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Loading Loading. «Page Note 1 of 16 0.» Icons by Margaret Stohl - extract. Contents. Original Document (PDF)». Related Article». Contributed by: News desk. Idols (The Icons Series #2) by Margaret Stohl - Read online for free. Bestselling author Margaret Stohl delivers a thrilling novel set in a haunting new world where four teens must Quality of life and sustainability issues in Brazil Soft Copy of Book Icons author Margaret Stohl completely free. Reviews of: Icons by Margaret Stohl PDF Book 1st Review – The character building and.

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You can easily download Icons Pdf, Icons Pdf by Bestselling author Margaret Stohl delivers a thrilling novel set in a haunting. The Mortal Heart. Beautiful Creatures: The Untold Stories (Series). Book 1. Kami Garcia Author Margaret Stohl Author (). cover image of Icons. 5XkH1JhU - Read and download Margaret Stohl's book Icons in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book Icons by Margaret Stohl.

No Sympas. No ships. No Lords. Nothing I havent seen for the last week now. I study the landscape like a clock as I try to catch my breath.

The long shadows mean its nearly dark, which means its time to get up and move. The terrain has grown increasingly strange, alien almost, as weve crawled from rock to rock in the darkness. We sleep in the day and travel in the night now, ever since our Chopper went down. At least we have established contact with Doc through the comlink cuffsthanks to the com relay Fortis was able to salvage from the crashed Chopper.

Doc keeps us away from patrols and, we hope, moving toward somewhere safe. Hes been tracking Sympa deployments since our Chopper went down; theyre looking for us everywherebut they havent found us yet. The Embassies. The Lords. It almost doesnt matter which, not anymore.

Theyll find us, whoever they are in the end. Its only a matter of time. The longer we wander in the desertexposed to the elements and targeted by the Embassythe stronger the grip despair has on me. Despair from the bleak truth that, back in the Hole that once was Los Angeles, even without the Icon, the Embassy reportedly still has all the power, and the weapons.

The bleak truth that, according to what we learned during our too-brief stay in Nellis, Catallus has come down with a fury on the people of the city, and the Projects run uninterrupted.

I look up to where Lucas sits across from me, hud- dling in only his shirtsleeves on the red rocky ledge. He smiles, almost shyly, and I soften, seeing the cold purple-blue of his mouth. I dont know why I cant just say what I thinkthat Im grateful, that hes thoughtful. That when I see his mouth I want to kiss it, kiss him, but since we are never alone, I dont dare.

My empty stomach growls as I turn to see who else is there, just in case Im wrong. Im not; Fortis snores on one side of me, under a pile of brush that cant camouflage his woolen, red-toed socks pointing to the sky like two knit rabbit ears. Tima is passed out on the other side of him, covered in dust and almost completely hidden in a neat zigzag of folded arms and legs, like some kind of compact military gear. Brutus is nestled in the crook of her knees, himself snoring so loudly you would think he was Fortiss son more than Timas dog.

Ro, as usual, is nowhere to be seen, but he doesnt like to sleep near any of us, not since we left the Mission. He wont get that close to Lucas. To me. Things will get easier for all of us, Fortis says, when we find a way to get where were going. The Idylls, Fortis called it. Ive found it, with Docs help. A Grass base. The only camp out here. Why do they call it that? Because its paradise, love. Where the Icons cant hurt us and the Lords cant fly.

You mean somewhere over a rainbow? Like the old stories say? I mean somewhere under a mountain. Like the old combat manuals say. But I still dont understand how were supposed to find some Grass Rebellion base even the Embassies cant.

And I have a difficult time believing there even is some- place safe. Someplace where we can plan our battle against the House of Lords. But none of us has a better plan. Or better rations. Or enough water. Or another way out of here.

So, like the good soldiers we are quickly becoming, under the mountain we go. I jump as Lucas touches my shoulder, startling me out of my reverie of mountains and soldiers. He wags his head in the direction of the nearby hill.

