final phase?

Hire new people. Modify project scope. Spend more time on-site. Change the delivery date. Reset customer expectations. During the testing of the deliverable. While the deliverable is being developed.

After the deliverable has been developed. Immediately prior to testing the deliverable. Immediately prior to the development of the deliverable.

During the specification of the deliverable's requirements. Equal priority with schedule, but higher priority than cost. Higher priority than cost and schedule. Equal priority with cost, but higher priority than schedule. Equal priority with cost and schedule. Customer acceptance B. Completion of execution C. Product completion D. What is the MOST important thing to review?

Activities in progress. Number of hours expended. Work completed. Schedule compliance. A change has been requested by one of the technical resources to modify a user input screen. Which individual must approve this request? Project sponsor B. Project manager C. Development team leader D. By interviewing key management personnel. By providing wish lists to end users and managers.

Verify that contractual obligations were met. Transfer the deliverables to the client. Reassign team members.

Answer: B QUESTION 23 The principle that: "Employees who believe that their efforts will lead to effective performance and who anticipate important reward for their accomplishments become productive and stay productive," illustrates the: A.

Expectancy theory B. Maslow theory D. People will behave in certain ways if they think there will be good rewards for doing so. Maslow theory: Self-actualization is a state of independence allowing you to express yourself and perform at your peak. This is the highest level of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Herzberg was the inventor of the Hygiene theory and that this theory claims that hygiene factors prevent dissatisfaction while motivators lead to satisfaction.

Project manager B. President C. Chief financial officer D. Product manufacturing environment. Cross functional tasks. Unique operations. Time-constrained deliverables. You need to define the tasks needed for the production of the Physical Design Specification. Which approach should you take in planning the production of this deliverable?

Include a number of task that identify the requirements for review and refinement, with each task having a separate estimate of the effort and time to complete production. Function B. Design C. Cost PK D. Which of the following would you send to the executive? Milestone-chart B.

Time-scaled network diagram C. Arrow activity diagram D. Milestones mark the completion of major deliverables or some other key event in the project. For example, approval and sign-off on project deliverables might be considered a milestone.

What should you do to ensure you recruit the best candidate? Choose five A. Ask mainly open questions. Ask mainly closed questions.

Develop the interview questions. Develop a mechanism to score responses. Develop a comprehensive job specification. Identify skills, knowledge, and attitudes required for the position. Delegate the responsibility of recruiting to another team member. In order to determine the impact of the requested change, you will need a work breakdown structure, change request, scope management plan, and: A. Performance reports. A responsibility matrix. A Pareto diagram. A Monte Carlo simulation.Sincerity with prudent caution D.

The triple constraint is managing scope, time, and cost goals. What is project management? Their staffs have specialized skills in their respective disciplines. To verify understanding of tests that will be done after the product is completed.

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It is important for project managers to understand the broader organizational environment to ensure their projects meet organizational needs. A long pending issue has begun to involve and affect more people, thus generating many dependencies. Planning phase B. Answer: C Explanation: SOW contains the details of a procurement item in clear, concise terms and includes the project objectives, a description of the work of the project, concise specifications of the product or services required and a project schedule.

Include a word count at the top of your paper for HW1 and HW3.

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