His hair falls lank in his face, curling against his jawline. Come on, Dol. I have something for you. Looking at his overgrown hair makes me realize how long it has been since any of us has done anything as nor- mal as getting a haircut.

And all of our empty, aching bellies. Still, even this messed up, hes breathtakingly beauti- ful, Lucas Amare. Something for me? Im caught off guard, but Lucas offers me his hand and I take it, pulling myself up after him. The second I touch him, I feel itthe warmth that comes from the way his heart beats in time with mine.

Does everyone feel this from him? He could make them, if he wanted to. That much I know. But is there something more there, something just for me?

I stand close to him, holding his hand for a fraction of a moment longer than I need to. I can feel myself blush- ing and I turn away, suddenly grateful for the dimming light. Its all so strange. I mean, I am. How I have become. How imagining a kiss can feel like a real one.

Idols (The Icons Series #2) by Margaret Stohl

That one perfect, sublime, stolen kiss, back at the Mission. The day we came so close to binding ourselves to each other, heart to heart, hand to hand.

I pull my own wrapping tight around my wrist, shak- ing off the memories. The red wash of the landscape is dotted with strange, almost alien-looking shapes, where the wind has carved the stone into curving organic formations.

They dont call this Goblin Valley for nothin. I can almost hear Fortiss voice when I look down at the rocks. Then I hear the familiar static of Lucass cuff, followed by the crackling sound of Docs voice. I appear to be losing your signal.

I stop. Lucas raises a finger to his lipsand motions for us to keep going. Docs voice echoes across the rock. That is not opti- mal, as I am certain you understand. You need to remain together for the purposes of safety. Might I remind you that twelve Icons remain fully functional?

Perhaps you have forgotten that there are no known weapons, with the exception of the four of you and your exceptional abilities, that can damage them in the slightest Parce metu, Doc. Lucas grins. This story isn't just told from Dol's point of view. To add to all that's going on with the rebellion, and the mystery behind what's really happening, Margaret has inserted articles and letters between various chapters that only adds to the danger of what these four teens are up against, from those on the "other side".

Yes, that just adds more fuel to the conspiracy that's going on here on Earth after the aliens invaded and well, there seems to be a lot more going on than what gets uncovered here in ICONS. I can not wait for the rest of this series to be released. It's a clean cut read, and one teachers could easily discuss a variety of themes from the book with their students.

I'd totally recommend this book to anyone and everyone. May 17, Leigh Collazo rated it it was ok. More reviews at Mrs. When I first started reading Icons , I thought it was going to be a five-star book. Crazy-creative world-building is easy to spot, and Icons has unique world-building in spades. I liked Dol and loved Ro, and I enjoyed trying to figure out just exactly what was going on.

Ramona Jamona the pig just cracked me up, and I was actually a little sad when the aliens killed her not really a spoiler--it happened right at the beginning. I love the "Classified" docu More reviews at Mrs. I love the "Classified" documents that appear between the chapters, especially since they helped to explain some things while also introducing some new mysteries.

But once Ro and Dol make it to the Embassy, the story started to lose its spark. Even more than pages in, I still felt like I was trying to put together the pieces, trying to figure out just what was going on.

I liked the puzzle of it, but it went on a little long for me. Plenty of questions, but almost no answers. I am still unsure exactly the point of the whole thing. Why did the Ambassador want the Icon children again? I feel like I must have missed something important, but I didn't care enough to go back to figure out what. All this stuff happened, but it felt so random and disconnected that I felt lost. While I liked Dol in the beginning, I got annoyed with her quickly.

I get that she is sadness and sorrow, personified, but I didn't care for her behavior with Lucas who I also didn't really care for. I loved Ro all the way through and just felt this tug at my heart that Dol was ultimately going to end up breaking his heart. That for sure didn't do Dol or Lucas any favors. In the end, I feel kind of sad about this book.

Why are the aliens here? Why did they kill a billion people? What do they want to do now, and why do they need to do that? Did I miss something? Surely, I must have. We don't have it. I plan to give my ARC to a couple of my really smart readers to see what they think. If they like it, I'll get it for the library. I have no idea--I want to circulate this one a little with my better readers to get opinions. Appropriate length to tell the story: View 1 comment.

Dec 21, Zenki the Hermit rated it did not like it. At the beginning, it was okay. I appreciated the plot and I was excited of how different it is from other novels.

Still, I was expecting more. When I was reading, I felt like a mere spectator. That's it. I was just reading, waiting for the words to pass by, and I just wanted it to end. I wasn't drawn to the book, unlike others and I actually thought it was corny: I'm sorry, but it's what I think anyway.

View all 4 comments. Aug 14, Brad Sells rated it it was amazing Shelves: Words cannot even begin to describe how much I adore Icons. You know how some people say "I can't even", and some people don't understand it? Well, guess what. Everything about this book is phenomenal; everything. I was emerged into the world of the Icons immediately, and I never for a second wanted to put the book down. When I would, it was the only thing on my mind.

And whenever I picked it back up, I would read pages in one go. Icons is definitely a favorite of and of al Words cannot even begin to describe how much I adore Icons. Icons is definitely a favorite of and of all time. I have been pushing this book onto everybody lately, and I don't see that stopping anytime soon.

Seriously, if you haven't picked up Icons, you're missing out. It's wonderful! Dol is such a fantastic main character. She's strong, loyal and fierce - everything I like in a protagonist - and she never let me down during the book.

And Ro and Lucas were just great.

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What I love about this love triangle I guess you could call it that is that both loves feel genuine and real. The relationships aren't forced, and there are obvious reasons why Dol is attracted to both Rol and Lucas. Stohl did a stunning job with these characters and their development during Icons. The whole concept of the Icons? Freaky as crap.

They honestly scared me, even though we didn't get to see much of them which I'm hoping we do in book two! The fighting, the war, the struggle, the survival, everything about Icons worked for me, and this is easily one of the best books I've read. Overall, what else can I say about Icons except that I love it so, so, so much and it is mind-blowing? Fast-paced and captivating, Icons didn't just exceed my expectations - it blew every book I've read in a long time out of the water.

Margaret Stohl

Dec 11, Kathy rated it liked it Shelves: This book was just ok until then ending. Then I finally became interested. I had this on audiobook and it kept my interest enough to keep listening when I was driving or working but I never really fully understood what was going on or why things were happening or really even cared about the story or characters. I liked Ro from the first time we met him but never quite got when or why Dol fell for Lucas so the love triangle didn't work for me.

By the end of the book I was intrigued and so will read This book was just ok until then ending. By the end of the book I was intrigued and so will read the next book. View 2 comments. Jan 05, Hermione rated it it was ok Shelves: So, here's the thing, Margaret Stohl. I gave Beautiful Creatures a try, but I really, really didn't like it.

I didn't like it enough to give your sequel s did that make sense? But then I heard you were making a dystopian series, first book titled Icons. So I was like, Okay.

She's doing something new. I'll give this a try.

Needless to say, Ms. Stohl 2 stars. Stohl, yours seemed to be one of those stories. I'm very frustrated. I really am. I don't understand how authors pull off stories such as these when they having strong relationships with their fanbase. If this is so, then in theory , they should have an idea or so about what their fanbase usually, as a group, likes and dislikes. And I am pretty sure that fans don't like half-assery, weak plots, boring stories, or even worse world-building.

Then I don't know. So with that said, Margaret Stohl, your story failed to have me immersed. It failed to interest me, to wow me, to find a place into my hard, without-a-chink-in-its-armor heart.

It was, in conclusion, like another one of those wannabe Hunger Games or Divergent , character- and world-building-wise. Folks, nothing to see here. I guarantee that if you move along in the dystopian line nothing will be missed.

Sep 02, Cora Tea Party Princess rated it liked it. I wasn't completely sold on the style with this one, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Aliens usually aren't my thing, but the alien presence in this book didn't put me off.

This wasn't all in your face about the visitors from outer space. Yeah, they were there, they were mentioned a lot, but it was done really well in this book so it's NOT just a book about aliens invading earth.

Which is good, because it kept me reading. I think this is part of a series the first but I don't think I'll read on. Fo I wasn't completely sold on the style with this one, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. For me the book ended pretty well, I was satisfied with the story as a whole.

But then again, perhaps it's the thought of aliens that's putting me off, as it seems there might be more in the next book.

The relationships between the characters were good. They seemed pretty natural apart from the Ambassador; I didn't understand her motives at all. I didn't like how some things were left unexplained, but it was only little things. Pretty much everything that mattered was set out for the reader. I received a copy of this for free via NetGalley for review purposes. Sep 18, Erin Dunn rated it liked it.

Maybe more like 2. Years ago everything changed on the day the Icons dropped from the sky and a lot of people died. Now Dol and her friend Ro are captured by the Embassy and they meet two other teens with similar "dots" on their wrists. Together all four have to unravel a conspiracy and use their uncontrollable emotions to save their future.

So pretty much this book fol Maybe more like 2. So pretty much this book follows a basic formula that may sound familiar.

Aliens come to earth, a lot of people die, there are people with abilities that can stop it, wait there is a conspiracy too, and oh of course a love triangle.

I could pretty much guess where everything was going and so about midway I had a hard time trying to focus on it. Also, there was a lot of confusing stuff that I still don't understand. Like the whole thing with the dots on their wrists was different, but I feel like I still don't get it exactly.

I feel like I'm missing a lot of specific information there. The whole dot thing weirded me out to. I don't get why it was almost sexual-like??

Another thing I feel like I'm still confused about is the aliens. I was extremely bummed to not find out what the aliens actually are, what they look like, or anything. I guess your supposed to read the next books in the series to find out, but I don't think I'll be making that commitment.

One big thing I did like about Icons was Ro. He was so good to Dol too. Very early on in the opening part with his birthday present to her I could already tell I was going to like him for her. Sadly, there is a love triangle though. She was so wrong to Ro and he was her ride or die dude for real! Well Dol's character irritated me anyway because she was a bit dull. Although, I can't say I liked any character in this book other than Ro.

I do have to say that there were a few other interesting things happening in the book. For example there was a twist about all of the four teens that I didn't see coming. I really do enjoy a good twist! Also, I found all of the emotions and dot stuff fascinating and unique, even if it was a bit odd. I think this would have been better for me if it didn't feel like something I've already read multiple times before.

Overall Icons is an average book. I think I am just really done with "alien" novels that do not have any good alien action or information about the aliens. Apr 23, Jen rated it it was amazing. Icons is an excellent novel full of 'big feels' Icons is based primarily on fear.

Humans live in a post-invasion world were the the aliens only deal with the Ambassadors and can wipe out entire cities with a single pulse. The cities are remnants of the some of the most inhabited cities in the world.

The landscape, described in vivid detail, is a character all its own. The story follows Dol a grass girl who leads a simple life away from the Hole, what used to be Los Angeles.

Dol is not a normal te Icons is an excellent novel full of 'big feels' Icons is based primarily on fear. Dol is not a normal teen, she somehow survived The Day when no one else in her family did. Along with Ro, another orphan from The Day, she leads a simple life at the Mission in the grasslands. But not all is what it seems with Dol and Ro.

They are a secret hidden away from the Ambassador and the rest of the world. With quiet character moments and pulse pounding action Icons takes you on a journey of self discovery and revolution. The future of the people lays in the hands of four teenagers who have no idea just how powerful they really are.

Jul 22, Rosie Pearson rated it did not like it Shelves: So far I'm not overly impressed. I loved the concept and everything she's hinting at is interesting but Margaret Stohl just isn't explaining these ideas. Now I understand what the characters are and what they can do is the mysterious element in the story. But when you have those elements you have to almost overshadow that and keep it as a nagging in the back of your head thing and fill the gaps with action sequences, maybe through in a love triangle and a minor antagonist to keep the readers int So far I'm not overly impressed.

But when you have those elements you have to almost overshadow that and keep it as a nagging in the back of your head thing and fill the gaps with action sequences, maybe through in a love triangle and a minor antagonist to keep the readers interested but she does non of these things and quite frankly it makes the story boring. In the book Margaret Stohl is always talking about the threat of the icons and the lords.

But unlike the 5th wave they don't seem to have the effect the ever looming threat those antagonists had on the readers. Overall so far I think it's a weak story, great ideas but with vertically no development, a weak romantic element and little excitement throughout the book. Oct 31, Michele Mattos rated it liked it. This is one of the few situations when I wish GoodReads allowed us to give half stars ratings because I don't want to give this 4 stars, but it does deserve more than 3.

I liked this book, but I didn't love it. My problem with it was the writing since the characters and the overall were pretty interesting. The writing was just too repetitive and I'm pretty sure this is why this book is so long.

Sentences are repeated to show emphasis or the fact that someone's feelings are soooo strong, which is This is one of the few situations when I wish GoodReads allowed us to give half stars ratings because I don't want to give this 4 stars, but it does deserve more than 3. Sentences are repeated to show emphasis or the fact that someone's feelings are soooo strong, which is kinda silly to me. I know it's the author's writing style, but I don't think I'll be reading more of her books.

I could overlook that if it happened sporadically, but it was like every other sense. Every other sentence. You see what I did there? I went into this book knowing close to nothing about it and I was a little surprised when I realized the plot involved aliens taking over the world. I really liked that expect and it was refreshing to me since I don't see a lot of YA novels revolving around aliens. I liked the concept of four young adults destined to save the world and how the author portrayed big cities being taken by aliens.

The beginning is very slow and a little boring, but it does get better towards the middle. I really liked the ending, I think it closed the story really well and it left a window opened for a sequel. Like I said before, I won't be reading the sequel - again, mostly because of the writing style but I'll admit I'm a little curious to see how this story will be wrapped up. Not curious enough, though.

Those other books are better, no doubt, but this one is pretty good too. For more book reviews and other bookish things: Feb 21, Nikki rated it did not like it. I was so excited when I won an ARC of this book. First, the cover - my ARC has the beautiful original pink cover , which I originally fell in love when when I first heard about the book. And that summary had me completely hooked.

I was positive this book would be amazing. And it would've been To be fair, the first few sentences of the summary are dead-on. The book opens with the deaths of Dol's parents when she was a baby. They randomly drop dead along with millions of other people, when the Icons activated and sent out an energy pulse that could knock out other sources of power and kill almost everyone it touched.

She's found by the Padre, who took her and another survivor, Ro, to a mission in the countryside, where she grows up hiding from the fact that she survived while millions of others died. However, after that things really go downhill. From the summary, I was expecting some pretty good world-building. I wanted to know what was up with these Icon things, what the world was like after the aliens killed a huge portion of the population, why these kids would be held hostage, and why their emotions were so important - and the major problem I had with Icons is how all of those things are resolved or not.

The worldbuilding is a constant influx of vague references and Dol's memories also vague. And even after that, having finished the book, I still only have a vague idea about any of those things. Are we sensing a pattern? Everything is vague. I actually would have really appreciated a "world-history" info-dump early in the book, so I could actually understand half the things that were going on.

As it was, the vague references were confusing and annoying and left me feeling like I was missing something. For example: For a book called Icons , I expected to be able to picture an Icon pretty well by the end of it. Still not clear on that. The summary also talks about these four kids being held hostage. Which they were When Ro and Dol are originally taken to the Embassy, it really seemed like they were prisoners. Their doors were locked and I guess they were handcuffed at some point.

Except then they're allowed to leave their rooms. Or when the doors are locked again, they could open them super easily and no one ever did anything about it. Suddenly it was totally normal for them to leave their rooms and find the cafeteria when they were hungry. I don't know, that whole situation constantly confused me. The vagueness infiltrated the narration, as well.

The book is told from Dol's perspective, in first person, so I expected to learn a lot about her and be able to - if not relate, then at least sympathize with her and her situation. The thing was, yes, Dol was always very emotional and sad and scared - but I never found myself feeling sympathetic toward her. I never really fully grasped what was going on in her head half the time, like why she'd get so emotional all of a sudden.

I get that it's part of her character as one of the Icon Children their emotions are somehow heightened, I guess? I also had a hard time understanding any of the relationships. If Dol hadn't said flat out that they weren't together, I would still be convinced otherwise, even after having finished the book. Then there were Tima and Lucas, the two other "hostages" at the Embassy. Tima was crazy - she literally tries to get Ro and Dol killed soon after they arrive at the Embassy There was no explanation or reasoning behind her sudden change of heart.

Oh gosh, what on earth can I say about Lucas. His decisions never made sense, whether he was deciding to work with Dol, not work with her, help her again, betray her, risk his life for her He was all over the map, with little to no reason why, except to either help Dol when she needed it, or add conflict when she didn't.

And don't even get me started on Lucas as a love-interest. Why did Dol keep saying she was attracted to him? Did she ever even express real feelings toward him? Where was the chemistry?? As was so common throughout the book, the answer to all these questions is: I have no idea. Also, for a book about an alien invasion at least I think that's what it is , it was surprisingly short on I'm sorry, Icons - I wanted to love you, I really did.

But congrats - you get my first 1-star review. May 07, Megan Bacchus rated it really liked it. This was a really enjoyable book. I could very much see this book as a movie. At first the terminology was a bit confusing, such as the Day, the Icons, and the Lords.

The plot involves the Lords which are essentially aliens never have been seen have come to earth and using Icons giant structures that possess a power to kill they have taken over the earth on the Day. Not everyone is dead and the rest have been allowed t This was a really enjoyable book. Certain cities were destroyed completely and are known as Silent Cities. The other cities are run by Embassies that are led by Ambassandors. However, there are those that survived the power from the Icons.

This book did explain some things such as the basics through the plot and transcripts but a lot of questions are still left. Such as is there more children with gifts? What are the projects? What do the Lords look like? What do the Lords want? I would like to point out that I hated the names of the characters. I liked the sassy-ness of Dol and the powers of Dol, Ro, and Lucas. The romance seemed a little forced with Dol and Lucas and I would have liked more of a natural feel to it though I was rooting for those two.

Though every emotions the four of them feel seemed real and realistic. May 15, Neil or bleed rated it it was ok Shelves: Mind you, I appreciate the plot and the world building but I think it has been overcooked that the author forgot to apply emotions to her characters. Seriously, I can't connect with the characters, I can't feel them within me. And I don't like a book if it doesn't carry feelings because for me feelings makes the characters and the world seems realisti 2.

And I don't like a book if it doesn't carry feelings because for me feelings makes the characters and the world seems realistic and believable. View all 11 comments. Mar 05, BooksandtheirWorld rated it liked it. In Icons tauchen wir in eine dystopische Welt ein, die von Aliens regiert wird.

Die Bewohner nenne sie allerdings die Herrscher. So auch Dol und ihr bester Freund Ro. Die beiden haben ein zie In Icons tauchen wir in eine dystopische Welt ein, die von Aliens regiert wird.

Die beiden haben ein ziemlich einfaches Leben auf einem kleinen Hof, abgeschottet von der Stadt. Ro kann sie kurzzeitig retten, doch die Soldaten kommen ihnen auf die Spur und bringen sie zur Gesandschaft, wo sie gefangen genommen werden.

Auch die vier Protagonisten auf dem Cover finde ich eine gute Idee. Meine Meinung Die Idee dieser Geschichte finde ich wirklich toll. Leider habe ich mir aber eine etwas actionreichere Geschichte vorgestellt. Was ich echt schade finde, denn die Story hat Potenzial. Die vier Hauptprotagonisten treffen im Laufe der Geschichte aufeinander und sind sich einfach permament am streiten.

Und das zieht sich das ganze Buch so hindurch. Auch die Liebesgeschichte zwischen Dol, Ro und Lucas war mir zu aufgesetzt. Das Ende des Buches wurde dann aber doch etwas Spannend und konnte das ganze dann wieder etwas aufwerten. Daher kann ich dem Buch leider nur 2,5 von 5 Sternen geben.

Feb 28, Taschima rated it it was ok. Icons was a book I was excited for, and I really wanted to like, not because the author wrote Beautiful Creatures still haven't finished that series but because of the premise, and let's be honest a little bit because of the cover I think it looks sick, if that is still a word being used. What ended up happening is that I has to make myself sit down in order to finish it. The beginning was exciting, and held a lot of promise, but once the story was past that first rush of excitement A lot.

I was so bored I put the book down and didn't come back for days. Not only that, but at times it was a little confusing and hard to believe. I am not buying it hide spoiler ] Dol and Ro are survivors of The Day. When they were babies aliens hijacked the planet and killed every one on site. They are able to chemically kill people through frequencies and such. Everybody but these two kids. There are two more, Tima and Lucas, and together they must uncover the secrets of their survival, their special powers some very weird and confusing powers and the secret of how to control their hormones.

Good luck to them, specially on that last one. First off, I didn't connect with the main character. She was just so, blah, and unfocused. Her "ability" is that she knows how everybody feels around her, which to me seems like a pretty kick ass ability, but she seriously doesn't know how to control it. That or that it is essentially a joke. I certainly don't see what Ro, or Lucas, see in her. Yes, there is a love triangle, and not one I enjoyed or justified.

Sometimes I do enjoy a good love triangle.

Just, not this time. Ro I can understand. He is a very ill tempered guy who has been Dol's childhood friend. But, I don't think I know Ro very well.

At first he seemed this mild mannered technological dude, then all of a sudden change occurs and he is this HULK guy with a temper. He is kind of a jerk and not the kind of jerk Damon Vampire Diaries can be swoon anybody? Exhibit A: It's not fine.

I can feel it, remember? I wanted to make you feel better. If you don't want to feel better, that's your choice. He's angry. Excuse me? Talk about pressuring a girl! Not only that, but being a total jerk about it! Exhibit B: Why we're here? Because every time Dolores is close to this guy that is exactly what she acts like, following him around with puppy eyes and hanging on his every word.

There's no way to explain it any better than that. And I don't even want to try. Kissing this guy is like kissing a kiss itself?

If this is the kind of writing we can expect for the rest of the series, kill me now. Now Tima, the rebellious "bitch" of the series is actually 10 times more interesting than Dolores!

She has spunk, and turned out to be a major babe with brains! Thanks to her they manage to find out a bunch of different things from the ambassador, without her even knowing it. Girl got some serious skills. She can be terrifying true, and a little moody, but she doesn't bore.

Yes, I am going to continue reading the series. The story does have potential for greatness, and maybe this first book was just a mild bump in the road to said greatness.

I am interested in the said "lords" that rule over the planet from a back curtain. I am interested to meet CAP Miyazawa the human ruler administrator of all. There were a lot of bread crumbs left in the story to hook you in order for you to keep reading. So I am holding hope that the second one is more alive than the first. I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. What they are about to realise though is that they are not the only ones with these special dots.

What do the dots mean? How many people have them? How are they linked to the Icons? And can Dol and Ro really change things for the better? This was an okay story, but I have so many questions at the end of it that it might just drive me crazy!

Dol and Ro were both okay characters, although Ro had serious anger management issues. The other two Icon children that we met were Lucas and Tima. I have to say that my biggest complaint with this book was the world building. Thankfully the book did have an end. The four Icon children did achieve something after all this, although it was very much the start of the revolution rather than the end.I pray as I close my eyes to a flash so bright it burns through my eyelids, thin as onion skin, as paper.

Tima blinks at me, embarrassed. Die Erste Schlacht. As was Doc. These are initial attempts by Fortissimo and his AI to contact the foreign object first thought to be an asteroid, and thus labeled Perses, proving early awareness of potential threat.

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